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White-armored Silver Eye stood in the sky, waiting for Luo Feng's answer.

Luo Feng felt like he was in danger, but he looked up at Silver Eye keenly and said, "I don't have an anonymous account. Will you let me go?"

"I'll kill you and check your world ring," Silver Eye overlooked Luo Feng and said nonchalantly.

"You don't trust me?" Luo Feng said.

"I don't trust anyone but my servants in Ice h.e.l.l," Silver Eye said slowly.

The black-armored servant glared at Luo Feng and yelled, "Hand over the anonymous sensor now, human! Or master will kill you. Don't tell us you don't have the sensor. We don't believe you."

Luo Feng nodded. "Yes, I have the sensor."

Silver Eye looked more aggressive.

"But I don't want to give it to you." Luo Feng smirked and showed his teeth.

"You want to die?" the servant roared.

"It seems you're craving for death," Silver Eye said in a deep voice.

"I'll die just because you said so?" Luo Feng glared at Silver Eye, and he could feel his blood boiling. He was filled with belligerence.

He wasn't a chicken when he had faced the golden-horned beast before. And he dared to steal the black metal knowing that both the green knight and the purple knight were there.

Right now, he had three invaluable treasures, together with armor and general-soul auxiliary. What was more, the beast G.o.d had reached level 20, and he had created his own secret technique. How was it possible that he would run away without a fight just because Silver Eye was only an invincible emperor? How was it possible that he would hand over the anonymous sensor just because he was asked to do so? Silver Eye was being delusional!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Luo Feng kept glaring at Silver Eye and smirked, "Silver Eye, I came to Ice h.e.l.l to fight each of the powerful creatures. Now that the top ten peak emperors are no longer a threat, you five invincible ones are my major target! I'll fight all five of you, and you're the first one!"

"You're not afraid of death?" Silver Eye's eyes were closed the whole time. He acted as if each inch of his skin were examining the surroundings.

"You can't kill me!" Luo Feng yelled.

Luo Feng wasn't anxious at all. Instead, he was excited and proud. He remembered how he became an apprentice to True Yan Emperor when he first stepped into Chaos City. After 10,000 years, he was now fighting Silver Eye, who was True Yan Emperor's equal. This was the first time he would fight someone so powerful.

Come! Show me how powerful the legendary invincible emperor is! Luo Feng was shouting inside.

"Show me how strong this so-called special creature is," he said.

Luo Feng's mental faculties were strengthening and concentrating. Only this sort of fight could harden him.

"As you wish," Silver Eye said mildly.

He waved his transparent palm while his slave was looking at Luo Feng with pity. His hands looked light diamonds, and the moment he waved his hands, Luo Feng felt the shape change in the area.


Luo Feng shook his wings and tried to escape while summoning the 16 black b.a.l.l.s. Tens of thousands of threads started to connect the b.a.l.l.s and formed the phantom of the beast G.o.d.

"There's no way you can escape," Silver Eye's voice was still echoing.

An enormous palm was formed. The ice-crystal palm turned around and tried to slap Luo Feng.

"What is this? Attack of s.p.a.ce law?" Luo Feng manipulated the phantom to strike the palm while dodging it with Sha Wu Wing.

The scene dazed Luo Feng. He recalled the ancient panorama he had seen in Blood River world, and one of the depicted how the palm was cracked by the tail of the beast G.o.d. Apparently, the two on the panorama were much more powerful than Luo Feng and Silver Eye, as one of them was the real beast G.o.d and the other was the great creature that defeated the beast G.o.d. However, there were lots of similarities between the two fights.

The phantom fiercely brandished its scale-covered tail to defend against the diamond palm.


The tail whipped the diamond palm like a thunder. Both of them were more than 1,000 meters long, and the clash caused a blast. The phantom and the palm trembled at the same time. The phantom broke apart, and the 16 black b.a.l.l.s swiftly flew toward Luo Feng. As for the palm, it cracked like ice.

"Silver Eye, proficient at time law and having learned law of s.p.a.ce," Luo Feng marveled. "He is much better at the time law than law of s.p.a.ce, but he can still wield such power utilizing the law of s.p.a.ce. Incredible!"

