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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 35 – The Doomsday of the G.o.dkings

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

The clouds were drifting in the sky above the Purple Mystic Star.

Qin Yu, Jiang Lan, Jiang Li, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng, Hei Yu and them were all standing in the distance with smiles on their faces as they looked at the twenty G.o.dkings who had entered the New Cosmos.

"What are you looking at, even now you all still do not know of your own situation?" Hou Fei held the Dark Cyan Single Aura Stick over his shoulder as he shouted to the twenty G.o.dkings complacently. The current Hou Fei was extremely arrogant.

In the history of the Divine Realm, who could possibly point to the Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Asura G.o.dking, the Blood Sea Queen and all the other G.o.dkings and scold them? Furthermore, this group of G.o.dkings were incapable of resisting.

"Where, where is this?" Zhou Xian was the first to shout out.

Within Zhou Xian's eyes was a boundless amount of confusion, anger, and unwillingness. He angrily said in a low voice. "How can such a place exist? Why is it that in here, neither the Spatial Laws nor the Temporal Laws work?"

"There are countless cosmic s.p.a.ces in this enormous Cosmos. However, none of the s.p.a.ces should act like this, none of them!" Huangfu Yu's brows were deeply creased. His expression had turned bitter.

Once these G.o.dkings became unable to use their Spatial Laws and Temporal Laws, what else could they do other than be trampled upon?

Jiang Fan, Shentu Yan, Duanmu Rufeng and the rest all displayed extremely ugly expressions. Even the Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan who had been extremely calm and confident possessed uncoverable shock and worry in his eyes.

The twenty G.o.dkings were all shocked, terrified and filled with worries!

When the Spatial Laws and portion of the Temporal Laws that they had relied on the most were actually rendered completely useless by a place, how could they not be terrified?

At this moment, the twenty G.o.dkings' frame of mind was in extreme chaos.

"Li'er, what exactly is happening?" Jiang Fan suddenly turned to Jiang Li and asked.

Jiang Li was startled, she was about to reply, but Hou Fei immediately grew angry. He pointed to Jiang Fan and scolded. "Old fart, how dare you talk to my Big Sis Li'er like that?"

"Fei Fei, come over, let's allow those G.o.dkings to calm themselves. I suspect that they are all in an extremely confused and chaotic state right now." Qin Yu said with a smile.

Hou Fei nodded. He then pointed at the twenty G.o.dkings. "Humph, all of you, could it be that even now, you still do not understand your current situation? Think about it clearly. All of you, think about it clearly and then figure out exactly with what sort of tone you should be speaking to us with."

After that, Hou Fei flew over to Qin Yu's side.

The surrounding clouds were drifting in the sky. The air was also fresh, clean and pleasant.

Merely, the twenty G.o.dkings discovered that they were all trapped in a small area of a hundred meters range. They were incapable of flying out of that area at all. When they reached the edge, they would feel an invisible wall blocking their path.

"Spatial Prison, it's an extremely ordinary Spatial Prison." Jiang Fan sighed and said.

How could the twenty G.o.dkings not manage to determine that this was a Spatial Prison, a technique that they had frequently used to trap and ravage Heavenly Deities with. As long as one had not completely comprehended the Spatial Laws, one would not be able to exit from the Spatial Prison.

And now, the twenty G.o.dkings were trapped within the Spatial Prison.

In the past, had someone told the twenty of them that they would be trapped by Spatial Prison, they would definitely not believe it…. However, right now, reality was before their eyes.

"Spatial Prison, this, this truly is…" At this moment, Zhou Xian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"For them to be able to make a Spatial Prison, it indicates one thing!" The Asura G.o.dking was extremely calm. "That is, in this place, it is actually possible to use the Spatial Laws. However, why are we unable to use them?"

The surrounding G.o.dkings all nodded.

Their opponents were able to use the Spatial Laws, why were they unable to do so?

"Could it be that this Qin Yu possesses a special ability that causes us to be unable to use the Spatial and Temporal Laws? This shouldn't be likely, right?" Putai Hong frowned and said.

This group of G.o.dkings had reached a dead end.

Currently, they were still under the impression that the reason why their opponents were able to use the Spatial Laws while they could not, was because Qin Yu had used some special ability.

