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Chapter 834: Ye Family’s Matter

“Well, that’s it,” Yan Huan did not even feel embarra.s.sed since an expert of programming, Lu Yi, was present. Even though the score was negative, he could cover it back up. However, she could not concentrate while Lu Yi was helping her to cover up the negatives.

“What happened?” Lu Yi put down the mouse and turned her face toward him.

“Have something in mind?”

“Not really.” Yan Huan shook her head, “Just something I couldn’t figure out.”

“What’s the matter?” Lu Yi closed his laptop, wanting to know what was troubling her.

“It’s just…” Yan Huan propped her face on the table, “Yi Ling told me to keep an eye on Ye family’s matter. What do you say…” She pulled Lu Yi’s sleeves, “What’s the matter with Ye family, and which Ye family is it?”

Lu Yi’s gaze sank. Then, he stretched out his hand and rested it on her hair, but seeing his expression, Yan Huan squinted her eyes slightly.

“The Ye family on your uncle’s side?” She asked tentatively.

“Yes,” Lu Yi pinched her fingers.

“We found my cousin.”

“Your cousin?” Yan Huan thought for a moment, “Is that the daughter of the aunt you lost?” She remembered Ye family had a daughter who went missing, seemingly by the name Ye Rong. Why was she found now? Something was not right. This person had never appeared in her previous life.

No, it might be true. At that time, the Ye family had ceased to exist except in name. Even if Ye Rong did come back, it would not have been possible for them to hold grand celebrations.

“Yes, it’s the aunt I’ve lost, Ye Rong,” Lu Yi’s voice rang in her ears. He was saying and she was listening.

“However, aunt has pa.s.sed away at an early age, leaving only a girl behind. She was found a few days ago and she’s now taken in to have her name listed under the Ye’s. The matter of the Ye family that you mentioned should refer to this case.” For many people, or for families like them, anything that happened within would become news. Of course, this included the lucky girl who transformed from an ugly duckling to a princess.

Yes, she was indeed a lucky daughter. With Ye Jianguo’s guilt toward his daughter, she would definitely inherit half of Ye family’s property. Anyhow, Lu Yi had nothing to do with all of those. He never coveted the riches of the Ye family. Lu family had a fortune of their own that was not of the same level. Therefore, he never wanted a penny from the Ye’s. However, this cousin sister of his had to be that very person.

Anyone was fine for him, but it had to be that person.

Yan Huan opened the laptop and tried to search on her own. As expected, the web page displayed a wide coverage about news of the Ye family.

Ye Family Finds Their Missing Princess After 20 Years.

Ye Family’s Little Princess Finally Returns: The Family’s Property Faces Reallocation.

Who is That Lucky Girl? Who is The Descendant of Ye Family?

She clicked on one of the links and when she saw that well-dressed woman with delicate makeup who was standing obediently beside Ye Jianguo, she felt her eyes stinging a little.

She rubbed her eyes, thinking that she had seen wrongly, but no matter how many times she looked again, the woman’s face did not change at all.

It was her.

Sun Yuhan.

How could she be the granddaughter of Ye family? Yan Huan really felt that it was unbelievable.

“Is this true?” She asked again unsurely. How could there be such a coincidence in the world, where everything that seemed totally unrelated was suddenly placed together? How could she turn into Lu Yi’s cousin?

“She’s already registered as a part of Ye family. What do you think?” Lu Yi stared at her eyes and observed her expression closely. She seemed to be quite calm, and she was not really angry except being rather surprised.

“Why are you looking at me?” Yan Huan raised her chin, “Did you think I would envy her?” Yan Huan kicked the sofa with her leg, “Whether she is a part of Ye family, has nothing to do with me. She’s not eating mine and doesn’t live with me either. Ye family still has to give me the family’s airport dividends.”

“Good for you to think so,” Lu Yi was relieved. Indeed, he was afraid that Yan Huan would feel uncomfortable and she might fall sick when the feelings built up.

“Am I such an unforgiving person?” Yan Huan retracted her foot and kicked Lu Yi’s calf, but Lu Yi stretched out his hand to grab her foot. Who knew what he touched was a cold foot.

There was only one sentence Yan Huan could think of. I’m finished.

Yes, I’m done for good.

Lu Yi lowered his head and looked at her feet that were still in the air, naked, and without socks.

“I’ve said it many times, Miss Yan,” he reached out his hand and grasped Yan Huan’s chin tightly, “You have to wear socks at this time of day. Why are you so disobedient? Your feet are so cold.”

“I forgot,” Yan Huan quickly stuffed both her feet into the slippers. The truth was she did not forget but just did it on purpose. She did not like wearing socks as it was too troublesome.

Of course, the consequence of not wearing socks because she did not like it was that she could not get up from the bed the next day.

“Beast!” she spat while biting the corner of the quilt, feeling sore and pain. Although the process was rather enjoyable, the result was that she was too tired to do anything, feeling drowsy and sleepy.

However, she opened her eyes again, her body following to sit up. She put her hands on her chest and gently wringed her pajamas. She did not know where this uncomfortable feeling was coming from.

It seemed to start after getting to know that Sun Yuhan was the granddaughter of Ye family.

The matters of Sun Yuhan and Lu Qin, and Su Muran had not yet been resolved. Why did another person show up again?

In the evening, Lu Yi said that they were going to have dinner with the Lu family. Yan Huan changed her clothes and sat on the sofa while waiting. She only went downstairs once Lu Yi phoned her. When she opened the vehicle door, she was stunned.

“It’s been a long time, Miss Yan. I can’t imagine that we would meet again,” Sun Yuhan smiled, and the curvature of her bright red lips was rather excessive. “Oh yeah, I’ve forgotten,” she covered her mouth and giggled. Every sound of her voice and every frame of her expressions seemed to be challenging Yan Huan’s self-control.

Who were those whom Yan Huan loathed in this life?

One would be Su Muran, and the other would be Sun Yuhan.

With a thump, Yan Huan slammed the door shut. She opened the back seat door and sat in. Then, she reached out her hand to the front and pinched Lu Yi’s waist hard.

“Why did you bring this coquette along?” No, at least coquettes are pretty. This one at most is a flirt.

Lu Yi patted Yan Huan’s face to pacify her, “Grandpa asked me to bring her along.”

Well, Yan Huan understood. It was impossible for Lu Yi not to listen to Ye Jianguo, just like Old Master Lu. For Lu Yi, he would not refuse unless the requests were too ridiculous. Moreover, it was just simply giving that person a ride along.

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