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Chapter 207 – Ye Mo

Nether Realm

Nie Li and his group shuttled through the darkness, all the way to the exit of the Nether Realm. Occasionally, there would be black figures streaking past the distant horizon, those are flocks of Ghastly Bats.

When they were near the exit, after traveling for several days, Nie Li discovered that the distant plains were filled with several tens of thousands of experts camping at that spot.

Nie Li’s heart moved, this place is too close to the Nether Realm’s border. If they exit here, it’d be easy for them to find Glory City. So what are these people trying to do by coming here?

“Can the three of you help me scout their origins and what they are doing here?” Nie Li asked Luo Ming, feeling unease in his heart.

“Young master Nie Li, I’ll go and scout ahead, the two of them will stay here and protect you!” Luo Ming said after thinking for a moment. If Nie Li doesn’t have anyone by his side to protect him, he can’t feel a.s.sured.

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded.

Luo Ming briefed the other two for a moment, then skimmed over.

“Those are the experts from the Wugui Family. I heard that they discovered a place called Glory City and have recruited many experts in preparation to move towards that place.” Luo Ming frowned his brows a little and said, “Of the fifteen cities in the Nether Realm, was there one called Glory City?”

After hearing Luo Ming’s words, Nie Li’s heart shook. The matter that he’s most worried of has happened. Glory City was discovered by this family called the Wugui Family.

An intense urgency surged within him. In the fifteen cities of the Nether Realm, many experts have gathered here; however, the place is too infertile. When they became aware of this fertile place called Glory City, they became like wild wolves that caught the scent of meat. He’s afraid that it won’t be long before all of Glory City is devoured, without anything left. Even if the exit was blocked, they can dig another tunnel out.

Even with the Jade Seal Family’s help, he’s afraid that it’s impossible to stop this flock of wolves.

The Dark Guild has known of the existence of Glory City for a few hundred years; however, since they didn’t leak Glory City existence to the experts of the fifteen cities in the Nether Realm, one can see that the Dark Guild already treated Glory City to be an item in their pocket, and were unwilling to share it with others.

After guarding this secret for so many years the information was finally spread out……

An idea flashed in Nie Li’s mind, Ye Han! Ye Han joined the Wugui Family. It was probably him and not the people of the Dark Guild that leaked out the information!

Before coming to this Nether Realm, Nie Li did not expect such a vast world underground. Aside from Dark Guild’s complicated forces, Nie Li originally thought that with Ye Han’s ability, even if he had the Dark Guild as his backer, he wouldn’t be able to threaten Glory City. However, everything went out of his expectations. Judging from the current situation, he can only think a solution as fast as possible.

There are many experts in the various forces in Nether Realm’s fifteen cities and there are even many DemiG.o.d rank existences. Furthermore, the Wugui Family is ranked above the Jade Seal Family; therefore, they will be even harder to deal with!

With Nie Li’s current strength, even if he were to operate the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he might not be able to ensure Glory City’s safety.

“How many supreme experts are there in the Wugui Family?” Nie Li asked, looking at Luo Ming and the others.

“There are three DemiG.o.d rank experts and twenty-five Legend rank experts in the Wugui Family.” Luo Ming said, without holding anything back. Before coming, Luo Xiao already briefed him that he has to treat Nie Li as a respected guest. Although he doesn’t know why Patriarch Luo Xiao looks at Nie Li with such importance, he didn’t dare to be negligent.

“If the Wugui Family are planning on taking Glory City, how many people would they dispatch?” asked Nie Li. Different situations call for different actions, to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation. Since the Wugui Family is coming, he’ll have to cautiously think of a method to deal with them.

“The Wugui Family has many enemies, the three DemiG.o.d rank experts should have to guard their headquarters; therefore, they would at most send several Legend rank experts. They still have to see what kind of place Glory City is, unless the Wugui Family is willing to give up their roots. Only then, will they move out at full force.”

After hearing Luo Ming’s words, Nie Li’s heart moved. The Wugui Family has probably only just found out about Glory City’s location. After mobilizing such a huge force, they would need dozens of days, at the very least. With Nie Li’s fastest speed towards Glory City, he would require seven to eight days or even longer. The Wugui Family would probably require about a month to reach Glory City. Furthemore, the Wugui Family shouldn’t dare to take any actions so easily. Afterall, they do not have much understanding towards Glory City; therefore, they should only be conducting an investigation about Glory City.

No matter what, he’ll have to rush back before anything else.

Nie Li called Luo Ming and the other two along and headed towards Glory City at his fastest speed.

When Luo Ming and the other two found out that Nie Li came from Glory City, they couldn’t help feeling shocked. They never expected that there would be a human city that hasn’t been destroyed in the outside world. This is simply too unbelievable. After their ancestors escaped into the Nether Realm, they never went back. In their view, there shouldn’t be any s.p.a.ces for humans to live in the outside world.

