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Chapter 236 – Wings of Law

Xiao Yu was speechless. But it’s true. With regards to the position of the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple, it was Nie Li’s own choice as to whether or not he wanted to try for it.

Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a glance as he lightly smiled. He was just teasing Xiao Yu. Nie Li’s motive in coming to the Nether Realm was to let himself or one of his companions become the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple. If they managed to acquire that position, they would be able to guarantee the safety of Glory City.

When that time came, Nie Lie would be able to take shelter under the Master of the Nether Realm’s wing and proceed to cultivate in peace. He might even be able to enter the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Truthfully, the Divine Feathers Sect can’t be considered the most powerful existence in the Draconic Ruins Realm.

If he came across enemies from his previous life, what would he do? Do they even exist in this life?

The current Divine Feathers Sect should still be politically united. However, due to internal conflicts in the future, it would be split into several factions. Some of the factions would be swallowed by other sects while the others simply declined into nonexistence. However, all of this should happen one hundred years in the future.

Suddenly, the two walls on either side of Nie Li and Xiao Yu morphed into huge stone hands and tried to grab them.

“Not good!” Xiao Yu’s face turned pale. He quickly joined his hands together and two streaks of white light suddenly appeared around him.


The stone hands collided with the white light and were fixed in place for the time being. However, the stone hands could still grasp, so they were squeezing Xiao Yu’s shield, trying to destroy it. Xiao Yu knew he couldn’t keep the defense up for much longer and shouted urgently, “I can’t handle it anymore! We have to leave, quickly!”

Xiao Yu dashed backwards with Nie Li following close behind.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

From the depths of the ancient tomb, Nie Li heard the sounds of an intense battle. Were the DemiG.o.d rank experts fighting with something else in the tomb?

Nie Li and Xiao Yu continued to rebuff the terrifying stone hands as they ran.

A ghastly voice rose from the bowels of the tomb.

“Clack, clack, clack. I never thought that anyone would actually be able to enter this place. You guys think that this tomb is where I hid my treasures? This ancient tomb is actually my real body! By swallowing all of you, I can gradually restore my Divine Spark. Ming Fei 1, you’ve been trying to restrain me, but that’s impossible! My Law of Death is on an even higher level than to your Law of Nether!”

Upon hearing the voice of the ancient tomb, Nie Li couldn’t help making a face. This voice should belong to the Death G.o.d. Since the Master of the Nether Realm definitely made a visit to the Draconic Ruins Realm before, the master likely had already attained an even higher stage of cultivation. Meanwhile, the Death G.o.d was still holed up here, and was stuck on the question of whose law was stronger.

The truly powerful energy would be the Heavenly Energy. After all, Law Energy was nothing more than a purer form of Soul Force. Meanwhile, existences of like the Death G.o.d were nothing more than law spirits of the Tiny World.

Numerous hands kept trying to grab Nie Li and Xiao Yu, trying to tear them to shreds.

Xiao Yu frowned his brows for a brief moment and snorted, “That old bat, the Death G.o.d, actually isn’t dead yet!”

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Xiao Yu kept releasing energy from his palms, shattering the stone hands into a rain of tiny fragments. However, just as Xiao Yu managed to destroy another wave, one of the hands managed to hit him and sent him flying several dozens of feet. Xiao Yu’s face became ghastly pale.

The stone hand contained some kind of Law of Death energy that was trying to invade his body. He underestimated this force far too much.

So this ancient tomb is actually the body of the Death G.o.d? If that’s the case, why should Nie Li bother being polite with it?

He rapidly transformed into the Fanged Panda and formed a black sphere and a white sphere as he widened his mouth. He spat and the black and white b.a.l.l.s and they flew towards the end of the hallway.


A terrifying explosion sounded at the other end of the ancient tomb and shards of stone flew about.

The terrifying explosion even made Xiao Yu’s heart tremble when he saw it. Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast was simply too frightening! It didn’t look like a move from a Black Gold rank at all! That kind of power probably reached the pinnacle of Legend rank!

Next, Xiao Yu was left utterly shocked when he realised that one round of Yin-Yang Blast wasn’t enough for Nie Li as he began to execute them like mad.

Multiple black and white spheres flew all over the place.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Terrifying explosions echoed throughout the entire area.

Under the destructive power of the Yin-Yang Blast, the stone walls rapidly crumbled to dust, as if they were plants that had withered.

Yin-Yang Blast x10!

Nie Li still didn’t let up and proceeded to gather a super Yin-Yang Blast. The Law Energy in his soul realm was instantly sucked dry. Under the explosion of this super Yin-Yang Blast, the wall disintegrated.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu stepped through the gap in the wall.

In an extremely vast area, DemiG.o.d rank experts of every race appeared one after another in Nie Li’s field of view. Each one was tightly bound by artery-like ropes that absorbed the energy from their bodies in pulses, sending the energy flowing towards a distant reservoir.

The DemiG.o.d rank experts all appeared withered to the point that even opening their eyes was a difficult task, not to mention being unable to struggle free.

