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Chapter 185 – Gui Sha

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A current of powerful soul force was set off at the spot that Ye Zong had his feet on, and was spreading out. Beneath Ye Zong’s feet, an intense blizzard was formed.

Ye Zong was standing on the air, as he slowly walked over to Gui Sha.

This is the Traceless Snow Wind technique of the Snow Wind Family. Those able to execute such a technique are at least Legend rank experts. Ye Zong actually reached Legend rank?

Gui Sha’s pupils abruptly shrank as Ye Zong approached. Ye Zong knows that Gui Sha’s strength is most likely at the pinnacle of Legend rank; however, even when facing such a powerful opponent, his heart didn’t have a trace of fear within. A fierce fighting intent surged the surrounding area.

Right now, Ye Zong entered into a very profound realm. As he’s walking, he feels a mysterious resonance with the heaven and earth. He came to realise that this mysterious state is actually Legend rank. He never thought that he, himself, would actually step into Legend rank at this moment.

While they watched Ye Zong step into the sky, the experts from the other families were all stunned for a moment. Thereafter, they burst out with frantic cheers. Facing such an expert like Gui Sha, they were practically in despair. Now, Ye Zong is like a war G.o.d as he stood in front of them.

Ye Zong is a powerful G.o.d in their hearts, holding the fate of all of them.

“Violators of my Glory City, die!”

Look at Ye Zong’s back figure, Nie Li was slightly stunned. He never thought that Ye Zong would actually step into Legend rank at this time. Sure enough, he really is the Guardian of Glory City. When facing a powerful opponent, the resolute in Ye Zong’s heart caused him to undergo a transformation, becoming a Legend rank expert!

Ye Zong gathered his powerful fighting intent and pointed his sword at Gui Sha. That terrifying energy looked like it wanted to tear through the sky.

Seeing Ye Zong’s sword attack, Gui Sha let out a cold snort, “Even if you have reached Legend rank, you’re still not my opponent!”

In an instant, dozens of fist sized black spheres appeared around him. The black spheres suddenly burst forth with blazing light and shot towards Ye Zong.

Since Ye Zong is now in that mysterious, profound realm, he saw the dozens of black spheres shooting towards him like meteors, and slashed with his sword.

Frost Flash sword aura!

The sword in Ye Zong’s hand turned into dozens of sword afterimages as it slashed towards the dozens of black spheres.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the aura collided with the black spheres, a series of terrifying explosions was heard.

Ye Zong originally thought that even with his strength, it’s impossible to be the opponent of Gui Sha, which is why he pressed forward and burst forth with power exceeding his own physique. However, from these black spheres, Ye Zong could feel that his opponent did not have the strength of a Legend rank pinnacle expert.

Gui Sha coldly snorted and a blazing flame shot out from his palm.

At this moment, Ye Zong saw that there was something hidden in Gui Sha’s palm. This thing is able to shoot out blazing dragon flames. Ice and flames subdues each other in the laws of nature, not to mention dragon flames. No wonder he could suppress the Snow Wind Spiritual G.o.d.

“Tsk tsk, it’s not fun at all over here, I’ll take my leave first!” Gui Sha knows that if he were to continue fighting with Ye Zong, he won’t be Ye Zong’s opponent.

Gui Sha was suddenly hidden in a flash and after a moment, he already flew more than a few hundred meters. Both of his hands quickly formed a seal and a black vortex started to appear beside the Black Gold rank experts of the Sacred Family.

“Stop them!” Ye Xiu coldly snorted, a group of Black Gold rank experts hurriedly rushed over.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

A few of the Sacred Family’s Black Gold rank experts stepped into the black vortex and vanished.

However, there are two Black Gold rank experts couldn’t make it in time and were killed by Ye Xiu and the others.

“Trying to leave? It won’t be so easy!” Ye Zong coldly snorted, waving his sword as he chased after Gui Sha.

“This Glory City is a place where I can come and leave as I wish, you think you can stop me?” Gui Sha laughed, quickly forming a seal in his hand, creating a second Spatial Door of Darkness.

Seeing this scene, Shen Hong’s face changed. If Gui Sha leaves, then he’ll be doomed. Immediately, he used all of his strength to push Duan Jian away with his palm and rushed towards Gui Sha’s direction to try entering into the Spatial Door of Darkness and leave with Gui Sha.

“Wait for me!” Shen Hong’s heart was burning with anxiety, he doesn’t want to die here.

“Not good, too late!” Ye Zong’s face changed. If Gui Sha is really able to come and go as he wished, then he, as the City Lord, wouldn’t have any face to face others.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The black spheres bombarded Ye Zong, obstructing his path. The Snow Wind Spiritual G.o.d also stretched its arm, trying to grab Gui Sha. However, everything is too late, no one is able to stop Gui Sha.

At this moment, Nie Li, who is in the center of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, suddenly opened his eyes and calmly snorted, “Trying to leave? You still haven’t ask if I agree to it!”

