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Wu Yan opens a little factory in outskirt area, mainly it produces leather shoes, belts and other leather products.

Zhao Dong Han has came over to visit twice to accompany her sister so she drives for not more than an hour to arrive there.

The time she gets inside, the security guard tells her: "Leader Wu last week went to business trip, he hasn't returned yet."

It's too bad.

Why should he go in business trip right now?

"When he will back?"

"I'm not really sure."

On the way home, she is driving and thinking:

Next step what should she do?

Foster father has said those harsh words, today she even has hard time to meet her sister, it will be hard to persuade those Zhao couple.

She looks for two friends to help. She wants them to firstly pick her sister secretly from home and finds a place for her to live for period of time. After long time, they can't find Sister, then the marriage will be dissolved.

Parents only have sister, one biological daughter. Doing that kind of thing, is it mean that he making sister to rebel?

She lowers her head and laughs bitterly. There's no way. In this world, no one is better toward her rather than Zhao Xia Nuan. She just thinks for her sister, she doesn't have any heart or extra energy to think about other's feeling.

But in front of Zhao Fan, she needs to obey.

Bringing her sister out from home is a next next thing to do. First, it will be easy to find her. Secondly, sister also will not easily agree to it. As a result she really doesn't want to do this way.

She keeps on thinking, but she couldn't think of any perfect solution. As the saying goes "Three smugglers have play Zhu Ge Liang", she decides to call out of two good friends to discuss for a while.

She extends her hand inside her pocket, she just remembers her phone was being broke with Mu Yi Chen. These several days a lot of things has happened. She hasn't bring a new one.

Without that small things, life really inconvenient.

Just in time there is a mobile phone store, she takes a turn, then she decides to buy a new phone.

She takes out her phone card and put inside her new phone.

She switches her phone and received unread messages. Except that day she didn't return home, Zhao Xia Nuan sent her several messages. Then there's another message from the Bar boss:

Ms Zhao, how are you. Firstly, thank you for coming to our bar. That day after you went away, there was a piece of extremely expensive suit left in the room. We couldn't contact that Mister. So I would like to ask you, how should we do with that suit?

Looking at the word suit, she couldn't help but to remember what had happened that night.

Don't tell me that the boss doesn't know that it is a man's suit? Why should he ask her?

You can take care of it, anyway do you want. What is the point of telling her? It's unrelated with her.

She switches off her phone and decides not to care about it.

Inside the cafe.

Lu Jia Qi drinks a big gulp of her milk tea and says:

"I'm a busy person. Finally you are willing to ask we out. I thought you already forget our friendship?"

"It should be my words! Every days you are going around with men, Xiao Wei always working for the whole day."

Zhao Dong Han says and sits down on the opposite of her. The waiter gives out the menu and she orders a cup of cappuccino.

"My overtime is too much. I am also helpless because of it. I don't like to work, but I need the money."

Jiang Wei says calmly and her eyes shows her tiredness.

"Although I always feel that the boss sometimes purposely attacks me. He also gets the salary but he asks us to do the job. It's a common thing. I don't care about it as long I can get more money, it's okay to be tired!"

Jiang Wei plans to buy a house in the city. Every month she needs to pay for the mortgage so she works very hard.

"Jia Qi? How's your relationship with your boyfriend?"

"The progress is too fast! My energy is full! Yesterday, we were having dinner together. If it goes well, Mrs Xue's position will be mine at the end of the year. You guys hurry up think about what present you need to prepare for me! Next week will be Xue Hao's birthday, I'm preparing him a big surprise!"

As soon as she mentions the male G.o.d, Lu Jia Qi's face expression turns bright and glowing.

Jiang Wei glanced at her and didn't believe it: "Really? Every time you always says like it would happen soon. The result yet you didn't get anything."

"Mrs Xue? I couldn't wait for it." Zhao Dong Han continued: "You still don't understand our girl? Falling in love basically in her fantasy and she likes to exaggerate. Xue Hao just smiles at her for a while, she would feel that it is love; Xue Hao treats her a meal, she could think that they would be married and live together."

"Is that so?"

Lu Jia Qi hears it and almost spits out the milk tea that she just drank. She stretches her arm to hit Zhao Dong Han. Zhao Dong Han quickly dodges from it and prevents it to touch her head: "Don't joke around! Jia Qi, I don't understand what is so good from him that he is worthy of your love and your crush for so many years."

Jiang Wei sighs and pa.s.ses a tissue to Lu Jia Qi.

"Don't you say a bad word of him. In my heart, Xue Hao is the excellent man in this world!"

Lu Jia Qi pouts her lips and says it.

She is so hopeless! Her friends are stubborn. One is so desperate with to help her unrelated sister, one is so desperate to be with a man who doesn't understand love.

Jiang Wei shakes her head helplessly and turned her head to Zhao Dong Han and asks: "How are you doing these days?"

"Oh, it's too hard to explain!"

Then Zhao Dong Han tells both of friends about her sister's rejection to marry Mu Yi Chen and now she is locked at home. For not making her friends worry, she doesn't tell what happend to him.

Lu Jia Qi put her gla.s.s down and yells shockingly.

"G.o.d, Sister Nuan unexpectedly would engage to Mu Yi Chen. It's so cool! Mu Yi Chen is so cool and talented in business. He simply an elegant prince. He is an ideal partner for your sister? Sister Nuan can marry the national dream husband. It's really a blessing!"

"You re too exaggerating!"

For her girlfriend's expression, Zhao Dong Han is scornful. If Mu Yi Chen is an elegant prince, that she would be the embarra.s.sment in the Guang Han palance.

"Have you seen him? I used to see him in TV interviews and magazines. I fall in love with him in the first sight. He certainly is more charming than when he is on the TV right?"

Lu Jia Qi asks her excitedly.

"Hey, it's not the point. Isn't your G.o.d is Xue Hao?"

Zhao Dong Han couldn't help but to remind her.

"This is different! Xue Hao is my G.o.d, in the future he will be my boyfriend, the father of my kids. But Mu Yi Chen is my idol. He is unreachable."

Jiang Wei sighs deeply and asked Zhao Dong Han: "I don't expect that your foster parents for business would force their daughter like this. Then what do you plan to do? You should not think to intervene right?"

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