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Chapter 131 – Golden Horned Land Dragon

If everyone were to know of Nie Li’s current thoughts, he might be drowning in spit right now.

However, it has to be pointed out that after Xiao Ning’er practised the [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique, her skin has turned more delicate and her elegant temperament has also became even more charming. Compared to Xiao Ning’er, all the other girls in the Genius cla.s.s are ducks in front of a white swan.

“I came looking for you.” Xiao Ning’er lightly said, her cheeks turning red.

Xiao Ning’er’s voice was just loud enough that all the surrounding student heard what she just said. Immediately, they all had their hearts broken. From G.o.ddess Ning’er’s expression, everyone can tell that she already has someone in her heart. They all felt depressed. They were wondering what kind of person Nie Li is, since he was able to get G.o.ddess Ning’er’s favor.

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “You came at the right time. We’re preparing to head out, you can join us!”

Many students sent their people to investigate Nie Li’s background. If they were to find out that Nie Li doesn’t have any background, they won’t be polite to him.


Xiao Ning’er walked to the side. Lu Piao, understanding the situation, gave Nie Li a funny face and then gave his seat to Xiao Ning’er.

Xiao Ning’er sat beside Nie Li, and was only an arm’s length away. He could smell a faint lady’s fragrance coming from her.

Nie Li felt a little awkward. If Ziyun were to see such scene, she’ll probably misunderstand something. However, he can’t just tell Ning’er to move away can he?

While under every student’s death gaze, a total of seven people walked in with Chen Linjian of the Divine Family leading them. Chen Linjian’s gaze swept throughout the cla.s.sroom and, after seeing Nie Li, his eyes lightly shined and walked towards his direction.

Chen Linjian took the initiative to greet, “Nie Li, it’s been awhile.”

“Young master Chen, it’s been awhile.”

Nie Li did not stand up, he only nodded his head.

Although Nie Li did not stand up, Chen Linjian did not feel that Nie Li was being rude at all. He smiled and continued, “Even you’re interested in joining the cla.s.s?”

After speaking, he sat in front of Nie Li.

Nie Li smiled, “I’ve only come to take a look. I’ll take my leave in a while.”

Chen Linjian lowered his voice and said in Nie Li’s ear, “You have to be careful. In this Genius cla.s.s, there are a lot of the Sacred Family’s eyes and ears. They already have their eyes on you. Furthermore, I’ve saw Shen Xiu coming to the Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute. It’s highly possible that she came for you.”

“I understand, thanks for letting me know,” Nie Li said, nodding his head. Chen Linjian is still a good person. Although he does have a young master’s att.i.tude, but he’s faithful.

Upon seeing Chen Linjian and Nie Li chit chatting, all the students retracted their death gaze. Is this a joke? Even Chen Linjian is polite towards Nie Li. How can they dare to act presumptuously? If they were to provoke Nie Li, they probably won’t even know how they died.

Chen Linjian looked at Nie Li and his bunch and shockingly said, “How did your group raise your cultivation so quickly? If you have time, I would like to seek advice from you.”

Nie Li and his bunch’s cultivation was rising at an unimaginable speed.

Nie Li smiled and said, “Recently, there are some new cultivations at the Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute. Young master Chen can take a look at them, they should help out a lot.”

“Oh?” Chen Linjian’s brows twitched and amusedly said, “Then I’ll have to take a look at them.”

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the Genius cla.s.s.

“Senior Ye Han is back!”

“Ye Han? The Snow Wind Family’s Ye Han?”


In this Genius cla.s.s, some of the students have seen Ye Han before, and some were new and have not seen him. However, Ye Han’s name is widely known. Ye Han was once the number one genius among Glory City’s younger generation batch.

Ye Han was wearing a black robe. A chill was emitting from his brows as he walked in from the main door.

The atmosphere in the Genius cla.s.s suddenly went down several degrees. All the normal students were frightened, and did not dare to speak a word.

Ye Han? What is he doing here? Nie Li’s brows were slightly knitted. He raised his head to take a look. His gaze and Ye Han’s cold, proud gaze met each other. Nie Li understood, he came with ill intention.

“He probably came for you.” Chen Linjian said in a low voice, “You want me to cover you awhile?”

Nie Li calmly said, “No need, thanks anyways. I, Nie Li, in this lifetime, will murder even the G.o.ds or buddha that hinders my path!”

Enduring and being cowardly, he had already done enough of that in his previous life. In this life, Nie Li will never be like he was before. If he has to hide from Ye Han, then he should just bang his head and commit suicide.

He’ll kill even the G.o.ds or buddha that hinders his path? Although Nie Li’s tone sounded calm, Chen Linjian felt that surging battle intent. In all of Glory City, who would dare to say such arrogant words? Chen Linjian felt his blood boiling. He roughly had a feeling that Nie Li is different from an average person.

He’s a fourteen year old youth that dared to stand proudly in front of so many higher ups of various families and even chased Shen Fei away in front of the Sacred Family’s Patriarch. Now, he even dares to say that he’ll even kill the G.o.ds or buddha that hinders his way.

