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Chapter 206 – Mysterious Demon Beast

After a long period of time, Nie Li finally felt his pain lightening. However, the laws of darkness and light were still unresolved.

How should he deal with them?

Suddenly, Nie Li recalled the mysterious vine that’s in the depths of his soul realm. That vine is very mysterious, who knows, it might be able to subdue the power of law. After pondering awhile, he poured the refined laws of darkness and light into the vine. At first, the vine did not absorb the two powers of law; however, as time went on, the vine frantically absorbed the two powers of law.

The vine kept growing as it swallowed the two powers of law. Thereafter, the power of law was transported through the stem to the Fanged Panda and an astonishing transformation happened to it. The fur became increasingly l.u.s.trous as the power of darkness and light continuously revolved around the Fanged Panda.

The Fanged Panda’s power had undergone another level of change as it absorbed the soul force from the darkness and light.

As for the Shadow Devil demon spirit, it also absorbed a portion of the law of darkness and undergone some changes. Its body became faintly discernible, making it hard for others to see its body clearly.

When the vine finished absorbing both laws of darkness and light, Nie Li let out a breath of relief. He casually tried something and discovered that although the laws of darkness and light were swallowed by the mysterious vine, he can still control the two powers.

The vine should be part of the soul realm; however, Nie Li wasn’t sure about that. Afterall, the birth of the vine means that Nie Li’s cultivation path is already different from his past.

While Nie Li was cultivating, Yu Yan quietly floated in front of him. Her peerlessly beautiful cheeks had traces of astonishment on them. She could feel the laws of darkness and light colliding inside Nie Li’s body and just when she was starting to worry about him, she realised that an even more powerful and mysterious energy swallowed the laws of darkness and light.

Just how many secrets are there hidden within him? Curiosity filled her heart. As a Spiritual G.o.d, it could be said that she has a clear knowledge about everything in this world. However, she never thought that Nie Li’s knowledge would be at an even higher level than her own.

At some point, G.o.ddess Yu Yan realised that she couldn’t understand and gave up on thinking about it. She stretched her waist, revealing her enchanting figure. She is a controller of the power of law; therefore, even if she doesn’t cultivate, the surrounding law of fire will continue to rush towards her body. While absorbing the power of law, Yu Yan’s cultivation will continuously rise.

Roughly twenty days later, Nie Li’s cultivation finally reached the pinnacle of 5-star Gold rank, he was only a step away from Black Gold rank.

He suddenly opened his eyes as they flashed with a ray of light. After cultivating for such a long time, his cultivation had once again gone up by a small bit. Since he’s practising the [Heavenly G.o.d] technique, the speed of his cultivation is still rather slow. The difficulty of his breakthrough is also going to be several times harder compared to Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest. However, Nie Li still managed to make his cultivation soar leaps and bounds, based on his understanding towards cultivation.

Since the difficulty of a breakthrough is harder for him, that means that his benefits will also be very shocking. His strength can completely crush an opponent of the same rank or even jump ranks and fight Black Gold rank experts.

The Divine Seal Auction proceeded as planned. When the Divine Seal Auction began auctioning the weapons and armours with the inscription patterns carved by Nie Li, the fifteen cities were riled up. They never thought that the might of Nie Li’s works would surpa.s.s Master You Ye by so much and raised a huge commotion over them.

Several pinnacle experts in the Nether Realm tossed huge prices to auction Nie Li’s works. Afterall, excellent weapons and armour could increase their strengths enormously. In this world, the weak are the prey to the strong, strength is everything.

Not to mention that recently, there has been news spreading around that the Master of the Nether Realm is planning on recruiting a disciple to inherit his mantle.

The Master of the Nether Realm is a pinnacle Spiritual G.o.d!

If they caught the eyes of that master, they would be able to take a single step into the world of G.o.ds! The enticement was too huge to them. If one of them was able to become the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple, aside from being able to become an exceptional expert, they would be able to become owners of Nether City!

