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Chapter 221 – The second piece?

Nie Li’s growth speed was simply too frightening. They were all aware that Nie Li was like an eagle that was about to stretch his wings and step onto a stage that they could never do in their lifetimes, reaching a location that was simply unimaginable for them.

“Nie Li, with my knowledge and experience, it’s impossible for me to provide you with any suggestions anymore.” Nie Hai went silent for a moment and continued, “You are without a doubt, the most outstanding person among our Heavenly Marks Family’s young generations. I can’t imagine how high you will reach in the future. Since you have already made up your mind to go out to train, we will not stop you from doing so. You have already seen everything in the family’s treasury and there is nothing that catches your attention anymore. I also feel that ordinary items won’t capture your interest either. However, this item has been pa.s.sed down in our Heavenly Marks Family for many generations and only the successor of the Patriarch position could possess it……”

Hearing Nie Hai’s words, Nie Li became a little puzzled, wondering what could Nie Hai be speaking of. Something that only the Patriarch successor could have?

Even Nie En looked at Nie Hai with a puzzled look, wondering what Nie Hai was talking about.

“Even Nie En and the rest are unaware of this item and I have no idea what the use of this item is.” Nie Hai smiled as he took out a interspatial ring from his chest, retrieving a small box from it. Thereafter, he opened the box and took out something wrapped in a red cloth.

Seeing Nie Hai’s actions, Nie Li and the others became even more curious, wondering what Nie Hai has been concealing so secretly for so long.

Nie Hai unwrapped the red cloth and took the item out.

Seeing the item, Nie Li was shocked, “It’s this?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie Hai looked at Nie Li in shock and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

Nie En and Nie Ming looked at the item in Nie Hai’s hand, feeling a little loss. The item in Nie Hai’s hand is a piece of remnant paper made of unknown material that’s as thin as a cicada’s wing. When sunlight shines on it, the sun’s rays could even penetrate it a little and it is filled with densely packed words that are difficult to understand.

Nie Li nodded his head, how could he not know what this is? The reason why Nie Li was able to reborn is greatly linked to this item.

In his previous life, Nie Li’s cultivation had already reached to a realm unimaginable by mortals. Even if it’s the Heavenly Fate rank experts, in front of people like the past Nie Li, they would be no different from an ant. However, even he at that time couldn’t understand where the Temporal Demon Spirit Book came from.

At that time, the book wasn’t complete as it lacked eight pages.

In this lifetime, Nie Li found a piece of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page from Emperor Kong Ming’s empty coffin. He never thought that Nie Hai would have the second one with him. Since this remnant page was pa.s.sed down through the Patriarchs of Heavenly Marks Family, could it be that they are somehow related to it?

Nie Li couldn’t figure it out even after thinking it over and gave up. As for these riddles, he’ll get to them in the future.

“I also have a piece with me.” Nie Li took out the remnant page that he has and said, “I have a feeling that this remnant page definitely hides a great secret. Patriarch can pa.s.s this page to me to keep it safe!”

Seeing the piece of paper in Nie Li’s hands, Nie Hai widened his eyes. He’s always known that this remnant page is an extraordinary object, since it’s been pa.s.sed down since ancient times. Except he never imagined that Nie Li would also have a page with him. He has no idea what great secret Nie Li spoke of, but it’s probably something that can only be unraveled by him.

“You can have it!” Nie Hai pa.s.sed the piece of paper over to Nie Li.

After receiving the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page, and comparing the two, Nie Li noticed that these two pieces are identical. Even the words on it are exactly the same. Nie Li knitted his brows. Just what is going on?

Are there repeat pages in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

Since he couldn’t understand it, he gave up on thinking about it and stored the two pieces of paper.

“Nie Li, since this item has been pa.s.sed down since ancestral times, you must guard it properly.” Nie Ming urged. He is a careful and cautious person. Although his son is reaching Legend rank soon, when it comes to family, he still remains very humble and careful with his tasks. Therefore, with the matter about the heirloom, he would naturally not dare to be negligent.

“I understand, father.” Nie Li nodded his head and continued, “I will definitely keep it safe.”

After Nie Li chatted with Nie Hai and the rest for a while, he returned home to have dinner with his family. He felt bad for his family. After his rebirth, he has constantly moved about to keep Glory City safe and, therefore, did not spend much time with them. However, this time, he is no other option. Once Glory City is truly being safe, only then will Nie Li be able to relax.

The night gradually darkened and it was a quiet one.

At morning, after bidding farewell to his family, he finished his preparations and left.

When he reached the Glory City’s gates, he saw Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest waiting for him.

Nie Li looked towards the distant wall and saw two figures standing there. It’s Ye Mo and Ye Zong. They were watching them from a distance and did not come up to bid Nie Li and the rest farewell. Golden sunlight shined on their body’s as if placing a golden robe over them.

