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Chapter 194 – Mysterious Inscription Pattern

Xiao Kuang hoa.r.s.ely said, “How is this possible? Who could have the capability to defeat Xiao Lang in one strike? Father, I’m afraid that even you might not be able to accomplish that.”

“Indeed, I’m unable to do that.” Xiao Wu bitterly smiled as he shook his head, then said, “Look at his wounds again, he shouldn’t have been wounded by a fist or a leg, so it should be a type of demon spirit! This demon spirit has powerful combat abilities to the point that it’s simply unimaginable. It’s able to send Xiao Lang flying dozens of meters!”

“A demon spirit’s combat ability that’s able to send him flying dozens of meters?” Xiao Kuang was shocked one again.

“Correct.” Xiao Wu nodded. With such a powerful Demon Spiritualist, the others felt uneasy. A demon spirit’s combat ability that was used to kill Xiao Lang must be very tyrannical. If such a person were to take action against the Heavenly Fate Plateau, the entire plateau might be destroyed by him, alone!

“Father, could the person that killed Xiao Kuang be that young man? But he’s too young!” Xiao Kuang asked in shock as he thought of something. But, how is this possible? He’s just a fourteen-year-old youth!

If he’s able to defeat Xiao Lang, then his strength must be on par with a Black Obsidian rank Fighter’s!

“In the distant past, geniuses were all around. Having a fourteen-year-old Black Obsidian rank expert might not be uncommon. When our Heavenly Fate Plateau escaped, there wasn’t any Demon Spiritualist cultivation technique being pa.s.sed down. However, if Glory City were to have many experts, then there would be completed cultivation techniques being pa.s.sed down!” Xiao Wu said, “Since that young man claimed to be from the City Lord’s Mansion, then even if he isn’t a Black Obsidian rank, he would probably have a Black Obsidian rank expert following him. In the future, we must treat him with courteous and care!”

“Yes,” Xiao Kuang respectfully answered. Luckily he was smart earlier and did not offend Nie Li. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t even know how he would die.

Xiao Wu continued to survey the area awhile longer, then said, “Seven people went in that direction. Six of them have rather heavy footsteps, they should be the underlings of Xiao Lang. The one with the lighter footsteps should be that youth.”

They followed the trail all way to the crossroad.

“Father, they went in that direction. Could it be that they are going to the Black Spring?” Xiao Kuang said in shock.

“Once someone enters the Black Spring, it’s instant death. Even a Black Obsidian rank Demon Spiritualist might not be able to walk out.” said Xiao Wu, inhaling a mouthful of cold air. They don’t dare to continue forward because of the message that’s been pa.s.sed down since their ancestors, no one is allowed to go near the Black Spring.

In the past, there were lots of people that didn’t believe the message and entered, but they never returned.

“Xiao Lang’s underlings wouldn’t dare to enter the Black Spring. It’s probably the youth who forced them in. What is that youth intending to do by going to the Black Spring?” Xiao Wu knitted his brows as he looked towards the depths of the black forest. Nie Li and his group have already been in there for G.o.d knows how long.

“Father, what should we do next?” asked Xiao Kuang.

Xiao Wu looked towards the dark forest and solemnly said, “You wait here with some of our people, but don’t enter the forest. Wait at least two days. If the youth comes out, then immediately bring him to our place as a guest. If he doesn’t come out after two days, then return.”

“Yes,” Xiao Kuang nodded.

Deep in the dark forest.

The place is filled with a light, black fog. As the group continued to walk, they realized that there wasn’t any traces of anyone coming in here before, they only saw wild gra.s.s growing everywhere; there wasn’t even a demon beast. However, the ground was filled with demon beast and human bones.

The six walking in front were shaking as they continued to walk. *Crack* *crack* As they stepped on the bones of demon beasts, the sound of the bones breaking directly pierced into their trembling hearts.

Gradually, their vision began to turn fuzzy, and they were staggering to the point that they were about to faint.

Nie Li’s right hand moved, and six b.a.l.l.s flew into their mouths, forcing them swallow it.

He also took one for himself.

This forest is very dense and secluded, there were many Black Oil trees inside that were emitting a huge amount of toxins. As time pa.s.ses by, these toxins would acc.u.mulate. Creatures, like the demon beasts, will slowly be poisoned the moment they entered. They would start to lose their consciousness and eventually die as they fell down. Thereafter, the corpses of these demon beasts would rot and form type of miasma.

After swallowing Nie Li’s pill, the six of them immediately felt refreshed. They understood what’s going on, they were almost turned into those corpses on the ground. Luckily, Nie Li’s elixirs worked.

After they pa.s.sed through the dense forest, they gradually arrived at a muddy marsh area.

“There isn’t a path to follow anymore!”

