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Chapter 103 – Intercept

The group of black clothed men were lead by two men. Nie Li can feel that one of them is a Silver rank and other is a Gold rank. As for those behind them, there are three Gold rank experts and the rest were all Silver rank.

“Seems that I have belittled you. I never thought that your soul perception ability would be so sharp to perceive our location,” One of the black clothed leaders said, coldly snorting.

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “You did not only belittle me, Elder Shen Ming. What’s the meaning in bringing so many people to intercept me?”

The Silver rank black clothed guy that was leading this group is Elder Shen Ming!

Elder Shen Ming’s shoulders slightly trembled. He obviously did not think that Nie Li would actually see through his ident.i.ty so fast. The face under the black cloth instantly turned sinister. “We cannot let this kid get away! If he escapes, there will be no end to our troubles!”

Nie Li can easily distinguish the breath of those in front. The other leader beside Shen Ming has a tall build. It’s Deacon Yun Hua who had escaped with wounds previously.

People from the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild came!

“ Ning’er, Du Ze, Lu Piao, be careful!” Nie Li operated his soul force, preparing to attack at anytime.

“Brat, since you know our ident.i.ties, surrender obediently and you might have a chance of living. Otherwise, all of you shall die!” Shen Ming snorted as his gaze went cold.

Nie Li suddenly took a step forward and coldly shouted towards Shen Ming and that bunch, “Elder Shen Ming, you’re really stubborn. You actually brought so many people to kill me. Do you know that according to Glory City’s law, it’s a death sentence? If you surrender obediently and follow me to see the City Lord, I can still leave you alive. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the black clothed people had dazed expressions while dumbfoundedly looking at Nie Li.

After a moment, they burst out in laughter.

“Hahaha! Too funny!”

“This brat’s brain is fried!”

“Simply pig headed!”

Deacon Yun Hua madly laughed. He pointed to Nie Li and arrogantly said, “Runt, I do want to take a look at how impolite you can be.”

Seeing those black clothed people in a complete mess from laughing, Nie Li’s right hand patted on the soul puppet on his shoulder, “Xiao Fei Fei, now is your time to shine!”

Although he wasn’t willing, the soul puppet was under Nie Li’s control. The soul puppet let out two shriek and flew up, flying towards the group of black clothed people at lightning speed.

“A bunch of unfilial descendants! To actually get me, a founder to do this kind of ch.o.r.e!” Ancestral Founder Ye Yan said from within the soul puppet, not knowing if he’s scolding those black clothed people or Nie Li. His claws scratched one of the faces of a Gold rank black clothed men.


That black clothed guy let out a miserable scream. The one sealed within the soul puppet is a Legend rank expert. Although his cultivation has yet to return, he is already Gold rank. Adding on to the fact that Ancestral Founder Ye Yan had a frightening amount of combat experience, his attacks were simply sharp and precise.

“Catch that weird bird!”

“Destroy it!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A spectacular battle. A group of black clothed people wanted to surround that soul puppet but was unable to catch Xiao Fei Fei’s trail.

Too fast!

Moreover, it’s moving erratically!

It’s impossible to catch it!

Seeing this scene, Elder Shen Ming and Deacon Yun Hua had their faces darken. They never thought that Nie Li would actually have control over such a strange bird. The body of the strange bird is made from metal, therefore the attacks that landed on it were unable to do harm to it. Furthermore, it’s attacks are sharp. He’d always attack the eyes, neck or other vital spots.

Shen Ming pointed towards the direction where Nie Li was and coldly snorted,“Don’t bother with that strange bird, catch those brats first!”

Deacon Yun Hua leaped up, his hands were a set of claws, and approached Nie Li. When he’s in the air, his body transformed into a huge Black Star Tiger.

“Hungry Tiger’s Devouring!” The sound of air exploding could be heard from Deacon Yun Hua’s sharp claws as they slammed down towards Nie Li.

“Good timing!” Nie Li’s expression was calm, his body quickly turned into a Fanged Panda. Although he lost out in figure, he wasn’t weaker in terms of aura. Nie Li let out a furious snort and slapped a palm towards Deacon Yun Hua.

Feeling that aura, Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao and Du Ze were surprised.

“Nie Li, be careful!”


A huge sound bursted out.

The chubby figure of the Fanged Panda collided with the Black Star Tiger. A powerful aura swept out, causing the surrounding people to take several steps back.

He actually blocked it?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even though he was under the frightening aura of the Black Star Tiger, Nie Li’s Fanged Panda wasn’t any weaker, and was able to blocked the terrible attack of the Black Star Tiger.

Nie Li is only a Silver rank, and yet he was able to block the attack of a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist! Deacon Yun Hua never thought that Nie Li’s strength would be this strong. “But wanting to beat me with this, is impossible!” The Black Star Tiger roared, opened his mouth and headed towards Nie Li.

