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1000 extreme grade spirit stones were set into a spirit gathering formation. This formation disk didn't need a lot of spirit chi but just in case he still set this up. He only had one chance.
He knew that less than one percent of these spirit stones would be used after the activation but he didn't mind.
Whoever can get those unused spirit stones would be their fortune. These spirit stones can keep one healthy and extend one's life even if they weren't absorbed.
Then, Ye Mo took out the Fish Jump Through Dragon Gate formation disk and placed the yin yang fish and the dragon door disk together. Ye Mo placed the formation disk in his hand and started inserting cultivation essence. soon, it left Ye Mo's hand and started spinning quickly.
It started off slow but as it devoured the spirit chi from Ye Mo's spirit gathering formation it spun rapidly until a faint light enveloped Ye Mo.
15 minutes later, there was a sudden explosion and a black figure disappeared. Nothing was left in this desert but only the remnant broken dragon door disk showed that someone had left here.
Ye Mo realized that instant that even if he dind't use extreme grade spirit stones, this s.p.a.ce transmission formation disk would still be useful but Ye Mo didn't care. He cared about if he could use this opportunity to learn about s.p.a.ce transmission.
But Ye Mo realized he overestimated himself. Even with his powerful spirit sense, he was a little dizzy. He couldn't check his surrounding at all. If it was some ordinary person, he would've fainted already.
Thud. Ye Mo woke up and he found he was on an island.
Heartless Sea? Ye Mo looked around and rejoiced. He knew he came back to the Heartless Sea indeed. It didn't teleport him to any big state and he still landed in the Heartless Sea. some minor problems probably happened to the s.p.a.ce formation disk. Otherwise, he wouldn't be falling into the Heartless Sea.
Not everyone could leave the Heartless Sea safely but Ye Mo didn't mind. He still had a flying ship from Yin Xu and that flying ship's speed is just a little lesser than Blue Moon. With his current power, it would be completely for it to fly back to South Peace State.
Ye Mo stood on the coral island and sighed. He just needed to confirm how far South Peace State was.
Ye Mo took out a compa.s.s and wanted to see where he was in the Heartless Sea. just a few thousand km ahead, there was a powerful cultivation essence wave.
People were fighting? Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense over and soon, he was speechless to find that he knew all three of them.
It was a truth realisation state level six and a truth realisation state level nine wanting to stop a truth realisation state level four female cultivator. This female cultivator had low cultivation level but was very powerful and charged out of their barricade many times.
That truth realisation state level nine and truth realisation state level six were the cultivators Ye Mo had seen in the Dragon Teng palace. The female cultivator was the Lost Soul Ruins nude female cultivator Miao Huizhen. After his deal with her, she said he saved her and would forever treat him as her benefactor.

Ye Mo didn't mind as if he didn't save her, she wouldn't let him go. Luckily, she was credible and didn't attack him after he saved her.
But even though she was very powerful, she was only truth realisation state level four and was heaving injured under the combined attacks of the other two cultivators.
Ye Mo didn't intend to join this battle and just when he was about to leave, he saw her flying towards him. Ye Mo immediately knew that her spirit sense scanned him and wanted to use him.
Ye Mo cursed her, she completely forgot what she said about him before.
Ye Mo hid his power again. He was scared of trouble but he wasn't scared of these truth realisation state cultivators.
Moments later, they came to where Ye Mo was.
"it's you?"
The three said in unision.
Miao Huizhen frowned after saying this but the other two were overjoyed.
"I've been searching for you for so long. I finally see you again today. Great, this is great. I'm Lan Qirui, Qitian island leader." That truth realisation state level nine quickly said.
Heaven grade level seven pill king, one that was about to reach heaven grade level eight pill king. What was more enticing than this in the Heartless Sea.
"I'm Huang Qi of Yi Lin island." The other truth realisation state level six introduced. If it was some ordinary low level cultivator, he would've kicked him away already.
"so it's island lord Lan and island lord Huang, I didn't expect for us to meet again so quickly." Ye Mo saluted with his fists calmly. He wanted to get back to South Peace State as quickly as possible but he could ask the two the way.
Ye Mo said to Miao Huizhen "sister Miao, we met again so quickly too."
Before she could talk, Lan Qirui laughed "so sister Miao is pill king Ye's friend, then you're our friend, apologies for the offense before."
Moments later, Miao Huizhen realized she went from being hunted to being a friend. Ye Mo hid his power but Miao HUizhen knew Ye Mo was only cauldron filling state level two. Ye Mo was this young, how could he be a pill king?
"this place isn't very far from my Qi Tian island, come with us to my island pill king Ye, it's a shabby island but we won't mistreat pill king Ye. We can have a celebration, by the way, you must come haha." Lan Qirui said.
Miao Huizhen was locked up in the Lost Soul Ruins but she knew from these simple words that Ye Mo really was a pill king and these two clearly didn't want to let Ye Mo go.
Realising this, Miao Huizhen got a headache. She had sworn before to treat Ye Mo as her savior but she can't even save herself now, clearly it was impossible to save Ye Mo.
But if she didn't help, her oath was very deadly. Divine d.a.m.nation devouring her heart, that was breaking off her dao path. Thinking about this, Miao Huizhen regretted coming here.
Ye Mo smiled plainly "very sorry but I have other business, I can't go with you to your shabby island."
Lan Qirui was being humble saying his island was shabby, and he invited Ye Mo with underlying threat intentions. This pill king Ye was too c.o.c.ky. Lan QIrui's face sunk immediately.
Huang Qi suddenly reached out with his cultivation essence giant hand and sneered "it's not up to you."
Ye Mo sneered and released his power. His domain expanded and before Hang Qi's cultivation essence giant hand reached Ye Mo, it crippled. Immediately, Huang Qi felt he was bound completely.
"perfect domain…" Huang Qi said in shock wanting to break free.
He did break free but because of his underestimation, he doesn't have the chance to release his magic artefact. One purple ray flashed and Huang Qi was split in half. An essence spirit was then crushed by Ye Mo's cultivation essence giant hand.
One move, one move and Huang Qi was dead. No matter how Huang Qi underestimated Ye Mo, he was a truth realisation state middle stage. Lan Qirui's face looked bad and Miao Huizhen was so shocked she couldn't' speak.
Lan QIrui immediately realized Ye Mo was definitely a truth realisation state cultivator, a very powerful one. He definitely hid his power last time.
With Ye Mo's lethal strike, Lan Qirui estimated that even he was no match for Ye Mo. Such a powerful truth realisation state cultivator and a high level pill king, Lan Qirui didn't want to be enemies with him. He smiled awkwardly and saluted with his fists "since pill king Ye doesn't want to come to my shabby island then I'll be leaving first."
Then he was about to leave.
But Ye Mo said calmly. "island lord Lan is so free, coming and going as you please."

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