“There is only a mud marsh in front of us. There are marshes in other places as well, once someone enters this place, they will fall into it. No matter how high the cultivation is, it won’t be of any use because these swamps contain poison. The skin will rot away the moment it comes in contact with this swamp.”

The six of them looked at Nie Li, they longed for him to say that they will not proceed any further and would let them leave.

“Chop some wood, make them into planks and lay them on the swamp.” Nie Li calmly said.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the six of them widened their mouths but did not say anything. In other swampy areas of the Heavenly Fate Plateau, they would definitely use this method. They thought that if they didn’t mention it, Nie Li wouldn’t be able to come up with the method to combat the swamp. They never thought that he would come up with the solution so easily.

The six of them were crying bitterly in their hearts. Just what kind of monster did they encounter? He has a Black Obsidian rank cultivation at the age of fourteen, and his wisdom, agility and thoughts were terrifyingly deep. They couldn’t tell what Nie Li is thinking about in his head.

“After you guys help me complete two more objectives, you guys can go. First one is to lay down the route using planks. The second is to find some vines in the surrounding and make them into several thousands of meters of rope. They have to be st.u.r.dy. If you guys don’t do a good job, you can remain here forever! Furthermore, don’t try to get any ideas. The elixir that I gave you will only resolve the poison in your bodies for half an hour. Even if you guys leave this place, the poison will still take you. Once I give you guys the real antidote, only then will the poison be truly resolved!” Nie Li calmly said.

“Young master, if we complete these tasks for you, we can really go?” one of the guys asked with hope. They originally thought that they would be doomed, they never imagined that Nie Li would give them a path of living.

The five others also looked at Nie Li. When they came to this Black Spring, they thought that they would definitely be dead. If Nie Li lets them off, they will be able to go back alive.

“I keep to my words. If you guys do a good job, I will let you all go. Since the main culprit is already dead, you six will have to repent sincerely and mend your ways; otherwise, I definitely won’t let you off.” Nie Li coldly snorted.

“We will definitely mend our ways!”

“Thank you, young master, for not killing us!”

“We will definitely do a good job with the tasks you gave us!”

The six hurriedly kowtow in thankfulness. When they return, they definitely won’t dare to commit evil again. One reason was Xiao Lang, who was already dead, another was because the matter from today created a shadow in their hearts. If they can return alive, then that’s simply the grace of the heavens.

“Hurry up.” said Nie Li. He sat cross-legged in one place and began cultivating his soul force.

The six of them began to work quickly, chopping wood, and finding vines. Although they were weak and feeble in front of Nie Li, they are, after all, Silver and Gold rank experts. They were still fast with their tasks.

When half an hour neared, the six of them felt dizzy again and Nie Li gave them more elixirs. Sure enough, the poison will breakout in half an hour. This time, they were all well-behaved and no longer had any thoughts of escaping.

After five hours, the six of them finished their work and pa.s.sed the completed rope to Nie Li.

“This is the antidote, you guys can leave.” Nie Li said, pa.s.sing a elixir to each of them.

“Many thanks to young master for not killing us!”

“We will definitely be a good people in the future!” the six of them kowtowed to Nie Li, took the elixirs and left immediately.

They don’t want to stay in this place filled with dangers lurking around for even an extra moment.

The Black Spring is a mysterious place. In his previous life, Nie Li had unintentionally entered this place. Luckily, he did not die here and found some remnants.

However, due to him only having limited knowledge in his previous life, he did not gain anything here and returned empty handed.

It wasn’t until later, that Nie Li found out that the remnants here are extraordinary. This remnants were definitely left behind by some apex experts.

Following the route made by the planks, Nie Li skimmed over the marsh, and reached a bulging huge stone. It’s an endless abyss at the bottom.

Looking below, there’s a cliff with a trail of black spring water flowing down, forming a vast waterfall. On the cliffs, there’s a bulged up platform. It seems like there’s traces of human work here. At the bottom of the endless abyss, is a bottomless pond.

Inside the water, there was a terrifying aura occasionally leaking out.

There were also faint roars coming from demon beasts, creating the feeling of suffocation from the abyss.

If someone fell into this pond, there wouldn’t even be a corpse left. Although Nie Li has no idea what’s inside the pond, he can be sure that there’s definitely some terrifying demon beast within.

Nie Li tied one end to the st.u.r.dy rope to a big tree and the other end dropped to the bottom of the cliff as he slowly moved down the rope, eventually landing on the platform.

The platform has a circ.u.mference of five to six meters. The bottom of his feet and the wall are filled with all kinds of mysterious inscription patterns.

In his previous life, Nie Li had only been able to reach to this point before he decided to leave, and did not take the chance to study these inscription pattern attentively. It wasn’t until after he entered the Temporal Demon Spirit Book he gained a deeper understanding towards these inscription patterns.

These inscription patterns are very profound, probably even a supreme expert might not be able to lay them down.

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