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Chapter 121 – Kill

Under the attacks of the little flame demon horde, the guard army retreated little by little.

“We can’t hold them off anymore!”

“If this continues, we’ll suffer heavy losses!”

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Several figures arrived

“Divine Family is here to a.s.sist!”

“Winged Dragon Family is here to a.s.sist!”

“Heavenly Soul Family is here to a.s.sist!”

“Alchemist a.s.sociation is here to a.s.sist!”

Groups after groups of various family experts came from all directions and joined the battle. After having the help of these experts, the originally backing off army immediately held onto the frontlines and began to take the offensive against the little flame demons.


The guard army’s morale soared, cries of “Kill!” filled the skies. Several Black Gold rank experts were dashing around and killing within the little flame demon horde, unhindered by anyone.

“Seal that crack immediately!”

Lava was constantly coming out of the cracks a good distance away. When the lava landed onto the ground, it turned into an endless amount of little flame demons. Only by sealing that crack, can the summoning array be stopped. Then they can hold off the little flame demon’s attack.

Several Black Gold rank experts from the Divine Family took the lead, killing as many as they can as they headed towards the crack. Wherever they went, the little fire monsters would fall one after another.

When they saw this scene, Ye Xiu and bunch felt relief from the anxiety. Because every family within Glory City was able to unite as one, Glory City has been able to hold up till today. With so many allies, it makes the heart of the people feel comfort and ease.

Ye Xiu’s eyes focused on the Abyss Demon. Only by killing the Abyss Demon, can their mission be truly completed.

However, the lightning released from the Divine Lightning Killing Array, which is gathered from all the Lightning-type demon spirits, can only do a certain level of damage to the Abyss Demon. It wasn’t enough to kill the Abyss Demon. After all, the Abyss Demon is an existence comparable with a Legend rank!

They do not have any Legend rank expert here, how will they deal with the Abyss Demon?

Just when Ye Xiu was troubled by this predicament, a figure quickly flew over. It’s Nie Li.

“Let me take over the Divine Lightning Killing Array!” Nie Li coldly barked. His hands were forming handsigns at a high speed. His signs were completed by the time he entered into the Divine Lightning Killing Array.

Seeing the arrival of Nie Li, Ye Xiu did not hesitate and released the control for the Divine Lightning Killing Array.

Nie Li took out the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword without hesitation. As the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword are able to unleash the Might of the Thunder G.o.d, which is perfect with the Divine Lightning Killing Array!

Without having the slightest pause, Nie Li controlled the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. Bolts of lightning fell from the sky, and gathered onto the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. Nie Li swung the sword. Bolts of lightning struck the Lightning-type Black Gold rank demon spirits. After being suddenly hit by the lightning, the Black Gold rank Lightning-type demon spirits suddenly rampaged, charged with an even more powerful energy.

On the body of these Black Gold rank Lightning-type demon spirits, countless lighting bolts soared into the sky and gathered into one bolt. This particular bolt of lightning is several times thicker than the lightning that Ye Xiu had when he controlled the Divine Lightning Killing Array. That terrifying lightning lit up the entire City Lord’s Mansion.

“What frightening might!”

Even the colours on the face of Ye Xiu and bunch changed from seeing it.


That bolt of lightning fell from the sky, and heavily struck the Abyss Demon’s body.


The Abyss Demon furiously roared with a shrill. The lightning bolts from before could only cause small damage to it, and did not having much of an effect on it. However, this lightning bolt was several folds stronger than the previous ones, and also removed a huge portion off of his shoulders.

The Abyss Demon swung its sword in a fury, chopping towards the Divine Lightning Killing Array.


The Divine Lightning Killing Array was shrouded within a dense lightning net. When it rebounded the giant flaming sword, the Killing Array only shook a little.

The Abyss Demon did not accept this. It furiously swung its giant flaming sword at it. If it were to continuously swing at it, even the Divine Lightning Killing Array would be destroyed by the Abyss Demon!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Divine Lightning Killing Array constantly shook.

Unfortunately, the entire Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array has yet to be completed. Otherwise, without mentioning one Abyss Demon, even if dozens of Abyss Demons came over, they would all be killed.

Nie Li’s gaze looked at the Abyss Demon in front of him. He controlled the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword and once again, gathered up the bolts for the lightning pillar.


A chilling ray shot out of Nie Li’s eyes, like a killing G.o.d. The pillar of lightning once again, headed towards the Abyss Demon.


The hand that was holding the giant flaming sword exploded.

The Abyss Demon furiously roared in pain. The giant flaming sword dropped to the ground. The Abyss Demon endured the pain and stretched its left hand to grab the giant flaming sword.

“Senior Ye Xiu, seize that giant sword!” Nie Li anxiously shouted. After controlling the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword to attack twice in a row, Nie Li’s soul force was already at its limit. A portion of the Abyss Demon’s power come from the giant flaming sword. Once the giant flaming sword is seized, the strength of the Abyss Demon could be diminished by a lot.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Xiu and several other Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists and Fighters immediately leaped out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nie Li controlled small bolts of lightning and constantly attacked the Abyss Demon, trying to obstruct its mobility.

