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Chapter 21 – Usage of Purple Haze Gra.s.s

After two hours of refining, the results caused Yang Xin to be astonished.

Adding Purple Haze Gra.s.s into Soul a.s.sembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill indeed increase it’s effect by 30% not only that, it also increased the success rate by 50%.

The results of this experiment is significant for Alchemist! Soul a.s.sembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill are unable to be produced in large amount is due to it’s low success rate, insufficient efficiency and not cost effective. Now that the effect and refining success rate of these pill has been greatly increased, Soul a.s.sembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill could be produced in large amount now.

Although all the Purple Haze Gra.s.s in Glory City have all been cleared out, but the maturity of Purple Haze Gra.s.s is 3 years, after 3 years when large amount of Purple Haze Gra.s.s has matured, it will be of importance to Glory City.

As Glory City is always under the threat of demon beast, but with large amount of Soul a.s.sembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill production, can greatly increase Glory City’s experts.

“Although knowing that you will earn a fortune with this, but see that you contributed this much to Glory City and Alchemy a.s.sociation, I’ll let you guys earn that money then!” Yang Xin revealed a cheerful expression on her face, she know that this letter is definitely sent by the ones that bought all the Purple Haze Gra.s.s.

The second usage of Purple Haze Gra.s.s, by bathing in Purple Haze Gra.s.s combined with five other common herb could nourish the soul force?

Yang Xin thought for awhile and closed the door to her room, and according to the letter, she mixed the several herbs, pouring hot water into a wooden barrel, slowly removing her dress revealing her smooth body, her figure was hot, twin peaks proudly standing, she had the mature attractive aura around her, slowly, she step into the wooden barrel.

The essence of the herbs were slowly released and was absorbed into the body, Yang Xin’s skin slightly flushed, becoming more smooth and delicate, her soul force also received nourishments.

“The effect is very obvious!” Yang Xin was shocked, she did not expect that this simple and common Purple Haze Gra.s.s would actually have such magical usage, how many family had burned these Purple Haze Gra.s.s in the past! The thought of it caused Yang Xin to feel heartache for all the burnt Purple Haze Gra.s.s!

After soaking in it for around one hour until the herbs were fully absorbed, she then stood up, wiped herself, wearing her clothes and walked out of her room.

“Director, what happened? You suddenly seemed younger!” The mens in Alchemy a.s.sociation had their eyes onto Yang Xin, hard to shift their gaze from her.

Yang Xin’s skin were rosy, smooth and moist, simply beautiful to no extent.

Herbal medicine mixed with Purple Haze Gra.s.s, aside from giving soul force nourishment, it can also nourish the skin, which is a beautifying effect!

Yang Xin secretly joyed, there isn’t a woman that doesn’t feel happy about their beauty. But it was a pity that the 3 pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s was quickly used up. Yang Xin soon compiled the magical usage and effect of the Purple Haze Gra.s.s into a book and send every single Alchemist a copy of it, indicating on it that the first and second usage of Purple Haze Gra.s.s has been personally tested by her and is indeed effective, as for the other usage of it, due to the lack of Purple Haze Gra.s.s, has still yet to verify them.

For Purple Haze Gra.s.s to have such huge amount of magical usage, it caused commotions within the Alchemy a.s.sociation, every Alchemist began to frantically search for Purple Haze Gra.s.s and even brought them from the commoners who had Purple Haze Gra.s.s stored up in their house and began to verify the usage of Purple Haze Gra.s.s.

All the sixty over usage and functions were verified, not missing any of them!

This news caused huge sensation within the alchemy circles.

In a short amount of time, the price of Purple Haze Gra.s.s began to skyrocket, because of the enormous value of Purple Haze Gra.s.s and there isn’t any Purple Haze Gra.s.s that can be found in the market.

