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Chapter 717: Struggle
"Luo Feng." The fist sized Babata on his shoulder muttered, "The Meng Ya and Wei Li galaxies are extremely far apart. Even with the Yun Mo planet Ship, it’d take at least 8 days to travel. Also, we still have to get over from the Ganwu universe country…from here to the Gu Lun universe country, it’s too far, you’d have to ask Dylan for help and teleport via his G.o.d country. Otherwise we’d waste at least half a year. The Blood demon trials start in a month."
"Hm." Luo Feng nodded.
He was still pondering which galaxy to go to.
"Have you picked yet?" Babata asked. "The Virtual Universe Company let you choose, one side is 1 million star levels and the other is 10 billion star travellers. From what I see, picking the star travellers shows you are kind, naturally picking the side with more people. However if you pick the 1 million star levels, it shows you have the thought process of the strong, there are many powerful warriors in the universe…they all think that the strong have more right to live."
Luo Feng nodded.
Under Blood demon emperor’s government suppressing the star field, they must have gone through a lot to even reach star level.
As for the star traveller level, any galaxy could easily produce over 10 billion star travellers. It was obvious that due to Blood demon emperor, even the general public had reached star travellers level already.
Would it be the normal 10 billion people.
Or the 1 million star levels that have gone through trials and torture.
"I pick Wei Li galaxy." Luo Feng emphasized.
Luo Feng didn’t dare waste time. Within the same day, he sat in the Yun Mo planet ship and left earth, letting Dylan teleport them via his G.o.d country and going straight to the Gu Lun universe country’s Yu Fu star field. After which, they flew straight towards Wei Li galaxy, that alone would take about 26 days.
In the dark universe, the Yun Mo planet ship flew.
In the control room, Luo Feng was chatting with Dylan.
"What a coincidence. Dylan, your G.o.d country marker was left in the Yu Fu starfield, which is the closest one to Du Tuo starfield. It’ll take 26 days to get there, heading to Meng Ya would take 25 days." Luo Feng looked at Dylan, smiling, "Did the Virtual Universe Company ask you before sending this mission?"
Dylan smiled and nodded.
"d.a.m.n." Luo Feng couldn’t help but curse.
It was true!
The Virtual Universe Company had indeed planned everything out perfectly. It had probably already ordered Dylan to leave markers around the Gu Lun universe country, but not use them yet.
"The Virtual Universe Company, has planned everything for their training." Dylan smiled. "Don’t be angry."
"I understand." Luo Feng nodded.
Luo Feng didn’t have any grievances against the Virtual Universe Company.
As one of the two greatest powers of humanity, naturally when they do things, it was all with the thought of protection and strengthening humanity in mind! Ever since he had joined the Virtual Universe Company, Luo Feng had always been fairly satisfied with them, even with regards to the deal about earth was considered fair.
If a normal person on earth discovered a treasure and it’s worth was over 1 million mixed elements, Luo Feng, with his position on earth…would probably buy it also.
Giving just 18 billion earth dollars would suffice.
From Luo Feng’s perspective…that much money was enough for a normal person to live without any worries for the rest of their life.
1 theory!
To the Virtual Universe Company, earth was a nurturing basket that a great being had spent countless energy on remodeling, and its price was limitless. Even a great knight’s wealth wouldn’t be able to purchase a fraction of it. However, they couldn’t simply give Luo Feng such an amount of wealth.
"Your majesty, why’d you pick the 10 billion star travellers and not the 1 million star levels?" Dylan asked curiously.

"Without any technology and the blood demon government suppressing them, 99% of them wouldn’t find it easy at all to break through to star level. And from what I’ve found, the overall evolution of Du Tuo star field is pretty high. Any life planet would easily have tens to hundreds of thousands of star travellers, it’s not hard for a galaxy to have 10 billion star travellers, these are all normal warriors."
"Everyone is an independent life form." Luo Feng said softly. "My home had been through countless calamities before, I know the tragedy of death."
"Just like my relatives, they were all normal people back then too, are they not worth anything? At least to me, my relatives are worth more than 1 million sector lords! And for those normal people, they all have that one life each, and it’s worth more than 1 million star levels."
"10 billion normal people should die so 1 million star levels can live?"
Luo Feng shook his head.
There is no such thing!
If it involved a race and its survival, such sacrifices may have to be made. For example…Tens of millions of people in a race may die just to protect a powerful warrior, because he was the only hope for their race’s survival.
And since Luo Feng’s choice this time didn’t involve the survival of a race.
He naturally picked the normal people.
26 days later.
In the air above a yellow planet, the Yun Mo planet ship floated.
"This is not a life planet, it’s almost round and has a diameter of 18,023 km." Babata’s sharp voice resounded. "According to the Virtual Universe Company, this is where the Blood demon trail will be held. Look…there are already a lot of people stationed here. However relax! They cannot detect us."
Luo feng gazed below, this mineral planet did have over a 100 people stationed, half of them universe level.
"Let’s wait for when the 10 billion star travellers are sent over." Luo feng said softly.
At that moment, the 10 billion star travellers from the hundreds of thousands of planets were being transported over in 10,000 universe ships. They were all travelling in the dark universe and heading over.

