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Chapter 32 The magic pill (b)

Zheng Zinuo hurriedly got up, quickly wiped his body and put on his clothes. He looked at the bath water and found that the water had turned from milky water to crystal clear without him noticing. The blood bubbles on his palms also all disappeared.

Without thinking extra, Zheng Zinuo turned around and left. He closed the door and came to the kitchen. Master Feng and all his fellows were sitting well. Zheng Zinuo greeted everyone and then sat on his seat.

"Zinuo, it must be very tiring to take physical practice for the first time." The mistress asked with care, "I have got rice for you. Go ahead and eat well."

"Thank you, Mistress." Zheng Zinuo nodded, picking up the rice bowl and started eating.

"Zinuo, I heard from your big brother that you had completed the task just after noon?" Master Feng looked at Zheng Zinuo and asked. It seemed that Zheng Zinuo was a little different from yesterday. But he didn't think too much because in his mind, Zheng Zinuo was still an ordinary disciple with a low talent. So he was only asking.

Zheng Zinuo put down his bowls and answered politely, "Yes master."

"Well, good. Working hard is correct. But you should also pay attention to your health?" Master Feng nodded. "Come on and eat well. After dinner, make sure you take a good rest. In the next three months, you will need to do the same physical exercise." Master Feng then turned to Feng Ziyan and said, "Make sure you take good care of your little brother, OK? But remember you should not help him with his task. Otherwise, both of you will be punished, understand?"

"We understand, master, and father." Zheng Zinuo and Feng Ziyan answered at the same time.

After dinner, Zheng Zinuo went back to his room. He quickly started testing his martial strength again. It was much stronger than before. But he wasn't sure if his strength had leveled up. So while everyone else was cultivating in their rooms, Zheng Zinuo secretly poured his bath water and came back to his room. He practiced the pacing skill for one more time before picking up the Martial Arts Morality book and reading it.

The next morning, before Dongfang came to call Zheng Zinuo up, he got up early and went to the courtyard to wait for his brothers.

For the performance of Zheng Zinuo, all the brothers were quite satisfied with, especially Dongfang brother. With the help from Dongfang, Zheng Zinuo came up to the rooftop. Like yesterday, he learned to look at the East where the sun rises from. With without the help of codes, he always felt there was something wrong. He saw the purple gas flashing in front of his eyes. But he could not have any interaction with the purple gas.

However, Zheng Zinuo did not know if it was because of his enhanced strength, his vision was better than before. Yesterday the purple gas was still very vague in his eyes. Today, the purple gas became brighter and was shining like a flashing star. Then soon after, the Sun slowly came out.

Seeing that all the brothers and Feng Ziyan were sitting on the ground practicing their soul detect skills, Zheng Zinuo had to wait quietly. After about half an hour, they all got up and walked over to the kitchen.

After breakfast, Zheng Zinuo took another sequoia tree sampling like yesterday and followed Feng Ziyan to the foot of the mountain.

After the battle yesterday, Zheng Zinuo became more experienced. From the beginning, he only walked at the pace of the pacing skill behind Feng Ziyan. After there was a small distance between him and Feng Ziyan, he called out his martial spirit and used martial call-out codes and martial movement codes to apply the real pacing skill to catch up with Feng Ziyan.

Running out for more than 100 meters, Zheng Zinuo's pace was still very stable. He learned to use his martial strength properly to follow closely behind Feng Ziyan.

At the beginning, Feng Ziyan did not notice anything. But she quickly became shocked by how closely Zheng Zinuo could follow her. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get rid of Zheng Zinuo. She was surprised and looked back at Zheng Zinuo.

She was completely astonished when she looked back at Zheng Zinuo. This was not just because of the pacing skills Zheng Zinuo was using, but more importantly because of his martial spirit.

"Stop!" Feng Ziyan screamed and scared Zheng Zinuo, who had been immersed in his pacing skill. Zheng Zinuo quickly called back his martial spirit and his martial strength. It was lucky that he didn't have the same incidence as yesterday.

Even though, Feng Ziyan's sudden pause in front of him still scared Zheng Zinuo. He stopped and asked with puzzle, "What's up sister? Is there a problem?"

"Why did your martial spirit change color? It became a green martial spirit. And how come your martial strength had leveled up so much? Yesterday your martial strength was only level four. But today your martial strength is level six! This is incredible. How did you make it?!" Feng Ziyan asked with her eyes wide open!

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