The price of Purple Haze Gra.s.s went from 1 demon spirit coin for a few pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s to a few demon spirit coins for 1 pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s, and the price continued to soar to 10 demon spirit coins for 1 pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s, the price of it increased insanely hundredfold. Some n.o.bility even offered few hundred demon spirit coins to acquire 1 pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s, the beauty effect of Purple Haze Gra.s.s nourishing the skin caused the ladies to go crazy for it.

After all, Yang Xin is a living example! Those ladies doesn’t want their own husband to be abducted by those gorgeously dressed women outside.

Every garden nursery began to planting Purple Haze Gra.s.s, but within 3 years, there would be an extreme shortage of Purple Haze Gra.s.s in Glory City.

Pterosaur Family

While Xiao Ning’er is currently focused on practising the cultivation technique that was given by Nie li, several servants hastily ran inside.

“Gone crazy gone crazy. Miss, good news!”

“What news” Xiao Ning’er asked, puzzled.

A maid breathlessly said “Miss, didn’t you recently brought a lot of Purple Haze Gra.s.s? Outside, the price of Purple Haze Gra.s.s has soared to dozens or even hundreds of demon spirit coin for 1 pound of it, it’s said that Sacred Family even offered the price of 300 demon spirit coins for a pound Purple Haze Gra.s.s to acquire 100 pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s!”

Xiao Ning’er was astounded by the news, she immediately fell into her thoughts for a moment and understood that this matter is definitely caused by Nie Li, other than Nie Li, who else had this kind of midas touch ability? Thinking about Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er’s face couldn’t help but blush, at this moment in this teen girl’s heart, Nie Li’s shadow is already impossible to get rid of. (TL: Midas touch turns whatever he touched into gold, which is almost similar to Nie Li that turned a worthless gra.s.s into valuable herb.)

School Library

The price of Purple Gra.s.s has skyrocketed to a frightening level, Du Ze and Lu Piao were dumbfounded because right now, Nie Li had hundred of thousands pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s in his hand!

Even if it can be sold for dozens of demon spirit coin on average, that amount would also be nearing 10 million demon spirit coins, not to mention some n.o.bility family already raise the price of it to a hundred or even a few hundred demon spirit coins, how much money would that be?

Thinking of this amount simply caused people to be dizzy! In this short while, Nie Li already managed to acc.u.mulate wealth equivalent to the 10 years fortune of an aristocratic family!

With so much demon spirit coins, they would have a very very very large amount of training resources!

Nie Li faintly smiled, this is simply the beginning to his plan! Nie Li visited several pharmacist to slowly sell the Purple Haze Gra.s.s with the price of 300 demon spirit coin, he sold around one thousand pound of Purple Haze Gra.s.s, those that can afford Purple Haze Gra.s.s at this price are mostly n.o.bilities, among them are mostly womens.

In this short while, Nie Li gained a total of 3 million demon spirit coins. But then, he shouldn’t be able to sell at such high price anymore, after all, the amount that the market can digest is very limited, hence, Nie Li prepared to slowly lower the price and selling them slowly.

In the library.

“These are yours!” Nie Li pa.s.sed Du Ze, Lu Piao and the trio some Superior Soul a.s.sembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill.

One Superior Soul a.s.sembling Pill or Spiritual Enhancing Pill can be sold for over 6 thousand demon spirit coins!

Six person, every person is distributed with ten, that would be already more than 300 thousand demon spirit coins!

Even some members of n.o.bility also dare not to be so extravagant!

After knowing that every one of these pills cost more than 6 thousand demon spirit coins, Du Ze, Lu Piao and the trio couldn’t help as their hands slightly trembled while holding these pills.

“Hurry up and practice and take some Purple Haze Gra.s.s to soak in them at night to nourish the soul force!” Nie Li said faintly laughing, after gaining such large amount of money, as long as they don’t buy any expensive battle armour or weapons, in the short amount of time they wouldn’t be short of money to spend.

Nie Li sat crossed legged, popping a Soul a.s.sembling Pill into his mouth, he felt the heat slowly rising from his abdomen, slowly moving towards his soul realm and his soul realm causing it to continuously surging.