Luo Feng could feel how forceful Silver Eye was. His body const.i.tution was tens of millions of times more powerful than that of sector lords, and his move was exquisite. A simple strike could suppress the most powerful attack from Luo Feng's treasure, which stemmed from his intense training.


Silver Eye exhaled, "Good of you to take the first strike. Now I see why you're so arrogant."

"Not arrogant but confident," said Luo Feng. "Stop bragging and show me your best move, Silver Eye." Luo Feng opened his wings and stood afar.


Silver Eye faced Luo Feng. He felt like he was being stared at by countless eyes even though Silver Eye still hadn't opened his eyes.


A crystal finger showed up right in front of Luo Feng out of nowhere. The whole s.p.a.ce had been solidified; thus, Luo Feng couldn't teleport himself. Obviously, Silver Eye excelled in the flow of time.

Just when Luo Feng was trying to close his wings, an invisible wave spread across the entire area. Luo Feng couldn't move a muscle. It was time stop.

"It's time stop," said Luo Feng. "I was. .h.i.t!"

"Pathetic," Silver Eye sighed and tried to pierce Luo Feng with the diamond finger.

Break! Break! Break!

Luo Feng's mental faculties went wild and emboldened his entire body. Sha Wu Wing, the Star Map, and Tower Pearl were all trembling. Under Luo Feng's spiritual force, which was stronger than most of the universe knights, the treasures broke loose from the constraint.

Break! Luo Feng roared in his mind.

Sha Wu Wing warded off the finger. Luo Feng bounced off like a meteor under the terrific shockwave.

Luo Feng was relieved. "Lucky that I can break away from time stop. Silver Eye is cunning. The giant palm and crystal finger were both formed by the G.o.dly power from afar, which made me less careful about the force around me. That's how the move worked."

Thoughts flooded Luo Feng's mind. Of course, the main reason time stop worked on me was his power. Although his force was permeating, his main force still remained around his finger, which was far away from me. He was actually able to exercise time stop, and it went into effect, which means he is much stronger than Lightning-Racing Emperor. I've never met any stronger barbarian creature in practice.

Just as Luo Feng was shocked, Silver Eye and his slave were equally amazed.

"He dodged it!" The servant couldn't believe it. "I can't even remember how many powerful creatures have died because of master's Death-G.o.d's Point, yet he managed to dodge it. He's even able to break from master's time stop. How is this possible?"

In the distance, all the creatures watching in various places were shocked to their very cores. They weren't all that surprised when Luo Feng withstood the slap. After all, he was powerful enough to suppress Lightning-Racing Emperor. However, when Luo Feng held out against his point…

"Death G.o.d's Point!"

"The Death G.o.d's Point of Silver Eye!"

"Though Silver Eye knew of law of s.p.a.ce, he's actually proficient in time law. His Death G.o.d's Point is a move mixed with both time attack and soul attack. It starts with time stop, and the finger contains a soul-eroding attack that corrodes the enemy's soul in secret, after which the enemy won't be able to fight back."

"The human is powerful enough to resist Death G.o.d's Point."

"The two moves Silver Eye uses to roam Ice h.e.l.l—one of them being Death G.o.d's Point, the other being Silver Stare—pose a threat even to the other four invincible emperors."

"Maybe we can see that move today."

"Pathetic human. If Silver Eye opens his eyes, the human will be doomed."

Silver Eye was also amazed. That ordinary point was one of his secret techniques. He had aced the move time stop, and that soul-eroding move was insidious. However, the human was capable of breaking loose of time stop in such a short time. And that crystal finger was not having an effect on the human, even though it touched him and began eroding his soul.

Luo Feng floated in the sky with his wings open. "Cunning move, indeed. Unfortunately, it's of no use. Silver Eye, show me your other moves."

Although attacking skills were his shortcoming, he had extraordinary defending abilities. He had robust body defense power, and his soul defense was even stronger.

Luo Feng thought, Although I was not able to charge him as he does, I can protect myself with no problem.

"Human, you're indeed strong," Silver Eye said slowly. "I'll leave if you can survive this. All the other creatures. .h.i.t by this move have died except the other four invincible emperors. This… is Silver Stare."


The crack on his forehead slowly opened, changing the speed of time and trembling s.p.a.ce.

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