“Tiger Swallowing Wolf!”

The Black Star Tiger opened his huge mouth, those sharp teeth of his were simply frightening!


That huge mouth simply wanted to swallow Nie Li up.

Seeing this scene, Shen Ming was startled and immediately shouted, “Don’t kill him! There’s still value in leaving him alive!”

You want to kill me?

Nie Li lightly smiled. He wished for the Black Star Tiger to try to bite him! The Fanged Panda suddenly opened its mouth. A black ball and a white ball quickly formed and shot towards the Black Star Tiger’s mouth.

Yin-Yang Blast!

Those black and white light b.a.l.l.s shot into the Black Star Tiger’s mouth, collided with each other and exploded.

A frightening energy swept out.

Even demon spirits like the Black Star Tiger couldn’t withstand a Yin-Yang Blast exploding in the mouth. The impact caused from the explosion instantly popped the Black Star Tiger’s head, shattering it. Deacon Yun Hua vomited a mouthful of fresh blood, his body flew a few hundred meters out and heavily fell to the ground, as if he’s already died.

If the Yin-Yang Blast were to explode on the Black Star Tiger’s body, it would at most, wound and injure the Black Star Tiger, not inflict this level of damage.

However, Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast exploded within the Black Star Tiger’s mouth!

The damage was extremely frightening.

Deacon Yun Hua probably never thought that the Fanged Panda, which was treated as garbage by everyone else would suddenly shoot such a frightening Yin-Yang Blast so quickly! If he knew, he wouldn’t have opened his mouth when he faced Nie Li.

However, it was already too late!

When Deacon Yun Hua fell to the ground, the corner of Shen Ming’s eyes twitched. He never thought that a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist like Deacon Yun Hua would actually lose to Nie Li!

At this moment, ten black clothed men charged. Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao and Du Ze called out their demon spirits and engage in a battle against the black clothed people. Although their cultivation was only at Silver rank, they have G.o.d level growth rate demon spirits. Adding the fact that the cultivation techniques that they have been practising are extremely powerful, when they faced the gang of black clothed people, although they fell into a bitter battle, they weren’t in any danger at this moment of time.

Is this bunch of brats really only thirteen-fourteen years old?

The Abyss Tiger had a huge back covered with spikes and emitted a black, glossy l.u.s.ter from his body. The Scarlet Demonic Leopard had his body covered in scales, with a pair of wings growing out from his back. Not to mention the Heavenly Lightning Sparrow, whose body was covered with lightning bolts.

Shen Ming couldn’t help feeling a headache as he wondered where this bunch came from.

Although they had the advantage in terms of people, they were still unable to get any advantage off of them. Of the four Gold rank experts, one was smacked lying on the ground by the Yin Yang Blast. Another one was blinded by the Soul Puppet and the other two were desperately trying to fight off the Soul Puppet. The rest were only Silver rank experts.

Facing Silver rank experts, Nie Li’s Fanged Panda is simply unrivaled.

Gravity Field!

A wave of majestic force was pressing down from above. That bunch of Silver rank Demon Spiritualists immediately felt their bodies becoming several times heavier. Taking even one step was extremely difficult.

Nie Li activated his Gravity Field to only affect the Silver rank Demon Spiritualists. Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and Lu Piao weren’t affected by it at all.

Du Ze’s Abyss Tiger suddenly released a sharp, frightening roar, that swept out and caused the Demon Spiritualists to tremble in fear upon hearing it.

Lu Piao’s Scarlet Demonic Leopard leaped forward. It’s speed was simply beyond imagination. Its sharp claws were flying out nonstop, smashing the Demon Spiritualists and making them fly, one by one.

As for Xiao Ning’er’s Heavenly Lightning Sparrow, it continuously summoned lightning bolts. Every bolt of lightning could make a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist stuck in a state of paralysis and electrified their hair .

Nie Li and bunch completely flipped the situation around.

Seeing this scene, Shen Ming couldn’t help feeling his scalp tingling. He wondered what kind of monsters were these brats? Shen Ming had many spies around the City Lord’s Mansion to follow Nie Li’s trail. They originally thought that with four Gold rank experts, along with twenty-three Silver rank experts, they could easily catch Nie Li and his companions easily.

He never thought that it would become the exactly opposite of what he had imagined. Nie Li’s and his companion’s strength far surpa.s.sed his imagination. There was also a weird bird that even Gold rank experts couldn’t do anything about. Not only did they not easily capture Nie Li and bunch, they had their faces covered with dirt by Nie Li and bunch. Seeing how everything was going down, he was wondering, when he returned to the Sacred Family, how he was going to explain this to the Patriarch.

Thinking of Shen Hong’s frightening gaze, Shen Ming’s heart fell into ice.

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