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Chapter 212 – Wu Man

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nie Li felt as though his soul realm was exploding creating tidal waves inside.

As time pa.s.sed, his soul realm began to expand from the overflow.. After expanding several times a transformation finally began. As with every transformation, it was very shocking.


The aura around Nie Li’s body suddenly exploded as he stepped into 1-star Black Gold rank from 5-star Gold rank; however, this was still only the beginning. Nie Li did not stop what he’s doing and continued to absorb even more soul force to push himself into a higher rank. The Fanged Panda’s strength was rising even faster than Nie Li’s. After all, it was abruptly breaking through 2-star Gold rank, then 3-star Gold rank and wasn’t stopping. This was still happening even after Nie Li was forcefully suppressing it. He’s worried that if the growth of the Fanged Panda is too fast, he will lose control of it.

The Fanged Panda is a G.o.d-level growth rate demon beast and has great strength. If one adds the fact that it’s frantically devouring all kinds of demon spirits, including Black Gold rank demon spirits, one can imagine its frightening growth speed.

Everyone else was the same as Nie Li. They were completely soaked within the rich soul force and powers of law. The gathering effects of this array caused the acc.u.mulated soul force and powers of law around them to be even thicker several hundred times more than normal. Furthermore, since this power is dispelled from Nie Li’s body, it was already refined, making it easier to absorb.

They were frantically absorbing everything they can and their cultivation was obviously rising.

The first day had quickly pa.s.sed, and their cultivation was raised by at least 1-star rank and showed no signs of stopping.

Both Ye Mo and Ye Zong felt the peculiar aura ripple within the City Lord’s Mansion. They skimmed over to Ye Ziyun’s yard and saw the huge array with the vast and majestic aura that was held within that caused even them to be shocked in their hearts.

“What are these kids doing?” Ye Mo lightly asked as he frowned, feeling the vast and majestic energy.

Ye Zong looked at Nie Li and the rest, feeling shocked in his heart, and said,“That kid Nie Li probably got a mysterious array from somewhere. With how heavy that aura is, they should be cultivating.”

This inscription pattern array is very mysterious. Even Ye Mo couldn’t understand the inscription patterns on this array. Sometimes, Ye Mo felt that Nie Li is a very mysterious individual that even he couldn’t see through completely. However, after hearing from Ye Zong that Nie Li has a mysterious master, Ye Mo felt at ease. Even with his powerful aura perception, he has no idea where Nie Li’s master is at. Nie Li’s master should be a supreme expert.

One day, two days, three days……

Nie Li and the rest have been in the array cultivating and did not show any signs of stopping. From the nourishment from the soul force and powers of law, they didn’t feel hungry and were sent into the anatta1 state of cultivation.

On the fifth day, Nie Li went from 1-star Black Gold rank into 2-star Black Gold rank. The rising strength of the Fanged Panda was even more frightening as it suddenly entered 5-star Black Gold rank, and close to Legend rank.

The Fanged Panda has, at this point, swallowed hundreds of Black Gold rank demon spirits.

Nie Li could vaguely feel the Fanged Panda rebelling and was not listening to his orders anymore.

If the demon spirit’s strength is far stronger than the Demon Spiritualist, that demon spirit might be able to break away from the body.

If it continues to devour even more demon spirits, there might be a negative side effect. However, Nie Li doesn’t wish to stop. A Black Gold rank Fanged Panda is not enough for the coming dangers. Nie Li suddenly recalled the vine that’s in the depths of his soul realm.

The vine was linked to the Fanged Panda and the Shadow Devil demon spirit, can he strengthened the link and suppress the Fanged Panda; thereafter, allow the Fanged Panda to store enough energy to break through Legend rank?

After thinking about for a moment, Nie Li immediately began to take action. He poured the absorbed soul force and powers of law that he obtained from outside into the vine and saw the vine frantically absorb both the soul force and powers of law. It grew thicker and thicker, and firmly held the rebelling Fanged Panda.

The Fanged Panda constantly struggled, trying to break free of the restrictions; however, no matter how much it struggled, the Fanged Panda couldn’t break free. The vine that was bound to it was too strong.

The Fanged Panda stopped struggling and continued to devour even more demon spirits, waiting for a chance to fight back.

For the time being, Nie Li is able to control the Fanged Panda; however, he has to be very careful in the future. A rebellious demon spirit is very dangerous.

After devouring several tens of thousands of demon spirits, although the Fanged Panda can only absorb a small portion of the energy, this amount of energy was sufficient for it to grow dozens of folds stronger and reached the limit of 5-star Black Gold rank. However, that step into Legend rank isn’t an easy task.

Nie Li and the rest continued to cultivate, since this array can hold on for around two months.

While Nie Li and the rest were focused on cultivating, dark clouds suddenly covered the sky above Glory City.

A heavy oppressive feeling shroud the city.

Dozens of experts were standing in the sky and appeared different from normal humans. They have ash black wings on their backs, and ugly features. The one leading them is a Legend rank expert.

