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Chapter 1679: Heaven flame nirvana

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As time went on, more and more people were teleported out of the square. The rankings changed rapidly too.

But what people didn’t expect was blood robed immortal Xue Chengxuan being teleported to the square. He wasn’t the most powerful abstruse immortal in Yuan le heaven but he was definitely the most ferocious one. Yet such a person was teleported.

Blood robed immortal had a strange temper and his face was bleak. No one dared to ask what happened. As for the two who teamed up with him, they didn’t dare to say anything before blood robed immortal spoke. Two Zong Piao heaven abstruse immortal who were forced by him to crush their jade cards saw blood robed immortal come out and quickly hid on the side. They didn’t know why blood robed immortal came out but they didn’t dare to say anything.

In the vip room of the square, a few Yuan Le heaven immortal kings saw Xue Chengxuan being teleported out. They didn’t have a good face too. To them, the more people they had staying in the tower, the more spots they had going into the dao seeking tower.

But all the immortal kings were together now and they couldn’t really go out and ask.

“That 79th team is interesting. They were always second last and suddenly rose to 36th a month ago. Later on, it rose to 17th. Now, it just rose to 146 points, it’s 7th.” One grey robed immortal king laughed.

“I noticed it too, this team has a strange way of getting points. It seems to wait many days before adding points again. Each time it adds much more points than other teams. This way, this 79th team might really get first.” Another immortal king added.

“I thought it was Yuan Le heaven Xue Chengxuan but now it doesn’t seem so. Which heaven domain is this squad from?” That immortal king said and didn’t look at the bad faces of Yuan Le heaven immortal kings.

Everyone knew what he meant, Xue Chengxuan liked slaughter. That way, he would get the seven refine stones of others when he killed them and get a lot of points.

The immortal kings of weaker heaven domains said nothing. They knew this team definitely wasn’t from them. They didn’t care about being first, they just wanted a spot in the top ten.

“That zero points team still didn’t get a single point and nor was anyone teleported out. I think they all died.” One Tang Yao heaven immortal king mentioned 41stsquad, he kept feeling that this squad was related to him.

It was very strange indeed, level one of the tower had no threat for an abstruse immortal. How could they not get a single point.

Ye Mo left some seven refine stones and sent the rest all into the jade card. No matter what he would get a top ten spot. He didn’t know how many points were needed to get into top ten, he was by himself after all. So, he sent in all the stones he could except for some.

Ye Mo didn’t wander around freely after being devoured by the immortal devouring flower. That was level five, what if it was a level six or level seven? He might not even be alive.

After calming down, Ye Mo remembered that after releasing Heaven Flame Nine Suns, his heaven flame sent an emotion of excitement.

Was there something near there that could help heaven flame evolve? Or was there a material for mist lotus heart fire to nirvana? Thinking about this, Ye Mo’s heart grew excited. He even wanted to run back there and check but he didn’t lose his mind. The fight with the flower definitely woke up that dual horned tiger. Going over there again was suicide.

He didn’t dare to fight the tiger at all, even if they were evenly matched, who knows if suddenly a vine would pop out from below him and drag him away.

Ye Mo thought carefully, when he released heaven flame, there was nothing buy immortal devouring flowers. If there must be something, it would be…

Seven refine stone?

Ye Mo was shook, he was almost certain it was seven refine stone. When he got the first seven refine stone, he felt there was a fire element inside.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo grew excited. He immediately set up a stealth formation and went into the golden page world.

Ye Mo immediately released mist lotus heart fire and took out a 5 colored stone.

As soon as he did, mist lotus heart fire jumped in excitement. Ye Mo carefully sent the stone to mist lotus heart fire. Before Ye Mo could react, the mist lotus heart fire swept the seven refine stone away.

Immediately, the mist lotus heart fire jumped around and its temperature rose again. The flames color kept changing too.

What is this?

Ye Mo dazed for a moment and immediately grew excited. He could tell that mist lotus heart fire was undergoing nirvana. He had never been able to find something for heaven flame nirvana but now the seven refine stone was it. a five color one could allow mist lotus heart fire to nirvana, then what about six and even seven colored ones?

In his joy, Ye Mo kept throwing 5 color stones into the rolling purple heaven flame.

Ye Mo didn’t know how many stones were needed for mist lotus heart fire to succeed. After he threw all of his stones in, he realized he didn’t have that many. He began to worry, what if nirvana failed?

Seeing the rolling flames, Ye Mo stopped throwing in seven refine stones. He only had lower than 5 colored ones now. If nirvana failed, he could only use Blue Like Morning Sky.

Because of Qin Nianmei’s ore, his Blue Like Morning Sky is purple now but it was a very faint purple.

Ye Mo didn’t plan to use ordinary materials to nirvana Blue Like Morning Sky. He didn’t get this flame easy, it’s very rare and one has to get the flame’s recognition to own it. Ye Mo decided that if he couldn’t find astral flame marrow, he wouldn’t nirvana Blue Like Morning Sky.

He would either not have it or have the best.

A day later, the mist lotus heart fire calmed down and turned into a purple flame floating in his hand.

Ye Mo looked at the surroundings of this flame in shock, there was a faint golden ring around it, the second golden ring was also visible sometimes.

Mist lotus heart fire not only succeeded but was also about to reach purple nirvana level two. This seven refine stone gave Ye Mo too much surprise.

Feeling mist lotus heart fire that was many times stronger than before, Ye Mo couldn’t help exclaiming. It was too powerful.

After looking at the flame for a long while, Ye Mo put it away. He finally understood what the seven refine stones were for.

No wonder the tournament was to gather seven refine stones. With this thing being this powerful, Ye Mo wasn’t going to keep sending it into his jade card.

No matter how dangerous it was, it wasn’t going to stop Ye Mo from seeking seven refine stones. He was already imagining his heaven flame reaching purple nirvana level four and evolving to an immortal flame.

Ye Mo didn’t keep wasting time in the golden page world, his main purpose wasn’t immortal spirit herb anymore but seven refine stones.

In the next two weeks, Ye Mo gathered seven refine stones at level five like crazy. Sometimes, even if there wasn’t a sleeping level five immortal spirit beast he would go steal it.

He was injured a few times and almost eaten a few times. Luckily, his powerful five element mobility and stealth cultivation method saved his life again and again.

When Ye Mo found the entrance to level six, he already had 32 five coloured stones.

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