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Chapter 237 – Frost Chaos Sword

Under the incite of the Law of Death, Nie Li’s Laws of Light and Darkness became even more refined and pure.

The instant Nie Li’s wings expanded, a majestic energy spread throughout the surroundings, sourcing from his person.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Explosions were heard all around.

Upon sensing the sudden flux of powerful energy, Xiao Yu turned to Nie Li in astonishment. Emanating from Nie Li’s body were the Laws of Darkness and Light, their purity was at an unimaginable stage.

While Nie Li was fighting the Law of Death, the captive DemiG.o.d rank experts were rescued by Xiao Yu.

“Many thanks for your help!”

“Many thanks, young master!” The DemiG.o.d rank experts all expressed their grat.i.tude towards Xiao Yu.

“Thank him, not me.” Xiao Yu pouted his lips in Nie Li’s direction.

When the DemiG.o.d rank experts turned their gazes towards Nie Li, an awe-inspiring sight filled their visions. Nie Li was silently hovering in the air, surrounded by surging waves of the two types of Law Energy.

To think that the Laws of Light and Darkness actually appeared in a single body! Just which family does this young master belong to?

Meanwhile, Nie Li sensed that within his body, apart from the Laws of Light and Darkness, there was a third type of energy gradually increasing in power. It was the Law of Death from the Death G.o.d.

“In the presence of me, the Death G.o.d, you dare to behave so atrociously! You’re seeking death!” The Death G.o.d furiously roared as a million black raven materialised, a.s.saulting Nie Li.

Nie Li suddenly understood something.

The Death G.o.d was only the spirit of law. Since Nie Li had already absorbed and merged with a portion of the Law of Death, he was beginning to comprehend it. The Death G.o.d’s Divine Spark was currently shattered and can’t be restored at the moment; therefore, now is the time when the Death G.o.d is at his weakest.

If Nie Li is able to seize the Law of Death, then the Death G.o.d would undoubtedly die!

The Death G.o.d felt fear, so he couldn’t wait to have him killed!

The Law of Death gradually gathered to the center of Nie Li’s palm, with its aura constantly revolving. Nie Li was already working on fully comprehending the Law Energy.

The Law of Death was quickly being collected in Nie Li’s location as he continuously deconstructed and reconstructed the Law Energy. Since the Law of Death is similar to the Laws of Darkness and Light, mastering it wasn’t difficult.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The ravens flew in front of Nie Li and exploded.

Sensing that his Law of Death was being threatened, the Death G.o.d became even more furious.

“So arrogantly trying to shook my foundation, within my own territory! I will turn you into dust!” The Death Gold frantically manipulated the Law Energy, forming a pair of gigantic scarlet hands that slammed into Nie Li.

The oversized pair of hands emitted a pulverising pressure. The faces of all the DemiG.o.d rank experts changed drastically as they sensed this aura.

Although the Divine Spark of the Death G.o.d has been shattered and he was no longer at the pinnacle of his strength, the Death G.o.d was still a Spiritual G.o.d. Furthermore, with this tomb as the foundation, his strength was equivalent to him having a divine body. Even if the Death G.o.d usually only had the strength of a DemiG.o.d rank expert, as long as they were inside this tomb, the Death G.o.d could easily crush the laws of the other experts. That was why the DemiG.o.d rank experts couldn’t challenge the Death G.o.d.

The Law Energy of the Death G.o.d could suppress the other experts, but that didn’t work against Nie Li. The Law Energies within Nie Li’s body had formed individually.

The scarlet hands impacted Nie Lie with an unparalleled strength. The imposing energy even exerted a terrible pressure on Xiao Yu. His face changed and he yelled in an urgent tone, “Nie Li, careful! Run!”

Despite Xiao Yu’s yelling, Nie Li stood in place without a single twitch, as though he hadn’t heard the warning.

Could it be that something happened to Nie Li? Xiao Yu was preparing to rush in and save Nie Li, but it was already too late.


The two gigantic hands came together and crushed Nie Li under its palms.

An imposing shockwave of energy was unleashed into the surrounding area.

Watching the scene, Xiao Yu slightly trembled and an expression of deep sadness and pity could be seen on his face. Although he hadn’t been with Nie Li for very long and he thought Nie Li was a little cheap with his mouth, overall, Xiao Yu still believed that Nie Li was someone worth a.s.sociating with. For someone with such extraordinary talent like Nie Li, dying here was really too much of a pity. Furthermore, there were two young ladies waiting for him outside.

Fury surged as Xiao Yu took a huge swipe with his sharp sword, chopping towards the ma.s.sive black heart in the center of the room.

Aside from feelings of pity, the other DemiG.o.d rank experts felt a deep fear rising in their hearts. Now that Nie Li has been killed, does that mean they won’t be able to escape from this ancient tomb anymore? The s.p.a.ce here had been tightly sealed and under the pressure of the Death G.o.d’s powerful law, they didn’t even have half a chance of escaping.

