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Chapter 725: Being Crushed

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

There was a tall, imposing sacred mountain, thousands of fathoms high. The middle of the mountain was already shrouded in clouds and a thick mist spread in every direction.

The Three Era Supreme Sect had great influence and power in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos. The area this sacred mountain covered exceeded the size of a planet. This was one of the Three Era Supreme Sect's Three Great Sacred Mountains—the Eternal Sacred Mountain!

Eternal, Immeasurable, and Buddha were the Three Era Supreme Sect's Three Great Sacred Mountains!

Although all of them seemed to be situated on the Pure Sun Great Land, many people said that these three sacred mountains were actually hidden in different voids.

Beneath the main peak of the Eternal Sacred Mountain, a young martialist was currently cultivating. His eyes were closed as he sat in a lotus position on a sparkling jade-like rock. As his aura revolved, a golden dragon and a violet tiger circled around him.

When the young martialist opened his eyes, the golden dragon and the purple tiger protecting him roared at the same time and the sky and earth shook.

“Ha ha ha! Congratulations, Junior Brother Lu! Your Vanquishing Dragon Tiger Mystic Ability has already reached the mid-stage of the Celestial Domain Grade. The nickname Dragon Tiger Emperor Lord really suits you!” Laughter echoed from a distance as a middle-aged man strolled over leisurely. His eyes were bright as he glanced at the young martialist.

The middle-aged man was tall and large. Although his cultivation base was also at the Celestial Domain Grade, he gave off a superior vibe.

“Senior Brother Zhao is praising me too highly. How could my limited cultivation base hope to compete with your Wise King's Wrath?” the person known as Junior Brother Lu said with a chuckle.

His words might sound modest, but Junior Disciple Lu's eyes glowed with a hint of self-satisfaction.

Senior Brother Zhao could clearly sense his Junior Brother's state of mind with a mere glance. However, due to his desire to build a good relationship with Junior Brother Lu, he pretended not to notice his pride.

“Junior Brother, the placings for entering the Divine Sacred Hall are about to be decided. You will probably follow Sky Origin Zongzi into the Divine Sacred Hall for this otherworldly opportunity.”

Suddenly, Senior Brother Zhao said in a fawning tone, “If you encounter some useful items, I hope that you will be able to help bring me back some, Junior Brother. If you got those items, I would definitely never forget that you were my benefactor as long as I live!”

Junior Brother Lu's eyes glowed brightly. “Have the placings already been decided?”

“They are about to be. However, you can rest a.s.sured. Given your influence in the entire Pure Sun Great Cosmos, the various elders will definitely choose you,” Senior Brother Zhao said with a chuckle.

Junior Brother Lu nodded. “This placing was mine to begin with. I don't know how Jin Wuxue got his brain damaged and actually opposed me, insisting instead that the placing be given to some unknown kid.”

“Galaxy-Grade at dawn, Celestial-Grade at dusk!” Junior Brother Lu subconsciously repeated these words. “Is that very difficult?”

“I, Lu Dingxiu, would never be that pretentious. If I did, would any other young people stand a chance?”

Although Senior Brother Zhao cursed silently while listening to Lu Dingxiu's grouses, he still showered Lu Dingxiu with more praise.

“You are an inner sect disciple of the Three Era Supreme Sect, Junior Brother. In the future, you will surely become a core disciple. Furthermore, you are among the top 200 of the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List. I believed that, after coming out of seclusion, you will definitely surpa.s.s the Sky Roc Sage from the Hengtian Sect and rise by yet another spot.”

Lu Dingxiu frowned when he thought about the Sky Roc Sage. In the Pure Sun Great Cosmos' rankings of the youngest generation, he ranked below the Sky Roc Sage. This made him very upset.

However, he had challenged the Sky Roc Sage six times over the years and been defeated by the Sky Roc Sage each of these times.

Although he hadn't lost that miserably, the six defeats had left a psychological scar on his heart.

He knew that this mental scar would only heal if he beat the Sky Roc Sage. However, defeating the Sky Roc Sage wouldn't be easy.

“My Vanquishing Dragon Tiger Mystic Ability is already close to being perfected. Amongst the various sects' rankings, the Three Era Supreme Sect's Vanquishing Dragon Tiger Mystic Ability has placed above the Sky Roc Sage's Sky-Ripping Sword Art.”

Lu Dingxiu breathed in and said, “I will definitely be victorious the next time I encounter him.”

Senior Brother Zhao chuckled. “Junior Brother Lu, the sect's roll of honor is already out. Why don't we go over and check it out?”

“Alright!” Entering the Divine Sacred Hall was extremely important to Lu Dingxiu, not only because of the rare opportunities within the Divine Sacred Hall, but also because he would be accompanying Sky Origin Zongzi. As long as his performance was good, he would be valued by Sky Origin Zongzi.

Sky Origin Zongzi was set to become one of the three big shots controlling the Three Era Supreme Sect in the future. Thus, having the chance to foster friendly ties with such a person was really alluring to Lu Dingxiu.

He absolutely couldn't allow such an opportunity to slip by!

Atop a huge flight of steps was the impressive Bright Calm Hall. Many disciples on the Eternal Sacred Mountain would frequently gather there.

This wasn't Lu Dingxiu's first visit. However, he felt that the atmosphere was different this time. He looked forward to the decision that would be released by the Bright Calm Hall.

