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At the beginning, Zhao Dong Han said that she is the daughter of Zhao family, it caused Mu Yi Chen to believe that his marriage partner will be her.

That time he thought is it because she also hates the marriage arrangement?

If it's really that way, then her action and plan were reasonable. Moreover afterwards, there was something intimate happened between them.

No matter how, her first is him. That kind of matter is not a small thing for a woman.

She is really interesting one, moreover she is sweet. It leads him who rejected his father's arrangement, to be submissive and came over to meet her.

He even thinks that being settled down with his father's decision is also a good thing.

He doesn't expect that he misunderstood this situation.

The one who will be engaged with him would be another person. Zhao Dong Han also said that she did those thing because she is envy of her sister. She especially said that "I don't like you", "I've never thought of marrying you", "It's just a mistake". He felt that his heart was broken.

Turns out, she thinks that way.

Their crazy and fine night is perceived by her as a small matters that she asked him to forget it, and just regard her as a pa.s.ser-by!

She hurt him, he didn't fuss about it anymore because it also was her first time.

She doesn't know that actually it is also his first time.

She seems to be indifferent about it, in opposite he as a man still remembers about it, isn't it seems that he is too unreasonable for him?

The atmosphere turns a bit darker, Mu Yi Chen retreats two steps and says to her with a calm voice: "Okay, but don't you forget the ending of the fairy tale, the plan of the cruel woman won't work. At last the prince and Cinderella still be together.

If that time from the beginning I knew that you are not her, then I will just look for any woman, I wouldn't touch you. Since it's a "mistake", then it's necessary to get everything back on track. I warn you don't make any scheme that unfavorable toward me. If you do, don't you blame me to be ruthless. It's best that you don't doubt my words!

After your sister marries to me, we will meet frequently, as you wish we are unrelated! I hope that you will be able to control yourselves in the future."

Mu Yi Chen is a calm, indifferent and overbearing man, but it doesn't mean that he is irrational man.

He always thinks that if they don't like each other, then being persistent will only be a pressure to another one.

He is a realist so he really despises on wishful thinking.

After saying those words, he pushes open the door toward the corridor. Then after a loud sound of the closing door, his tall figure disappears from her sight.

Zhao Dong Han stands still and startles for a long time.

This is the first time for her to hear out Mu Yi Chen talks for a long time.

They shouldn't owe one another, Mu Yi Chen should not look for her to make things harder for her, shouldn't she feel somewhat relax now?

But today his tone sounds especially deeper, every words that he spoke hits her heart like a hammer. Her chest somewhat feels stuffy.

It should be because she is worried for her sister's marriage would make her sister to be unhappy, so she feels this way!

Em, it should be that way.

She couldn't fight Mu Yi Chen. So for her sister's problem, she should think of another way.

If she couldn't find another way, it's better for her to chat with her father then!

She leaves the note for Zhao Xia Nuan, then she goes home from the hotel and returns to the office.

In Zhao company, she is only responsible for some internal accounting checks, data sorting and other ancillary work. Regarding the matter of meeting the clients, it doesn't need her to come out and meet them. Regarding the company's projects and plan, she is not allowed to intervene. The reason why she works in Zhao company is entirely because of Zhao Xia Nuan is not interested in managing the company and only loves to paint.

Zhao company is a great business, the company is dependent on both Zhao Fan and his wife, they are so busy.

As a result, Zhao Fan arranges Zhao Xia Nuan to handle the company and let her to apply for the business management major when she was in college. In order to prevent her to be distracted, he also threw all of her painting tools. Because Zhao Dong Han didn't want her sister to be sad, she recommended herself to go and work to the company. She promised that every time she gets off work, she would report to her sister about the company's condition. She hopes that Zhao Xia Nuan could slowly learn and gain interest in business.

After all it wouldn't be effective to learn by being forced, Zhao Fan considered it for a long time and forced to agree to the Zhao Dong Han's advice.

Although her foster father agreed for her to come the company and help out, but didn't mean that he would place her in great position, she is given a position as an a.s.sistant manager. So basically her position is not really useful one.

But inside her heart, she is still happy. After all, her sister can be free and think of what she wants to do in her life.

The gla.s.s is empty, the a.s.sistant manager has no secretary and she also is not someone who loves to ask people for help for just a small matter, so she stands up and goes to the party to get some tea.

"Hey, what is a.s.sistant Zhao's work? Other are busy everyday, but she just stays inside her office all day long, it's so unfair!"

"You just came here so you don't know! Let me tell you, she is not an ordinary one! Look at her appearance and her body, with a glance you could know that she is foxy! I've been here for five years, I have more qualification and better education than her. I work so hard in managing department; the first time she got in, she directly sits on a.s.sistant manager position, I heard that she is brought by Chief Zhao personally!"

"No wonder, it turns out she is related with Chief Zhao…."

"Of course, as for our company's executives which one of them aren't coming from a good background and graduated from prestigious schools; she is not. For a people like her, I think if she gets in by interview,she wouldn't be able to get even to our company's door. She could easily occupy the a.s.sistant manager position, I think it depend on her body!"

Both of the women are still whispering, they don't know that Zhao Dong Han, who is standing behind them, could hear their words clearly.

How could she is foxy? Is it her fault that she is given this kind of face?

How could they said that she just be so relax and do nothing all day long? For her sister could be happy, she keeps on working very hard for the company.

It's true that she gets this position because of her family relation, but she is also helpless.

She sighs then takes her gla.s.s and leaves the pantry.

She walks toward the vending machine and buys a bottle of mineral water.

It's better to have problems in hands. If she goes in at this moment, everyone will be unhappy.

For her to go to the human resources department, punish those gossiper, and even for firing them would be very easy. But what's after that! There will be more rumors about her! If this matter is known by her foster father, then wouldn't it be troublesome for him?

Just let them say whatever they want! Anyway she doesn't feel hurt because of it, she will just pretend that she doesn't hear it.

Actually it is not her first time to being gossiped.

Some people loves to talk behind of her so she has heard a lot even the worse than this.

Luckily she always be someone indifferent. Except matters relating to Zhao Xia Nuan, she wouldn't put it inside her heart and wouldn't be troubled by it.

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