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Chapter 135 – Ten Millennium Spatial Array

Under the eye of the crowd, Xiao Xue suddenly became shy and embarra.s.sed. She lowered both of her hands from her hips, and her face immediately changed into a shy expression. The changing speed of her att.i.tude simply caused others to be dumbfounded.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Lu Piao’s fiancée. My name is Xiao Xue,” she said, her voice sounded so gentle that it could melt the bones.

If it wasn’t for seeing Xiao Xue’s little chilli appearance, Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and bunch would definitely thought that Xiao Xue is a gentle and loving lady.

“Cough, cough.”

Nie Li was a little choked. Instantly changing her att.i.tude was a little too much.

Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, and bunch all looked at each other.

Xiao Xue purse up her lips, showing a cute smile and walked to the side of Lu Piao. She grabbed ahold of Lu Piao’s arms and said, “Thanks for taking care of Lu Piao all this time, I hope that you guys will continue to take care of him in the future.”

“Surely, surely.” Du Ze and the rest hurriedly nodded their heads.

Lu Piao, at this moment, was also dumbfounded as he looked at Xiao Xue. He originally thought that Xiao Xue would come up and bash him. He never imagined that Xiao Xue would suddenly be so gentle. It’s like her personality had swapped.

Xiao Xue glared at Lu Piao with a fierce flashing gaze. Her voice was so soft that it’s hardly audible, “Right now, your friends are present. That’s why I’m being lenient towards you. I’ll settle it with you when we get back,” then, she immediately changed back into that cute expression, looked at Nie Li and bunch and said, “Sorry about that, Lu Piao must have given you all kinds of trouble.”

“Yeah,” said Du Ze, seriously nodding his head.

Why would you answer her like that? Since when did I give you guys any trouble?! Lu Piao was simply on the verge of vomiting blood.

Xiao Xue’s facial expression also went stiff. The latter half of her words was meant to be polite, she never thought that Du Ze would actually nod his head in agreement. She couldn’t help glaring at Lu Piao. That gaze of hers seems to be saying, why are your friends just as unreliable as you?

Du Ze’s heart almost flipped with laughter, however, he stopped himself from laughing.

The glare from Xiao Xue made Lu Piao wince. Du Ze, is always causing trouble for me. He’s definitely doing this on purpose! I will take my revenge regarding this matter sooner or later!

Xiao Xue’s arrival caused everyone to be a little surprised. They never thought that Lu Piao would already have a girl. Furthermore, she’s pretty, yet a little fierce.

Seeing this quarrelsome couple, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Nie Li chuckled and said, “Okay, I welcome a new member into our group. Let’s move out.”

“Out where?” asked Xiao Xue, stunned for a moment.

“Follow us and you’ll know.” Nie Li mysteriously smiled, walking towards the ancient array.

As the group entered the ancient array, Xiao Xue coiled her arms around Lu Piao’s and followed.

Lu Piao could feel that soft texture coming from his arm. Although he was enjoying this a little, he pretended to be serious and focused while he was under the threat of Xiao Xue, making his whole body stiff as he awkwardly walked in. This is really the enjoyment of danger.

The moment they stepped into the ancient array, everyone could feel a bizarre spatial distortion.

Nie Li was slightly shocked and hiddenly thought, ‘The Ten Millennium Spatial Array. I never thought that, in our distant history, there’s someone that’s in possession of such a mysterious array.’

In his previous life, Nie Li only had seen a vague description about the Ten Millennium Spatial Array.

Time and s.p.a.ce are the most mysterious natural laws in the world. Living beings that are able to grasp of these two laws are extremely low in numbers. Furthermore, many of the mysterious natural laws have failed to be inherited.

The moment Nie Li stepped into the Ten Millennium Spatial Array, he felt that the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book was under some induction. It was emitting a buzzing sound and then lit up. Waves of mysterious energy circulated around the remnant page.

It’s as if it had some sort of resonance with the Ten Millennium Spatial Array.

Nie Li’s heart was slightly moved. Whether if it’s his previous life or his present life, his fate is closely tied with the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Although he’s closely connected to it, Nie Li has very little knowledge about this mysterious book. The origin and usage of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book still remains a mystery till now.

Perhaps this Ten Millennium Spatial Array is the key to unlocking the puzzle of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

As Nie Li moved forward, he could feel that gentle yet tyrannical barrier up ahead and, eventually, came in contact with the barrier. The surface of the barrier is soft and smooth. The texture was similar to a silk brocade. When Nie Li stretched his hands out to test it, they were repelled by the barrier.

Lu Piao mumbled, “It’s a layer of the barrier. I still remember that when I was a kid, I came here and tried to break this barrier. I used an axe to chop it down. In the end, the axe flew out of my hands and slashed a brat’s cap as it flew away. That kid was scared to the point that he peed on the spot. He then cried and went back to tell his dad about it, which led me to being punished by my father.”

Du Ze and the others couldn’t hold back their laughter. This matter is definitely something Lu Piao would do. Luckily the axe only hit the hat and not the head. Otherwise, Lu Piao wouldn’t be suffering a simple punishment.

Why would you dare to mention such embarra.s.sing stuff? Xiao Xue mercilessly pinched Lu Piao on his waist, causing Lu Piao to grimace in pain.

