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Chapter 24 Entering Xunfeng

"Zinuo, we have to be separated for the time being. But don't worry, I will go to visit you when I have time. You just focus on cultivation. We two burden the task of revenge for our father and mother." Zheng Zizhou patted Zheng Zinuo's shoulder with reluctance and said, "But don't force yourself. Try your best. Take good care of your health."

"Well, brother. You also take care of yourself!" Zheng Zinuo said.

"Well, this will only be a temporary separation for you two. You are still on the same island. You will always get chances meeting each other. Let go!" Master Feng urged Zinuo. Apparently he was not happy that he just got a disciple without much talent.

"Brother, I am leaving now. Remember to come visit me." Zheng Zinuo nodded with tears swirling in his eyes. He tried his best to contain the tears in his eyes. After saying goodbye, he came to the side of master Feng.

"Brother, remember to take care of yourself!" Although he knew that they were still in the same denomination, Zheng Zizhou was still reluctant to leave. He had just been separated from his parents. Now the brothers had to be separated. He was too reluctant, and his eyes turned red.

"Yeah!" Zheng Zinuo nodded and resolutely turned around. He no longer looked to Zheng Zizhou. Because he was afraid if he looked at Zheng Zizhou again, he would not be able to leave at all.

"Hold on tight, kid. It's not a game falling from the sky." Master Feng waved his arm, a clear blue martial spirit emerged from behind and turned into a blue long light sword which was two meters long and one foot wide. The blue light sword was floating in the air, just like in the show.

"Ah? Can I also ride this flying sword?" Zheng Zinuo was shocked and stunned. His eyes were wide open, staring at the man.

"Why hesitate? Come on soon!" Master Feng called Zheng Zinuo. Zinuo was stunned and hurriedly nodded. He quickly jumped onto the sword. It felt so comfortable like riding on a cotton pedal.

"Hold on tight, kid. We are going back to our peak!" Master Feng glanced back at the crowd and disappeared like a lightening from the square, leaving behind the words "Everybody, see you next time!"

Watching his younger brother leave, Zheng Zizhou silently left a blessing and returned to Kundi peak with Wan Qianjun.

Zheng Zinuo did not dare to hold onto Master Feng when he first got onto the flying sword. He was scared by Master Feng's majesty. But once the sword started flying forward, a strong power pushed Zheng Zinuo forward. He was so scared that he felt his heart was about to come out from his throat. So he no longer cared about the majesty of Master Feng and held on his wrist tightly, with his eyes closed and screaming.

Master Feng frowned his eyebrows and was a little surprised by Zheng Zinuo's hug. But he eased his frown right away and laughed. He had to admit that, ignoring his poor talent, Zheng Zinuo was a cute lovely little boy. With his sad story, people could easily feel sorry for him.

"Ah...ah..." It was almost in the blink of an eye, Master Feng returned to the Xunfeng peak. They landed on the palace. There were three golden words "Xunfeng Palace" on the front door. Zheng Zinuo was still screaming.

"What is it called? You can stop catching on me now!" Master Feng whispered, releasing his spirit force. Zheng Zinuo sat on the ground and opened his eyes. He didn't know when he landed.

When Zheng Zinuo had not come to his conscious yet, a scream from a little girl attracted his attention. He saw a pretty tall girl in a yellow coat, with a long ponytail in front of him.

"Daddy, you are back!"

"Master, you are back!" Three young men and two teenage boys appeared behind the girl.

"Yeah! I'm back." Master Feng looked at the crowd, nodded and turned to the inside. He said, "Da Yong, arrange a room for Zinuo. He will be your seventh junior mate. Take good care of him."

Hearing what Master Feng said, Zheng Zinuo helped his heart was warmed. He climbed up from the ground and bowed to Master Feng, "Thank you Master!"

Then he turned and bowed to the six people in front of him, "I am Zheng Zinuo. I am eight years old. I just became a new disciple of Master. It's good to know all of you."

"Yeah..." The little girl was overjoyed. She looked at Zheng Zinuo up and down and immediately said with joy, "From now on, I am no longer the youngest sister. There is finally someone more junior than I am. Yeah…Brother Zheng, call me sister!"

