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Chapter 102 – Soul Puppet

The Legend rank Spiritualist Sheng Mu previously practised Lightning attribute cultivating techniques, changing his physique into a lightning body and therefore, was able to subdue the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. This is without a doubt an extremely effective method. However, at the same time it also has huge drawbacks, causing irreversible harm to Sheng Mu’s soul realm. Which is why Sheng Mu pa.s.sed away at thirty-nine years old. By right, thirty-nine year old is where Demon Spiritualists are at their peak, therefore, Sheng Mu’s early death caused others to feel pity.

After that, no one else managed to subdue the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. In order to avoid the murderous aura of the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword from leaking out, all the Legend rank Demon Spiritualists built this Heavenly Sacred Border and sealed the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword here.

Different from Shen Mu, Nie Li did not use the altering body method to subdue to Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, but changed the demon spirit powers in the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword to his own and controlled these demon spirit powers to suppress the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword!

Nie Li is gambling big with small. Although his strength is only Silver rank, he was using a method to achieve what couldn’t be done by Legend rank Demon Spiritualists.

“If I knew that there was this kind of method that could suppress the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, I would have been able to control this divine sword back then!” Ye Yan sadly lamented. If he knew the method to control the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, then those Legend rank Demon Spiritualists wouldn’t have died in battle. Glory City would have definitely flourished even more by now!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lightning lights were bursting out from the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. However, as time went on, the lights slowly dimmed down.

Nie Li slowly stood up, was swept along the majestic soul force in the surrounding area and walked towards the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword step by step.

In front of that thunder-like soul force, the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword was a bounded snake. It continued to struggle, but gradually calmed down.

Nie Li firmly grabbed onto the hilt.


A deafening “om” sound came from the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword.

That “om” sound was a shapeless ripple spreading throughout the surrounding area.

It continued to move further and further, until it went through the whole Glory City.

That sound wave was invisible. Ordinary person wouldn’t be able to hear it. Only demon spiritualists Black Gold rank and above could feel how powerful the sound wave was. It was as though it could penetrate the soul realm.

Sacred Family

“What’s happening?” The Patriarch of Sacred Family, Shen Hong’s face turned ugly. He was bombarded by the sound wave, causing his soul realm to tremble. He nearly vomited out blood from it. Several hours of his training was instantly gone to waste.

Such frightening power!

Shen Hong couldn’t figure out where this sound wave came from.

City Lord’s Mansion

Several experts were currently discussing by transferring of their voices to one another.

“Where did that sound wave come from?” Ye Zong asked, frowning his brows.

“Respect to the City Lord. This sound wave is invisible and traceless, even we couldn’t track its position!” a few Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists replied.

A randomly felt invisible sound wave. Ye Zong thought that terrifying Legend rank Demon Beasts would appear around Glory City and therefore summoned Demon Spiritualists of the Black Gold rank and above to discuss countermeasures.

Several super experts of various other big families also encountered similar situations. However, ordinary Fighters and Demon Spiritualists weren’t affected by it.

A very terrifying power!

Heavenly Sacred Border, The Core

Tightly grabbing onto the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, Nie Li was deeply moved. This Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword is really worthy of being an ancient divine item. It was powerful beyond imagination. Even stronger than the Purple Mist Sword that he used in his previous life!

When he abruptly pulled out the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, light flashed across the sky. Countless thunderbolts from all directions gathered in the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword in Nie Li’s hands and then slowly dimmed down.

The Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, which was surrounded by lightning, quickly dimmed down and turned into a huge ancient sword with some rust stains on it. Who would have thought that this huge sword is the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword that stirred the lightning and has unrivaled power?

At this moment, the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword has acknowledged its master, and became Nie Li’s servant.

Normally, the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword wouldn’t look any different from an ordinary iron sword. But when Nie Li injects his soul force into the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, it emit a terrifying power.

Nie Li placed the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword behind him, looked at Ancestral Founder Ye Yan who is currently in the air, lightly smiled and said, “So? Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword has been subdued by me!”

After a brief moment of shock, Ancestral Founder Ye Yan said, “I never imagined that you would actually subdue the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. I will hold up to my promise. However, the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword has already been subdued by you, and became an item with an owner. My soul can no longer be attached to it. I will disperse within a few days, so my promise will only be effective for a few days……”

“Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, you wouldn’t be thinking of lying, right?” Nie Li looked at Ye Yan with contempt.

“You……As the founder of Glory City, how could I lie!” Ye Yan let out a chilled snort.

“It’s simple to find an item for your soul to attach to.” Nie Li rolled his eyes, shrugged and said, “Follow me!”

Finding an item for the soul to be attach to so easily? Under the sky, other than those spiritual items without an owner like the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, ordinary items couldn’t have souls attach to them.

However, looking at Nie Li’s confident look, Ye Yan was hesitant for a moment before he followed him.

Before his soul can disperse, he will definitely hold up his end of the deal!

Without the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, the Heavenly Sacred Border can no longer stay as the original Heavenly Sacred Border.

Nie Li looked at Xiao Ning’er who is currently focused in her training and said, “ Ning’er, let’s go!”