In the center of that vast s.p.a.ce was a gigantic black heart, thumping nonstop.

“Hahaha, more people have come to die! In that case, I’ll help myself!”

Multiple bundles of rope headed towards Nie Li and Xiao Yu and the horrifying death aura locked onto them.

Sensing the terrifying death aura, Xiao Yu’s expression underwent a drastic change and he warned in an urgent tone, “Careful, these contain Law of Death energy!”

The Law of Death was at a higher level, on par with the Laws of Nether, Darkness, and Light. However, in some aspects, the Law of Death could also be called the most deadly among them.

“Xiao Yu, you go and save those DemiG.o.d rank experts! I’ll stall him!” Nie Li urged. If this ancient tomb really was the body of the Death G.o.d, then trying to break out by themselves would be very difficult. He had to first rescue these DemiG.o.d rank experts so they’d have more helpers!

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu didn’t hesitate. He took out a long sword and slashed towards the cords that bound the DemiG.o.d rank experts.

“Hahaha! With just the two of you, you intend to sever my Ropes of Origin that were made through my Law of Death?”

Just as the voice landed on their ears, the long sword in Xiao Yu’s hand came into contact with the ropes and sliced them apart. The DemiG.o.d rank experts were released from captivity one after another.

“That’s impossible! How could you possibly cut through them?!” The Death G.o.d’s tone contained boundless astonishment.

That sharp blade in Xiao Yu’s hand wasn’t an ordinary weapon. It should be an item from the Draconic Ruins Realm. But a sword that contained Heavenly Energy – wouldn’t that be invincible?

The death aura rolled towards Xiao Yu as the Death G.o.d tried to stop him. However, Nie Li placed himself between the death aura and Xiao Yu.

Sensing the Law of Death moving towards him, Nie Li let out a solemn growl as the Laws of Darkness and Light gathered in his hands, halting the advancement of the death aura. The two Law Energies formed into a perfect shield and shrouded Nie Li.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The Laws of Darkness and Light continuously collided with the Law of Death that had permeated the air. Sounds of explosions were released.

“What’s going on?” The Death G.o.d’s tone was trembling, “The Laws of Darkness and Light… two exactly opposing Law Energies actually appeared within one person’s body?”

As far as the Death G.o.d knew, that was simply impossible. This person has far surpa.s.sed his knowledge!

“However, you have yet to reach DemiG.o.d rank. You’re still too early to face me!” The Death G.o.d coldly snarled as he mobilised an even stronger Law Energy to bombard Nie Li with. “I want to see just how you’ve been able to handle two Law Energies at once!”

Nie Li wildly pushed the Laws of Light and Darkness forward, but barely managed to withstand the Law of Death. After all, the Death G.o.d could mobilise more Law Energy than a dozen Nie Li’s could do together.

The death aura overwhelmed Nie Li and began to rapidly corrode his body.

The death aura had even penetrated his soul realm.

Nie Li furrowed his brows as he sensed the horrendous pain tearing his mind. This kind of pain wasn’t something an ordinary person could even imagine. However, at that moment, Nie Li was still able to maintain a clear-headed consciousness.

Forcefully enduring the Law of Death, Nie Li continued to manipulate the Laws of Darkness and Light to crush the Law of Death within his body.

s.h.i.t! There was just too much Law of Death!

Nie Li suddenly felt the vine within his body grow and rapidly absorb the Law of Death. Sensing the changes, Nie Li changed his thoughts and decided to allow the Law of Death into his Soul Realm, allowing the vine to absorb it.

That wave-like Law of Death kept being absorbed by the vine, like a bottomless vortex.

“What’s going on?!” The voice in the void was, yet again, filled with astonishment. His Law of Death was actually being absorbed? This was unprecedented!

For one person to have both the Laws of Darkness and Light was already unbelievable. On top of that, this person has managed to absorb his Law of Death. These facts struck fear into the Death G.o.d’s heart.

The Spiritual G.o.ds were supposedly unrivalled in the control of their respective Law Energies. Law Energies with similar aspects to their own fell entirely under their jurisdictions. But now, Nie Li had actually forcefully torn his Law of Death away from him.

After absorbing the Law of Death, Nie Li’s comprehension towards the Law Energy reached an even higher level. Traces of understanding flashed through his head.

Suddenly, an intense pain spread throughout his body and Nie Li let out a painful howl as his back felt as if it was being torn apart. A white wing emerged from the right shoulder blade. Immediately after, a black wing emerged from the other side.

One black and one white wing. One side was as pure as the fresh snow. The other was pitch black, as pure as the other without a single trace of color. The pair was at least three or four meters long. The Laws of Light and Darkness constantly revolved around Nie Li’s body.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Powerful energy spread throughout the surrounding area with Nie Li at the center.

Nie Li himself never imaged that before he could cultivate the Heavenly Energy, he would first comprehend the profound understanding of Law Energy. The two types of Law Energy surged violently within his body to a frightening degree, to the point that they could no longer be contained within his frame and were constantly leaking out.

Nie Li abruptly opened his eyes and a divine light blossomed forth.


The Ming also means Nether.

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