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In a void s.p.a.ce in Hong Meng Sacred Hall that was unknown to many, Yuan Venerate White Crane bowed respectfully before three shadows and greeted them. "My respects to the three Hall Masters."

Yuan Venerate Almighties stood at the apex of existence and Yuan Venerate White Crane was also the leader of the Seven Sacred Emissaries. Hence, his status could be considered high and mighty.

Only the three Hall Masters of Hong Meng Sacred Hall could be greeted by Yuan Venerate White Crane in such a respectful manner.

The Hall Master seated in the middle said, "White Crane, why did you seek an audience now?"

"Hall Master, I am here to apologize for his wrongdoings. I have to explain why two changes were made to the Hong Meng Heaven Roll in a day," Yuan Venerate White Crane said apologetically.

The Hall Master in the middle did not say anything, but the Hall Master on the left replied, "This is not your fault."

"We already knew when you adjusted the three rolls, but we didn't stop you."

Yuan Venerate White Crane was surprised.

He had believed that it was his responsibility to report to the three Hall Masters the changes made to the Heaven, Earth and Man Roll. However, the three Hall Masters usually did not really care about such changes.

Hence, they wouldn't make any changes either.

As a result, one could say that the two changes that had occurred in a day did not concern the three Hall Masters at all.

"White Crane, we were delighted to discover that you relegated Luo Yunyang to the Earth Roll," the Hall Master in the middle said faintly.

Suddenly, the doubts in Yuan Venerate White Crane's mind were cleared up in an instant.

"Hall Masters, you all wanted to hide Luo Yunyang's ident.i.ty. Could he be the…" Yuan Venerate White Crane paused before he finished his sentence.

"That's right, he's the one that obtained the 18 Creation Origin Sources after entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall." The Hall Master in the middle then added, "We wanted to make him gradually disappear from everyone's sight."

"We could supplement him with the resources in secret, but we did not expect him to break through the sixth Origin Martial Stage directly."

"Now, anyone with keen perception would know that he is the one that reaped the greatest benefits from the Creation Disc."

Yuan Venerate White Crane had never thought that the matter was so serious. He had merely come over to apologize out of courtesy.

He only realized that things were more complicated than he had thought after hearing the three Hall Masters' words. Now, things were no longer within his control. He could only await instructions.

"You must protect Luo Yunyang well. We can ensure his safety in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, but the Mysterious Underworld a.s.sa.s.sins hiding out there will definitely try to harm him once he leaves Hong Meng Sacred Hall."

"Hence, you have to be extra alert when Luo Yunyang heads out for any mission in the future."

"I understand." Although Yuan Venerate White Crane felt a little uncomfortable about being a.s.signed an important task all of a sudden, he didn't dare to reject it or resist.

The three Hall Masters exchanged glances before the Hall Master in the middle said, "Everything will remain as is. You need not care about anything except his safety."

"Without polishing, a piece of jade won't shine. Apart from having a strong foundation, a Yuan Venerate Almighty will also need to hone his skills. An untempered sword will never be sharp!"

Yuan Venerate White Crane left with a heavy heart, even though he was equally excited. He knew that he had to make his best effort to keep an eye on Luo Yunyang's safety but he did not lament about his task at all.

Being able to protect another budding Yuan Venerate Almighty was considered a good experience in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Once the budding recruit became a Yuan Venerate Almighty, the one that protected him would also receive a huge reward from Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang was oblivious to everything that was happening with Yuan Venerate White Crane. He was currently browsing through the records of Hong Meng Sacred Hall that contained ill.u.s.trations or information about the Great Path Golden Lotus.

The Great Path Golden Lotus appeared rarely so it could be considered a rare item. However, there were at least hundreds of records about the Great Path Golden Lotus in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Most of the records elaborated on the uses of the Great Path Golden Lotus.

Although Luo Yunyang had memorized all its uses, this information wasn't too useful to him, as the lotus was still a bud.

What Luo Yunyang was concerned about was how to make the Great Path Golden Lotus blossom.

"Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool!"

Luo Yunyang finally found a record depicting the process called Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool.

The Great Path Golden Lotus would blossom as long as it was submerged in the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool.

However, the record did not state what the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool looked like or where it could be found.

If he hadn't been in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Luo Yunyang would only have searched blindly.

However, now that he was a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, he could simply enquire about the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool if he did not know anything about it.

"I'm looking for information regarding the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool." Luo Yunyang entered his question directly into his communication device.

