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Chapter 245 – Soul Seal

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth turned up in a light smile as he looked upon the Celestial Qilin. Since this Celestial Qilin is at least a few thousand years old, it must be extremely intelligent, right?

“Old fella, since you’ve been eavesdropping for so long, you should also submit your opinion!” Nie Li spoke to the chained Celestial Qilin.

At Nie Li’s words, everyone was at a loss. Just who was Nie Li talking to?

Suddenly, a solemn voice boomed from the Heavenly Qilin, “Brat, you plan to kill me and seize my demonic spirit! Hmph, hmph! Well, aren’t you naive? Do you think it’s possible just by yourselves?”

Everyone was shocked and could only stare blankly when the Celestial Qilin suddenly opened its mouth and spoke comprehensive words.

This was the first time any of the others had witnessed a demon beast speaking in a human language.

Among the group members, only Yu Yan remained calm, as she already knew some things about the Celestial Qilin species. However, obtaining the demonic spirit of this Celestial Qilin would not be an easy matter. Even if all of them were to work together, they still might not be able to fight the Celestial Qilin on equal grounds.

Nie Li calmly walked a few steps forward and calmly stared at the Celestial Qilin. “Being trapped by the Black Flames Prison inscription patterns isn’t too comfortable, right?”

“Comfortable or not, what has it got to do with you?” The Celestial Qilin snorted.

“Among the demon beast clans, the Celestial Qilins can be considered the strangest among them. They are solitary creatures who keeping no friends. Within their bodies is a treasure that all demon beasts yearn for: the core. You are trapped here because you have yet to reach adulthood and the Celestial Qilin core in your body has yet to fully take shape. I wonder who chained you here to nurture your core?” Nie Li looked at the Celestial Qilin as he lightly smiled.

A chilling light flashed across the eyes of that Celestial Qilin as he looked down at Nie Li, “Human, what do you want?”

The Celestial Qilin’s never expected Nie Li to see through itself so thoroughly and wondered about the origins of Nie Li.

“I can break you free.” Nie Li stared at the Celestial Qilin as he continued patiently and systematically, “Are you willing to be imprisoned here? To be killed like an animal and have your core seized?”

“Brat, who are you calling an animal?!” The Celestial Qilin furiously roared as lightning bolts crackled throughout its entire body.

“Right now, what’s the difference between you and livestock? You’re being kept here until you’ve reached adulthood and formed your core, then you’ll be slaughtered!” Nie Li smiled as he looked at the furious Celestial Qilin. It was his plan to anger the Celestial Qilin.

The Celestial Qilin furiously roared, “Brat, I know what you guys are planning! You also intend to kill me to extract my demon spirit. What is the difference between you and those people? Why should I listen to you?”

“It’s true that I’m after your demon spirit, but I’m not interested in killing you. We can use a grey area method. If you are willing to form a Soul Seal with my friend here, your body will change into a demon spirit and enter my friend’s soul realm.” said Nie Li.

At Nie Li’s words, Celestial Qilin laughed as he said, “Turn my entire body into a demon spirit, what is the difference from being killed? You humans think you are all very cunning, trying to trick me. You think I’ll be tricked so easily?!”

Nie Li lightly smiled, “Of course there’s a difference. If we kill you and steal your demon spirit, once the master dies, you will also be destroyed. If a Soul Seal is formed and you voluntarily turn into a demon spirit, you will keep your consciousness. Once your master dies, you will be freed. The lifespan of a human is only a hundred years. Compared to the endless lifespan of Celestial Qilins, it can’t be considered much.”

At Nie Li’s words, Celestial Qilin froze for a brief moment as he rolled his eyes 1. What Nie Li had just said was indeed a rather attractive opportunity for him.

Du Ze furrowed his brows. He felt that there was an issue with this method. What if the Celestial Qilin decided to betray him one day? Du Ze glanced at Nie Li and saw how confident his friend looked. Nie Li must have a card up his sleeve. Thus, Du Ze didn’t voice his concerns.

“Very well, I’ll agree to your conditions!” The Celestial Qilin quickly replied.

“Then, I’ll need some of your blood first,” said Nie Li.

The Celestial Qilin furrowed his brows as he asked, “What do you need my blood for?”

Nie Li lightly said, “Without your blood, how am I going to form the Soul Seal?”

The Celestial Qilin moved back and forth as he coldly growled, “Are you bluffing me? I have never heard of a Soul Seal that allows the physical body to transform!”

Nie Li shrugged. “Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are thousands of secret techniques in this world, plenty of which you’re unaware of!”

“Don’t think that I don’t realize the truth! You’re trying to trick me. Either way, I won’t give my blood to you!” The Celestial Qilin roared, “Unless you can think of a different method!”

The blood of a Celestial Qilin is extremely precious and contained their inheritance. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the physical body of a Celestial Qilin is extremely powerful and extremely difficult to cut or penetrate. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for ordinary people to obtain the blood of a Celestial Qilin. In addition, the Celestial Qilin wouldn’t freely give its blood to just anyone.

