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Chapter 15 – Guidance

Just when Nie Li and his group were chatting, Nie Li’s gaze suddenly turned towards a distant direction. Amongst the rows of book shelves, a graceful figure was currently holding a thick book looking down at it. A head of purple hair was like a waterfall falling. Beside the ears, bundles of hair were tied up with silk thread adding more lovely temperament to her.

The evening sunlight shined on her delicate face, making her more elegant and attractive.

Nie Li’s heartbeat fasten by just looking at her. For an instant, countless memories flooded his head. At the Endless Desert, hiding and running from the chase of countless demon beast, in those death and life situations, with Nie Li’s sharp sense of danger, he saved the survivors countless times and gradually got together with Ye Ziyun as they grew to know each other better.

Although Nie Li’s cultivation was extremely poor and the gap between him and Ye Ziyun was as wide as the sky, both of them still got together.

That night, Nie Li touched Ye Ziyun’s smooth back, the crazy love for her in his heart couldn’t be suppressed much longer. Ye Ziyun under the moonlight, were as a perfect image of a G.o.ddess statue, her attractive face, her curvy body, smooth and dedicate jade arms, perky twin perks… Those crazy scenes were deeply imprinted in Nie Li’s heart.

Nie Li of that time, never in his imagination that a G.o.ddess-like beautiful like Ye Ziyun actually fell for him.

Later, in order to cover himself and other survivors to escape, Ye Ziyun died in the battle. Seeing that scene, Nie Li’s heart were as though it was stabbed by someone. He still remembers that kind of piercing pain. If it wasn’t to fulfill Ye Ziyun’s wishes to protect her family to safety, Nie Li of that time would definitely follow her together.

‘If it wasn’t that mysterious Temporal Demon Spirit Book, I wouldn’t be able to come back to life, wouldn’t be able to see her again!’

Nie Li inhaled a deep breath, calming himself down from his inner excitement. He had always been searching for a chance to get close to Ye Ziyun, but he didn’t want to disturb her. Anyways since the marriage between her and Shen Yue had not been set yet, the current Nie Li felt an urgent need to enhance his strength.

Only by having strength, he could deter Sacred family, and then be able to s.n.a.t.c.h Ye Ziyun from the hands of Shen Yue.

“You guys go up first, I still have some matters to attend!” Nie Li looked towards Du Ze, Pu Liao and the trio saying.

Du Ze and Lu Piao followed Nie Li’s gaze. Hands holding onto an ancient book, the beauty quietly reading was like an elf in the evening, simply perfect. Wearing a white silk dress, having a graceful demeanour, leaning against the bookshelf. With a dignified posture, quiet and elegant like a lotus out of the water, holy and n.o.ble causing one not dare to profane. They instantly knew what Nie Li wanted to do.

Everyone likes beautiful things. It was just that when facing Ye Ziyun, they didn’t even have the courage to go forward due to their low self-esteem .

Nie Li walked towards Ye Ziyun’s direction.

“I bet Nie Li will fail in 15 minutes, the prettiest girl in cla.s.s would definitely ignore him!” Lu Piao said confidently smiling.

“I hope Nie Li wouldn’t get a blow too big for him.” Du Ze murmured.

They hid in a corner looking at Nie Li. “He’ll probably get ignored by her. The prettiest girl in cla.s.s isn’t that easy to go near to, even Shen Yue also failed to get close to her numerous times.”

Ye Ziyun quietly reading books at dusk, this beautiful scene Nie Li couldn’t bear to break it.

Nie Li, unexpectedly, found that the book Ye Ziyun is reading is actually that Book of Divine Lightning Fire.

Ye Ziyun furrowed her brows while flipping through the book. She is someone that has a strong compet.i.tive spirit and is also very hard working, no matter if it’s the talent, cultivation, or even her knowledge, they are also far stronger that ordinary people. She still had that little pride in her heart, but she actually realised the gap between her and Nie Li was actually so huge.

The stuff in the Book of Divine Lightning Fire is too profound!

The first volume was translated, which was okay, but, after the first volume, the other volumes were written with the language of Snow Wind Empire. She didn’t understand any of it!

On knowledge, Ye Ziyun is indeed stronger than her peers, but she found the wrong guy to compare herself to. After all Nie Li had been reborn.

Seeing Ye Ziyun holding and flipping through the Book of Divine Lightning Fire, with Nie Li’s understanding towards Ye Ziyun, he naturally guessed Ye Ziyun’s mind. He couldn’t help but smile as he walked to the side of Ye Ziyun, and teasingly said “So, student Ye Ziyun is also interested in Book of Divine Lightning Fire?”

Ye Ziyun then recovered from her deep thoughts. Looking at Nie Li, her face revealed a surprised expression, she obviously did not expect to b.u.mp into Nie Li here. Think again, Nie Li is probably here reading books, otherwise how could he have that much knowledge?

“This book is too profound, I just took a skimmed through them and realised that I couldn’t read a lot of things inside!” Ye Ziyun closed the Book of Divine Lightning Fire, elegantly saying while politely keeping her distance with Nie Li.

Ye Ziyun’s slender figure, although she was a few steps away, subtle fragrance could be smelt from her. Nie Li knew that this is her unique body fragrance, causing one to be mesmerized. This fragrance, so familiar and intimate, is the fragrance in his memories.

