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Chapter 1073: The Three Giants Boast About Their Wealth, Blood Robes is Enraged

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wild Wolves and Cla.s.s One Hall’s cooperation was something Happy learned about since a long time ago in the world three years later, but the higher ups of Mu Clan still did not know about that.

Happy and his group received this major news when Tea Words sent word to them urgently while they were on their way to the mountain at the back of Mantuo Villa from the inner villa.

The group came to a swift halt. Silver Wolf, Thunderous Battle, Rampaging Dragon, and Phoenix Dances all had enraged and solemn expressions appear on their faces.

“Hmph! I knew it, Cla.s.s One Hall has malicious intent.”

“This time, they came with a plan to destroy Happy’s wedding. Everyone, what do you think?”

“How else are we supposed to regard this situation? We will capture all these people, and we will kill all the people from Cla.s.s One Hall as well as Wild Wolves! No matter what, we can’t let them affect the wedding.” Little North’s reaction was the most violent and direct. If Happy had not been around, he might have been prepared to call out to the Mu Clan members around to kill.

At that moment, Black Rose unexpectedly b.u.t.ted in to give a reminder to the people. “Dream Clouds is very smart. She knows that we have been fighting against Wild Wolves over this period of time, and they might be prepared to use this chance to quietly pit us against Wild Wolves in a fight to the death or make us focus on the other countries, which will lead us to lower our attention on Cla.s.s One Hall.”

The group of Cla.s.s One Hall instantly fell silent.

“We managed to get this information because of Tea Words’ ability to lip read, or else, if we only attack Wild Wolves, Cla.s.s One Hall will be able to remove themselves completely from the situation.”

“That’s right.”

“But now, we can only rely on their reactions on the surface. In truth, we don’t have a logical reason to attack Western Reason. This time, Cla.s.s One Hall asked Blood Robes and Barren Murderer to come over here to send congratulatory gifts for the clan master. As the greatest people in control and the victors in the Chinese server, we must show a certain degree of tolerance and magnanimity, or else, the other sects will think that we aren’t generous and can’t tolerate others.”

“But now, we already know that Cla.s.s One Hall is working together with Wild Wolves to scheme against us, and they intend to destroy the wedding. Are we supposed to not do anything and allow them to attack us fearlessly?”

“Duh! Even if you’re willing to, we aren’t.” Black Rose made Little North speechless. She stopped talking for a while before she said, “But there aren’t many Wild Wolves around. Besides, most of their best are outside the country and can’t enter. They can only do a limited amount of things in the wedding. Wild Wolves might have come here this time to work together with Dream Clouds. They’re going to use these pitiful sods to stir up our anger and make us move our attention from Western Region to the other countries so that Cla.s.s One Hall can regain a chance to catch their breaths and acc.u.mulate strength. So, why don’t we use this chance?”

When Black Rose said this, her tone changed, and she asked Happy, “We might as well completely get rid of Cla.s.s One Hall.”

It had to be said that Black Rose’s thoughts were coincidentally in line with what Happy was thinking about.

Happy was originally thinking about what sort of method and excuse he should use to break Dream Clouds’ plan and also destroy Cla.s.s One Hall boldly and righteously in case he gave them a chance and place to develop, causing the situation to become more troublesome.

“What excuse are you using to help you fight against them?”

When Happy spoke, the group was delighted. They knew that their clan master had agreed with Black Rose’s suggestion to completely destroy Cla.s.s One Hall.

Black Rose also seemed to have released a breath of relief. After remaining silent for a while, she answered, “Tea Words has mentioned that the people Blood Robes and Barren Murderer brought over don’t know that Wild Wolves is going to attack when he intercepted their message.”

“What happened afterwards?” Happy was stunned.

Black Rose put on a cunning expression. “With Tea Words’ talent, we can set an exquisite trap and make Cla.s.s One Hall jump into it.”

Once she finished saying those words, she voiced her plan to the group, and everyone, including Happy, sucked in sharp breaths. They stared at Black Rose with admiring gazes.

Happy was now completely at ease.

If they managed to execute this vicious move accurately, Cla.s.s One Hall, which was already gasping for its last breath, might immediately fall apart.

All of them came to a unanimous agreement.


“Bride and bridegroom, please enter the stage!”