"Sis…Sister." Although Zheng Zinuo had a hundred reluctances to call this little girl his sister. She was not much bigger than him. But since he joined the division later, he had to call her sister.

"Hahaha...You all heard it. Going forward, do you still dare to call me little bit!" The girl whispered. Her lovely look made Zheng Zinuo delighted right away.

"Okay, okay, sister Ziyan. He has already called you sister. It's time for the little brother to get to know about us." A big man in his thirtieth came out and smile. He was wearing a white robe. "It looks like little brother has just finished a long travel. He must be tired. After introducing all the brothers, let's take him to rest."

Then he turned and came to Zheng Zinuo to introduce himself, "Little brother, my name is Brave Dongfang. I am the big disciple of Master Feng. I am your big brother. This is your second brother Ouyang Qingqi." He pointed at a tall handsome man in a white robe. He was about 28 or 29 years old.

"Greetings, second brother." Zheng Zinuo bowed to greet him.

"Everyone belongs to the same cla.s.s. Don't be so polite." Ouyang Qingqi said with a little smile.

"This is the third brother, Chu Sifeng." Dongfang Brave then pointed to a temperament and smiling young man in a white robe. He was about 25 or 26 years old.

"Greetings, third brother!" Zheng Zinuo bowed timely.

"You don't have to be so polite." Chu Sifeng slightly bowed as well.

"Oh, come... this is your No. four brother Jianyan." Dongfang Brave continued.

Pointing to a young thin man in his early twenties who was not smiling.

"Greetings, No. four brother!" Zheng Zinuo continued.

"Yeah!" Unlike other brothers, Jianyan only nodded in response.

"Okay, here is your No. five brother Liu Wenyi." Dongfang Brave pointed at a short little fat young teenage boy who was about 16 or 17 years.

"Greetings, No. five brother!" Zheng Zinuo bowed as always.

"Ok, you are welcome!" Liu Wenyi smiled.

"Big brother Dongfang Brave, second brother Ouyang Qingqi, third brother Chu Sifeng, fourth brother Zhong Jianyan and fifth brother Liu Wenyi." Zheng Zinuo remembered in his heart. Luckily he had a good memory. Otherwise this was really hard for an average child.

"My name is Feng Ziyan. I am not sixth sister. Remember it." Before Dongfang Brave started introducing, the little girl jumped to the front of Zheng Zinuo and introduced herself.

"Well, my brothers and sisters. Good to meet you. I am Zheng Zinuo. I am eight years old." Zheng Zinuo introduced himself and bowed to everyone.

"Hey? You are all here. I heard that your master had received a new disciple, right? I am here to see him." A middle-aged woman in a lavender coat walked over slowly and said to the crowd.

The crowd heard the voice in a slight surprise, and bowed in union: "Good morning, Mistress!"

"Mother..." Feng Ziyan saw the beautiful woman and leaped to her side. She started sprinkling "Mom, Ziyan is no longer the youngest little bit. Look. Brother Zheng is smaller than me. He he…" said Zheng Zinuo.

"Little younger brother, come and greet our mistress." Seeing Zheng Zinuo was still stunned, Dongfang Brave urged him.

"Yeah!" Zheng Zinuo reacted and nodded. He felt a sudden bitter in his heart. His own mother was also this beautiful. She was even younger than the mistress. But now he was separated with his mother. He couldn't suppress the sorrow in his heart.

"Mistress..." Zheng Zinuo bowed and barely suppressed the pain in his heart.

"Good boy..." The beautiful woman stepped up to Zheng Zinuo and patted on his head. "I didn't expect your master had received such a little kid. You must have gone through a lot of pain. After coming here, you can treat it as your new home. If you need anything, feel free to talk to your brothers and me, ok?"

Zheng Zinuo felt his heart had warmed up by the words. His eyes became moist, but he controlled his tears, nodding his head firmly with red eyes.

