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"What is this...?"

Kratia's grand magic had fulfilled her objective of killing the knights protecting the Corps Commander, and she safely retrieved the Eternal Ice, which served as the core for the ice spear. By the time she had enough time to sigh, the battle had already become a complete mess.

"Listen up everyone! Don't even dream of national security if you can't even restore discipline within the army! Show no mercy. Kill those who defy my command!"

Lee Shin Woo and Kratia had worked together to kill the Corps Commander and that had gone well, but contrary to her expectations, he didn't run away. Rather, Lee Shin Woo had entered into the undead force and was vigorously spewing out lies.

Kratia gazed at Lee Shin Woo, who looked even more noticeable atop an imposing steel horse (from the outside, Jin looked completely like a steel war horse), and was speechless. However, what was even more stunning was the fact that each and every word he said riled up the huge undead force.

[The Corps Commander has given the command! Those who insult the Corps Commander are guilty and sentenced to death!]

[Don't listen to that strange skeleton! He's tricking you all right now!]

[To think you're still spouting that nonsense! Kill them!]

Why were undead he didn't even know following his orders, and why were there so many of them following him!?

What's worse, whenever Lee Shin Woo shouted, more undead followed his command. Kratia sensed traces of magic that affected their minds.

[Y-You fools...! Just look at him! He's neither a ghoul nor a magician!]

[How dare you suspect the Corps Commander; I feel like a fool for following you until now!]

[He's the Corp Commander's enemy too! Execute him in Sir Metafel's name!]

The high ranked level 5 undead weren't affected by Lee Shin Woo's shallow machinations, but the problem was their subordinates, who originally followed their orders. Lee Shin Woo boosted their morale through the Command skill, and they were unfortunately bewitched by Lee Shin Woo's words, and attacked their previous superiors!

"What is that guy doing..."

She wasn't saying that because she didn't know what he was doing; she was saying that because she couldn't believe what he'd done. Lee Shin Woo was swaying and breaking up the army through a perverse method!

To think he'd be pretending to be the Corps Commander after killing him right in front of them; and to think that it was working! Because Lee Shin Woo read the mood and the flow of the battle, he was able to control that flow.

What should she even call him? If she were to give him a t.i.tle, she would call him a 'Joker'.

[Attacks against the walls have decreased.]

[Located Steelworker. Checking with core owner first. May we go back to guarding Steelworker?]

Kratia wasn't the only one who noticed the unexpected change in the battlefield. The Iron Golems, who had been protecting the walls and ready to give their lives in its defense, noticed that the attacks against the walls had lessened.

Plus, they noticed Lee Shin Woo on the battlefield, so they requested Kratia's permission to return to his side. The invaders wouldn't have the energy to attack the walls any longer, so Kratia unhesitatingly sent the Iron Golems on their way.

"Ah, you can go now."

[Returning to protect Steelworker. Destroying structures that get in the way.]

[How dare you, kuheok!]

[Charging! Killing anything in the way!]

[In the name of Steelworker!]

It was as if they were waiting for that very moment as they immediately turned around; they indiscriminately killed the undead and charged directly towards Lee Shin Woo.

The Iron Golems, which were superb when compared to other level 5 elites, charged side by side. The infighting undead couldn't stop them and were pushed back! It was as if they were erasing the undead with an eraser!

[Reaching core limit. Self-destructing core!]

[Self-destructing core!]

Whereas the level 4 Bronze Golems, which had recklessly charged into the undead force to repel them, reached their limit by the ones and twos and executed their final coded command: self-destruct. The surrounding undead were swept away by the explosions and were crushed, falling to the ground in flames.


[Keoheok! They're exploding!]

[Magicians, stop the flames!]

The Bronze Golems exploded in various parts of the battlefield, spreading both fire and chaos. It was difficult for the entire corps working together to deal with the explosions, but since this all occurred while they were fighting amongst themselves, the damage was maximized.

[Ah, is that Captain over there!?]

[The Captain's in danger!]

[Let's save our Captain! Let's give peace to the imperial army who've lost their reasoning!]

[Huh...? Paul Zero!]

[Paul Zero's a good person. I'll help in saving him as well!]

However, there were guys trying to get in the middle of all the chaos; they were none other than the Pauls, who temporary left Lee Shin Woo to grow! What's worse, their numbers had doubled. The other Pauls must've been drawn to them and joined up!

[Let them rest in peace!]

[Paul Zero!]

[Captain's over there!]

Although they were up against an undead force nearing 10,000 strong, they didn't submit and entered the battle; they emitted their poison, curse, and dark magic, and swung their weapons. The twelve level 4 elites led a force of 40 elite undead, causing a commotion!

[Rescue the Captain!]

[The Corps Commander is alive!]

[Paul Zero!]

[Self-destructing core!]

[That guy's not the Corps Commander. He's not... ugh!]

[Protecting Steelworker!]

