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Chapter 238 – Seizing the Law by Force

The ropes continued to lash across Xiao Yu’s body, drawing new wounds with each strike.

“Maybe if you kneel down, beg for mercy, and say that Ming Fei’s the son of a b*tch, perhaps I might consider giving you an easy death. Otherwise, I shall turn you into my pet and torture you every day to ease the hatred in my heart!” The Death G.o.d issued a savage laughter.

Xiao Yu coldly spat his rebuke, “You’re the son of a b*tch!”

The Death G.o.d paused for a brief moment before saying in a sinister tone, “Since you reject my offer and have to be coerced, then don’t blame me! Hmph, hmph……”

*Pa!* *Pa!* *Pa!*

Five or six ropes instantly turned as hard as steel and pierced themselves through Xiao Yu’s body. Blood splattered all over the place and one of his ribs were shattered, causing Xiao Yu to issue a miserable shriek.

“Hahaha, scream, scream! All the better if it can be heard by that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The Death G.o.d issued a satisfied laughter.

Blood flowed from the corner of Xiao Yu’s mouth as he impa.s.sively stared at the s.p.a.ce in front of him. He furiously snarled, “You son of a b*tch, kill me if you dare!”

“Hahaha, kill you? There won’t be any satisfaction in simply killing you. I want to torture you bit by bit. I want to watch your suffering expression and recall all the times that I’ve suffered. Today, I can finally take my revenge! The emotion I’m feeling right now is pure contentment! After I absorb these DemiG.o.ds and restore my physical body, I shall bring you along to seek vengeance against that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The Death G.o.d said in a sinister tone, “I will render the two of you eternally regretful!”

As the Death G.o.d was laughing complacently, the pair of huge hands that had been hovering in the sky suddenly crumbled.

“What’s going on?” The Death G.o.d’s voice trembled as he sensed a majestic aura soaring into the sky.

Nie Li was actually still alive!

When the pair of huge hand crumbled, a silhouette emerged from the dust. This figure had a great pair of wings that extended behind him: one black and one white. The Laws of Light and Darkness had each manifested as intense flames on each of Nie Li’s arms. He also wore an impressive ash grey arm guard that was ignited with the black aura of death.

Both of Nie Li’s eyes contained terrifying bloodl.u.s.t as he quietly observed the huge heart in the center of the chamber.

“This is impossible! You’ve actually comprehended the Law of Death?!” The Death G.o.d cried out in shock as he felt his own control over the Law of Death gradually slipping away. There was actually someone who was slowly stealing his Law of Death away from him!

“It’s not too difficult comprehend the Law of Death. Now, you can die!” Nie Li calmly said in an unquestionable tone. He slowly, step by step, moved closer to the black heart suspended in the center of the room.

“I am the genuine G.o.d of Death! Trying to seize my Law of Death? Don’t even try to think about it!” The Death G.o.d roared in fury as countless bone spikes shot towards Nie Li.

However, when these bone spike were within a few meters of Nie Li, they halted mid-air and exploded into dust.

Nie Li was still walking calmly as he said, “The truth is, the moment your Divine Spark shattered, you had already ceased to be the Death G.o.d. There really isn’t much difference between you and the other DemiG.o.ds, except that your comprehension of the Law of Death is deeper than theirs. Therefore, all of the Law of Death that exists between heaven and earth would have a tendency to gather in your direction. However, if someone managed to achieve an even deeper comprehension over the Law of Death than you, then the Law of Death would just as naturally flow towards that person.”

“What do you mean?!” The Death G.o.d’s voice was no longer calm.

“My comprehension over the Law of Death has far surpa.s.sed yours. Therefore, your Divine Spark has been seized!” Nie Li coldly exclaimed.

“This is impossible! I am the G.o.d of Death and have been for tens of thousands of years! How could your comprehension of the Law of Death possibly surpa.s.s mine?” The Death G.o.d roared in fury and continued to rain bone spikes over Nie Li. However, each and every one would still stop a few meters away from Nie Li and explode, unable to touch his body.

Nie Li still took measured steps as he calmly said, “You’re like a cricket trapped in a bottle. You can only see the world inside the bottle. However, there is someone outside the bottle observing you…”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the Death G.o.d’s voice trembled as he asked, “Are you a person from that realm?”

Nie Li never thought the Death G.o.d would know about that realm. He pondered for a brief moment as he nodded and said, “I suppose you could say so!”

At Nie Li’s words, the Death G.o.d had lost all hope. Back when he lost to the Master of the Nether Realm, the Master of the Nether Realm had also said the same thing. In that realm were countless powerful experts who were watching everything that happened inside this Tiny World. In their eyes, the so-called Spiritual G.o.ds amounted to no more than ants.

Spiritual G.o.ds like himself were only the spirits of law of this world. In that world, they were the lowest existences of all!

“I have not surrendered! The Law of Death that I have been cultivating for tens of thousands of years is incomparable to your first insight! You shall die!” The Death G.o.d frantically manipulated his bone spikes; however, no matter what he tried, all of his efforts were in vain. Just when he decided to kill Xiao Yu first, the ropes binding Xiao Yu suddenly tore apart.

