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Chapter 20 Becoming the disciples

The brothers followed Master Fang out of the courtyard. In front of them was a broad bluestone boulevard. They walked along the avenue and pa.s.sed an arch and a pillar. They discovered that hiding behind every arch, there was a courtyard similar to the one they lived in. These seemed to be where the Lingyin disciples lived. There were more than one hundred such courtyards, suggesting Lingyin had a lot of disciples.

Only after coming out of the courtyard did the brothers find how big the Lingyin Island was. Looking ahead, there were countless mountain peaks heading into the clouds every other distance. In the middle, it was the vast forest. The whole island was very beautiful, revealing a sense of ancient atmosphere everywhere.

It took them a while before they saw the end of this avenue. There was a white stone arch, with a diameter of five meters. The arch was more extraordinary than those in ordinary houses. In front of the arch, there were two marble lion-looking demons.

As soon as they pa.s.sed through the arch, the two brothers held their breaths, looking at things in front of them unbelievably.

Here, it was almost a legendary fairyland.

There was a huge square, with the ground all paved with white marble, shining brightly. It made people feel their small being within it. Clouds in a distance were floating like a gauze. They were all floating under their feet. In the center of the square, there was a statue of a megalith placed every few tens of feet. There were in total seven of them, placed neatly on the ground. It was marvelous. Moreover, there was a tripod in front of every statue, with light smoke coming out from the tripod, giving out a slight and clear scent.

"Let's go from here." Master Fang said with a smile. It seemed that Master Fang had read the two kids' mind. He let them looking at the view for a little while before urging them continue to move forward.

The two kids looked far over. There was something sending out golden light far away, at the end of the square behind the foggy clouds. The sped up and walked forward.

Gradually, there was the sound of water. As they approached, the clouds were like G.o.ddess, gently surrounding them. They gradually uncovered the veil, revealing a clear face.

At the end of the square, there was a stone bridge. It had no piers at all and was in the middle of the air, with one end connecting the square and the other end leading to the end of the cloud. It was like a giant dragon, flying in the sky. There was the sound of fine water, under the sun. The whole bridge emitted seven colors, like a rainbow from the heaven.

Zheng Zizhou and Zheng Zinuo were stunned.
Master Fang smiled and said: "Come with me." Then he first walked up the stone bridge.
The two brothers did not realize there was a water flow beneath the bridge until after they got onto the bridge. Constant water flew down along the two sides of the bridge. But the middle path was clear and dry. The sun shone through the clouds onto the bridge, and was refracted by the water, turning into a brilliant rainbow.

After some more walk, the white clouds became to get thinner. They had actually walked out of the cloud sea. In front of them was the clear sky, with a transparent blue. It was infinite and endless in the sky. Under them were the dense clouds, floating peacefully. Their mind was suddenly opened with the view in front of them.

In front of them were the "Lingyin Palace", where the Gantian peak was located.

The mountain was green. Hidden in it was the majestic palace. "Lingyin Palace" was located at the top of the Qiantian peak, with clouds surrounding it. Occasionally, there were some cranes flying by, circling around the peak. It was such a fairyland, making people longing.

Moving forward, they climbed up the stone steps and saw a golden plaque with three words on it "Lingyin Palace". When they came to the palace, the gate was wide open. There was plenty of light inside it. Two great G.o.ds of "Heaven" and "Earth" had been enshrined in the palace. Under the two G.o.ds were dozens of red painted small plates, in a solemn atmosphere.

Before the two G.o.ds, there were nine people sitting in the palace. There were five on the left, two on the right and two in the middle. The front was also empty. In total there were seven males and two females. These people were wearing a type of uniform, in different colors. There were blue uniform and yellow uniform. It seemed that they were all Lingyin disciples. Though some of them were tall some were short, some were chunky and some were thin, they all had an extraordinary temperament.

As soon as they entered the hall, an atmosphere of solemn came straight to their face. Zheng Zizhou hurriedly bowed down behind Master Fang. Zheng Zinuo, on the contrary, was looking around naughtily. He was curious about everything in front of him.

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