The Celestial Qilin demon beasts are intelligent and very cunning. Nie Li is aware of this, just as he was aware that the Celestial Qilin was putting on this act just for show. Earlier, the Celestial Qilin had only agreed so quickly because it probably intended to harm Du Ze after the Soul Seal was formed. In that way, it could regain its freedom faster. However, Nie Li had countermeasures in case such a thing happened. He requested the blood of the Celestial Qilin first so they could restrain it if necessary.

However, the Celestial Qilin was extremely cunning and had probably sensed that Nie Li has ulterior motives as well. Therefore, it was extremely unwilling to hand over its blood.

“If that’s the case, then we can’t come to an agreement!” Nie Li looked at the Celestial Qilin with an expression of deep meaning.

“So what if we can’t come to an agreement? Regardless, I won’t give my blood to you!” The Celestial Qilin snorted, “What can you lot do to me? At most, I’ll just stay here. You want me to become your demon spirit? Fat chance! If I could break free of these chains, none of you would be able to escape. I would tear all of you to shreds!”

The Celestial Qilin relied on its powerful brute strength and did not regard Nie Li and the rest as a threat. Bolts of lightning also constantly puffed out from its nose. If it hadn’t been for the binding array on the chains, just the lightning itself would be able to turn Nie Li and his group into ashes!

“Nie Li, just give up if it’s really impossible.” Du Ze said towards Nie Li, as he sensed the terrifying aura of the Celestial Qilin. At their currently level, they were still too weak and wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on the Celestial Qilin.

Nie Li shook his head and said, “It’s not easy to find a Celestial Qilin. So no matter what, I will help you to get him as your demon spirit!”

Nie Li looked at the Celestial Qilin before him, narrowed his eyes, and said, “If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for forcing you to submit!”

The Celestial Qilin violently stomped its feet and said, “Hmph! Ignorant humans, you want to force me to submit with only your power? Hysterical! I’ve killed millions of humans like you in the past, or at the very least, hundreds of thousands. Even if I’m trapped here, what could you possibly do to me?”

“You said it yourself!” Nie Li snorted. Since the Celestial Qilin has ma.s.sacred so many humans before, Nie Li decided he would no longer be civil. He gave Duan Jian a glance and said, “Duan Jian, give me some of your blood!”

“Yes!” Duan Jian didn’t have the slightest hesitation as he bit his arm, allowing fresh blood to flow from the wound.

Although Duan Jian’s physical body is very powerful and made it difficult for foreign material to penetrate his body, it was easy if he used his own teeth to bite it. He quickly filled a basin with blood.

Nie Li took Duan Jian’s blood and began to draw some mysterious inscription patterns on the floor.

The design circled around the Celestial Qilin.

“What sort of inscription patterns are these?” Lu Piao and the rest asked out of curiosity.

“Duan Jian’s blood contains the energy from the powerful black flames. These inscription patterns can collect a portion of the black flames in this tower to this location!” said Nie Li. When he finished the last stroke, terrifying black flames rapidly gathered in his direction.

With more and more black flames converging together and creating a huge amount of pressure with a terrifying heat, the Celestial Qilin started to thrash fretfully and unstably. His greatest fear was the black flames in this tower. That was also the reason why that human had chained him here!

The blazing black flames constantly roasted and scorched the Celestial Qilin demon beast.

The temperature rose higher and higher.

To think that this brat had actually managed to gather the black flames! Now, there will definitely be much to suffer for! Even though the room temperature was rapidly increasing, the Celestial Qilin’s breath still burned hotter. However, asking him to submit to this kid was absolutely impossible!

At the same time, on the ninth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, a group of people conversed among themselves as they sat in an exquisite yard. By the table was a puddle of spring water that reflected the scene inside the Black Infernal Tower.

Everything that occurred in the Black Infernal Tower was known to this group of people.

Xiao Yu stood behind a black robed expert, lowered his head, and whispered in the ear of that black robed expert, “Father, I mentioned earlier that this person’s insights towards inscription patterns has already surpa.s.sed my own and you didn’t believe me. Now do you see?”

“This person’s insight towards inscription patterns is truly extraordinary. Furthermore, his talent is also extraordinary!” The black robed expert nodded as he looked at the six people in front of him. Those six were bending over the puddle, their attention completely concentrated on the scene before them.

“Amba.s.sadors, in the past, none of you made a decision. However, this time, I wonder if any of you are pleased with this batch of geniuses? However, please don’t forget our agreement. The first disciple is to be chosen by my Divine Feathers Sect!” The black robed expert lightly smiled, “In the last confrontation with the Demon G.o.d Sect, ruled by the Demon Sage, our Divine Feathers Sect suffered the most. Therefore, I hope that all of you will let us pick first!”

The six people in front of the black robed expert exchanged glances before one of the beautiful women, who wore a white robe, smiled and said, “We already agreed on it earlier, and we will certainly follow our agreement. All of us here made our way out of the Tiny World, where we originated from. Although we have chosen different sects, there is no need for us to be so formal and be guarded against one another.

People from the outside world are incapable of entering the Tiny World. Only those who have once left the Tiny World could return. However, the large sects of the Draconic Ruins Realm have been recruiting talents from the Tiny World for a long time. As amba.s.sadors, these six are in charge of the selection process.


In Chinese stories, rolling one’s eyes means that the person is thinking carefully. The gesture shows absolutely no disrespect, unlike in American culture.

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