Xiao Yu landed, pulled on a new set of clothes over his tattered ones, and turned towards Nie Li’s direction. This time, it was Nie Li who had saved him! He never thought that Nie Li would be able to corner the Death G.o.d to such a degree. Although Nie Li’s cultivation was only at Black Gold rank, in terms of some insights, he has already far surpa.s.sed Xiao Yu.

Just how high will Nie Li reach? Xiao Yu couldn’t imagine it at all. He had once heard from his father that this Tiny World was created by an all powerful existence. The supreme experts of the world beyond could observe everything within, but were unable to enter themselves. Only those who belonged to the Tiny World could freely come and go as they pleased. Furthermore, within this Tiny World, every Law Energy actually concealed a cultivation technique.

Right now, Nie Li has already comprehended three types of cultivation techniques. If he were to take a step further and congeal a Divine Spark, he would be able to become a Spiritual G.o.d. If that happened, his future levels of cultivation would simply be unimaginable.

Nie Li moved closer to the heart, step by step. With every step, ripples spread beneath his feet. Although the Laws of Death used by Nie Li and the Death G.o.d were one and the same, Nie Li’s comprehension far surpa.s.sed the Death G.o.d’s. Therefore, all of the Law of Death that existed between heaven and earth would be Nie Li’s to command: not the Death G.o.d’s.

Therefore, the Death G.o.d could no longer pose a threat to Nie Li!

At this moment, Nie Li’s condition entered into a bizarre stage. Within his body, the Fanged Panda demon spirit merged with the two Laws of Darkness and Light, but did not absorb any Law of Death. However, the Shadow Devil demon spirit had merged with the Law of Darkness and the Law of Death. When the two types of Law Energy linked together, the Shadow Devil grew even more powerful.

“This is impossible! How can this be?! I will not submit to it!” The Death G.o.d roared hysterically; however, he couldn’t change the fact that his Law of Death has already been seized from him.

“Your struggles are futile, even if you’re unwilling to admit it!”

Nie Li slowly arrived to the side of the black heart as he place his right hand on its surface. The organ rapidly collapsed and faded away.

The Death G.o.d roared indignantly; however, the foundation for his existence in this world was gradually disappearing.

Aside from the black heart, the entire tomb was also gradually vanishing.

Nie Li took in a breath of air. If he and Xiao Yu hadn’t accidentally run into this situation and gotten themselves trapped, he would’ve been too lazy to bother with killing the Death G.o.d. As he watched the Death G.o.d slowly disappear, emotions stirred within his heart.

Within this Tiny World, all the Spiritual G.o.ds, including the Death G.o.d, Yu Yan and the others were only chess pieces. The most powerful one is still the person who forged this world. If one could not find his own way out of this Tiny World, then he would forever remain a chess piece of that person.

Since the Master of the Nether Realm knew how to enter the Draconic Ruins Realm, then Nie Li could try going to the Draconic Ruins Realm with the help of the Master of the Nether Realm!

Xiao Yu consumed some elixir pills to recover and walked up to Nie Li.

Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a glance and asked, “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Xiao Yu shook his head as he continued, “Thanks for your help this time around!”

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I wasn’t only saving you. I was also saving myself.”

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu gave Nie Li a glance. After all this, Xiao Yu revised his opinion of Nie Li. Nie Li had saved him, but didn’t show any sign of wanting a reward for his deed.

“Shouldn’t you take off your tattered clothes before putting on the new set? Just what kind of hobby is this?” Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a strange look. He always felt that Xiao Yu was a little abnormal. However, he had met all kinds of strange people in his previous life. Xiao Yu wasn’t alone.

Noticing Nie Li’s expression, Xiao Yu’s revised point of view concerning Nie Li instantly reverted back as he snorted, “Why do you care? As long as I’m happy with it!”

“Okay then.” Nie Li spread his hands out. Although he was a little puzzled, he didn’t think too much about it.

At this point, the rest of the DemiG.o.d rank experts broke free of their bindings and walked up to Nie Li. As they remembered the scene that had just occurred, lingering fear resurfaced in their hearts. Although they were slightly unsure of what they had just happened, they were at least certain that the one who had saved them was Nie Li.

To think that the huge hands created with the Death G.o.d’s Law of Death didn’t inflicted any damage on Nie Li! This caused them to deeply fear and respect Nie Li’s strength.

“Many thanks to the young master for your rescue. My Dragonchant Family will forever remember this grace. If the young master has any task he wishes us to complete, we will definitely do our best!”

“The same goes for my Fiery Elf clan. Many thanks to the young master for your rescue. If young master has any request, we are also willing to serve.”

The DemiG.o.d rank experts were all very experienced in combat. Aside from the fact that Nie Li had saved them, they were also aware and in awe of his terrifying strength. In the future, who could imagine what heights he would reach in his cultivation? If they could build a positive relationship with such an expert, it would definitely benefit them in the future.

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