Is Nie Li being arrogant? Or is that simply his powerful confidence!

On the path of cultivation, only with courage, one can reach the pinnacle of martial arts!

Chen Linjian’s heart suddenly had an insight. His soul realm was formed with a powerful intent.

Chen Linjian laughed, “Murder even G.o.ds or buddha that hinders your path, well said.”

Ye Han’s gaze fell on Nie Li, he pointed at him and solemnly said, “You, follow me!”

Ye Han’s voice was filled with murderous intent.

Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest looked at Nie Li.

Du Ze said, “Nie Li, he’s a 3-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. If there’s anything that you need us to do, just speak.”

Lu Piao, Wei Nan and the rest all revealed firm expressions. In this life, no matter what, they will firmly stand by Nie Li, sharing life and death together, they will definitely not frown their brows for a moment.

Nie Li stood up and headed outside. Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch immediately followed behind him.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the Genius cla.s.s felt that there’s a show that they have to watch. They also stood up and exited the cla.s.sroom.

Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute, Martial Field

The number of students gathered here was increasing more and more. Just the name of Ye Han and Nie Li is enough to lure the attention of everyone.

The surrounding crowd made a circle of dozens meters with Nie Li and Ye Han standing in the middle. Just the aura of the soul alone caused them to have a hard time breathing.

“I wonder, why did Senior Ye Han look for me?” Nie Li calmly looked at Ye Han, his aura wasn’t any weaker than Ye Han.

“Since you have called me Senior, I’ll have to teach you a lesson today. One cannot be too arrogant. There is always someone stronger than you.” Ye Han coldly looked at Nie Li, “Before, at the City Lord’s Mansion’s banquet, I wasn’t afraid of you when I backed off. This time, I’ve come to tell you to distance yourself from Ziyun.”

So the reason turned out to be a woman. Furthermore, this woman is one of Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute’s beauties. All the students of the Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute had gossiping expressions on their faces.

“I only called you Senior because you’re the City Lord’s foster son and the foster brother of Ye Ziyun. Regarding some matters, it’s not your turn to care about them. Ye Han, I know that the City Lord wants to pa.s.s the City Lord’s position over to you. Yet with your qualifications, it’s far from enough. Furthermore, you’re just an outsider. What qualifications do you have?” Nie Li calmly looked at Ye Han. From Ye Han’s expression, Nie Li can tell that he probably figured that he no longer has any chance for the City Lord’s position and, therefore, decided to try something at the last minute.

All of it was caused by Nie Li. If Ye Han was able to force Nie Li away, then with Ye Ziyun’s uncompet.i.tive character, she definitely wouldn’t be able to hold onto the City Lord’s position.

In his previous life, Nie Li was also an uncompet.i.tive person. However, in this life, Nie Li understood something. This world will never pity you if you’re being cowardly, you have to fight for everything yourself. If you don’t fight for it, even if it belongs to you, it will be s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

Due to the fact that he didn’t have any contact with Ye Han in his previous life, Nie Li wasn’t aware of what kind of person Ye Han is. After all, from Ye Han’s previous actions and the fact that he did not show up at the final battle in Glory City, Nie Li was able to speculate some possibilities.

Ye Han must be a stain of the Snow Wind Family, to the point that Ye Ziyun wasn’t willing to talk about him.

In this lifetime, due to his appearance, something might not go according to his plan. However, in order to protect Ye Ziyun, Nie Li will certainly take precautions against Ye Han.

“Whether I have the qualifications or not, isn’t something need you to care about it. My Snow Wind Family’s matters isn’t something an outsider like you can intervene in. Since you’re still so arrogant, I’ll have to take a look at how capable you are!” Ye Han furiously snorted, a wave of soul force was released from his body. His body was constantly bulking up, and was being covered with a layer of golden armour and a huge hammer tail was growing from his back. Both of his hands transformed into claws.

A Golden Horned Land Dragon!

Nie Li’s heart went slightly cold. Ye Zong seems to have a soft spot for dragons. He got himself a Black Scaled Earth Dragon and even gave a Golden Horned Land Dragon to his foster son.

The Golden Horned Land Dragon is a fighting-type demon spirit. Among all the fighting-type demon spirits, it’s strength is only second to an authentic dragon-tribe. The power of a Golden Horned Land Dragon is even above that of the Black Scaled Earth Dragon. Of course, the critical point is with the person that has integrated with it. Ye Zong was able to release one hundred and twenty percent of the Black Scaled Earth Dragon’s power. As for Ye Han, if he’s able to release thirty percent, it would already be considered good.

However, even if he only managed to release ten percent, it’s still extremely powerful.

‘Ye Zong is really thoughtful to this foster son of his. He actually gave him a Golden Horned Land Dragon!’ Nie Li hiddenly thought in his heart. The power of the Golden Horned Land Dragon is extremely strong. However, when facing Ye Han, who was currently two meters tall and was merged with the Golden Horned Land Dragon, Nie Li wasn’t even a little afraid.


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