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Chapter 1672: Abandoned again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

From other people's discussions, Ye Mo soon knew who Blood Robed Immortal Xue Chengxuan was, he was the most murderous abstruse immortals in Yuan Le heaven. He can easily kill great unity immortal. Those who offended Xue Chengxuan would be killed no matter how far he ran. This person also liked to bring his anger on others, if you offend him, even after you were killed, he would still kill your friend if he met him.

It was this that Xue Chengxuan got the t.i.tle blood robed immortal. He has a spirit hound that can sniff you out no matter where you went.

Heaven sword immortal Fu Lingtian was the most talented sword immortal in Yuan Le heaven, he was top ten of the Yuan Le heaven heaven immortal leader board. He could also kill great unity immortal but unlike blood robed immortal, he has his principles.

Xuan Len G.o.ddess was the most proficient at using G.o.d arts in the Yuan Le heaven heaven immortals. Under her G.o.d art, even great unity immortal would die. She was also someone no one dared to mess with in Yuan Le heaven. She is cold and prideful, but as long as you don't offend her, she usually wouldn't look for trouble.

Every prodigy of Yuan Le heaven seemed to have their own glory. Ye Mo was enjoying the good story time when suddenly a fierce force rose from the square and pressed down.

Ye Mo was shook and immediately looked down taking back his force and trying to calm himself down.

It wasn't just Ye Mo but all the immortals in the square stopped their discussions.

The powerful force seemed to have blown past like a breath and a grey robed immortal landed on the main stage and disappeared.

Soon, tens more immortals landed and Ye Mo found that the three immortal kings of Zong Piao heaven were among them.

Tens of immortal kings gathered at the dao seeking square. That pressure seeped out again. Even though the immortal kings didn't do it intentionally, other immortals didn't dare to breath loudly anymore.

Ye Mo breathed easy, he noticed that the grey robed middle aged immortal was also an immortal king but probably immortal king tertiary stage. He didn't know if this scene was worth an immortal monarch coming or if there was immortal monarch in middle heaven domains at all.

No one dared to discuss and Ye Mo didn't know who this grey robed immortal king was.

The grey robed immortal king scanned everyone and said loudly “I'm Yue Le heaven Yi He immortal king, the person responsible for the dao seeking tournament.”

Ye Mo felt like his clothes were being burned when He Yi immortal king scanned him. Ye Mo was shocked. This He Yi immortal king was too scary. The freedom king was nothing compared to this He Yi immortal king.

“This Dao Seeking tournament is very important, everyone who had partic.i.p.ated in dao seeking tournament knows that only heaven immortals can partic.i.p.ate but the results affect whether the great immortals and status immortals of each heaven domain can go into dao seeking tower.”

Ye Mo didn't understand this. he had never heard about this part before.

“This tournament will be divided into three rounds, a total of 600 partic.i.p.ants. Because this time it happens to be the opening of the 7 Refine tower that opens every 100,000 years, the first round of the tournament will be trial in the 7 Refine tower. Everyone can form teams but each team must not have more than 7 people…”

Before he finished, He Yi immortal king's voice was covered by all the discussions. Ye Mo had never heard of the 7 refine tower but from the looks of the immortals around him, this 7 refine tower seemed scary. Meanwhile, the Yuan Le heaven partic.i.p.ants were rather calm.

From their discussion, Ye Mo knew that the 7 refine tower was divided into 7 levels but never opened until every 100,000 years. Each level was a crazy and b.l.o.o.d.y world, the higher up you go the more dangerous. Most ordinary immortals rarely survive.

When everyone's discussion died down a little, He Yi immortal king pressed down with his hands and the discussion stopped completely.

“The 7 refine tower is indeed very dangerous but the fortunes there are amazing too. The immortal spirit herb and rare materials are very precious. Anything you get you can keep.

There are seven levels, the team that pa.s.ses the first level gets one point, second level 5 points, third level 10 points, fourth level 20 points, fifth level 40, sixth level 80, seventh level 160 points. Of course this isn't the only means to get points, there are a lot of 7 refine stones in the tower. The more color the stone has the more points, one colored stones are worth one point, 7 colors are worth seven points…

I need to remind everyone that no matter how many colored stones, there would be immortal spirit beast guarding them. Of course, everyone who goes in can get a transmission rune. You can crush it in time of danger to come out. After the match ends, teams will lose two points for every member that dies…”

The square was dead silent now. there was a hole in the rules, this meant that it allowed two teams to attack each other. If one team kills someone from the other team, not only would they get the 7 refine stones but they would also make the team lose points.

Ye Mo didn't care about this. he was thinking about what the 7 refine stones were.

He Yi immortal king said calmly “the top ten teams of the first round can each get a heaven immortal spot into the dao seeking tower. The second and third can get a great immortal spot on top of that. The first squad can also get a status immortal stop on top of all that.

Ye Mo finally understood why the dao seeking tournament was related to status and great immortals going in the dao seeking tower. It was decided based on the results of the first three rounds. Kai Feng Immortal king didn't say this because he knew it was impossible for Zong Piao heaven to get this.

But Ye Mo could guess that the immortal kings didn't want to give up on this.

Seeing everyone understand, He Yi immortal king nodded “All the partic.i.p.ants now come with me to teleport inside the 7 refine tower. I hope everyone can get a good rank and contribute to your heaven domain so your immortal kings didn't send you over in vain.”

Ye Mo looked at the three immortal kings from Zong Piao heaven and could understand why they felt bad. Every time, they could only see other immortal kings go in while they had to go home.

When the contestants came to the 7 refine tower square, there were hundreds of thousands of people here and more were coming.

Some merchant towers set up signs saying buying immortal spirit beast cores from seven refine tower and high level immortal spirit herb as well as materials for a high price.

Some sects also put up signs wanting to take in prodigy immortals from the 7 refine tower. Some talented immoratls would definitely want to stay at Yuan Le heaven and a good sect was important.

People needed to form squads before going in and the contestants soon formed their own teams. Ye Mo found the Zong Piao heaven soon formed 7 squads with each squad having 7 people. No one wanted to be with him.

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