The flat land at the mountain behind Mantuo Villa was incredibly lively.

There were more than one million people in the area, and they caused the entire wedding site to look like a black ocean that had no end in sight.

Countless people held the winecups that the Mu Clan members handed to them. They knocked their cups together and had already drunk more than three rounds. While they spoke to each other excitedly, they would occasionally crane their heads to look around the area and see whether the bride and bridegroom had already appeared.

Since the place was filled with people and the higher spots at the mountain had been occupied, some of them even used the ships to watch from the distance from Lake Tai, making the wedding truly appear as if there was a sea of people over there.

No one knew how much time pa.s.sed, but as Silver Wolf returned to the white jade platform after leaving it for a while, he made an announcement clearly with his voice, which was infused with a great amount of qi. It clearly traveled into the ears of the players who had craned their heads to look forward to Happy’s arrival.

“Everyone, thank you for coming to attend my clan master, Happy and the future lady of Mu Clan, Young Yu Yan’s wedding.

“Next, please welcome the bride and bridegroom!”

Right after he finished speaking, the entire area burst into a commotion.

Many people craned their necks even further.

“There’re so many people around, how are they going to squeeze their way in?”

“For goodness sake, of course they’re going to fly in…”

New discussions also quickly rose in the crowd.

“They have to travel a few miles, and they don’t even have a place to land. Fly over? Why don’t you fly and show me?”

“We’re guests who came here to witness the ceremony. They can’t possibly be so flashy and step on our shoulders to fly over, right?”

“It’s completely impossible for them to walk over as well. How long would they need to squeeze their way through if that’s the case?’

“I don’t know.”

“This time, many people came. Let’s see how Mu Clan is going to deal with the situation.”

“If they aren’t careful, they might end up offending plenty of people in the dark. They might even end up ruining Mu Clan’s reputation.”

When the crowd discussed things, they had their attention attracted by the shocked cries that suddenly came from Mantuo Villa. Countless people stopped talking simultaneously and craned their necks in the direction of Mantuo Villa.

And they saw the bride and bridegroom holding hands and appearing in the air like immortals above the crowd. They instantly instantly attracted countless people’s eyes.

“This is…”

They did not move quickly, but they moved with ethereal lightness and looked incredibly relaxed while they did it, making them seem like their hearts were together as one, even though they were two separate people.


Even Blood Robes and Barren Murderer, who came with the thought of causing trouble during the wedding, could not help but have their lips twitch when they saw Happy moving over the crowd in such a dazzling manner.

They did not have anything beneath their feet that could allow them to land and a.s.sist them in their jumps, but the bride and bridegroom never did anything extra. They just held hands and gently flew over the crowd to the white jade platform.

Countless players in the crowd were dumbfounded.

Cheers and surprised shouts thundered through the crowd.

“How… did he do it?”

Barren Murderer, the group of Cla.s.s One Hall members, and the people around them found this inconceivable. Happy’s action had clearly surpa.s.sed what normal martial artists could accept.

But as the bride and bridegroom drew closer, Blood Robes finally noticed the small tricks that Mu Clan played for this to work.

With the cover provided by the thunderous cheers, the Mu Clan members in the crowd quietly provided a few remote hidden forces to help Happy flew over thousands of feet without having his feet ever touch the ground.

However, Happy’s performance still caused the people to be speechless.

When he used those hidden forces to a.s.sist him in his jumps, he did not need to bend his knees at all. He just flung his wide, long, and red sleeves, and he seemed completely indifferent. Not a single hint of him using those hidden forces could be seen.

But there were not many in the crowd who managed to see this.

Hence, when Happy brought Young Yu Yan on the white jade platform, the entire wedding site cheered loudly. At that moment, Happy became even more unfathomable than before in the many Chinese heroes’ eyes.


“I am Happy, and I thank you for coming to Yu Yan and my wedding, my martial artist friends. The place is simple, and we might not be able to serve you well. But I hope that you can forgive us for that.”

Happy used his qi to have his words travel until it could be heard clearly by the people who were several miles away.

Once he finished speaking, the martial artists from everywhere started replying to him politely and congratulated him.

“Clan Master Happy, we are already honored that you invited us here!”

“That’s right!”

“Clan master, the magnificence in the wedding today allowed those of us who received the invitation to feel incredibly honored. Haha!”

