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Although the disappearance of the egg gave Han Sen some thoughts, he could not confirm any of it.

After splitting the meat of the sacred-blood creature with Ye Yufeng, Han Sen returned to Steel Armor Shelter and ate the meat on the way. When Han Sen returned to the shelter, he had gained two more sacred geno points and now had eighty-five.

After going back to his room, Han Sen summoned the beast soul of the cursed wolf excitedly.

Type of beast soul of cursed wolf: weapon.

A black dagger suddenly appeared in Han Sen's hand. Although it was just a bit more than a foot long, it was heavier than an average broadsword. The blade was so thin that it was almost transparent, making Han Sen feel cold when looking at it.

Han Sen wielded the dagger, and a Z-steel block was sliced in half with no resistance.

Without a good target, Han Sen could not tell what other strengths of the weapon were.

"Super beast soul weapon…" Han Sen almost laughed out loud as he had been overjoyed with his new gain, which was exactly what he needed at the moment in order to hunt super creatures. With this dagger, he would never worry that he had nothing to kill a super creature with. If he ran into the baby golden growler again, Han Sen could kill it without a doubt.

However, it would not be easy for him to go to that island again. In addition, he was not sure whether the baby golden growler would stay on the island. Han Sen had to give up the thought.

Although super creatures were rare, he should be able to find one if he was paying attention. There was no need for him to go that far.

The most important thing was to become stronger himself. After all, super creatures each had its own features. Although he had a super beast soul dagger, Han Sen needed to improve himself further in order to be safe. He also needed time to find a super creature to kill.

Taking out the life essence of the cursed wolf, Han Sen started to lick it. The black crystal gradually turned into black liquid. Han Sen drank it and felt his body cells undergoing incredible changes, giving him a better physique.

"Life essence of cursed wolf eaten. One super geno point gained."

Hearing the familiar voice, Han Sen felt enchanted.

The life essence of the cursed wolf brought Han Sen eight super geno points. Han Sen now had forty-three super geno points. One thing made him feel puzzled. The golden growler was the only creature that spilled out its life essence without its body dissolving, while all the other creatures killed by Han Sen disappeared in thin air.

However, Han Sen knew that he would not get an answer anytime soon, because there was not enough information. He simply gave up thinking on that.

After returning to Blackhawk, Han Sen started to search information related to super creature on the Skynet. In the meantime, he was trying to improve himself further to prepare for the next hunting trip.

It was not that easy to locate a super creature, so Han Sen had to be patient and browse the news of Steel Armor Shelter and the shelters nearby each day.

One day, Han Sen went on Gladiator, which he had not logged in recently. Opening the friend list, no one was online. In fact, Han Sen only had Queen, Desperado, and QHZ in the list.

Han Sen chose to be matched randomly. There were so many advanced players on this platform that he always had something to learn.

Very soon, Han Sen started a fight with an opponent.

Lost, lost, lost. Han Sen had lost a dozen fights in a row and reached the limit of what his body could take.

It was not his lucky day. All the opponents arranged for him by the system were too advanced. The weakest of them also had a fitness level around fifty. The longest he had lasted was less than four minutes.

Han Sen did not care about losing and winning as long as he could practice his skills.

When he came out of the holographic device, Han Sen was soaked in his sweat. His body was still burning, and he felt completely spent.

Keeping his body under the influence of Overload, Han Sen got extremely tired. However, he had become used to it. As long as he took some rest and eat properly, he would recover very soon.


Just when Han Sen left the holographic device and entered the hallway, someone came hastily from the opposite direction. Walking with his head bowed, the guy b.u.mped into Han Sen.

Han Sen was knocked over. He had wanted to move away, but he didn't realize that the guy was not paying attention at all. In addition, he had used the last drop of his energy just now and could not dodge in time.

"Sorry… Sorry…" The guy apologized and pulled Han Sen up hurriedly.

"It's fine." Han Sen got up and waved his hand.

"Brother Han?" The guy saw who Han Sen was, suddenly became overjoyed, and would not let go of Han Sen's hand.

The guy was ordinary looking, in uniform of Blackhawk and with his hair messy.

Han Sen regarded him but did not recognize him. He was not sure why the guy was happy to see him.

"Save me, Brother Han," his schoolmate started to beg Han Sen.

Han Sen was a bit upset. He was not sure if the guy was crazy. They were in a military academy, and the student should be completely safe.

In addition, there was no one around chasing him.

"What's the matter?" Han Sen frowned slightly, watching the guy's hand tremble.

The guy looked left and right. No one was in the hallway, and no one should be noticing them.

The guy was still concerned and pulled Han Sen into a corner before he told Han Sen what had happened.

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