Nether City is a very mysterious place. Legend has it that it’s filled with riches and has gathered all kinds of beauty from the various races. In addition, there are countless amounts of Devour Spirits. Devour spirits are very mysterious organisms that can devour the essence of the underground lava and provide it for the master of Nether City to cultivate.

Once they become the owner of Nether City, they will be able to obtain endless riches!

At the critical moment of the Master of the Nether Realm choosing his disciple, the popularity of the weapons and armours that Nie Li made will naturally change according to the trend.

Since the Jade Seal Family has a Senior Inscription Master and the deterrence from the forces backing the Divine Seal Auction, the Blood Demon clan chose to reconcile with the Jade Seal family, for the time being. Since the Jade Seal Family was able to resolve their crisis, they began contacting various powerful human forces to expand their influence.

On this day, a smile filled the face of Luo Xiao as he walked to the side of Nie Li. The power of the Jade Seal Family has drastically expanded, having made an alliance with a few forces and receiving the protection from the Divine Seal Auction. The experts outside the family have been trying to investigate the mysterious inscriptionist concealed within Jade Seal Family, but not one of them was successful.

It can be foreseen that the Jade Seal Family’s power will have a substantial increase in the future.

“Nephew, my subordinates have finished their investigation. Recently, the Dark Guild has been very quiet, there hasn’t been any movements.” Luo Xiao lightly smiled. He couldn’t understand why Nie Li wanted an eye on the Dark Guild, “Furthermore, I have news on their Ye Han that you requested me to investigate. It’s said that a person named Ye Han has joined the Wugui Family as a Primary Inscriptionist.”

Hearing Luo Xiao’s words, Nie Li’s brows frowned. Could it be that Ye Han has separated himself from the Dark Guild and joined another family?

“What has the Wugui Family been up to?” Nie Li asked after pondering awhile.

After thinking for a moment, Luo Xiao said, “Recently, the Wugui Family seems to be a.s.sembling their men. They seem to be up to something; however, I’m not very clear as to what.”

Nie Li felt unease in his heart. This Wugui Family is even harder to deal with than the Dark Guild.

After being away from Glory City for such a long time, it’s time to go back and have a look.

“Uncle Luo, I will have to leave for a moment.” Nie Li said, looking at Luo Xiao.

“Nephew Nie Li is leaving?” Hearing Nie Li’s words, Luo Xiao’s face suddenly turned bitter. He has to admit, right now, Nie Li is simply too important. How can he be a.s.sured that Nie Li won’t come back?

“Uncle Luo can be rest a.s.sured, I’ll return before long. I have already made some weapons and armour with senior inscription patterns during these few days for you.” said Nie Li. Since he’s going back to Glory City, and since it isn’t far from here, he will be able to come back after a month, “I have already decided, I ask Uncle Luo to not dissuade me.”

After thinking for a moment, when he saw how firm Nie Li was, Luo Xiao said, “Nephew Nie Li, do you want me to arrange some guards for your protection?”
If he tried to force Nie Li to stay, it would probably end in a backlash. By sending a few people to protect Nie Li’s safety, he will be able to be more at ease.

“Sure.” Nie Li nodded his head, having the same idea. Now that the interest of the Jade Seal Family is bound to him, adding on Nie Li’s observation of the Jade Seal Family for this period of time, he realised that the Jade Seal Family is wholeheartedly fighting for the living s.p.a.ce of humanity, showing that they have the same motive as Glory City.

By having several experts from the Jade Seal Family protect him, he will feel safer.

“Okay, I will send Luo Ming and two others to be your guard!” said Luo Xiao after pondering awhile. Luo Ming and the other two are all Legend rank experts. Although they have not reached the pinnacle of Legend rank, or entered DemiG.o.d rank, they should be able to handle ordinary situations.

“Many thanks, Uncle Luo.” said Nie Li as he lightly smiled. Having three more Legend rank fighters1 feels pretty good.