“This is the Glory City that that kid, Ye Han, talked about? Sure enough, it’s flourishing, much better than our Blackrock City. It’s such a good place and yet, there isn’t any experts around, heaven is really helping me. Looks like this should be taken by the Wugui Family.” the leader, Wu Man, laughed. His chilling laughter sounded throughout the sky.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Several figures flew up, the one leading them was Ye Mo. Their auras weren’t any weaker than these experts from the Wugui Family. Especially Ye Mo, he already has the power of law circulating throughout his body.

“Friends from the Wugui Family, if you are acting as a guest in my Glory City, I’ll definitely welcome you. If you’re trying to cause trouble in our Glory City, then don’t blame me for being impolite and not give you guys a chance to return.” Ye Mo’s voice was like a wave, spreading throughout the sky.

Ye Mo could sense that among the people that came, there was only one Legend rank expert. They are probably here to scout things out. The real army of the Wugui Family should be further away.

Wu Man knitted his brows. According to Ye Han, there are only two Legend rank experts in all of Glory City. One had just stepped into Legend rank not too long ago and the other one was too mysterious and barely showed himself to the public. Even Ye Han didn’t see him that much. Therefore, the one before him should be the one, but he has no idea if the old man before him can utilize the power of law.

Wu Man is also a Legend rank pinnacle expert that has touched the edge of the DemiG.o.d rank’s door. Naturally, he does not fear anyone.

“If you want to invite us as guests, then we’ll have to see if you’re capable enough to do so. How about you let me give your cultivation a test?” Wu Man cold shouted as he raised his hand, gathering the aura of Darkness. He turned it into a black sword and slashed downwards towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s body quickly underwent a transformation. The demon spirit that he merged with is the Heavenly Saint Bird. A pair of golden wings grew from his back and he flew towards Wu Man.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The black sword shattered and a terrifying explosion was made in the sky. A black figure and a gold figure were frantically battling one another and their speeds were getting faster and faster, creating afterimages. Waves of powerful energy was released to the surrounding area so violently shaking as though they’re trying to tear open the sky.

This was a contest between two Legend rank pinnacle experts.

Within this contest, there were traces of powers of law standing off against one another. Although this Wu Man hasn’t comprehended the power of law and has yet to enter DemiG.o.d rank, he has already touched the edge of it. Furthermore, Ye Mo is only a step away from DemiG.o.d rank.


A powerful explosion sounded out and Wu Man was sent flying with a trace of blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. Ye Mo only took a few steps back with his chest moving up and down.

“I never imagined that you would be so much stronger than me when we’re both Legend rank pinnacle experts.” Wu Man said, a little unresigned to the thought as he coldly stared at Ye Mo. “Even so, with only two Legend rank experts, it’s not possible to withstand my Wugui Family. My Wugui Family has three DemiG.o.d rank and ten Legend rank experts. Once our army arrives, all of Glory City will be leveled to the ground. Now, I’ll give you guys one chance. Bow to my Wugui Family, submit Glory City to the control of the Wugui Family and we will spare your lives!”

“Hmph, it won’t be easy to destroy my Glory City. Since the Wugui Family wants to come, then come.” Ye Mo’s expression was cold. His aura was getting stronger than it previous was, like a tide that was oppressing towards Wu Man.

“That being the case, don’t blame us for being impolite.” A sharp whistle came out from Wu Man’s mouth.

From the remote mountain forest, *Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh* countless shadows flew towards the direction of Glory City. These black shadows covered the sky like a cloud of locusts.

Seeing this scene, Ye Mo slightly frowned his brows as he exchanged eye contact with Ye Zong. Ye Zong nodded his head and immediately flew towards the direction of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, preparing to active the array while Ye Mo prepared to summon the Snow Wind Spiritual G.o.d at anytime.

Ye Mo did not stop his attacks towards Wu Man. A blizzard covered the sky as it slowly turned ash gray.

“Just you alone and you still dare to challenge my Wugui Family? Your strength is still far from enough.” Seeing the Legend rank experts flying towards his direction, Wu Man became more savage. A powerful energy suddenly burst forth from his body as he threw a punch towards Ye Mo.

Lights shot out from Ye Mo’s eyes as the power of law surged violently within him. When he was fighting Wu Man earlier, he did not exert his full strength. Since Wu Man was about to get a lot of help, he understood that if he doesn’t kill Wu Man now, there won’t be a second chance.

Ye Mo coldly growled as countless icicles formed within the blizzard and shot clouds of them towards Wu Man.

Seeing this scene, Wu Man wasn’t afraid at all. As a member of the Wugui Family, he is very confident in the strength of his physical body. As a powerful fighting race, how could he be afraid of a human?

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Clouds of icicles bombarded Wu Man’s body, exploded and turned into snowflakes.

“Old man, you want to fight me with such a weak attack?” Wu Man’s fist headed towards Ye Mo.


anatta, or anatman, is a departure from the Hindu belief in atman (“the self”). The absence of a self, anicca (the impermanence of all being), and dukkha (“suffering”) are the three characteristics of all existence (ti-lakkhana)

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