Although he and Senior Brother had had a very lively chat, there was one thing he hadn't told Senior Brother Zhao. His master, who was a Universe-Grade powerhouse, had already told him that the decision to let him enter the Divine Sacred Hall was almost set in stone.

The majority of the Universe-Grade Saints were supporting him.

Although Jin Wuxue's actions annoyed him, he knew that he absolutely couldn't retaliate against Jin Wuxue.

His goal might be to become a Heavenly Venerate, but he knew that becoming one was really difficult. In the long history of the Three Era Supreme Sect, only nine powerhouses had become Heavenly Venerates!

These nine Heavenly Venerate existences had helped the Three Era Supreme Sect acquire this unshakable position in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

The nine Heavenly Venerates were high and mighty. They generally didn't interfere in ordinary matters. The true decision-makers of the Three Era Supreme Sect were the group of Universe-Grade Saint Elders.

It was still possible for him to become an elder given his cultivation base. However, deep down he knew that becoming a Heavenly Venerate was merely a dream.

As Lu Dingxiu was thinking about how he was going to retaliate against that fellow named Luo Yunyang, he suddenly realized that the people all around him were smiling strangely.

Their smiles made him feel displeased.

However, even Lu Dingxiu didn't dare be impudent in front of the Bright Calm Hall. As more and more people smiled at him, he walked over to a Junior Brother he was on rather good terms with and asked, “What are they all smiling about?”

This Junior Brother's cultivation base was only at the peak Galaxy Grade. If he left the Eternal Sacred Mountain, he would definitely be able to become the ruler of a planet. However, here, he was just an ordinary disciple.

He really didn't wish to speak to Lu Dingxiu about this matter, but he was familiar with Lu Dingxiu's character. Now that Lu Dingxiu had approached him, he had no other choice but to answer.

Thus, after hesitating for a bit, he replied honestly. “Senior Brother, I heard… I heard that Luo Yunyang defeated the Sky Roc Sage a short while ago.”

“What did you say?” Lu Dingxiu was shocked. He grabbed this Junior Brother as he trembled with rage, forgetting that he was in the Bright Calm Hall.

The Sky Roc Sage was a sore point for him. He would even dream of defeating the Sky Roc Sage in his sleep.

However, the Sky Roc Sage had now been defeated by his compet.i.tor. His heart was riddled with unimaginable shock.

Upon seeing that he was in a daze, the Junior Brother moved away quietly. He didn't dare console Lu Dingxiu. If he said the wrong thing, Lu Dingxiu would unleash his wrath upon him.

“Junior Brother Lu, this is no big deal. Although Luo Yunyang defeated the Sky Roc Sage, this doesn't mean that he is stronger than you. After all, you've always cultivated on the Eternal Sacred Mountain and worked with your senior brothers.”

Senior Brother Zhao had seen Lu Dingxiu lose his self-control. Despite being apprehensive, he still tried to console him as best as he could.

Lu Dingxiu nodded. Despite knowing that Senior Brother Zhao was someone who acted in his best interest and frequently made things up, he was still willing to believe his judgment at this point in time.

Furthermore, he couldn't appear too weak before so many people.

Just as Lu Dingxiu was mulling over how to show that he didn't fear the Sky Roc Sage, someone else came over hurriedly.

That person eyed Lu Dingxiu strangely before walking to the hall's door.

Lu Dingxiu had an ominous feeling when he saw that look. He looked at the person walking towards the Bright Calm Hall and realized that he didn't really recognize him.

Senior Brother Zhao, who was feeling sullen, suddenly said to him, “Junior Brother, I still have some matters to attend to. You can wait a while by yourself. I will return shortly.”

Senior Brother Zhao's departure gave Lu Dingxiu a feeling that the situation wasn't good. However, he didn't stop the leaving Senior Brother Zhao. Instead, he walked towards the Pure Sun Merit Hall, which was to the left of the Bright Calm Hall.

The Pure Sun Merit Hall didn't just contain the various missions issued by the Three Era Supreme Sect. It also filed all sorts of news regarding the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

Among these things was the latest iteration of the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List.

Lu Dingxiu ranked 199th on the Pure Sun Outstanding List. When he entered the large hall, he immediately looked towards that familiar spot.

His name was there. The person at the 199th spot was now the Sky Roc Sage. Above the Sky Roc Sage was a name that had ranked ahead of the Sky Roc Sage in the past.

Someone had climbed the rankings. Please do not let this be Luo Yunyang!

While he was praying silently to himself, Lu Dingxiu quickly looked at the names above the Sky Roc Sage. He went through the names quite quickly and reached the120th name on the list.

Luo Yunyang's name was nowhere to be found!

This outcome made Lu Dingxiu feel a little relieved. As he heaved a huge sigh, he thought that this didn't make sense. After all, Luo Yunyang's name should have appeared above the Sky Roc Sage's!

As his eyes continued to move up the list, he suddenly discovered an extremely familiar name.

Luo Yunyang, 96th!

Combat record: Defeated Sky Roc Sage, defeated Grinding Cloud Daozi, defeated Hallowed Flower Maiden…

Lu Dingxiu exhaled sharply when he saw this string of battle records. He now knew why all those people had looked at him with such strange gazes.

He had been thoroughly defeated!

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