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Chapter 1855: Entrance to outer realm star domain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shadowless was busy devouring the metal devouring bugs but Ye Mo looked at these slanted rivers and was a little shocked. The colors were different but the deeper in the valley, the darker the water.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense into the river water but found his spirit sense had this hurting sensation. He quickly took back his spirit sense and walked to one of the rivers and felt his hand in. It was bone piercing cold, Ye Mo almost felt his hands were being corroded by this liquid.

Ye Mo quickly took out his hand but found hishand to be fine and his skin seemed smoother. A powerful feeling surged up.

“This is a body refinement place.” Shadowless stared at these rivers with light in his eyes.

Ye Mo woke up, no wonder the star beasts were that powerful. They had such a body refinement place. and, there seemed to be a type of power in this river, would he be able to learn it?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo rejoiced, he couldn’t cultivate in this place and could only kill, he was long sick of it. If he could body refinement, then it was still cultivation.

He was immortal spirit body tertiary stage, if he reached immortal G.o.d body, even if it was just primary stage, his body would be on par with ordinary immortal emperor body. In that case, even if his power was a little weaker, he wouldn’t fear ordinary immortal monarchs anymore.

Ye Mo sped up to the second river and placed his hand in, a more painful scorching pain came up. Ye Mo knew that if he wanted to go in there for body refinement, he would have to use body refinement cultivation method. Ye Mo realised, the deeper he went, the stronger effect these rivers had.

Those tens of star beasts saw Ye Mo going around in the rivers but didn’t dare to go up. Even those taller than 100m felt very threatened by Ye Mo. The metal devouring bugs almost annihilated them all but this new comer easily wiped them out. It was clear who was the strongest.

Ye Mo just went into a suitable river and said to shadowless “go find a place for body refinement, if those star beasts comes up to annoy us just eat them. If not, them don’t provoke them.”

“I don’t want to eat those mosquitoes.” Shadowless jumped excitedly into a river he had chosen in.

Seeing the two go in, those star beasts breathed easy. There were many rivers here, if Ye Mo just used them for body refinement, it didn’t damage anything and so was fine.

After resting easy, those star beasts gathered up and crushed the remaining metal devouring bugs.

When things calmed down, those star beasts went into the river for body refinement but they would choose a rather further place from Ye Mo and shadowless.

After experiencing the ravage of the nine headed void devouring bug, the low heaven domain gradually calmed down, not because the nine headed void devouring bug didn’t dare to devour immortal cities and sects but more than ten immortal emperors from the grand heaven domain came down together. They battled the nine headed void devouring bug and the owner, eventually no one could do anything to each other so they came an agreement.

That was the nine headed void devouring bug wasn’t allowed to ravage the immortal realm and its master was allowed to set up his own sect in the grand heaven domain. Of course, they could only let it go for those immortal cities devoured.

Immeasurable people died in this disaster, even Mo Yue Immortal Sect lost a few disciples.

Now, it had been another decade since the nine headed void devouring bug disaster and more than three decades since Ye Mo disappeared.

At Fen Du Heaven, Zha Kui immortal city big square, countless immortals gathered again.

This time, there were a few thousand immortal kings and some immortal monarchs.

“Hmph, Yan Jiutian, it’s this guy again.” A handsome man sneered outside the square.

This grey robed man also had a handsome face and when he heard this, he just glanced at the blue robed man and snorted with equal contempt “a loser dares to be c.o.c.ky?”

Then the grey robed man left.

“When Ye Mo comes I want to see how you will be c.o.c.ky in front of me?”

A white robed, veiled female immortal walked over “martial brother Ding, I suspect Yan Jiutian hid his power, perhaps he isn’t immortal king primary stage at all, he’s immortal king tertiary stage.”

These two were Ding Jie and Zhantai Yi. Because Ye Mo mentioned Yan Jiutian and Ding Jie couldn’t find a match but he happened to find Yan Jiutian. Thus, the two fought without saying anything.

Ding Jie was unparalleled in the grand heaven domain but he couldn’t beat Yan Jiutian. If he didn’t have a few life saving magic artefact, he would’ve been killed by Yan Jiutian.

This time they came to Fan Du heaven because the outer realm star domain might be open. For this, almost all the immortal kings came. Of course, more great eternity immortal wanted to go in so they came too.

Ding Jie nodded but after a while he said “after coming back from the star domain, I’m going to find Ye Mo. Ye Mo said he’s going to chaos star realm, I wonder if he went.”

Just when Zhantai Yi wanted to answer, more than ten figures landed on the high stage in the centre of the square.

Most immortals knew the leading person, it was one of the four grand emperors, Feng Kong grand emperor. Behind him was Wei Feng and Dragon River grand emperor.

As soon as Feng Kong grand emperor came out, the immortals at the square fell silent.

Feng Kong grand emperor nodded happily and said loudly “there has been lots of things happening recently. Only a few decades ago we found the small heaven domain allowing many great eternity immortal who have been stuck to reach immortal king. And now in a short while, we found the entrance to another heaven domain.

Of course, it might not be a star realm but based on the chaos chi coming out of it, it’s quite possibly the entrance to an outer realm star domain.”

The people below immediately became excited especially some immortal king peak stages and great eternity immortal peak stages.

Everyone knew that there were entrances to the chaos star realm from low middle and grand heaven domain and going in from each entrance resulted in a different scene.

But over countless years, people have never seen outer realm sat domain.

If the outer realm star domain was nine levels of the chaos 36 domains, then this unexcavated star domain would have countless treasure.

Feng Kong grand emperor waved his hand “everyone calm down, the black whirlpool might not lead to chaos star realm, we only guess so. There’s some laws inside, it would strongly reject immortal emperor or immortal monarch who have mastered a law. Thus, it only allows people who haven’t mastered a law to go in.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiutian frowned, he didn’t know if he could go in. His power returned to immortal king tertiary stage and his s.p.a.ce law was getting complete but because he wasn’t at that cultivation state, his law wasn’t mastered.

He had to go in this if it was the outer realm star domain. it would be dripping in wealth. He didn’t lack cultivation methods but cultivation resources.

“Of course, if this isn’t the entrance to the star domain then there would be danger going in. as for what danger it is, you will be responsible for it yourself.” Feng Kong grand emperor’s tone went cold.

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