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Ye Yufeng felt more and more odd, his brows knitted.

Suddenly, Ye Yufeng thought of something and appeared to be shocked. He couldn't help exclaiming, "Is that Heavenly Go? Is Dollar a descendent of that person?"

Although Ye Yufeng had heard about Heavenly Go, he had never witnessed it being used. Therefore, he was not sure if Han Sen was using Heavenly Go.

The techniques Han Sen was using made him feel it should be similar to the legendary Heavenly Go.

Although Han Sen was slower than the wolf, he could easily dodge its snaps. When Ye Yufeng looked closely, it almost felt like the wolf was controlled by Han Sen. Before it even moved, Han Sen had already come up with a solution.

Aside from Heavenly Go, Ye Yufeng could not think of any martial arts that could be used in such a way. "Heaven is the checkerboard, and men are my stones." According to the legend, Heavenly Go could be used to control minds and even behaviors of opponents. Some even said that it could be used to predict the future, which was what Ye Yufeng thought Han Sen was doing.

Ye Yufeng did not join the fight, because he had determined that Han Sen was able to defend himself well. If Ye Yufeng tried to help Han Sen, he might even disrupt Han Sen's plan.

Han Sen had never practiced Heavenly Go. He had just learned kiting skills from Queen and had no idea what Queen was practicing.

However, Han Sen did not have time to think about that. All his focus was on the metal wolf.

Han Sen had been extremely familiar with the environment. Every step he made was designed carefully based on his experience in more than a month.

What Han Sen was waiting for was an opportunity, an opportunity to make the metal wolf make one move. For this move to happen, Han Sen had been calculating to the smallest detail. Every step he made was the result of countless calculations.

Only when the wolf made that move could Han Sen launch his fatal attack at the wolf's jaw.

For this moment, Han Sen had thought about the wolf's pattern and character a thousand times.

In addition, for this one chance, Han Sen had been holding back for more than a month and refrained from using his sacred-blood sword and devil sword. Because the spinning spear could not be enhanced by the flame lieutenant, and the fact that Han Sen was holding back himself, he posed the least threats to the wolf. Facing him alone, the wolf was the least guarded at this point, which was exactly what Han Sen needed.

Even if the Chen brothers did not ask to leave, Han Sen would also try to fight the metal wolf alone. Only by doing this could he execute his plan.

Watching the target stepping into his scheme, Han Sen's eyes were as calm as water. Although his heart was beating rapidly because of Heresy Mantra, his mind was extremely peaceful.

Han Sen was clear that this was his only chance, so he could only succeed and cannot fail. To succeed, he did not need to be angry or explosive. All he needed was to perfectly execute his plan with no mistakes.

The wolf was roaring from time to time. For so many days, the wolf had been disturbed by the group repeatedly, so it had wanted to eat them alive for a while.

At this point, Han Sen was facing the wolf alone, but the wolf even hit him, which made the wolf snap harder.

Seeing the creature getting agitated, Han Sen was delighted. The more frantic the wolf was, the more likely he was to succeed.

Gradually, the wolf was led to the designed spot by Han Sen. In other words, Han Sen was forced into a corner by himself.

It was a narrow corner between two stone walls. The two walls formulated an angle of 45°, and there was a large stone about 3 feet tall in front of Han Sen.

If the wolf wanted to attack Han Sen, and must jump over the large stone. In order to do that, the wolf had to jump much higher than usual, which would force it to expose its jaw to Han Sen.

Coming back from death was Han Sen's only option, and Han Sen's only chance.

The wolf was extremely enraged. Seeing that Han Sen who was super sly forced into the corner and had nowhere to go, the wolf couldn't help jumping over and throwing itself at Han Sen, trying to kill him with one blow.

Ye Yufeng who was watching suddenly became pale. As he tried to rush over, he realized it was too late. Ye Yufeng had to watch the wolf going at Han Sen.

Staring at the wolf coming at him, Han Sen stayed still like a stone. The moment that the jaw of the wolf was exposed to Han Sen, he flipped his wrist, and a silver sword covered in black smoke suddenly reached forward. This move was so unexpected that even a human could not see it coming, let alone a creature.

In addition, before Han Sen attacked, he almost seemed indifferent. There was no way of telling his murderous intent. It was a great contrast between how fierce this move was and how cool he seemed.


With the use of Heresy Mantra, Han Sen's heart ran like an engine, making horrendous sounds, which could even be heard outside of his body.

Veins stood out on the body of the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer. Han Sen felt that his muscle and bones were on fire, generating tremendous heat.

Using Overload at its extreme, Han Sen's body was like a volcano. If Han Sen went a hair over, his body would explode.

Different from his burning body, Han Sen's brain was extremely calm. He felt like an onlooker, watching his body turning stronger and stronger and his sword stabbing at the wolf.

Han Sen was exercising both absolute control and extreme fierceness.


The tip of the sword cut the black fur with friction. There were even sparkles.

"Kill!" Han Sen roared and motivated every last ounce of energy in his body, pushing the sword through the fur into the flesh of the wolf.

Blood started to flow along the blade.

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