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The moon shown.

Lucas turned his head to face the moon. Lucas's face glowed under the moon.

Zzzz. He whispered at the same time when the girl's sleeping sound was heard.

"What to do."

He was recently given decisions to make. He would've choose something with no hesitation and get into action immediately after that but he couldn't help but hesitate seeing the girl asleep without knowing anyhting.

This was laughable. Hesitation for a person who does whatever he wants to do, and a person who never got blocked by other people before.

"Should I just leave her be."

But if then, the possibility of this girl would dying is large.

He did calm the overloading mana but it was only permanently. So Lucas was staying by the girl for years to help the girl out.

It was calming the mana down when the mana was unstable.

So if he left now, she would die soon for sure.

Lucas stared down at the girl sleeping while sitting on a chair by the bed. The crimson eyes glowed immortally but then calmed down soon after.

He actually took care of all the things and was now by the girl's side just because he thought it would be fun.

The girl also met his expectations which made him spend more exciting years.


Lucas reached his hand out to the girl's face. The boy who looked to be her age, held the golden hair in his hand.

For a split of time, her hair seemed to turn black but turned back to its colour.

"But should I stay for a while longer."

Lucas muttered seeing at the black haired girl inside this 14 years old girl.

Was she about 20 years old? That mysterious riddle-like women.


The girl moved around as if she was going to wake up any moment. Even so, Lucas didn't stop playing with the girl's hair.

She stopped frowning again.

Yes. Staying for a little longer will be fine.

Lucas has decided, but he didn't forget to warn himself that he had to leave someday.

The next moment, it was only the moon shining on the chair.


Duke Alfius was scolding in the carriage on their way back to the mansion.

"I'm sure I told you not to move around and do stuff on your own at least for today? Its already improper enough to pick a ribbon from the gound and chase after the princess, but to also act that way towards his highness. Are you out of your mind?"

The end of the beautiful debutante. Even so, the girl was still in her fantasy.

"Jennet, are you listening?"


She didn't respond for a while but this answer surprised him. Duke Alfius was at loss of words at her reply.

But Jennet seemed like she didn't mind as she continued to stare blankly out the window.

Duke Alfius looked fl.u.s.tered but soon gave up scolding for today at Isekiel's words.

"Father, today was a big day for Jennet as well. Do it tomorrow if you're going to scold her."

Duke Alfius turned his face around after giving his son an expression. The silence filled the area then.

Because the one who usually raised the mood was silent, day dreaming

A moment later, Jennet who was staring out the window, muttered.


Isekiel was the one to react first hearing that name. He could see the shining itis of the girl.

"So she is my one and only sister."

Jennet whispered under the moonlight. She was right now thinking of the beautiful princess who she gave the ribbon back to and talked.


The one beside her was…….


The carruage started to move.

Jennet stared out the window, dreaming about what happened to her earlier.

Shake shake.

The dream-like night in one summer was coming to an end.

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