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Chapter 849 Demon Star Appears, G.o.d’s Palace Falls

“It is said that in the past half-year, at least hundreds of big fireb.a.l.l.s fell from the sky, causing waves of shock everywhere. Is it possible that hundreds of demon stars have reincarnated? If so, this world will be in total chaos!”

“This was indeed an important matter. Otherwise, the G.o.d’s Palace wouldn’t have paid so much attention to it.”

“There was once an ancient prophecy that said ‘Demon Star appears, G.o.d’s Palace falls.’ Could it be that the prophecy is about to come true?”

There was a heated discussion among the crowd.

Hearing their words, Ding Hao felt shocked.

Because Chu once said that half a day before he appeared somewhere near the Heavenly Wasteland Tribe, there was also a fireball falling from the sky. The Heavenly Wasteland Tribe had suspected that Ding Hao had something to do with the horrible fireball, but they found no trace of it in the place he was found, so they had to let it go.

However, the discussions he heard were in line with some speculations.

Firstly, hundreds of huge fireb.a.l.l.s fell from the sky within half a year, each of which was wrapped with a figure. The time matched with the time when the battle of Green Wood Cliff on the Land of Infinity happened. Moreover, hundreds of people on the Land of Infinity were sent by the chessboard transmission formation successively. The number of huge fireb.a.l.l.s falling from the sky was the same as that of the population sent by the formation.

Could it be that…

Ding Hao was struck by a thought. Could it be that the G.o.d-level masters who entered the Green Wood Cliff and the geniuses who were transmitted by the chessboard formation were all wrapped in fireb.a.l.l.s when they landed on this world?

“I seemed to have entered this world in this manner as well.”

“However, I forced myself to activate the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword before I entered the formation, so I lacked the power to protect myself. Therefore, after coming to this world, I was in a coma. Fortunately, I met Chu and was saved.”

While he was thinking, he came to the foot of the city gate.

The interrogators were more than 20 soldiers in black armor, all of whom were masters in the Martial King Realm. They had extraordinary strength and were all well-equipped. They looked extremely fierce, and they were carefully checking. Any suspicious person would be questioned several times or would even be arrested.

Ding Hao was also interrogated by the black-armored soldiers. In the end, he secretly gave them ten top-grade purple mysterious crystals and was allowed to get into the city.

Finally, the three of them successfully entered Northern Region City.

This city was really not small. If it was in the Northern Region of the Land of Infinity, it could be ranked among the top 50 cities. However, it didn’t have a long history and seemed to have been built 30 to 50 years ago.

One good thing about such a city was that it was designed very reasonably. The streets were wide and the blocks were square. The Market City and the residential area were separated, and the buildings were basically square. The city was divided into squares of all sizes by crisscross roads.

The city was clearly built at one time.

Soldiers in black armor were patrolling back and forth regularly in the city, and there were also magnificent military camps further away, which looked like military fortresses.

Ding Hao sensed the terrifying power hidden underground all over the city, which was the inscription formation set up under the ground. Even some buildings and slates were engraved with hidden inscriptions. Once all the key points of the city were activated, terrifying power of defense and attack would burst out.

The aura of inscriptions was similar to the ancient runes that Ding Hao had seen in the Sage Battlefield, but these inscriptions were more complicated.

Moreover, Ding Hao saw towering statues of the Emperor of G.o.ds in various places of the city, all of which were worshiped by believers and merchants.

It left a deep impression on Ding Hao because statues were used for decoration in many cities on the Land of Infinity, and very few people would worship them. However, in this world, everything was obviously different. It seemed that hero-worship had prevailed in this world.

It was a busy street full of pedestrians.

Ding Hao was also observing very carefully.

Human society in this world did not look much different from that of the Land of Infinity. There was only a slight difference in clothes. The clothes of people in this world were more exquisite and complicated. They had all kinds of robes, shirts, shorts and vests. People preferred beauty, and their p.r.o.nunciation was close to the ancient language of the Land of Infinity.

The cultivation methods of the warriors of the Human Clan in the city and that of the Human Clan in Oceanic Forest were different. The warriors here mainly cultivated Qi, so there were relatively fewer physical cultivators.

Ding Hao took Chu and Nalan Youxia to find a large inn in the Market City to stay for the time being.

Most of these inns were occupied by businessmen and rogue cultivators. It was a place where people from all walks of life gathered and a place where all kinds of rumors were spread. Ding Hao hoped to get more information about the demon stars there.

The mainstream currency of Northern Region City was mysterious crystals, and gold and silver objects were not valued.

Fortunately, Ding Hao had collected a huge amount of top-grade mysterious crystals from the purple mysterious crystal mine in the Great Abyss at the Back Mountain of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. He could be regarded as a rich man, so he didn’t have to worry about it at all.

After arranging accommodation for themselves, Ding Hao took Chu and her silly brother Nalan Youxia around the Market City.