After a quarter of an hour, information regarding the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool arrived. It really existed, but it did not belong to the Human Tribe. Instead, it belonged to the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, a subsidiary tribe of the Human Race that considered the pool their supreme treasure.

The Sacred Flood Dragon Race was one of the 10 great subsidiary tribes of the Human Race and had always been deferential to humans.

The information even mentioned that it would cost 500,000 Hong Meng Points to use the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool once.

Luo Yunyang was delighted to know that he could actually exchange Hong Meng Points for the opportunity to use the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool. Hence, he agreed to the exchange without any hesitation.

500,000 Hong Meng Points was a hefty amount for other Zongzis. However, it wasn't that much for Luo Yunyang. Furthermore, the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool was much more important to Luo Yunyang than Hong Meng Points.

A short while after Luo Yunyang agreed to the exchange, Cen Tianlong arrived outside Luo Yunyang's residence. His past cold and stern expression was now replaced with a friendly smile.

"Yunyang Zongzi, are you the one that requested the usage of the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool?" Cen Tianlong asked courteously.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Cen Tianlong, who exuded an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate aura, and sensed that he had to know something.

Luo Yunyang replied with a chuckle, "That's right. I requested it because I want to cultivate in it for a while."

Cen Tianlong pondered this for a moment before replying, "The Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool isn't bad, but it's an ultimate treasure that supports the Sacred Wyrm Tribe and has fused with the Cosmos that the Sacred Wyrm Tribe belongs in."

"It would be difficult even for a Yuan Venerate Almighty to move the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool into Hong Meng Sacred Hall. It's good that you want to cultivate in it, but you'll have to leave Hong Meng Sacred Hall in order to do so."

After saying that, Cen Tianlong made a suggestion. "I think that it would be better if you changed your choice."

How could Luo Yunyang choose anything else? The Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool was too important to him. Hence, he reaffirmed his decision without any hesitation. "I need the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool."

"Honorable Zongzi, we shall proceed since you have made your decision. We hope that the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool will benefit you greatly this time," Cen Tianlong said helplessly after seeing how determined Luo Yunyang was.

Luo Yunyang's astonishing performance made him realize that it would be beneficial for him to befriend Luo Yunyang, as there was a high chance that Luo Yunyang would become a Yuan Venerate Almighty.

However, even so, he was still reluctant to let Luo Yunyang leave Hong Meng Sacred Hall. After all, this was the safest place in the entire Human Race's territory.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall was very efficient in the way they handled matters. After Cen Tianlong approved of Luo Yunyang's request, Luo Yunyang was already on his way out of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. He reached the transportation portal within half an hour.

This was a one-way transportation. In other words, one could be transported away from Hong Meng Sacred Hall but couldn't be sent back through the same portal.

"Yunyang Zongzi, your visit to the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool is an important matter. Thus, the Hall Masters have instructed me to follow along." Cen Tianlong appeared before Luo Yunyang once again and spoke with determination.

Luo Yunyang wasn't going to refuse having a strong eighth-level Heavenly Venerate as his bodyguard. Hence, he smiled and said, "In that case, I'll have to trouble Heavenly Venerate Cen this time."

"Yunyang Zongzi, you're being too polite. It's my honor to accompany you on a trip to the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Race." Cen Tianlong, who did not dare to be careless in front of Luo Yunyang, continued to smile courteously.

As soon as Luo Yunyang and Cen Tianlong were able to leave, a message was disseminated by Hong Meng Sacred Hall once again.

"Luo Yunyang has left Hong Meng Sacred Hall. It is suspected that Luo Yunyang is the one who obtained the great creation this time. It is recommended to raise his a.s.sa.s.sination grade to first-sequence."

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe was a large tribe of the Human Race. Although they were not comparable to the Human Race, in terms of power, they were generally considered more powerful than most human elites.

"Ha ha ha… I need to endure longer while I'm in the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool. I have to refine my bloodline and make it purer by 10 percent," a young Sacred Wyrm powerhouse said resolutely in a large hall that was nearly as big as a planet.

"He he… The opportunities within the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool are sizable. No random person could simply obtain the opportunities within."

"How ambitious of you to say that you want to make your bloodline purer."

All sorts of chatter took place amongst the Sacred Wyrm elites who were waiting for their turn. All of them had basically transformed into human beings, and only certain parts of their bodies maintained the characteristics of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

"Everyone, we just received some news. An important figure is entering the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool. We can only cultivate in the outer region this time." Someone amongst the crowd informed everyone.

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