Lu Piao immediately said, “Nie Li, don’t use any weapons to attack it.”

He had to say it, in case Nie Li really wanted try it out. He might bring a disaster.

Nie Li smiled and said, “This is the origin barrier of the latter era of the Woodland Empire. It uses twenty three Stones of Light as the activation core. Once it’s activated, even a combination attack of ten Legend rank Demon Spiritualists can only dream about breaking it. And hacking with weapons, unless you have the strength that surpa.s.ses that of Legend rank.”

Origin barrier? Stones of Light?

Everyone was at a loss upon hearing this. Although they’re unable to understand him, it sounded powerful. They all looked at Lu Piao with a strange gaze. Not even a combination attack of ten Legend rank Demon Spiritualists could break this barrier and yet you used an axe to hack it.

“Hey, hey, hey, do you guys really need to look at me with that kind of gaze? I was still young at that time, how would I have known what this is?” Lu Piao was feeling depressed.

Xiao Ning’er pursed her lips, smiled and said, “Nie Li, do you have a method to open this barrier?”

“Indeed, I have a method to break it. However, I’ll need some time to study it. You guys can take a rest first.” After speaking, Nie Li immediately began to study the ancient array.

Everyone scattered and curiously walked around as they looked at the surrounding area. This area had all kinds of constructs. These constructs were filled with mysterious inscription patterns that emitted a faint l.u.s.ter, looking even more mysterious.

Xiao Ning’er quietly stood there and stared at the distant Nie Li, who is concentrating. Her eyes flashed with a faint blur as she quietly stared at him. This kind of feeling feels great to her.

Xiao Xue took the initiative to greet her. “You’re Xiao Ning’er?”

“Yeah,” Xiao Ning’er lightly smiled.

“You’re really pretty. Back at Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute, I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re a famous beauty known at the Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute.” Xiao Xue wittily chuckled.

“You’re flattering me.” Xiao Ning’er’s cheeks slightly reddened.

Xiao Xue threw a glance at Lu Piao, Du Ze, and the rest bunch, smiled and said, “I’m a little surprised that you would actually hang out with them.”

From what she heard from others, she believed that Xiao Ning’er is an extremely cold person. At Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute, she didn’t have a single friend. She was known as the famous ice beauty.

Since when did all of this change?

It probably started at the Training Grounds.

Even Xiao Ning’er herself, was shocked at how much she changed. From that day onwards, in her painful struggle against her h.e.l.lish life, was changed due to one person and became more colourful. From that day onwards, she would look forward to meeting Nie Li. He is an unremovable figure has forever remained in her mind. He caused her to have dignity, confidence, freedom and allowed her to have so many friends.

This person, is someone that can never be replaced by anyone.

Seeing that Xiao Ning’er did not answer for a long time, and looked to be lost in thought, Xiao Xue embarra.s.sedly coughed.

“Sorry, I was daydreaming.” Xiao Ning’er immediately apologized, a little formally.

Xiao Xue smiled and said, “It’s fine.”

She is not someone who’s so petty. She is aware of what Xiao Ning’er is thinking.

Xiao Ning’er looked at Lu Piao, who was far away, then looked back at Xiao Xue and said ,”Lu Piao is a very interesting person. Although he’s a little playful, he is a good person and very faithful to friends.”

Hearing how Xiao Ning’er described Lu Piao, Xiao Xue’s cheeks had a faint layer of redness. Earlier on when she boldly announced that she’s the fiancée of Lu Piao’s, Xiao Xue had already thrown her face out there due to Lu Piao not taking the initiative to go after her.

In the past, the adults of the Xiao Family had always been against Lu Piao and Xiao Xue dating. Xiao Xue was also very helpless. Although she likes Lu Piao very much, she could only succ.u.mb to the family’s power. But recently, the Xiao Family’s adults were no longer against Lu Piao and even encouraged Xiao Xue to look for him.

It wasn’t until later when she found out that Lu Piao had demonstrated extraordinary talents. His cultivation had already reached Silver rank. It was no wonder why her family was no longer opposed to them being together. Xiao Xue wasn’t like the adults of her family, she only wanted to be together with Lu Piao. She didn’t concern herself about how Lu Piao’s cultivation was, even if Lu Piao was a wasted person, she’ll did not care. However, because Lu Piao was able to be so capable, she was very happy.

Except, Lu Piao had always been hiding from Xiao Xue, which caused her to be depressed.

“I admire your courage. At least you dare to say who you like.” Xiao Ning’er pursed her lips and smiled. Looking at Nie Li, she said, “Welcome to the group.”

“En.” Xiao Xue nodded her head. The reason for her coming here is Lu Piao. At the same time, she’s filled with curiosity about this bunch of people, especially Nie Li. He gave her the feeling that he seems to know everything. The sudden rise in Lu Piao’s cultivation is probably also linked to Nie Li.

A mysterious person, that’s Xiao Xue’s evaluation of Nie Li. However, since they are Lu Piao’s friends, Xiao Xue accepted Xiao Ning’er, Nie Li and bunch. In front of these friends, Xiao Xue will continue to give face to Lu Piao. In the world of this little chilli, she had very clear demarcation of friends and enemies. The friends of Lu Piao were also her friends.

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