After a brief introduction, Dongfang brave took Zheng Zinuo to the inside of the palace. They came to a courtyard that was about two to three hundred meters away from the palace. The courtyard was large, about three to four hundred square meters. It was connected to a rectangular square, which had a big ash tree in the center. There were more than ten rooms lined up in the courtyard, five on each side, two in the further inside.

Because there were many people on the Xunfeng peak. Disciples here had their own room, unlike disciples in other divisions who had to share rooms with others. The Feng couple lived in the backyard of the palace with their daughter.

Therefore, Zheng Zinuo chose the innermost room on the left. Dongfang Brave, as the big brother, helped Zheng Zinuo to clean his room. He also made the bed for him. This took him a whole morning.

It was almost noon before Dongfang Brave took Zinuo to a room for lunch.

"Da Yong, is your new brother's room arranged?" Sitting on the table, Master Feng asked. The food had not come up yet. The several disciples, except for Liu Wenyi and Mistress, all sat on the rectangular table.

"Yes, master, it has been arranged. Zinuo lives in the room in the innermost left corner." Dongfang Brave nodded and replied.

"Well, good!" Master Feng nodded and continued. "From now on, we have a small younger brother. You must take good care of him. He does not only have a miserable story, but also have some difficulties in martial cultivation. Da Yong, you should monitor him more in the daily cultivation. Let Ziyan practice with him."

"Yes, Master." Dongfang Brave answered.

"Oh... okay." Feng Ziyan heard and smiled at Zheng Zinuo, who had been bowing his head silently.

"Zinuo." Master Feng than called.

"Well, yes!" Zheng Zinuo replied in a slight surprise.

"You have to remember, now that you are a disciple of Lingyin, you should abide by the rules and regulations Lingyin. It doesn't matter if your talent is not good. There is a saying that the stupid bird gets up early. I believe that with double efforts, you will have a good martial level, understand?" Master Feng said seriously.

"I understand." Zheng Zinuo nodded cautiously. People could tell that he was still uncomfortable with this sudden life. In the past, he was the little daring in the family. With this sudden change, no one could immediately adapt to it, let alone an eight years old kid. But little Zinuo was determined.

"Good!" Seeing Zheng Zinuo's determined eyes, Master Feng nodded his head for the first time and said, "Da Yong will teach you the rules of our denomination. You must remember it well as soon as possible. After that, you will be counted as our official disciple. We will skip the disciple in take ceremory. I am an open minded person. OK?"

"I understand!" Dongfang Brave nodded.

At this point, the beautiful woman brought Liu Wenyi to the dish and sent it up. The beautiful woman said with a smile: "The food is good, everyone goes to Sheng. By the way, everyone comes with a bowl of vegetables."

"Yes, Mistress." The other four brothers got up to get their food. When Zheng Zinuo was about to get up, the beautiful woman handed the food to Zinuo's hands and said "This time I have got the food for you. Come and eat."

"Well, thank you Mistress!" Zheng Zinu nodded and took over the rice bowl, and he was deeply moved.

"Mother you are eccentric!" Feng Ziyan through the bow in the hands of the beautiful woman was for her own sake. But she felt a bit unfair when she saw the bow was for the new little brother.

"Oh... Today is your younger brother's first day here. Of course we need to take care of him." The beautiful woman patted on the head of little Feng Ziyan and said "As his bigger sister, you can't bully him. OK?"

"I know it..." Feng Ziyan deliberately extended her voice, walking to the neighboring room with a little ponytail.

"Yu Rong. A jade must be trimmed before becoming a sharp weapon. You can't pamper kids." Master Feng took over another bowl of rice and said to the beautiful woman.

"I know, eat your meal quickly." Yu Rong glanced at Maser Feng and used chopsticks to put some more dishes to Zheng Zinuo's bowl. She said gently "It's time for you to grow your body. East more and eat slow."

Short afterwards, the other five brothers and Feng Ziyan came in one by one. Almost everyone had a bowl of rice in their hands and a bowl of side dishes, except for Feng Ziyan. Dongfang Brave and second brother Ouyang Qingqi carried the bowls for her.

Rice was the main dish. There were also eight side dishes and one soup. All were vegetables. They were very delicious. Zheng Zinuo had a good time eating, as if he was back home.

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