“These are the Demonic Crystal Rocks that we obtained from selling those armours and weapons at the auction.” Luo Xiao pa.s.sed an interspatial ring over to Nie Li. Demonic Crystal Rocks are the general currencies here. During this auction they obtained a total of six hundred million Demonic Crystal Rocks. Even though the Jade Seal Family is only getting thirty percent of it, they still have over a hundred and eighty million. This is the sum of the Jade Seal Family’s income for dozens of years. Since they have so many Demonic Crystal Rocks, the Jade Seal Family can hire several experts to increase their strength!

Nie Li kept the interspatial ring after taking a look at it. Who knows? It might come in handy later on; therefore, he kept them.

“If nephew has anything that you require of the Jade Seal Family, you only need to say and as long as the Jade Seal Family can accomplish it, we will definitely do our best!” Luo Xiao said.

“Many thanks to Uncle Luo.” Nie Li said as he cupped his hands. With the Jade Seal Family backing him, he will be able to lessen a lot of the pressure on Glory City.

After staying in Nether Realm for so long, it’s time to return. He has to report everything he knows about the Nether Realm to Ye Zong! If the location of Glory City becomes exposed, then they have to plan in advance.

With G.o.ddess Yu Yan as a fighter and three Legend ranks as his guards, his harvest in this trip is rather huge.

After bidding farewell to Luo Xiao and Luo Jian, Nie Li left Blackrock City under the protection of the three Legend rank guards.

Glory City

Ever since Ye Zong stepped into Legend rank, his cultivation had a quality transformation. He also obtained some directions from Nie Li on a cultivation technique, adding on to the fact that he is a smart person, his cultivation speed naturally surpa.s.s the imagination of an ordinary person. He already stepped into 2-star Legend rank.

It’s hard for Glory City to have few periods of peace. However, the city guards don’t dare to slack off. After experiencing so many battles, and the deaths of their families and friends, everyone’s hearts were a little heavy.

As for Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze, Duan Jian, Wei Nan and the rest, they were all secluded into their training. In this period of time, they visited the Black Ruins and some other places to train, making their cultivation soar leaps and bounds. Especially Duan Jian, since he has the dragon bloodline in his body, in additional to Nie Li’s guidance, he was only one step away from Legend rank.

Just sometime ago, Glory City encountered a new batch of guests. Everyone from the Heavenly Fate Plateau moved into Glory City and were arranged living s.p.a.ces in the City Lord’s Mansion.

The population of Glory City was always decreasing with every year. They would naturally welcome a new batch of guests! Although the cultivation of the people from the Heavenly Fate Plateau wasn’t strong, the reason was because their cultivation techniques weren’t complete. If they were provided with more suitable cultivation techniques, and have the children enter the Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute to train, their strength would be able to rise very quickly.

At this moment, in the remote Heavenly Fate Plateau’s Black Spring’s abyss

At the bottom of the abyss, in the depthless Black Water, ripples were constantly being sent out. A wave of vast energy swept out and two aged voices were heard, causing the Black Spring’s abyss to tremble.

“Big brother, I can no longer sense that old wretch’s aura anymore!”

“Yeah, I have also sensed it. Although the Black Spring Seal is still there, that old wretch, Yu Yan, is no longer there! She only disappeared today. Could it be that the old wretch was able to restore her divine body? Impossible. According to my calculations, she would need at least another ten thousand years to restore it!”

After imitating Yu Yan’s aura for sometime, Nie Li’s inscription array finally lost its effect today.

“If that old wretch escaped and acc.u.mulated her Divine Spark, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to explain it to the Lord!”

“Her Divine Spark was shattered, even if she gathered a portion of her Divine Spark, she could probably only have reached Legend rank. Since she escaped today, she definitely couldn’t have gone too far. We’ll immediately chase after her!”

“Okay, if we manage to catch that old wretch, I have to ruthlessly violate her!”

When the voices ended, two black rays of light shot out from the abyss of the Black Spring, into the sky and quickly disappeared. A large portion of the Heavenly Fate Plateau caved in, burying the abyss of the Black Spring.


Fighter as in fighting fighter, not the Fighter in the cultivation path

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