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At the same time, Ye Mo's lightning sword smashed down. Seeing Zi Xu's force, Ye Mo knew it should be fine hacking open this terrifying mist spear. Now that Yan Jiutian was ambushed by shadowless and paused for a moment, he wouldn't be able to escape his lightning sword.


Zi Xu hacked on Yan Jiutian's chest but Ye Mo dazed. He almost didn't believe his eyes. He clearly felt the distance between Zi Xu and Yan Jiutian suddenly increase. The strike that should've sliced Yan Jiutian in half only left a deep gash on Yan Jiutian.

The main reason was that the distance between them suddenly increased, without any premonition.

Ye Mo was certain that increase in distance wasn't something that could be achieved by Yan Jiutian retreating. Yan Jiutian couldn't' retreat, he was certain that s.p.a.ce appeared out of nowhere. Just like how the nine headed void devouring bug makes s.p.a.ce disappear for no reason. Now, s.p.a.ce appeared for no reason.

"s.p.a.ce law…" Ye Mo called out in shock.

He instantly realized, Yan Jiutian was a mere abstruse immortal tertiary stage but he learned a sliver of s.p.a.ce law. This was too terrifying. This was something only top status immortals could learn. One at least had to be above immortal king to learn this or must be a very talented immortal king. Yan Jiutian was only an abstruse immortal tertiary stage.

This was different to the nine headed void devouring bug, that nine headed void devouring bug had a natural ability but Yan Jiutian truly learned this s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.

Ye Mo also knew why he felt this terrifying thing on Yan Jiutian. This guy touched on s.p.a.ce law.


Suddenly, the black spear split and still pierced into Ye Mo's chest.

The spear couldn't penetrate Ye Mo entirely but he splashed no lesser blood than Yan Jiutian.

"Immortal nirvana body…" Yan Jiutian was no less shocked than Ye Mo. Ye Mo was only an abstruse immortal middle stage. His means were this terrifying and was an immortal nirvana body. Just where did this insane abstruse immortal come out from? what ambushed him before?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The silver dragon was smashed again and looked even more withered. He retreated next to Yan Jiutian.

Although Ye Mo and Yan Jiutian were both heavily injured, Ye Mo was immortal nirvana body and recovered much faster than Yan Jiutian.

Yan Jiutian knew that if it wasn't for his s.p.a.ce law, he would've lost his life. Seeing Ye Mo's power rise again, he knew that if he stayed here today he would probably die.

He felt very depressed. He would smirk in contempt if someone said he was no match for an abstruse immortal middle stage but now he erally was no match for an abstruse immortal middle stage. It's not that he wasn't strong but this abstruse immortal middle stage was too absurd. He was certain Ye Mo didn't hide his power.

"Lightning element, immortal nirvana body, and such terrifying means. I see." Yan Jiutian ate a few pills and his force rose drastically. He knew he was no match for Ye Mo but he really didn't want to leave this place.

"I just want that jade slip, you can have the rest and I'll give you 5 million contribution points." Yan Jiutian said heavily.

Ye Mo seemed liked he didn't hear this. he suffered this much today and this b.a.s.t.a.r.d wants him to compromise. Keep dreaming.

Zi Xu sliced out again, Illusion Cloud domain kill strike.

Purple sprayed all over the heavens.

Feeling the s.p.a.ce around him change, Yan Jiutian's face changed. He still had killing blows he didn't use but he knew Ye Mo also had killing blows he didn't use.

Yan Jiutian didn't hesitate at all now, the black mist circulating around him exploded and instantly formed a dark ray. The jade slip was important but it wasn't as important as his life.

When Zi Xu sliced across, the dark ray disappeared.

"So powerful." Ye Mo ate a few pills and felt very threatened by this Yan Jiutian. Although he won today, that was because Yan Jiutian couldn't completely use his s.p.a.ce law and Yan Jiutian didn't know he had so many means. If the two met again, it wouldn't be so simple to gain the upper hand.

Yan Jiutian was the most powerful same level opponent he had encountered. That black mist was even a little more powerful than world rock.

If possible, Ye Mo would kill Yan Jiutian at all costs but he knew he wouldn't be able to stop Yan Jiutian from going.

Ye Mo sighed and smashed the world rock on the restriction.

After the restriction was broken, Ye Mo immediately charged on the stage. He took the sky mobility gold and the jade slip while sweeping away the aqua stage into his golden page world.

As soon as he did this, the altar lit up. Ye Mo was immediately about to charge out but he couldn't resist at all and was surrounded by the light and disappeared.

Ye Mo calmed down once he was bound by the light. He knew this was probably a teleportation formation. He didn't know where it was to but he couldn't tell it was a teleportation formation before at all.

Ye Mo felt a little dizzy, he forcefully controlled his sea of consciousness making himself stay conscious.

Luckily this process wasn't long and in just tens of seconds, Ye Mo fell to the ground.

Ye Mo looked dazily at what was before him. A huge, grand and ancient palace appeared before him.

This gigantic force made Ye Mo even want to kneel down and pray to this palace.

Ye Mo forcefully hacked out a few spirit sense blades in his sea of consciousness and barely controlled this urge to kneel down. He was shocked, what was this place?

After a long while, Ye Mo came back to his senses and studied this palace. It wasn't big but it was very tall. Even his spirit sense couldn't reach the top.

There was a huge altar in front of the palace, there was a few candles burning on the side. These few candles gave him an extremely eerie feeling. What candle was this, burning after all these years.

Ye Mo walked a step forward.


A soul shocking sound appeared in his sea of consciousness, Ye Mo subconsciously shivered. Was this footstep sound?

Ye Mo didn't keep going forward, he carefully scanned the 8 candles before reaching a golden statue. It was a very fat middle aged man but he seemed ethereal.

Before Ye Mo moved his spirit sense away, that same sound appeared again.

"Those who vindicate my dao, receives my heritage, serve me as master… kneel…"

"Those who vindicate my dao, receives my heritage, serve me as master… kneel…"

This sound repeated again and again as though striking the depth of one's soul.

Ye Mo suddenly had this intense pious urge to kneel and worship but the next moment, the Three Birth Chant led immortal essence in cycles and shivered Ye Mo. Before he could do anything, Zhen Bingyu dashed out of the flying snow orb.

Ye Mo caught her the instant she came out. Before she could kneel down, he knocked her out and sent her into the flying snow orb.

Ye Mo closed his eyes and ran the Three Birth Chant like crazy. That pestering sound slowly dissipated from his brain but it was still in the palace.

After a long while, Ye Mo opened his eyes.

If it was someone else, he would've probably knelt down, even that Yan Jiutian. Sending him off was helping him.

Ye Mo had always been cultivating under the bitter bamboo and used the Three Birth Chant born from the chaos. His mind was firm like a boulder. Even heart demon couldn't affect him.

Although Ye Mo hadn't come into contact with dao vindication masters but he wasn't an idiot about dao.

The Three Birth Chant thought that. Dao people created itself, those who achieve great dao are born from all the things in the world. dao gives birth to one, one becomes everything.

This everything includes himself but Ye Mo knew that no dao could be vindicated from someone else. Dao vindication came from relying on one's own great wisdom, perseverance and fortune…

Yet the first thing this palace said was "those who vindicate my dao…" it was completely opposite to his understanding of dao.

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