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Chapter 1661: Scammed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo wasn’t going to go somewhere, at least not very far, before the opening of the immortal well. He just wanted to tell Zhen Bingyu that he was going to the marketplace but he really just wanted to go see if there are any news of recovering spirit roots there. It was slim but better than doing nothing.

He set up another trap and attack formation at the cultivation home before going onto the streets again.

In the city square, Ye Mo looked at his ranking. 11 million contribution points, ranked 41st on the heaven immortal leaderboard. The first on the leaderboard was 16 million, it wasn’t Xu Ji but Chu Xiangzi.

Ye Mo didn’t care who was first. He felt very safe with his rank. He believed that no matter how he dropped, he wouldn’t go below top 50 in this half month.

Ye Mo still had a few million more beast cores. Altogether, he would have nearly 16 million but Ye Mo didn’t dare to use it. If he used too much and couldn’t stay in top fifty then it would be bad.

Ye Mo walked around in the market place and the merchant towers but didn’t buy anything. He just wanted to see if there was news of clear mind spirit or any immortal spirit herb that could repair spirit root.

However, he was unlucky. He had been to a few marketplaces and tens of merchant towers but everytime he asked about spirit root recovery pill and immortal spirit herbs, people looked at him like he was an idiot. Even if there was such a pill, would an abstruse immortal be able to afford it?

Luckily he didn’t ask for Clear Mind Lotus or people would take him for a madman.

After one day, Ye Mo was not only tired but also disappointed.

When Ye Mo walked out another merchant tower, he was stopped by an abstruse immortal primary stage. “Immortal friend, please hold up.”

Ye Mo turned back and looked at him in confusion. “You have some business with me?”

The abstruse immortal primary stage. “That’s right, I heard you were searching everywhere for spirit root recovery immortal spirit herb and pills…”

“You have it?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked but then immediately became wary.

“I don’t,” the abstruse immortal said.

Ye Mo frowned but said nothing.

The abstruse immortal primary stage continued, “I don’t have this immortal pill but I have the news of a level six immortal spirit herb Spirit Red Lotus.”

Then he looked at Ye Mo’s expression wanting to see what Ye Mo thought.

Ye Mo knew Spirit Red Lotus of course. It was a level six immortal spirit herb, it could be used to concoct the Clear Disaster Pill to purify spirit root and stabilize essence spirit. It would also increase chances of reaching great immortal.

The Spirit Red Lotus was good but it was a far cry compared to Clear Mind Lotus. It was not very useful to Zhen Bingyu.

“This thing has no use for me. it’s just an immortal spirit herb for concocting Clear Disaster Pills. I don’t need it.” Ye Mo waved his hand.

“Don’t be in a rush to reject. It’s useless to you but it’s useful to Immortal Forest Tower.”

“What has this got to do with me?”

“Of course it does, Immortal Forest Tower has a level seven immortal pill Spirit Recovery Golden Pill. It’s said that it has some use for recovering spirit roots. The Immortal Forest Tower made a restriction. That is, if you want to buy the pill you must have Spirit Red Lotus.”

“Spirit Recovery Golden Pill?” I asked a few pill towers how come none of them knows anything about Spirit Root Recovery Pills?”

“It’s very simple because they think you can’t afford it. ”

Ye Mo frowned. He was an immortal pill great master but he had never heard of some Spirit Recovery Golden Pill.

“if you don’t want it I’m going.” The abstruse immortal saw Ye Mo frown so he laughed.

“How many immortal crystals?” Ye Mo asked.

“10000 contribution points,” the abstruse immortal said.

“Too expensive.” Ye Mo turned to leave. He felt this guy was unreliable. He was going to confirm at the pill tower if there was the Spirit Recovery Golden Pill.

Seeing this, the abstruse immortal added, “Lowest 5000 contribution points. If not them I’m going.” He was about to leave.

Ye Mo saw this and stopped him. “Tell me the news and I’ll give you 500 contribution points.”

Regardless if this guy was a liar, Ye Mo didn’t care about 500 contribution points. It would be bad to miss it but if this guy didn’t agree then never mind.

“Deal.” Unexpectedly, this abstruse immortal primary stage took out a tattered jade slip to Ye Mo without hesitation.

Ye Mo felt he was tricked but since he agreed he couldn’t’ regret. He could only swipe 500 contribution points to this abstruse immortal primary stage.

Seeing that Ye Mo’s jade card was yellow, he smiled. He was very satisfied. How many immortal crystals could a yellow jade card immortal have? To be able to trick 500 contribution points from him was all his skill.

The abstruse immortal primary stage immediately disappeared after getting the contribution points.

“Friend, you got scammed. w.a.n.g Liu is the biggest scammer here,” a good hearted abstruse immortal tertiary stage said.

“Thank you.” Ye Mo heard this and knew he might’ve really been scammed but this jade slip seemed a little broken. It didn’t seem to be newly made to trick people.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned inside, he immediately saw an immortal spirit herb. The image was very obfuscated and so were the writing. The location was very obscure too, Kong Ji Ranges. That was around 100,000 km from here, not too far. But the range was big, how could he know where the Spirit Red Lotus was?

The image was so obscure that w.a.n.g Liu outlined it before it could be seen clearly.

He didn’t look at the outline, he wanted to forcefully see if this was Spirit Red Lotus before being outlined.

Other people wouldn’t be able to do this but his spirit sense was something else.

When Ye Mo fuzzily saw the original image, his hands almost shook, nearly crushing this jade slip.

“was I thinking too much?” Ye Mo put away the jade slip still feeling his hands were shaky. He clearly saw a clear mind lotus not Spirit Red Lotus.

These two looked similar but red lotus was dark red while clear mind lotus was snow white. One was level six immortal spirit herb one had no level.

Ye Mo had decided to go see. There was still half a month before the blue lightning mountain opened. He could check it out.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo had decided to leave the city. He would find a quiet place to study this jade slip first.

Ye Mo sped out of Qing Mo immortal city and just when he wanted to find a place, a blue figure dashed out of the city quickly and left on the flying magic artefact.

Ye Mo recognized this figure, it was the kind hearted great extreme immortal that rented them the cultivation home.

She didn’t go very far and a grey figure came out. He took out a mirror and scanned before releasing his flying magic artefact following to the direction the female immortal disappeared to. It was another great extreme immortal.

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment and followed over with Blue Moon.

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