Although they felt a blazing heat blowing towards them, Ye Xiu and the rest clenched their teeth, grabbing onto the hilt of the giant flaming sword and draging it away.

Seeing that Ye Xiu and bunch seized the giant flaming sword from it, the Abyss Demon suddenly howled in anger, and stretched its hands out to grab Ye Xiu and bunch.

Looking at this scene, Nie Li once again unleashed his soul force, even with his soul force nearly exhausted. In that moment, Nie Li’s soul realm crazily surged, guiding all of his soul force into the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword.

Buzzing sounds were emitting from the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. The Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, at this moment, was like a gigantic black hole that was insanely devouring Nie Li’s soul force.


Nie Li has no idea what’s happening to the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. He seems to have triggered some sort of special ability. The devouring speed of his soul force is way beyond Nie Li’s imagination.

With Nie Li’s current strength, he simply couldn’t withstand this level of devouring!

After all, he’s just a 5-star Silver rank!

Suddenly, the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book on Nie Li’s chest emitted a buzzing sound and a dazzling light began to shine.


Nie Li felt as though his soul realm had suddenly exploded. Feeling a surge of dizziness, the scene in front of his eyes also became blurred.


Both of Nie Li’s eyes were bloodshot. The feeling of having your soul force sucked dry is definitely not comfortable. His entire body felt as though it’s burning. If he were to lose conscious like this, Ye Xiu and the rest would definitely be murdered.

“I have to risk it!” Nie Li furiously barked, raising the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword in his hands. Countless bolts of lightning fell from the sky, and gathered into Nie Li’s hand. He then turned it into an extremely thick lightning pillar. With Nie Li’s hands chopping down, the huge lightning pillar headed towards the Abyss Demon.


When Nie Li’s consciousness got hazy, he heard a huge boom. Vaguely, he could see the lightning pillar strike the body of the Abyss Demon. The next moment, he completely lost his consciousness and slowly fell to ground under the wrap of lightning.

After all, he’s only just at 5-star Silver rank. Using such a strong power was the very limit for the current Nie Li.

Ye Xiu and bunch were currently struggling to drag the giant flaming sword away from the scene. When they saw that the huge palm of the Abyss Demon was about to slam down, they felt the blazing heat blowing towards them. Suddenly, an unparalleled heavenly might fell from the sky.

They raised their heads and looked at the Divine Lightning Killing Array. They saw Nie Li being wrapped within an endless amount of lightning. He gathered a very thick pillar of lightning, several folds thicker than the previous one.


That huge lightning pillar struck the body of the Abyss Demon. That lightning pillar penetrated the Abyss Demon’s chest, and then it exploded, causing a huge hole in the Abyss Demon’s chest.

The Abyss Demon mournfully roared, constantly struggling. In the end, those crimson eyes gradually dimmed and it fell to the ground.

A moment of silence. Ye Xiu and bunch were dumbfounded. The scene of the Abyss Demon’s chest being penetrated is simply too shocking to believe.

Such frightening lightning power!

No one could have imagined that when the Divine Killing Array was in Nie Li’s hands, it would actually show such frightening power.

At this moment, all of the experts from the various families had their eyes on the youngster that’s gradually falling down while being wrapped in lightning.

“Who is this youth?”

“This youth is the super genius from the Heavenly Marks Family!”

“Heavenly Marks Family?”

The experts from the many n.o.ble families finally recalled that there’s a family in Glory City called the Heavenly Marks Family. Because the Heavenly Marks Family’s strength was so weak, they were unable to catch anyone’s attention. However, at this moment, the name of the Heavenly Marks Family has been deeply engraved within their hearts.

Because of Nie Li, they now began to re-evaluate this family that has always been neglected by them.

Aside from that, everyone has also started to pay attention to Nie Li. Trying to understand exactly what kind of genius appeared from the Heavenly Marks Family.

With the fall of the Abyss Demon, the City Lord’s Mansion’s guards, as well as various families’ experts, all broke out in cheers, their morale greatly improved. They swung their weapons towards the little flame demons, causing the little flame demons to back off.

Without the need to contain the Abyss Demon, more Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists and Fighters were released and could join the battle. With the help of these Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists and Fighters, the little flame demons could no longer hold out and started retreating to the crack.

Some Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist began sealing the crack.

The Demon Spiritualist from Dark Guild used some kind of array to open the door to the Abyss Realm. Once the crack is sealed, and the door array removed, it will return to its original state.

At this moment, within the Divine Lightning Killing Array, Nie Li slowly dropped to the ground.

Ye Xiu sprang up and landed beside Nie Li. He examined Nie Li’s body situation, frowned his brows and then carried Nie Li away.

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