Within one particular ship, all 3 levels were jammed full with cages. Every one of them had 10 star travellers within. With one glance…every level had countless star travellers within, some even had hundreds of thousands.
Faint crying and muttering resounded from the tens of thousands of cages, this…was simply h.e.l.l.
Within one cage.
A youth dressed in torn animal skin was hugging a girl tightly. Because of blood demon’s government…the evolution of the Du Tuo starfield humans were high. Hence, it was normal to see star travellers, and they would normally pick these youths to undergo the trials.
"Wuwa." The youth hugged the girl, his eyes gleaming beneath his dirty face. It had hope, hope of life, he gently said confidently, "Brother will definitely help you survive, definitely."
The girl suddenly shook.
She was a pretty looking girl, even though she was dirty and unwashed too, one could see she was pretty. However in Du Tuo starfield…strength was already the absolute, if strength wasn’t enough, appearances didn’t mean a thing.
"Big brother." She said, "Will we die? I heard only a 100 will survive the Blood demon trials from 10 billion. Many of these 10 billion come from various sects, they have spirit weapons, genetic weapons, and others have techniques. As for us, we don’t have any weapons and only know some basic techniques, how will we survive?"
The youth began to tear up the moment he heard this.
He had a tragic fate since young.
His parents had died young and he had to take his younger sister to wander and learn as much as they could, finally reaching star traveller level and was able to lead a safe peaceful life. However, it hadn’t even been 2 years of peace…and those without background were all captured and forced to partic.i.p.ate. Every planet had to hit a quota of people to send.
If the normal people weren’t enough, the star travellers with backgrounds were captured too!
The Blood demon trials took place under the order of Blood demon emperor. Hence, no one dared go against it.
"We will survive, definitely, big brother swears it." The youth said softly.
"Hm." The girl replied softly, burying her head once again in his chest.
These final few days lying in her brother’s chest before the nightmare began, was the most happiness she could enjoy.
"Definitely." The youth gripped his right fist hard. His nail pierced his palm, and his eyes were somewhat hysterical, as he shouted within, "I must let my sister survive, definitely."
100 out of 10 billion.
What was that?
It was plainly a ma.s.s ma.s.sacre. Even those with techniques, genetic armor and weapons, these geniuses would be surrounded and killed if they weren’t careful. Afterall, the density of 10 billion on a normal mineral planet was too much. The moment the battles and killing began…no one had a guarantee to survive?
And to be able to live to the end, one had to have power! Brains! Guts! And also luck!

As for the lower level struggles, all the star travellers who were about to begin the trials were all afraid of it. Even if they had strength…against countless people fighting, they too would feel despair.

"Ship 0229, stop at position 0293!"
"Ship 3619, stop at position 0123!"
The yellow planet had long been remodeled, and at this time, this dead silent planet had a dark purple flat ship floating in the air. It was giving orders to the many ships delivering the star travellers, and these many ships opened their cabin doors as they landed.
Large amounts of cages were opened and a blur of dirty unwashed men and women filled with fear on their faces walked out, the blur of people walked within the planet.
The temperature of the planet was very low, roughly below 80, and as it was a mineral planet, there was no way to breathe. However star travellers no longer needed to breathe.
"So, so many people."
The large amount of star travellers that were dropped off flew away the moment they landed. They could all see extremely far away. There was a blur of silhouettes…there were already over 5 billion now. When have they ever seen so many star travellers?
At this time…
A camouflaged blood colored triangular ship was floating tens of thousands of km above the planet, observing all the star travellers on the planet.

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