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The song more livelier than any other songs played corrupted the area.

The young ladies with rosy cheeks were dancing.

I was also one of them.

Whisper whisper.

But is it just me? They all seem to be awkward around me. No, its something different than awkward actually…….

Anyways, they were all glimpsing at me as they made path for me but it wasn't something like 'I have some s.p.a.ce between me so come' but something like 'I'll move so hurry and go!'. It was weird.

Hmm. They probably think its uncomfortable to dance with a princess who danced with Claude. Right……? They don't just hate me, right? Gasp. Moist on my eyes.

I looked around and approached the girl wearing lily on her hair. Great. I chose you!

"The white lily looks really good on you."

She seemed surprised that I stood in front of her and was more surprised when I spoke to her. And I only smiled.

"I also love lily a lot."

Be be accurate, I liked a person with the name. But the girl stood frozen before smiling and blushing.

"Ah, uh, umm. Th, thank you."

"Let's work together well."

"Th, those are the words I should say."

The hands wearing gloves met each others. The hands I was holding was trembling.

This music is for all the ladies dance to dance changing their partners 4 times.

The dance was super simple. If it weren't everything would've been messed up.

3 steps forward after one round, back 3 steps again, one turn, and moving one step to the right to change the partner qas all.

Well, even though I don't know much, I'll get through it by taking hints.

The partner changed right after the song started. The tall girl who's not the lilly girl hesitated but soon grabbed onto my hand.

This was an easy and simple song to dance with so I had some other thoughts floating in my head.

Like what would Claude and the duke be talking about by now.

The duke probably didn't said anything about Jennet because it was quiet. Maybe he was planning on introducing her after this dance.

Thinking this, my partner changed twice. This was the last. It was a really short song.

But this partner grabbed my hand with no hesitation unlike all the other ladies. I flinched at that. I couldn't see well as the song started but this time, it was a girl with brown hair.

"The ribbon on the back of your waist is coming undone."

I had to flinch from the sound coming behind my back.

Water drop, a clear gla.s.s like voice. The beautiful face shining right when I faced her. And the innocent eyes containing curiousity. That colour was crystal blue.

"Could I tie it?"

But I knew it was fate for me to meet this person today. That's why a small mutter escaped my lips.


It was Jennet.

I had thesr thought before. What expression would I be making when I first face her. Will I be able to notice her right away?

The answer was 'yes'.

Jennet opened her mouth seeing me not answering.

"Uhh, is there something wrong?"



Then, something other than the ground was felt under my foot.

Gasp? Did I just step on her?

I freaked out thinking I stepped on the protagonist.

"I'm sorry, it wasn't om purp……."

"It's fine. It didn't hurt a bit."

A smile and a reply came back to me when I apologized. It felt like there were angel light behind her.

W-what is this angel? Isn't this just too much? There's no way it wouldn't have hurt while I'm wearing these high heels! And you've been stepped on with the heel itself! And I heard that short faint 'Ah'.



But I stepped on her again.

Just how much did I step on other's foot during this short dance?! Wahh! I'm sorry, really sorry! Please don't tell Claude later!

But this time, the pain was expressed on her face.

But she still smiled at me knowing I was in a panic.

"I honestly stepped on people a while ago as I was nervous as well."

That's great to know that I wasn't the only o-…… is not what I mean. It can't be. I don't think that Jennet did no matter how hard I think. Sob. Did she say that to make me feel better?

The song that seemed to go for long has finally ended. There were clapping sounds from the places. The ladies on their debutante were all smiling brightly. Jennet spoke to me with a smile.

"I would like to tie the ribbon for you if it's alright."

But I it wasn't easy to speak. Because I felt sick just seeing her face.

"It's fine. The song ended so I'll just ask the others to do it for me."

I refused as if that wasn't acceptable. She opened her mouth to say something, however I hurried and spoke first.

"Anyways, I'm sorry I stepped on you twice. It must've hurt a lot, did you perhaps get hurt?"

"I'm really fine. Please don't worry about me."

"Then it's fortunate. Ah. I should leave now. I don't plan on dancing another. Then have a nice time."

She seemed to have more to say to me but I just left the place, smiling.

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