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Posted on July 15th, 2018Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 48

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Envying to Hate

The crowd of male students had faces of envying to hate as they watched Yang ZiMei fluttered past them, to calmly sit in that empty seat beside Huang YiFeng.

Huang YiFeng was a little nervous as he tightly clamps down his armpits and sat back, not daring to move even a bit.

The reason why he didn't have a tablemate in the past, besides that there was an odd number of people, was mainly because he had some strong body odor. Everyone was unwilling to sit with him, including his neighboring seats.

Now that a Xiao LongNu-esque graceful, even her body carried a light natural elegant scent, Yang ZiMei sat beside him, he started to feel very inferior. All the more, not daring to say much to her.

Yang ZiMei practiced qi techniques so her senses are especially keen. She naturally also smelled the body odor from him but didn't show any detesting. She calmly unfolded a small smile, "h.e.l.lo, I'm very happy we could be tablemates."


Huang YiFeng's tongue struggled as he nervously replied, "I'm…… called Huang YiFeng."

"I'm called Yang ZiMei, please look after me in the upcoming studies." Yang ZiMei saw that the face before her had an honest and straightforward aura but nervous because of his body odor so she tried to express her friendliness as much as possible.

"Study……together." Huang YiFeng got so nervous that he was sweating.

As his perspiration increased, so did his body odor and it started to drift into the surroundings.

Left and right, the students started to cover their nose.

Huang YiFeng worriedly glanced at Yang ZiMei, scared he'd stink her up, the pressure to his psyche became even heavier.

But he saw that she continued to have a calm face with a slight smile, without any expression of despising, as if she couldn't smell his body odor.

Actually, at this time, Yang ZiMei had already shut her sense of smell. Thus, no matter any stench or fragrance, she couldn't smell it.

Teacher Qin KaiWen started his lesson.

His cla.s.s was language arts.

This section was coincidentally explaining : [1]

"The ospreys together, in the continent of rivers. Gentle and graceful lady, a gentleman's match.

a.s.sorted Nymphoides, drifting left and right. Gentle and graceful lady, seeking awake or asleep.

Seek but fail to get, awake or asleep thinking of clothes. Free and leisurely, tossing and turning.

a.s.sorted Nymphoides, plucking left and right. Gentle and graceful lady, companion of the qin.

a.s.sorted Nymphoides, left and right are plants. Gentle and graceful lady, music of bells and drums."

The female students noticed, when reciting this poem, Qin KaiWen's voice had a really never-before-heard low and deep magnetism. And as for those male students, they recited the poem while looking at the peacefully sitting Yang ZiMei, purposely increasing their volume as if trying to attract her attention.

The female students were a little jealous.

Especially the cla.s.s flower, Lin YiTing.

Before, the majority of the guys in cla.s.s often snuck glances at her. Now, the target they're peeping at had switched, giving a blow to her self-esteem. The greatest shock was that her secret crush, teacher Qin KaiWen, seemed as if he had some very special sentiments for that transfer student. His pair of deep and bright eyes would occasionally turn to look at Yang ZiMei.

Jealousy was like a poisonous snake, gnawing at her heart. Biting her bottom lip until it's about to bleed, she kept cursing in her heart: "d.a.m.ned village girl, d.a.m.ned village girl, d.a.m.ned village girl."

As the first time in such a cla.s.s environment, Yang ZiMei felt it was very interesting, it may be because she had never experienced this in the previous life.

Therefore, although she already memorized the content of the poem with one look and understood it, she still seriously listened to the teacher's lesson.

Under the focus of her pair of defined big eyes, Qin KaiWen spent the cla.s.s explaining every detail without miss, vividly interesting, giving one a sense of enjoyment and pursuit.

1. Song/poetry depicting love in the Book of Songs

Come Read it at DarkCirclesTranslations (dot) com instead

Come Read it at D a r k C i r c l e s T r a n s l a t i o n s . c o m instead

Come Read it at Dark Circles Translations . com instead

Caaaammmm rweeeeeedddddd iiiiiiiiit atttttttttt DarkCirclesTranslations (dot) com *insert zombie claws* Reading at the source of translations to keep translators motivated.

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