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"Breakthrough?" Jiu Feng Knight looked at True Yan Emperor in surprise.

"Teacher? You're—you're!"

Luo Feng was exhilarated. His teacher had been stuck at the last step for eras, and although beast G.o.d inheritance was a huge opportunity for him, he wasn't guaranteed to succeed. However, he was going to have his breakthrough right after inheritance.

True Yan Emperor was thrilled. He had been waiting for too long. He was still accompanied by his families when he first became a powerful one, but with time going by, his families all became old, and his hometown also prospered because of him. After eras, he didn't need to worry about his hometown anymore. The only thing he was pursuing was the path of power. Nevertheless, he couldn't move forward while some of the other talents of the barbarian race had become universe knights. He could only stay in Chaos City and find a sense of accomplishment by teaching the juniors.

Beast G.o.d inheritance was his biggest opportunity. However, success wasn't guaranteed.

"Haha! I just feel this way as I have lots of inspirations," True Yan Emperor laughed. "I'm not sure when I can actually step forward."

"Even feeling it is good enough," said Jiu Feng knight with a smile. "What will really worry me is that you don't feel anything. Now that you've got inspirations, go back and contemplate them. Study the path of beast G.o.d and you'll recall the instructions you had during the inheritance."

"Ah!" Luo Feng was startled.

Could he actually remember them?

"This is a small trick," Jiu Feng knight said. "During the inheritance, you, Blade River Emperor, received the third level of it by watching every secret behind that. However, the amount you can remember depends on your original progress, and that's why you can't remember everything. If you go back and ruminate on it, you can remember more. The key is to seize the moment and study the path of beast G.o.d!"

"Thank you, Jiu Feng knight," Luo Feng and True Yan Emperor said with grat.i.tude.

"Also, is the inheritance great?" Jiu Feng Knight looked at Luo Feng. "I can tell by your facial expressions. Don't be smug. You might think this one-time inheritance is far more effective than the training you've done before, but it's only an illusion."

"An illusion?" Luo Feng and True Yan Emperor were dazed.

"Maybe you found it difficult to understand during your previous training," said Jiu Feng knight. "However, you only ran into those problems because you actually put effort into it, and that's why you were suddenly enlightened during the inheritance. If you think inheritance itself is enough for you, you're way off. Without the reflection of the failures you had before, you wouldn't gain anything even if you received the inheritance."

Luo Feng and True Yan Emperor suddenly understood. It was just like the chaos tablet, which would only be helpful after they practiced long enough. As for beast G.o.d inheritance, it was tens of millions of times more helpful.

"When can we come here for inheritance again?" Luo Feng asked.

"There are seven levels of beast G.o.d inheritance, and you can have a free instruction for each level," Jiu Feng Knight said. "When you complete the second level, you can take the inheritance for the third level. When you're done with the third level, you can come here for the fourth level, and so on and so forth. You can get only one for each level. That means you can't get a free third-level inheritance."

"Free? Does that mean I need to pay a price?" Luo Feng asked. It was totally worth it to trade a treasure for one inheritance.

"What's the price? A treasure?" True Yan Emperor followed up.

"Do you really think the ancestral G.o.d school would care about your treasures?" Jiu Feng Knight shook his head. "The only way is to go to the world of glory."

"World of glory?" Luo Feng and True Yan Emperor remembered it.

"You'll know one when you enter it," Jiu Feng knight said. "But you need to be extra careful."

Jiu Feng knight looked at Luo Feng and True Yan Emperor and said, "I'll tell you two rules. One: There shall be no killings in the five-color aurora lake, or you'll be attacked. Two: Each heir has a palace on the Bauhinia Island, and the palace belongs to you and you only. n.o.body can trespa.s.s in it, and you can't trespa.s.s in others' palaces. Remember the two rules. Now go. The portal is right behind you."

Luo Feng and True Yan Emperor took a bow, turned around, and saw a transparent wave. They flew inside.


They were teleported.

Jiu Feng knight sat on the aerolite and said, "Blade River Emperor? Is he the sector-lord Blade River Emperor? Incredible for him to reach the third level as only a sector lord."

On Bauhinia Island.

Luo Feng and True Yan Emperor walked out of the water curtains and flew back to their palaces.

"Student, I have so many inspirations now that I think I can actually have my breakthrough—if I can actually accomplish it." True Yan Emperor looked at Luo Feng. "You deserve the credit for that."

"The token means nothing without your hundreds of millions of years of training," Luo Feng answered.

"That sounds about right," True Yan Emperor said. "I gained a lot by taking you on as my student. I still need to contemplate and try to leap forward. I guess I can either spend a year or 10,000 years before I become a universe knight. But if I can't even make it after 10,000 years, I might lose my chance."

"You can succeed, teacher," Luo Feng encouraged him.

"I hope everything you say will become true," True Yan Emperor said. "I might not show up for a long time. And don't come to me unless there's something urgent."

"I understand," Luo Feng said, nodding. He wouldn't interrupt his teacher at such a crucial time.

"I hope I am a universe knight next time I see you," True Yan Emperor said.

"I hope so, too." There was a trace of light in Luo Feng's eyes.

True Yan Emperor flew to the garden afar and closed the door.

Luo Feng sat beside the river and couldn't help smiling. "Finally, my teacher can have his moment. I'll need to work hard, also. The training I have in normal times is the root."

Luo Feng went back to his palace, sat on the path beside the pool with his legs crossed, and started to practice.

Half a year pa.s.sed, and Luo Feng finally opened his eyes.

"Jiu Feng knight was right," he said. "I did advance a lot in the past half a year. Although it wasn't as effective as I was during the inheritance, it's much better than in Ice h.e.l.l. I can now understand that in a normal speed. I don't need to rush."

Luo Feng stood up and walked outside. He walked to the side of the river and looked around. The door of his teacher's palace was still closed, and he could see other figures afar.

"Where can I go? The world of glory, the land of inheritance, the land of treasures, and the land of the secret region," Luo Feng murmured. "I can't go to the land of the secret region now or I'll die. And there's no point going to the land of inheritance. I'll go to the land of treasures."

Luo Feng was expecting something great. The land of treasures, according to the guarding beast G.o.d, was filled with treasures left by a plethora of beast G.o.ds, guarding beast G.o.ds, and their equals.

"The guarding beast G.o.d said there was a human obtaining a treasure," said Luo Feng, recalling how Seven Blade Emperor used the golden pool. "Could that be him? Whatever, I'll go take a look first."

Luo Feng flew to the square in front of the palace of the island owner. As he landed, he saw a figure there. The figure was ten feet tall and wore armor resembling green bark. He had silver skin, a bald head, and diamond eyes.

"Automaton race," Luo Feng said as he landed.

"Human," the powerful one of the automaton race said. It stared at and inspected Luo Feng. Then it smiled and said, "I have the information of 91,293 human emperors, and that of all the famous undying of humans is here. Normally, only the well-known emperors can get tokens and get in. But strangely, I can't find your information. Based on the fight between Blade River Emperor and Hei Ti Emperor, a phantom of beast G.o.d will appear if the Blade River Emperor makes his move. Apparently, Blade River Emperor is following the path of beast G.o.ds. And in the past 10,000 eras, there were few humans following the path of beast G.o.ds. The Blade River Emperor is extraordinarily talented, and the human race would definitely give him the token. Correct me if I'm wrong. You're Blade River Emperor!"

The powerful one of automaton race looked at Luo Feng and added, "How incredible true treasures treasures are, that I can't even tell you're a sector lord."

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