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Oh? That were some words with black aura surrounded. I feel something when that person says 'coincidence' , 'planned' or 'made'.

"I am also grateful to see duke Mr. Alfius again."

So what do you want.

"I realized that it isn't long before princess's debutante."

Uh huh. My debutante, so what. I wanted to spit on his face.

"Did you chose a man to go with.......?"

What is this dude asking to me? Trying to know my partner since Isekiel is coming with Jennet?

Are you bragging saying that Jennet is the partner of his number 1 to be husband Isekiel's? Are you thinking that my partner cannot be any better than Isekiel? Huh? To make fun of me?

Haha. This is getting me angry.

Roger Alfius did nothing wrong but I disliked him thanks to the novel.

So I decided to give him a big nice bomb.

"Well of course."

I smiled brightly at Roger Alfius and gave him a fancy toilet kind of news.

"Father accepted to go with me."

Tell everyone to make a way. My partner is the emperor of this land!

It was refreshing. Now you have nothing to say.

Felix was also nofding his head happily beside me. He seemed to be happy.

It was then when I heard Mr. White dog speak with shaky voice.

"His majesty...... You mean?"

He couldn't hide his panic this time.

"His majesty really, for princess's escort......."

Yeah, understandable that he is shocked. This man also probably knows Claude's personality. Kuckkk. I acted shy at his words.

"Of course it was me who asked."

It was best for me to say this to keep Claude's t.i.tle.

So why won't you calm down, sir White. But he didn't as if it was a big shock.

"So, his majesty had listened to princess's wish."

Roger Alfius muttered.

"Haha. How surprising. I already knew but his majesty seem to really like princess."

His voice was calm but I could see it in his eyes that he was thinking something.

Tsk. Look at this sir using his brain again. But I had to be surprised at his next words as it was unexpected.

"Its a shame for us. I was going to ask if princess wants princess's escort and the first dance partner be my son if princess didn't have anyone yet."

"Duke Mr. Alfius's son......?"

"I don't know if you heard but my son came back from Atlanta finishing his studies."

It was my turn to be speechless now.

W-what did this man just say? By his son, he means Isekiel unless he is hiding anither son?l! Are you offering your son to be my escort?

"Looks like I was too late."

No wait, weren't Isekiel supposed to escort Jennet to the debutante? Then why were you planning this?

"Duke Mr. Alfius wanted me to dance with your son?"

"It'd be honour for both me and my son."

So you're saying it wasn't Isekiel who wished for it.

Hah. Am I supposed to be thankful that he didn't use Jennet only but tried to use me as well?

Because him throwing a net at me means that I was a valuable fish he wanted to catch.

"I'm interested in him seeing duke Mr. Alfius talking about him a lot. I'd be able to see him at the party, right"

"Yes. You'll be able to meet him there."

Duke Alfius and I hid our intentions and spoke until we parted saying an awkward goodbye.

Sigh, that moron.

"Things always goes bad for duke Mr. Alfius."

"I know."

Felix was half true I guess.

Hey, I've already met Isekiel informally!

'But it's fine.'

'Next time, I.......'

I remembered Isekiel from last time. Him who smiled as he softly whispered to me under the flowers falling.

"Ah, it's the wizard."

Felix's words distracted me and made me interested right away.

It wasn't rare to see workers from here in Emerald palace than Ruby palace on the pathway to Gannet palace.

And people like mr. White dog and wizards were included.

Seeing a dude with black hair, I forgot who was around me and shouted.


There were no way the black idiot didn't hear because my voice was loud enough for the workers to turn a round to me ib teh middle of their work.

Then Lucas who had the t.i.tle of a handsome genius wizard in front of everyone except for me, turned around.

I got mad looking into his crimson eyes. So I acted a bit mad in front of Lycas who didn't come to see me these days.

"You seem busy these days. It's hard to see you."

But he would only reply manneredly as if he didn't realize my intentions.

"Its not right for a worker in the palace to laze off not doing their duties."

Gasp. What is this money theif saying? I could only make a face at his words.

"True. Wizard is right."

Only Felix nodded at his words.

"I couldn't see you these days due to works. But I am relieved seeing you who seems to be doing well."

Funny. If you really were worried about me, you wouldn't have not come at all to see me.

"I am sorry but I have to go now."

"Huh? Are you really busy?"

I became more confused at his actions.

The wizards from the tower called referred themselves as the 'Black Tower' as they were the wizards from where all the great wizards worked from.

They were being treated well as there weren't many wizards, not even untalented ones.

And I don't know too well but it seemed like Lucas was being respected amongst them. That is probably why he complained about how the other royal wizards were calling him, giving him no time to rest.

I stared at him shooting my curiosity at him however Lucas would just keep on staring me back as if thinking something.

What, you want to fight? Yeah, it's been a while. I don't lose in eye compet.i.tion. I accepted Lucas's gaze and shot my gaze at him right back even though I knew Lucas didn't do anything wrong.

"Excuse me."

He then made a small sound of 'tsk' and reached his hand out to me. I felt something come out from me as I felt his warmth.

Eh? What did he do just now.

"You are not a kid, yet you still are clumsy, princess."

Lucas took something from me with a smirk and realized that it was a leaf.

Huh, weird. I feel more light after his touch.

But I couldn't think about it much longer as he turned back.

"I'll find you more often even though I am busy. Since it looks like princess is missing me."

"Ho ho. What a joke. Maybe its the opposite."

I humphed at Lucas smirking at me.

"Let's go back now, princess."


And my steps back to Emerald palace was surely lighter. It was very refreshing feeling as if I've finished today's work yesterday.


Time flowed fast.

"Happy birthday, princess."


"Thinking our princess is already 14."

"Ah, I'm so proud."

I cannot believe it's already my birthday when the only thing I did was study and practice dancing. Actually I wasn't really interested in my birthday but I guess it weren't for these two in front of me.

Lilly, Felix, Hanna, Seth were all staring at me with a touched face.

"It's not much but its my present to you. I thought of princess while preparing it."

"Here, me too."

"There's also mine, princess."

"Open it."

I awkwardly untied the ribbon in front of these excited people.

"Wow. Pretty."

Felix's present to me was a really fancy heel that would be a perfect fit for my debutante party. The white heels decorated with crystals were pretty as the gla.s.s slippers from Cinderella.

"It goes so well with princess."

I thought Lilly's gift to me was a chest with gems but it actually was a music box with music coming out as the figure spun.

The pretty spinning girl in the music box was top to bottom all gold, and it couldn't be any prettier with some colourful gems planted in it. 


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