“En!” Xiao Ning’er nodded.

Outside the Heavenly Sacred Border

After stepping out of the Heavenly Sacred Border, Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er met up with Du Ze and Lu Piao who were outside.

“You guys actually pa.s.sed the test of the Heavenly Sacred Border!” Ye Sheng looked at Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er in shock. In their view, it’s already quite good if one of them managed to pa.s.s the test.

Nie Li slightly cupped his hands and said, “Vice-Princ.i.p.al, please keep it a secret that I have pa.s.sed the test of the Heavenly Sacred Border.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Sheng slightly frowned. After he thought about it for a moment, he nodded his head. Nie Li’s decision is correct. The talent that Nie Li has shown is already very shocking. Adding another surprise wouldn’t have much effect, but it would make the Dark Guild take action.

Xiao Ning’er is still very excited about pa.s.sing the Heavenly Sacred Border’s test. She has already reached 5-star Silver rank. With her talent, she will definitely be protected by the city’s higher ups. In the future, no one will force her to marry Shen Fei again!

Hastily, Ye Sheng reported the news of Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er pa.s.sing the test of the Heavenly Sacred Border to the City Lord. After hearing the report, the City Lord immediately ordered to have Xiao Ning’er move into the City Lord’s Mansion too.

However, Nie Li did not return to the City Lord’s Mansion immediately, but started to gather materials around Glory City. After buying lots of materials, Nie Li began crafting a bird-type soul puppet according to the blueprints.

He pa.s.sed the special metals to the blacksmith of Glory City to craft the original parts and then put it all together himself. At the same time, he engraved it with inscription patterns.

Seeing the item that Nie Li was making, Ye Yan shockingly said,“This is a soul puppet?!”

“Correct.” Nie Li lightly smiled as he nodded his head.

“You’re actually making something so evil?” Ancestral Founder Ye Yan understood. Nie Li is preparing to seal his soul within this Soul Puppet.

“There is no evil things in the world, only evil men.” Nie Li shook his head.

Ye Yan became hesitant. Since he already promised Nie Li, he definitely has to keep his promise. However, he wasn’t too happy to have his soul sealed inside a Soul Puppet. Still, it’s better than having his soul dispersed. What made Ancestral Founder Ye Yan depressed is that his soul will be under Nie Li’s control.

Although he’s depressed, there is nothing he can do. He has to uphold what he said.

The materials that were used in this Soul Puppet is from Nie Li’s specially created ratio. The strength of its nature was needless to say. Even Legend rank Demon Spiritualists might not be able to destroy it. Adding the fact that Ancestral Founder Ye Yan was a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, there is no doubt about his soul strength.

Although the attacks of a soul puppet isn’t very powerful, it’s strength won’t lose to a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. After Ancestral Founder Ye Yan’s soul slowly fused with the Soul Puppet, his strength will gradually return, and have the strength of when he’s alive.

That will be a Legend rank Soul Puppet!

Although many people created Soul Puppets before the Age of Darkness, Legend rank Soul Puppets were rarely seen.

After sealing Ye Yan’s soul inside the soul puppet, Ye Yan flapped his new wings a little. He flew up and circled around the sky for a moment.

“Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, how is it?” Nie Li asked, lightly smiling.

“Still okay.” Ye Yan was a little depressed. When he’s alive, he’s a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist and now, he became a Soul Puppet. Therefore, the depression he felt in his heart was unavoidable. However, due to staying in the Heavenly Sacred Border for a countless amount of time, he was now filled with curiosity towards the world. Although he became a Soul Puppet now, he can still fly up, and see the current world.

There is definitely gains and losses in life. Ye Yan is also a guy that goes with the flow, therefore he wasn’t too depressed.

“From now on, I’ll call you Xiao Fei Fei,” Nie Li said.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the originally no longer depressed Ye Yan suddenly had the urge to bang his head and die. He’s one of the founders of Glory City, and is now called such a name like Xiao Fei Fei. This is simply an insult to this character.

When Ye Yan was about to show the anger he had inside, he saw Xiao Ning’er lightly nodding and seriously said, “Xiao Fei Fei is indeed a good name!”

Ye Yan was simply about to snarl. How is this a good name?

He heard Nie Li say, “Since Ning’er likes it, in the future, you’ll be called Xiao Fei Fei!”

Not giving Ye Yan any chance to talk, this newly born Soul Puppet is already named Xiao Fei Fei by Nie Li.

After finishing everything, Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and Lu Piao walked towards the direction of City Lord’s Mansion.

Through a silent forest, a breeze of chilled air was blowing occasionally. Faintly, a dangerous aura could be felt and Nie Li suddenly held his steps.

“Nie Li, what’s wrong?” Lu Piao and Du Ze asked.

Xiao Ning’er also widened her eyes, with a puzzled look at Nie Li.

Nie Li’s gaze looked at the front, let out a chilled snort and said, “Since you’ve come, then come out. Why bother hiding?”

When Nie Li’s voice dimmed, dozens of figures came out from the forest, surrounding Nie Li and bunch. These people all have their face covered, making it impossible to see their faces.

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