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Posted on September 21st, 2018Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 54

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Beauty Gifts A Blade Inlaid With Gold (2)

"ZiMei, how about selling this ancient coin to me for one million?" Song Xuan's slender fingers lightly ran across the blade of the coin as if touching the skin of his sweetheart, with an unusual gentleness.

One million?

Yang ZiMei was astonished.

She knew it'd be a valuable ancient coin but didn't know it'd be this valuable.

"Mr. Song, what's the origin of this coin? And what's the meaning of One Knife Value Five Thousand?"

"Near the end of the Western Han Dynasty, there was a briefly established 'new' government by Western Han royal relative w.a.n.g Mang. In Jushe Year 2(7 CE), proceeding to reform the current system of currency, a type of new coin was issued, One Knife Value Five Thousand, the meaning was that this coin in knife form was worth five thousand coins. The knife had a loop and blade made from casting bronze. The knife's loop was like the square holes of the round coins, between the top and bottom of the loop were the two words 'One Knife' engraved with gold, quite resplendent. Its general length was 7.3 cm, weighed 20-40 grams, varying thickness, and the blade was engraved with the three words 'Value Five Thousand'. One Knife Value Five Thousand was the country's earliest and only usage of inlaying gold into coins created, therefore, everyone calls it the golden knife coin. As it's crafted exquisitely, has a peculiar form, and scarce in the world, they are highly cherished treasures of ancient coin collectors as well as mine, especially if procured from your hands." As Song Xuan finished, he also lifted his head to look at her with blazing eyes.

"The golden knife in the poem you recited before with 'Beauty gifts a blade inlaid with gold, how can I reciprocate? Precious Ying, Qiong, and Yao' was about this coin?" Yang ZiMei avoided the heated light in his eyes as she continued to curiously ask.

Song Xuan nodded, "This was a poem written by the Eastern Han Dynasty scholar and scientist, Zhang Heng. Eastern Han already stopped using the gold inlaid knifes but it still existed as a small cultural relic and a type of exquisite creation. It also became a good product to be presented between sweethearts."

Yang ZiMei really hadn't thought one ancient coin would unexpectedly even become romantic gifts for their sweethearts, it had such a blissful concept.

Now, how valuable would this kind of coin be, if it was brought to see someone off, not only would it be a romantic and blissful endeavor but also an extremely money burning action. It's likely a gift any woman would appreciate.

"ZiMei, could you part from this treasure and sell it to me?" Song Xuan filled with expectancy asked.

Looking at the thick white misty qi above the gold inlaid knife, she knew this was auspicious energy rising from the ware and had a strong effect in dispelling evil while protecting one's self which was not something that could be priced.

What's more, this coin also contained a kind of special context.

Song Xuan was very good, if it was the previous life, he was the type of man she'd wanted to marry even in her dreams. However, in this life, what she felt for him was solely favorable impressions and not like the meaning when gifting the gold inlaid knife.

Therefore, she didn't want to sell. Even for a higher price, she doesn't want to sell so she wouldn't give him the wrong impression that could interfere with his life.

"Mr. Song, my apologies, I don't want to sell this gold inlaid knife to you. I only want to save it for the person I'll gift it to." She frankly refused so Song Xuan would understand the way she felt for him were not the sentiments between a man and woman.

Hearing her words, Song Xuan felt as if there was a thin string lightly tugging at the corners of his heart. It wasn't very painful but had a hard to describe discomfort.

Looking at her porcelain youthful face, he could only feel desolate, hating that he'd been born too early, even the courage to pursue her was something he did not have.

Originally, he wanted to purchase the gold inlaid knife and carry it with him as consolation to his suffering and his own illusions. Unexpectedly, she wouldn't even give him this chance and straightforwardly rejected this sentiment.

Although he clearly knew the result, it was still very unbearable.

However, he's more fearful that his sentiments would cause her to distance herself from him.

Seems like he'll have to set her mind at ease.

TL note: welp… I’m a little slow today, didn’t understand why Song Xuan wanted the coin until ZiMei was like “don’t give him false hope”

Come Read it at DarkCirclesTranslations (dot) com instead

Come Read it at D a r k C i r c l e s T r a n s l a t i o n s . c o m instead

Come Read it at Dark Circles Translations . com instead

Caaaammmm rweeeeeedddddd iiiiiiiiit atttttttttt DarkCirclesTranslations (dot) com *insert zombie claws* Reading at the source of translations to keep translators motivated.

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