Even though Ding Hao had roamed the world and seen many things, he was shocked in the Market City.

There were many metals and herbs that could be regarded as natural treasures on the Land of Infinity. Ten-thousand-year-old ginsengs piled up like carrots and were sold by the catty. One piece of mysterious crystals used to cast quality magical weapons could be exchanged for a lot of ginsengs.

Many cubs of the divine beasts that were ranked the 72 Divine Beasts of Earth Evil from ancient times were for sale. They were also caged by martial artists and sold at an extremely low price in Ding Hao’s opinion.

Evidently, these items were not considered rare or precious in this world.

Ding Hao couldn’t help but buy most of the black iron, gold essence, and magic herbs in the whole Market City. These things would never be too much. If he returned to the Land of Infinity in the future, the immense wealth was enough for him to forge countless magical weapons for the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

In less than four hours, the news of a young man buying metals and medicinal materials at a high price spread in the whole market. Ding Hao was simply described as a model of a stupid man with much money. As a result, many caravans and businessmen sent living things they could not sell in daily life to Ding Hao and made a profit happily.

After doing all this, Ding Hao bought a few sets of clothes for Nalan Chu and her silly brother Nalan Youxia.

When Ding Hao returned to the inn at dusk, the hall of the inn was already overcrowded with people drinking and playing the finger-guessing game loudly. People from all parties gathered here and acted wantonly.

Ding Hao said to Nalan Chu, “Chu, take your brother to the room to get changed. Then Come downstairs for dinner.”

The young lady nodded and obediently pulled the silly Nalan Youxia up the stairs.

Ding Hao glanced around the lobby of the inn and came to a table under the window next to the street. There were three or four businessman-like people sitting around the table. Seeing Ding Hao coming over, they looked up warily. Ding Hao smiled and reached out to take out four top-grade mysterious crystals. He said, “Brothers, can I take this table?”

Seeing the charming pure top-grade mysterious crystals, the four merchants smiled and said, “Of course, haha, of course.” As they spoke, they quickly cleared the table and left.

The value of a top-grade mysterious crystal was equivalent to the profit of one or two months of their hard work. Businessmen valued profit a lot. They could get one mysterious crystal just by giving a seat, so they certainly would not refuse Ding Hao’s proposal.

Ding Hao thanked them and sat down to ask a waiter to take his orders.

People around saw what Ding Hao had done, and they couldn’t help but look at him a few more times. “He gave out four mysterious crystals for a seat. This kind of person was either rich or n.o.ble.” Although Ding Hao was plainly dressed, his special temperament made him even more mysterious. People from all walks of life gathered in the hall. Seeing Ding Hao’s generosity, some people had made up their minds to do something.

Ding Hao noticed everything and did not say a word. Instead, he listened to the noises around him and collected information that was useful for himself.

Such a moment and occasion offered him the best opportunity to search for hearsays.

The conversation at a table not far away caught Ding Hao’s attention.

“Hey, have you heard that the army of the G.o.d’s Palace in the Northern Region City has caught a reincarnated demon star? I heard that it’s a woman.”

“No wonder the city is so heavily guarded today. Are they afraid that the accomplices of the woman will come to rescue her?”

“It is said that the G.o.d’s Palace has sent masters to detain this women demon star to the headquarters of the G.o.d’s Palace the day after tomorrow. According to the usual practice of the G.o.d’s Palace, they must kill her!” The men at the table were discussing in a low voice.

Ding Hao’s had an idea in his mind.

“Is there a so-called reincarnated demon star detained in the city? This is a good chance for me. I must find out if my previous guess is right. If I can see that demon star, I will know if she is from the Land of Infinity. In this way, all the mysteries can be solved.”

“It seems that I have to find a way to see that demon star.”

“However, in this way, I would definitely confront the so-called army of the G.o.d’s Palace. According to the information I have got, G.o.d’s Palace was a behemoth in the world with incredible power. There were many masters in it. Provoking it is like poking a hornet’s nest with a stick, and there would be endless troubles in the future.”

“I must find a good solution and I couldn’t act rashly.”

While Ding Hao was secretly planning, he suddenly heard a sharp scream in the corridor above the lobby.

“Who is this brat? You are too lecherous! How do you even dare to touch my young miss? Are you courting death?”

His voice was as shrill as a hen’s, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Then Ding Hao heard a frightened and weak voice apologizing repeatedly, saying, “Sorry! My brother is a little silly. He didn’t mean to do that. I apologize to you. We are really sorry.”

Ding Hao frowned slightly.

It was Nalan Chu who was apologizing.


A resounding slap in her face.

Obviously, Nalan Chu was slapped in the face.

Later, another cold and arrogant woman said, “Granny Rong, don’t argue with these two humble maggots. Whoever touches my clothes must have their hands cut off. By the way, I don’t like the eyes of this little girl. They are too beautiful. How can a person as humble as a slave have such beautiful eyes? Gouge out the eyes.”

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