“Hahaha! You tried to seize my Law of Death while we were in my domain?” Hysterical laughter came from the Death G.o.d. “I have to admit that you have very extraordinary talent. However, since you dared to threaten me, you shall die!”

At that moment, insides the palms of the huge hands, Nie Li was wrapped up in his wings. The Laws of Darkness and Light constantly revolved around him. The two palms on either side had actually been forced into arcs and Nie Li didn’t sustain any injuries.

When the huge palms slammed into him, Nie Li had instantly sucked his surroundings dry the of the Law of Death, taking the energy into himself. Since the pair of hands were formed from the Law of Death, Nie Li’s actions naturally carved a hole into them.

Nie Li’s body was now filled with the Law of Death that he had taken in; the Death G.o.d mistook this and thought that Nie Li had been destroyed by his Law of Death.

As Nie Li continued to comprehend the Law of Death, he gradually grasped the core of it. Both of his arms sprouted pieces of bone spikes, like arm guards.

He continued to get himself accustomed to the Law of Death; at this point, it would be extremely difficult to threaten him with the Law of Death anymore. However, thoroughly grasping the Death G.o.d’s Law of Death wasn’t an easy task.

The Death G.o.d’s savage laughter echoed throughout the tomb. He watched Xiao Yu wave his sword towards the black heart and laughed in contemptation, “The strongest among you has been killed by me. Only you guys are left, and yet you still plan on struggling?”

“All out on him!” The DemiG.o.d rank experts exchanged glances, gathered their Law Energies, and charged at the black heart like comets.

“Hmph, fighting like a bunch of cornered beasts!” The Death G.o.d coldly snorted as countless prisons of bone formed in the sky, trapping the DemiG.o.d rank experts.

The DemiG.o.d rank experts all frantically hacked away at the bone prisons. However, a moment later, numerous bones bound their bodies tightly, rendering them unable to take even a single step and blocking their visions.

The bones continued to chase after Xiao Yu but he coldly snorted and chopped them away with the sword in his hand.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The bones shattered into pieces by Xiao Yu’s hand.

“Oh…” The Death G.o.d showed astonishment in his voice. The bones that even DemiG.o.d rank experts were helpless against were actually shattered into pieces by Xiao Yu. “That sword is… the Frost Chaos Sword?!”

As Xiao Yu slashed the bones, a white frosty mist was gathered in the air, instantly freezing them upon contact. The frozen bones were quickly shattered by Frost Chaos Sword.

“The Frost Chaos Sword is something that belongs to the Master of the Nether Realm! What is your connection with him? The Master of the Nether Realm definitely wouldn’t pa.s.s Frost Chaos Sword to an outsider. From what I know, the Master of the Nether Realm does not have any sons, he only has one…” The Death G.o.d suddenly issued a sharp crackling laughter. “Haha, that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Ming was the one who caused my current state. I never thought that you would bring yourself to my door. Hahaha! Exerting major force, only to find it unintentionally!”

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Scarlet ropes rolled towards Xiao Yu.

“Old bat, you want to capture me? It’s not that easy!” Xiao Yu coldly snorted as the Frost Chaos Sword in his hand drew a sphere of ice, shrouding him within.

“If that old Ming came personally, perhaps I would be a little afraid. But you? Hmph, you think that just by equipping yourself with Frost Chaos Sword, you will be able to do anything to me?” The Death G.o.d coldly laughed as tens of thousands of scarlet ropes became as solid as steel.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The scarlet ropes whipped the ice shield, causing cracks to appear on the surface of the sphere.

Xiao Yu’s face had worry smeared all over it. Although he had the strength of a DemiG.o.d rank, now that he was in the Death G.o.d’s domain, the Law of Death suppressed him tightly and he couldn’t exert any Law Energy.

As he was thinking up ways to counter the Death G.o.d, one of the ropes penetrated his spherical ice shield and bound itself around his neck. His energy began to flow through this rope towards the void on the other end. Xiao Yu felt as though the power in his body was being sucked dry and he couldn’t struggle to free himself.

His limbs were also rapidly being bound.

“Tsk, tsk, you’re finally in my hands, let’s see how I’ll torture you to death!” The Death G.o.d gave out a savage laugh as ropes slowly floated before Xiao Yu.


The rope lashed ruthlessly across Xiao Yu’s body, tearing a hole in his clothes. A red mark appeared on the pearly white skin, beneath the torn cloth.

“En!” Xiao Yu clenched his teeth and resisted groaning from the pain. His eyes were filled with an unyielding determination as he coldly stared at the void.

“Hmph, you seeking death!”

The rope lashed across Xiao Yu’s body again. His pearly white skin could be seen beneath the torn cloth as blood splattered in all directions.

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