“Haha! Everyone, you’re being too polite!”

There were too many guests, and Happy could not take care of the people in the distance. He could only wrap his fist in his palm and salute the sect masters who were near him. With a smile, he lifted his cup and proposed a toast.

“This is just a light drink, but I hope that all of you will drink it!”

At that moment, Phantasmal Shadow, who stood at the forefront of the crowd below the white jade platform, slowly got up the stage.

She started speaking self-deprecatingly, “Clan Master Happy, you truly love being humble. If all that you displayed today is still simple and the banquet you arranged for the few million people here meager, then I will be too embarra.s.sed to set up a banquet in the future to serve my guests. I believe that the gift I have prepared is too light when I see this incredibly lively wedding of the century at Mantuo Villa, and I can’t bring myself to give it up now…”

As she spoke, she handed an inventory list and a Universe Bag to Silver Wolf, because he was standing near the white jade platform.

Silver Wolf quickly cast a glance at the words on the inventory list before he started reciting it without batting an eyelid.

“Wind a.s.sault Tower’s Tower Master Phantasmal Shadow has offered a congratulatory gift. Within it is 9,990,000 taels of gold, 99,990,000 taels of silver, ninety-nine Phantasmal Crystals, nine thousand-year ginsengs, one crystal ore mine and one metal ore mine in hopes that Happy and Young Yu Yan will be together forever!”

The people beneath the platform were all shocked.

Even the people from Chivalry Sect as well as Wind and Rain Alliance were shocked and surprised.

This gift was way too much for sincerity!

Regardless of whether it was the gold, silver, Phantasmal Crystals, or thousand-year ginseng, all of them were incredibly valuable and rare supreme grade items in the market.

But Wind a.s.sault Tower had even offered two ore mines, which were practically money-making machines for Wind a.s.sault Tower right now, as part of the congratulatory gift, and they managed to stun all the players in the area.

Aside from gasping about how much Phantasmal Shadow spent this time, they were also shocked by the fact that Happy was able to receive the great honor of making Phantasmal Shadow willingly offer up such a great gift.

They originally thought that this segment, where Happy was supposed to receive congratulatory gifts, would be incredibly boring and stale, but because of Phantasmal Shadow setting such a great precedent, she instantly set a spark to it.

Quite a number of observant people even noticed that Wind Void and Night Rain Follows Wind, both the masters of Chivalry Sect and Wind and Rain Alliance respectfully, put on wan smiles in Phantasmal Shadow’s direction while she left without ever stopping for even a moment.

But soon, under many people’s expectant gazes, Chivalry Sect’s congratulatory gift also made the excited atmosphere in the wedding site to become even more excited.

“Chivalry Sect’s Sect Master Wind Void has offered a congratulatory gift. Within it are a set of high-grade fourth-echelon demon vessels for men and women… Wow…” When he recited the list up to this point, even Silver Wolf could not help but have his expression change. The people below the stage also burst into an uproar.

“She has also offered two crystal mine ores near Beijing, one metal ore mine and one crystal ore mine near Baokang County Town, and ten Illusion Life and Death Pills in hopes that Happy and Young Yu Yan can be happy together until death parts them! And even after that, they can be happy together for all their subsequent reincarnations!”

Once Chivalry Sect and Wind a.s.sault Tower offered their gifts, Wind and Rain Alliance naturally offered an extraordinary gift, because they did not want to fall behind. They stirred up the third wave.

While the people below the stage cried out in surprise, Happy just smiled wanly while he stood on stage. ‘This is a wedding, but now, these sect masters have turned into a chance for them to boast about their wealth.’

However, after these three top-cla.s.s sects offered their gifts, many of the sect masters below the stage cast their gazes on the two vice hall masters from Cla.s.s One Hall. Those two people’s faces were now a little stiff.

Clearly, the weight of the gifts the three top-cla.s.s sects gaze had far exceeded their expectations.

Blood Robes and Barren Murderer already did not know whether they should hand over their inventory list and congratulatory gift.

At that moment, a scene that no one expected happened.

The group of people behind Blood Robes and Barren Murderer drew their weapons at the same time.

The sounds of the weapons being drawn caused Blood Robes and Barren Murderer to be stunned. When they noticed that those people were all from Cla.s.s One Hall, their faces turned stark pale.

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