“If Lord Patriarch finds out about this news, he will definitely be very excited. We can finally return to the outside world.” Luo Ming’s eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears of excitement to the point that his hands were shaking.

Nie Li shook his head and said, “Although Glory City is still standing, it could be erased by a demon beast horde at anytime. Furthermore, the forces in the Nether Realm will also eye it like a tiger eyeing its prey. Before long, Glory City might not even exist anymore.”

The reason why Nie Li did not tell Luo Xiao is because he wanted to let him know about it later. When he comes back to Blackrock City, his strength will probably be different. By wielding both laws of darkness and light, adding on to him cultivating the [Heavenly G.o.d] technique, he will have a larger speech weight.

But now, the appearance of the Wugui Family caused Nie Li to feel enormous pressure. Afterall, they are a super force with three DemiG.o.d rank experts.

Suddenly, Nie Li felt a powerful aura. His eyes moved to the side and coldly looked at the darkness and snorted, “Who’s there?”

Luo Ming looked at Nie Li in astonishment and looked towards the darkness that Nie Li had his eyes on. His alert instantly rose up, as they are all Legend rank experts, and yet they did not sense anything. Is Nie Li being a little too cautious?

At this moment, a figure slowly walked out from the darkness.

The other party is a human, an old man with white hair and beard, giving off an extraordinary sense of presence. He also gave off a faint prestige and oppression. When he appeared, his aura shroud the entire area. The chilling aura coming from him gave everyone gooseb.u.mps.

Luo Ming and the rest were shocked in their hearts. This old man actually managed to get within a few hundred meters of them without them sensing him. This old man’s strength is definitely extraordinary, which caused them to be cautious. The opposite party wouldn’t happen to be a DemiG.o.d rank expert, right?

“Who are you, sir. Why are you following us?” Luo Ming coldly stared at the opposite party. He could feel that if the other party decided to take action, it would certainly be a bitter battle.

Having a clear look of the other party’s appearance, Nie Li said in shock, “Grandpa Ye Mo, why are you here?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, that old man’s body shook and asked back in shock, “How do you know that I’m Ye Mo? Who are you?”

“I’m your grandson-in-law.” Nie Li smiled.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Mo’s forehead suddenly filled with black lines. Where did this grandson-in-law of his come from? Although his granddaughter, Ziyun, has reached the marriageable age, how could Ye Zong betroth Ziyun to someone else without his presence? Not to mention that Ye Mo has no idea which family this kid is from.

“Let’s talk about it after we return to Glory City.” Nie Li laughed. He never thought that he would encounter Ye Mo here. It seems that Ye Mo discovered the Nether Realm long ago.

From sensing the Snow Wind aura emitting from Ye Mo, he seems to have already reached a very rich degree. Even if he has yet to reach DemiG.o.d rank, he probably won’t be far from it. Furthermore, there are two bizarre auras coming off of him. Now wonder even the Dark Guild treated Glory City as something in their pocket but have not attacked Glory City until now. The strength of the Demon Lord might not be any stronger than Grandpa Ye Mo!

In his previous life, Ye Mo was plotted against, which caused Glory City to fall into the enemy’s hands. Otherwise, even a hundred million level demon beast horde wouldn’t utterly destroy Glory City so easily.

Although Ye Mo is puzzled over Nie Li’s ident.i.ty, he can least confirm that Nie Li came from Glory City. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know of him having a granddaughter. Ye Mo glanced at the three people behind Nie Li, and could sense that those three are all Legend rank experts. Although their cultivation is lacking, compared to him, they are still pretty decent.

Feeling Ye Mo’s gaze, Nie Li smiled, “These three are experts from the Jade Seal Family, they have come to protect me! I have already gained the cooperation of the Jade Seal Family.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Mo’s abstruse eyes flashed with a trace of shock. Among the forces in the fifteen cities, the Jade Seal Family could be considered upright. However, the Jade Seal Family is, after all, ranked three in Blackrock City. They might not even put Ye Mo in their eyes.

Yet Nie Li actually said that he gained the cooperation with the Jade Seal Family? Ye Mo was feeling puzzled in his heart. From feeling the aura coming off of Nie Li, his strength should have already reached Gold rank. Fourteen years old and already has such cultivation, he really couldn’t figure out which family produced such a genius!

“Sorry for offending you earlier.” Ye Mo retracted his aura and nodded towards Luo Ming and the other two to expression his intention, appearing to be very gentle and amiable.

“Since you are Young Master Nie Li’s elder, there is no need for being polite.” Luo Ming and the other two hurriedly cupped their hands, overwhelmed by favor.

Ye Mo was a little curious. Why are these three Legend rank experts being so compliant towards Nie Li. What relation do they have with Nie Li? How did Nie Li accomplish it?

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