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Luo Feng and Thousand Rain flew away like two beams of light. The land of treasures was boundless, and lakes could be over a million square miles.

"How long are we going to fly like this?" Thousand Rain said. "Let's teleport ourselves."

"Okay." Luo Feng answered.

His Mo Sha Clan body turned into a metal sheet, and they teleported themselves almost at the same time with Luo Feng following Thousand Rain. Although it was difficult to sense the accurate coordinates during distant teleportation, Luo Feng and Thousand Rain didn't teleport themselves that far.

They appeared inside a remote mountain. Thousand Rain looked down and pointed at a col between peaks and said, "Let's go there. I bet there are lots of them trying to find you. We can at least have some quiet time there."

"Good." Luo Feng smiled and dove alongside Thousand Rain.

There were streams in that col, and the water was running. Luo Feng and Thousand Rain landed beside the stream.

"Are you really Blade River Emperor, Hua?" Thousand Rain couldn't help asking.

"Do you really want to do this?" Luo Feng looked at him.

"No, that's not what I mean," Thousand Rain explained. "I'm not investigating you. I'm just curious. Blade River Emperor is so famous because he can kill an emperor as a sector lord, which is something that can only be accomplished by unique creatures like Zhu Chong Emperor. I bet there are lots of others who are curious."

"Then just think of me as Blade River Emperor," Luo Feng said. He smiled and nodded.

"You're not him?" Thousand Rain was dazed. "Or perhaps you are? Are you a phony that the human race introduces to mislead those barbarian races who want Blade River Emperor dead? Impressive. Impressive, indeed. That way, they can protect the real Blade River Emperor and render all others' efforts in vain. Besides, the race will certainly reserve the time and bring you back to life, given your talents."

This Thousand Rain is really imaginative, Luo Feng thought to himself.

Thousand Rain said, "Rest a.s.sured. I won't tell anyone. You're not trying to mislead me, right? Maybe you are indeed the real Blade River Emperor."

"You can think whatever you want," Luo Feng said, smiling. "You can call me either Hua or Blade River Emperor. I'll answer to both."

"You…" Thousand Rain didn't know how to respond.

"Stop talking about this," said Luo Feng. "I'm really curious about the treasures here."

Luo Feng looked at the col. The scene was breathtaking, and the mountains were steep, where grew all kinds of plants. Rocks and streams were everywhere. Luo Feng observed it for a long time.

"Where are the treasures hidden?" Luo Feng couldn't help asking. "I haven't seen any treasures after arriving here."

"There are treasures everywhere," Thousand Rain said jokingly. "Of course, they are invisible to you."

"What do you mean by that?" Luo Feng kept asking.

"You know nothing, newcomer. Enter the world of glory and chat with our friends in the Hong Alliance more. You'll know more by doing that. Let me introduce you to some common sense." Thousand Rain pointed around. "All the supreme beings of the Ancestral G.o.d School can leave some treasures here, and they set conditions for those treasures. As long as one is qualified, the treasures will show themselves to that one when it walks close."

"Show themselves?" Luo Feng was baffled. "Treasures are not alive. How do they know whether we're qualified or not?"

"You don't understand." Thousand Rain pointed to the sky and said, "The Ancestral G.o.d School controls the entire five-color aurora lake. They'll know everything you do or touch within here."

Luo Feng was suddenly enlightened. That's right. I can know everything that's going on in star tower.

Just like the five-color aurora lake.

"The level of beast G.o.d inheritance you've reached, the strength of your G.o.dly power, the amplitude of your soul and G.o.dly body—the control system of the world of glory should be connected to that of the entire five-color aurora lake," Thousand Rain said. "In a word, the control system will collect all your information. And once you're qualified for a certain treasure, it will open automatically for you. There are two conditions for obtaining a treasure. One, be qualified; two, go to the treasure directly."

Thousand Rain smiled and added, "If you want treasures, show some extraordinary talents in the world of glory or inside your palace if you don't want to reveal it to everyone. Although the palace belongs to you, the control system will still know your every move. Remember. Show your power. Otherwise, the control system can't collect information."

Luo Feng nodded. It was exactly like him being in star tower, where he could see how the powerful ones in the star tower moved. However, that was the most he could do. He couldn't examine the souls of the barbarians and inspect the secrets inside their bodies.

"If you are indeed a sector lord, you can reveal your true ident.i.ty temporarily in your palace," Thousand Rain said. "There have been fewer than ten sector lords arriving here since the birth of the universe, and every one of them who did was an emperor's equal. That's what makes you special. Maybe there are some treasures that are for sector lords only."

"Ha…" Luo Feng smiled as thoughts flooded in his mind.

I'll collect some information in the world of glory later, thought Luo Feng. I know so little as a newcomer.

While Luo Feng and Thousand Rain were hiding at the periphery of the land of treasures, the place was filled with hustle and bustle.

The news that Blade River Emperor had appeared in the land of treasures and confronted Bei Shan Knight spread like a virus. Through the virtual world of the world of glory, tens of thousands of heirs knew about it, except some, who turned off notifications.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

One creature after another appeared at the portal. The powerful ones who rushed to the land of treasures all wanted to see the famous Blade River Emperor.

"Where is Blade River Emperor?" they demanded.

"Where is the human, Blade River Emperor?"

"Blade River Emperor flew away with the Thousand Rain Emperor of the Dark Mist clan," answered those who knew the truth.

"You can confirm that the human is Blade River Emperor, right?"

"We can all confirm it. He is the Blade River Emperor, and there are only so many emperors within the human race. Talented emperors are rare. Do you really there's another who can rival Blade River Emperor? Coincidentally, Blade River Emperor also follows the path of beast G.o.d. Do you really think two peerless geniuses following the same path will hide their ident.i.ties and rise at the same time? He must be Blade River Emperor."

"Makes sense. Let's go. I want to see this Blade River Emperor. I know of the rewards offered by the demon race, the automaton race, and the worm race, and all of them are incredibly generous. Especially the demon race, who offer an invaluable treasure. Although that one can barely reach the threshold of invaluable treasures, universe knights are all crazy for it."

Although the land of treasures was vast, there were too many powerful ones, and Luo Feng and Thousand Rain were spotted after a short while.

"Look, isn't that Thousand Rain Emperor?"

"That's right. See the black-armored human beside him? That must be Blade River Emperor."

"Blade River Emperor is a sector lord? Why can't I tell?"

"Blade River Emperor is said to have invaluable treasures, which can cover his scent."

Three creatures dove towards the col. Luo Feng and Thousand Rain lifted their heads, and those three arrived.

"Busted." Luo Feng shook his head. He had originally planned to wander within the land of treasures, which seemed impossible now.

"Blade River Emperor."

"Blade River Emperor."

All of the three figures were five feet tall with broad waists and muscles so strong it was as if they were carrying shields. They had six arms and six eyes that stared at Luo Feng trying to discern the secrets behind this sector lord who could kill a limit emperor.

"Are you Blade River Emperor?" a green-armored powerful one suddenly asked.

"He must be."

"He must be," the other two said.

"Powerful ones from Ta Bei clan, what do you want with Blade River Emperor?"

"Stop denying it," said a powerful, purple-armored creature from the Ta Bei clan. "It's impossible that two peerless and hidden talents who both follow the path of beast G.o.d could come from human race."

"Blade River Emperor," the green-armored one said, gazing at Luo Feng. "I've heard of your story, but I don't buy it! The human race has ordinary genes, and no matter how deeply you understand the laws and how powerful your secret techniques are, you can't defeat an emperor without an extraordinary const.i.tution and body. Rumor has it that you're a sector lord. I bet that's fake!"

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