Just when Gui Sha was about to open the Spatial Door of Darkness the surrounding air froze. Three phantom-like creatures slowly appeared by the side.

Seeing the three creatures, Gui Sha’s face changed. He never thought that the Nether Phantom would appear here. Nether Phantoms don’t have any powerful combat abilities, they’re only at the cultivation of a 1-star Black Gold rank. However, they do have a special ability, which is the locking of s.p.a.ce.

The slightly opened Spatial Door of Darkness that was summoned by Gui Sha instantly froze.

“d.a.m.n it!” Gui Sha looked at the surroundings, and saw those weird pillars in the City Lord’s Mansion that were emitting a faint l.u.s.ter, releasing an aura that made others feel uneasy. He has heard about this array before. It truly is extraordinary, after all, it killed the Abyss Demon; however, he has never tasted the true might of this array before.

Nie Li was floating in the center of the array, like a demonic G.o.d.

Without the Spatial Door of Darkness, it will be a little difficult for Gui Sha to escape. After all, Ye Zong and the Snow Wind Spiritual G.o.d are still staring at him.

When he saw that Gui Sha’s Spatial Door of Darkness did not open, Shen Hong’s face changed, they are like a turtle in a jar now.

“Hmph, even without the Spatial Door of Darkness, you guys won’t be able to make me stay! I’ll let you guys experience the Bloodthirsty Devil that my master granted me!” Gui Sha laughed wildly. His body suddenly become more solid and was turning into a demonic shape. A powerful dark aura came out from his body, “Ye Zong, you have to consider this carefully. If you want to make me stay, you guys will have to pay a horrible price!”

“So what if you reached Legend rank? If I were to take action, killing a dozen or two Black Gold rank experts is still possible!” Gui Sha coldly laughed, “If you let today’s matter go, then everyone can mind their own business. If you insist on taking action, then you’ll have to see the consequences!”

Looking at the experts from the other families, Ye Zong became a little hesitant. The Bloodthirsty Devil is one of the most secretive demon spirits, they are very hard to pursue. If Gui Sha decided to ma.s.sacre the experts from the other families, it will probably be hard for him to stop.

“What consequences? I’ll have a look at what consequences there will be!” Nie Li’s voice boomed like thunder under the enhancement of the Ten Thousand Demonic Array.

Gui Sha coldly snorted and looked into the void, “I’m talking to Ye Zong. What are you, to actually b.u.t.t in?”

“You don’t know me, but after today, you’ll remember me!” Nie Li calmly said, activating the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. In that instant, the sky turned dark, Glory City became shrouded in endless darkness.

The surrounding auras suddenly became heavy as thousands of Black Gold rank demon spirits appeared in the air, forming into a mysterious array.

Just a tenth of the strength will be sufficient to kill Gui Sha!

Suddenly, a huge boom was heard.

Multiple mountain-like shadowy images were heading towards Gui Sha.

When he felt that terrible pressure heading towards him, Gui Sha tried to escape. However, he realised that an unrivaled powerful aura was locked onto him. He let out a cold snort, and smashed both of his fists into the sky, trying to break the mountain-like shadowy images.


The energy exploded, but Gui Sha’s fists did not even dent the mountain-like shadowy images. They didn’t even shake as they continued to head towards Gui Sha.


When that frightening power got to Gui Sha, he felt as though they were trying to rupture his internals. His face turned ghastly pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He never expected the mountain-like shadowy images would have such terrifying strength.

This power isn’t something he can fight against! Even though he merged with the Bloodthirsty Devil, he’s still not their opponent!

Even a Legend rank expert would be suppressed by these mountain-like shadowy images. Gui Sha is already lucky to not have his body rupture in that instant. If it wasn’t for the fact that the physique of a devil is different from an ordinary creature, he would have already died.

Gui Sha was utterly thrown into dismay, this is the first time he felt the threat of death.

Originally, with the Bloodthirsty Devil demon spirit, Gui Sha felt that even a Legend rank expert might not be able to do anything to him and he could come and go as he wishes. But at this very moment, he realised that even with the Bloodthirsty Devil, he can’t withstand a single blow in front of this horrifying array!

Not only Gui Sha, even Ye Zong and the rest were astonished. This is the first time that they witnessed the power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array’s true might. They never imagined that this array would be so powerful. The arrogant Gui Sha was actually heavily injured by this Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array after a single strike and was unable to move.

Shen Hong, who was running towards Gui Sha, was also utterly shocked when he saw this scene. He never thought that even Gui Sha would be suppressed by the array. He suddenly felt his mind go blank. Originally, in his heart, he felt that Gui Sha was at the pinnacle of Legend rank, an unparalleled existence. However, he now realised that he was cheated.

He had forked out his Sacred Family and got such an ending in exchange. Shen Hong simply wanted to spit out blood.

What he is not aware of is that according to the track in the previous life, the Sacred Family was indeed able to stand on top of Glory City and enter into the Abyss Prison realm. However, with Nie Li’s appearance in this life, everything changed.

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