“This Book of Divine Lightning Fire is written with the words from the Snow Wind Empire era. The words from that era are slightly esoteric and hard to understand, but if you can first learn the words from the Black Gold Empire era, you will find them easier to understand and can read the words from the Snow Wind Empire era much more easily.” Nie Li smiled saying.

“Words from Black Gold Empire era?” Ye Ziyun carefully recalled, before the Age of Darkness, there were 3 eras that were rather well recorded the most powerful empires for each era are, respectively, the Saint Spirit Empire era, the Snow Wind Empire era, and the Sacred Empire era. Black Gold Empire is a relatively big empire in the era of Snow Wind Empire.

Nie Li is well-learnt and knows a lot of stuff, Ye Ziyun couldn’t help to feel a little admiration.

“But to learn an era’s language to read this book is not necessary. Also with your apt.i.tude, is not too suitable to practice Lightning Fire cultivation techniques.” Nie Li’s expressions were calm, unlike other boys who’re so reserved and stiff in front of Ye Ziyun.

After all, Nie Li understands Ye Ziyun too well, down to the depth of bones.

“Oh? Then what cultivation technique is suitable for me?” Ye Ziyun sizing the boy in front of her, Nie Li’s knowledge caused her to feel a little dejected and depressed.

“If I guessed correctly, with your family, someone in the family used soul force to examine your body before, you’re currently practicing Snow Wind cultivation technique, so Snow Wind cultivation technique is probably the best suited for your physique!” Nie Li faintly smiled saying.

Ye Ziyun’s eyes widened, shocked as she look at Nie Li, Nie Li actually guessed correctly, her grandfather indeed used his soul force to examine her body before, but that was a secret not known to others, after all by examining once used up large amount of soul force, how did Nie Li know of this?

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s expression, Nie Li knew that he guessed correctly, smiled saying “Although your family examined your physique before, but he definitely couldn’t detect your soul realm’s form, so the cultivation technique he chose might not be suitable for you.”

“The form of the soul realm?” Ye Ziyun frowned her brows, she didn’t know what that is.

“How about taking a little bit of time and let me examine your soul force’s form?” Nie Li asked towards Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun raised her head looking at Nie Li, thought for a moment and shook her head, “No need!” She still kept her distance from Nie Li. If Nie Li’s method of examining is similar to her grandfather, then there will be bound to have some skin contact. Ye Ziyun still have some precautions against Nie Li.

Seems to guessed what Ye Ziyun is thinking, Nie Li smiled. He knew that Ye Ziyun thought too much, saying, “Actually the method of examining is very simple, get an unused soul crystal when you get back, then by injecting your soul force into the soul crystal, I just need to observe the soul crystal awhile to tell your soul realm’s form.”

“Oh? That simple?” Ye Ziyun apologetically looked at Nie Li, seems like she misunderstood Nie Li, a single soul crystal wouldn’t need that much money.

“If you want to test the form of your soul realm, look for me here tomorrow around this time.” Nie Li finished his words, turned around and left.

Ye Ziyun astounded looking at Nie Li. Usually when boys talked to her, they would want to chat for a little longer, but Nie Li is actually an exception. What kind of person is Nie Li actually? She realised she doesn’t understand this cla.s.smate at all.

Nie Li’s gasped Ye Ziyun’s character. The more he tries to get closer to Ye Ziyun, the further Ye Ziyun will distance herself against him. The time in the future is still long, first leave a good impression in Ye Ziyun then slowly build up their relationship.

Ye Ziyun clenched her teeth, sounded “Cla.s.smate Nie Li.”

“What’s the matter?” Nie Li turned his head asking.

Seeing that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were talking in the distance and when Nie Li walked away, Ye Ziyun actually called out to him, caused Du Ze, Lu Piao and the group to look at each other dumbfounded.

“Sure enough, he deserves to be the boss. First, he made Ning’er G.o.ddess to take the initiative to send breakfast, and now actually made Ye G.o.ddess call out to him For the happiness of the rest of my life, I need to ask boss for some guidance.” Wei Nan murmured.

This caused jealousy from bystanders, to be able to speak with Ye G.o.ddess, how many men wished for that kind of thing?

Du Ze and Li Piao looked at each other.

“Seems like we underestimated Nie Li!”

“This guy is secretive of his skills!”

“Nie Li hooked up with Ning’er G.o.ddess, and he definitely can also hook up with Ye G.o.ddess. holding one on the left and on the right hugging the other, his happiness is boundless!”

Nie Li doesn’t know of the discussions between these brothers, hearing Ye Ziyun calling for him was unexpected, he surprised turning his head back.

“Cla.s.smate Nie Li’s knowledge on inscription patterns is profound. I have some questions for Nie Li, is it okay?” Ye Ziyun asked with her bright eyes looking at Nie Li.

“Of course you can, pray tell.” Nie Li laughed

Ye Ziyun did not get her hopes too high, after all the questions that she wanted to ask weren’t things that ordinary people can solve. In the terms of understand inscription patterns, the knowledge of Ye Ziyun, who was born into one of the major families, learned was far surpa.s.sed her peers.

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