Soul force surging within the soul realm, although his soul realm were as scattered clouds, upon thorough inspection, Nie Li realised that there is something within his soul realm, his wave of soul force continued to frantically surging.

Slowly, Nie Li’s body emitted trace of cyan glimmer.

The drug efficacy of Soul a.s.sembling Pill is very strong, if an ordinary person are able to absorb a tenth of it would already be considered very good, but because of Nie Li practising [Heavenly G.o.d Cultivation Technique], he could fully absorb the Soul a.s.sembling Pill in his body. Nie Li felt that his soul force is rapidly increasing.

After absorbing one Soul a.s.sembling Pill, Nie Li’s soul force raised from 32 to 51, the effect is simply astonishing, next he still wants to digest the remaining 5 pill!

Just while Nie Li is practising, a ‘boom’ was heard, beside him flashed cyan glow, Du Ze is one step ahead of them, stepping into bronze rank realm, becoming a 1-star bronze rank demon spiritist.

Three hours later, Lu Piao is also reached 1-star bronze rank.

Compared to the cultivation technique Du Ze and Lu Piao are practising, Heavenly G.o.d Cultivation Technique does progress powerfully but wins in building the foundation, having extraordinary future achievements.

“1-star bronze rank, it’s too great!” Du Ze clasped his fist tightly, the strengthening of cultivation caused him to be excited and filling his future full of hope, he gratefully glanced at Nie Li, this everything is given by Nie Li!

Lu Piao were also very excited as he had reached 1-star bronze rank, his father wouldn’t have any reason to beat him when he returns!

They were filled with expectation for the test in two months, in two months, how far are they able to reach? Although Nie Li progressed a little slower, but breakthrough into 1-star bronze rank in that time is still easy, who knows he might even be able to reach a higher rank.

Afraid that Shen Yue and those people would never imagined that the trash in their eyes, Du Ze and Li Piao already stepped into 1-star bronze rank before them, and this is also achieved in just a few days!

In the evening.

Library’s first floor, Nie Li once again saw Ye Ziyun, she is currently sitting down on the table reading book, but looked a little absent-minded, she wore a white dress and her delicate face were as a beauty angel.

Nie Li strolled towards Ye Ziyun.

Shen Yue and his bunch appeared at the corner of the library, seeing this scene, his eyes turned frightening chill.

“Boss Shen Yue, this brat seems to have a date with Miss Ye Ziyun! Ye Ziyun seems to be waiting here specially for him!” A youngster wearing cyan shirt and looked 16-17 said.

Although his age is slightly older than Shen Yue, but they all listened to Shen Yue’s orders, because Shen Yue is a member of the Sacred Family and his family are better than theirs, by listening to Shen Yue, they could get quite a bit of money from him every month. And after they grow up, they would become the warrior attendant of Shen Yue!

three 1-star bronze warrior, three 2-star bronze warrior, as warrior, taking refuge in a aristocrat demon spiritist is the best choice.

Shen Yue coldly snorted, he couldn’t endure it any longer, base on family or innate talent, which part of it that he couldn’t compete against Nie Li with? When he chase after Ye Ziyun, she ignored him, her seeing Nie Li in new light caused Shen Yue to be furious with jealousy.

If it’s a commoner family’s girl, Shen Yue only needed to use some means and the other party would be obediently in his hand, but Ye Ziyun has a strong background, hence, he is afraid to move.

“Boss, should we beat this kid up?” a few warrior asked.

“En” Shen Yue nodded his head, although he suffered loss in Nie Li’s hand but until today, he still doesn’t know how did he lost to Nie Li, “This kid has some method, we’ll find a chance to teach him a lesson, this sort of thing must be done in secret, Ye Ziyun cannot know of this!”

Shen Yue’s eye flashed a hint of ruthless, saying “Best to let that brat suffer internal injury, can’t let others see it and also can’t let others know that Sacred Family did it!”

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