Thus, they just babbled on and gathered in one place, creating a absurd ruckus. Of course, all that commotion was focused around Lee Shin Woo. It really was a mess.

"Phew... it's chaos."

Kratia watched the chaos unfold and thought about whether she would have a chance to intervene, but no matter how she thought about it, things would be settled without her having to get involved. 

"...Let's just meditate."

In the end, she began to meditate in a safe spot. She decided to gather some mana for now, but she wasn't sure that there would come a time where she needed to use it.

[The Low Rank Command skill has become Lv10, and evolves into the intermediate level. You can now command several subordinates at once. You can protect your subordinates from mental ailments. All stats have increased by 3.]

On the other hand, Lee Shin Woo, who was in the very center of that chaos, ordered the undead whilst killing those that approached, while moving hectically.

Around that time, his once depleted mana was replenished and he could wield the Lightning Tooth again, but he didn't do so. Instead, he wielded the transformed staff, the 'Bifurcated Snake Spine' that he'd gotten off the Corps Commander.

[Bifurcated Snake Spine]


[Durability: 950/950]

[Attack Power: 280 - 420]

[Magic Attack Power: 400 - 500]

[Options: Magic +40, Calculation a.s.sistance]

[Pa.s.sive skills: Elemental reversal - Absorbs an element and releases the opposite element.]

The staff likely had a different ability ordinarily, but he couldn't know anymore. Regardless, Lee Shin Woo was quite satisfied with the transformed staff. It was something that could normally only be wielded by magicians, but he could also use it, as one who could wield the elements themselves!

'The owner of this staff, the Corps Commander Vitas, was originally a mercenary, yet was a genius to be able to use such clean and pure elemental magic. And his staff likely helps in casting elemental magic as well...'

Knowing that much was enough. It looked different from Vitas', but if the magic he used looked similar, then it would be beneficial in confusing the skeletons! And the elemental magic that Vitas used most when he was still alive was...

"I'll freeze you all! Frozen Cloud!"

[It's here. The Corps Commander's technique! To think I'd be able to see it once more!]

[Once used, that technique would freeze everything aside from allies!]

The skeletons who heard Lee Shin Woo's high pitched scream were elated and yelled. Of course, Lee Shin Woo couldn't use magic like Frozen Cloud. He would just stuff the fire element into the staff and the other fork would spit out ice!

Fortunately, he had a superb control over mana, and had caught a few glances of frozen clouds in Vitas' memories, so he was able to spread the cold mana into a similar shape. He'd infused quite a bit of mana inside, and the result was truly astounding; hundreds of undead troops were completely frozen solid!

[H-how can this be? Was he truly the Corps Commander all along...!?]

[That power; that range! How could that be anything but the Corps Commander's strength!?]

It was the result he'd been expecting. The undead in fearful and confused states saw Lee Shin Woo's poor imitation (though Lee Shin Woo thought it was a poor imitation, his extraordinary apt.i.tude in mana caused his spread of the ice element look like a perfect Frozen Cloud) and were completely fooled!

[I will follow your commands, Corps Commander!]

[C-Corps Commander...!]

[How can this be. How can this be... Kuaak!]

Those who'd followed him in an obedient state were more sure than ever that he was the Corps Commander, and those who were confused, but not obedient turned obedient after seeing that magic once. Those who were neither confused nor obedient were both shocked and fl.u.s.tered, so they were just attacked and fell.

Rather than the magic's power, the magic's symbolism was a more effective large-scale attack. His skill reflected that success as well.

[The Acting skill has become Lv12. Your acting ability has become even greater. You feel something supernatural moderately improving your acting ability.]

Something supernatural, huh. That may actually be the case. Lee Shin Woo grinned and yelled to finish things up.

"Punish all those who attempted to dirty Sir Metafel's will with their vile machinations! We are the forces under the direct command of the Mercenary King!"


[The Corps Commander has spoken! Punish them all!]

His scream resounded out, covering all of the enemy forces this time! Just because they were in range of his skill didn't mean that they would inevitably be affected by it, but Lee Shin Woo's shout just now was able to bring around half of the undead troops to his side.

The moment Lee Shin Woo successfully dirtied Sir Metafel's name through his vile machinations to attain victory...!

[The Low Rank Shriek of the Dead skill has become Lv10 and has evolved into the intermediate level. You have continued to train this skill, which is nothing more than a mere scream; by doing so, you can utilize your karma to its maximum potential. You have created a skill whereby any who hear your cry will become dizzy and confused, and you may order them around as you please. The Joker's innate skill, Instigate has been born! All stats have increased by 10!]

"A innate skill, huh. Heh, everything is going according to plan."

"Stop lying..."

He thought it'd be interconnected with the Joker karma, but he didn't think he'd create an innate skill all on his own. Lee Shin Woo muttered, being unable to contain his pride. On the other hand, Jin retorted with an incredibly composed voice.

It didn't even take 2 hours before the battle had come to its end, and the skeletons went back to where they belonged.

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