Seeing the two firm figures, Nie Li’s eyes flashed a trace of tears. In his previous life, these two figures were always soaked in blood from the endless battle. It’s because Glory City was under their protection that it managed to remain standing for so long. However, a man will always age and new blood would be required to take over Glory City to free it of worries.

Luo Ming and the other two have also arrived.

“Young master Nie Li, we’re returning to the Nether Realm now?” Luo Ming and the other two couldn’t wait anymore. Before they left, Ye Mo and Ye Zong gave them many good items, especially wine. They were simply astonished after taking a sip. They couldn’t believe that such delicious wine existed in the world. Comparing the wine here, those back in Nether Realm is simply horse urine! They couldn’t wait to return and have their Patriarch give it a try.

“Correct.” Nie Li nodded.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Luo Ming and the other two couldn’t help showing excitement on their faces.

Nie Li looked into the distance. This time, aside from the Nether Realm, they will have to proceed towards to the Nine-Layered Deathlands! He has no idea what they will encounter in the future; however, it will definitely be magnificent. They might not be able to see the sun for a long time; however, hope will never be extinguished in their hearts.

Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, then at Duan Jian, Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest. He felt excitement in his heart.

He will become a supreme expert. Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest will also step into the pinnacle realms in the future. What can a small Nine-Layered Deathlands be considered to them?

Ye Ziyun waved towards Ye Mo and Ye Zong direction, since this is her first time leaving home.

The group left Glory City and gradually disappeared as they headed towards the entrance of Nether Realm.

On the City Wall, Ye Mo and Ye Zong watched them leave.

“Father, Yun’er and Nie Li have left!” Ye Zong said, looking at the silent Ye Mo.

“Yeah.” Ye Mo nodded his head and sighed, “They are fighting for the future of Glory City. After all, we are already old. I hope that they will be blessed by the heavens.” Although he’s worried about Yun’er, Ye Mo knows that if she continued to be sheltered under their wings, it’ll be impossible for her to grow.

Ye Zong was also praying for the safety of Ye Ziyun, Nie Li and the rest. With their strength, they should be able to protect themselves.

“Ye Zong, I’ll leave Glory City to you. I’ll make a trip to the Abyss Prison Realm,” said Ye Mo as his eyes flashed with a ray of light. Since Nie Li and the rest did not hesitate to head towards the Nine-Layered Deathlands for Glory City’s safety, that’s more of a reason why he can’t stay and do nothing.

“Yes.” Ye Zong answered. Towards Ye Mo’s words, he simply complied unconditionally.

In the distant sky, the red sun slowly rose as it shined on the snowy mountain far away, reflecting the sparkling and penetrative l.u.s.ter. This is simply a spectacular scene.

Far on the St. Ancestral Mountain

Nie Li and the rest were already far from Glory City as they stepped on the thick snow on the ground, moving towards the direction of the Nether Realm.

Within the St. Ancestral Mountains, there would occasionally be the appearance of Snow Bears and Giant Blizzard Apes. However, these creatures could no longer pose a threat to Nie Li and the rest. Since Duan Jian reached Legend rank, there was a refining effect for the others. During this trip, Nie Li felt that his soul realm was undergoing rapid changes and that he has already moved up in rank.

The speed of his cultivation is indeed frightening.

Who knows? There might be some other shocking usage for this Soul Array!

Just when the group neared the entrance to the Nether Realm, suddenly two enormous auras were felt by them. The strength of these auras have far surpa.s.sed Ye Mo’s.

Feeling the two auras, Yu Yan, who was sitting on Nie Li’s shoulder, suddenly changed her facial expression.

“Nie Li, they have come!” Yu Yan immediately warned.

Hearing Yu Yan’s words, Nie Li had a chill in his heart and immediately understood who the ‘they’ were.

Duan Jian and the rest also sensed the two extraordinary auras and immediately went on guard.

In the blizzard, two figures slowly walked over. They were only wearing cloth-made trousers and had all kinds of strange runes on their bodies. One of them is very well-built with an arched body and both of his arms looked very astonishing, as if they were an ape’s arms. The other one had a lean figure with rainbow coloured stuff smeared on his face. The bridge of his nose was sharp and his eyes glimmered with chilling light. His palms were like hawk claws.

“Wretched Yu Yan, we have finally found you. Finding you was really terrible.” The well-built man bared his teeth, giving the others a sinister feeling about him.

“Both of us have come all this way from the Heavenly Fate Plateau. Since you’re no longer hiding at that Black Spring turtle sh.e.l.l of yours, we’ll show you a good time!” said the skinny one with a malicious smile as he checked Yu Yan out.

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