"Haha, say, how do you think we should handle these G.o.dkings? I have a simple suggestion, how about we directly kill them all?" Hou Fei's loud laughter were heard from afar.

In an instant, the sound of the twenty G.o.dkings' discussion stopped.

"They, they are discussing how to execute us?" At this moment, G.o.dking Jiang Xing also became worried.

All the G.o.dkings became silent.

"This Spatial Prison is completely isolated from the outside world. The voices from outside definitely cannot be transmitted into here." The Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan said indifferently. "That brat Hou Fei, he deliberately let his voice in here to allow us to hear it."

The Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan and Hou Fei actually possessed a master and disciple relationship.

Back then, when Hou Fei had just come to the Divine Realm, he was immediately taken away by Sun Lian. After that, the Asura G.o.dking became the instructor for Hou Fei. Actually, the Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan did not fear what Qin Yu might do to him.

"This Hou Fei, he's actually deliberately scaring us?" Zhou Xian said angrily.

Jiang Fan's voice was a bit downcast. "No, he is not scaring us. I think Qin Yu and them are really thinking about how to execute us. In here, we simply do not have any means to resist."

The G.o.dkings immediately grew silent.

Taking the same action without prior consultation, they all looked to the distance. In the distance, Qin Yu, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and them were chatting about something. All twenty of these G.o.dkings wanted to know what they were chatting about. However, they were unable to hear it.

"Let's kill that Putai Hong. Oh, that's right, big brother, what about that Duanmu Rufeng?" Hou Fei's voice was once again heard in the Spatial Prison.

Hearing that, the twenty G.o.dkings felt their hearts ferociously twitching.

As for Putai Hong, his expression had suddenly took a huge change.

"Brother Putai, do not worry about it. That Hou Fei is deliberately playing with us." Huangfu Yu immediately consoled Putai Hong. Putai Hong laughed bitterly and said. "Brother Huangfu, I too know that Hou Fei is playing with us. However, it is also possible for Hou Fei to be actually speaking about the details of their discussion. Sigh…"

Putai Hong's long sigh had caused the other G.o.dkings to grow silent.

That long sigh contained a boundless amount of powerlessness and unwillingness. However, what could he possibly do? At the beginning, the twenty G.o.dkings became confused from discovering that the Spatial Laws and Temporal Laws couldn't be used by them. As for now, they had all come to understand their situation.

They were fish.

As for Qin Yu, he was the knife.

Whether he wanted to kill them or to punish them, it was all determined by Qin Yu.

The twenty G.o.dkings all looked at Qin Yu and them. There were even some G.o.dkings who were hoping to figure out what Qin Yu and them were discussing from the movement of their lips.

After all…

Qin Yu and them currently controlled their life and death!

The feeling of having one's life be controlled by another was truly painful. However, no matter how painful it was, they were unable to change the reality. They were all confused about one thing within their hearts: "Where exactly was this place? Why would such a place exist?"

This place was a place that G.o.dkings believed should not exist.

However, such a place existed. For it to exist, there must be a reason. The existence of such a place had caused the G.o.dkings to be unable to resist Qin Yu at all.

"This Qin Yu, oh, how many miracles has he created." Thought the Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan as he looked at Qin Yu in the distance who was chatting and laughing.

To be able to use Spatial Freezing, to be able to teleport under Spatial Freezing, to be able to directly teleport onto the Exalted Celestial Mountain… Qin Yu had created numerous miracles. And now, Qin Yu had brought them to this place.

Yet now..

This Qin Yu who had created miracles after miracles now controlled their life and death.

Within the clouds, Qin Yu and them were currently discussing whether and how to execute these G.o.dkings.

"Big brother, Uncle Lan, there is no need for you all to deliberate so much about it. If you all do not have the hearts to kill them, I shall kill them. As the Asura G.o.dking is my master, I naturally cannot kill him. Sun Lian is a senior of my Ape and Monkey Clan, I also cannot kill him. As for that Jiang Fan… although his conduct is truly bad, he is still Big Sis Li'er's father. Thus, we shall spare his life. As for the rest, let's kill them all!" Hou Fei's eyes were flickering with an ominous glint.

Once he thought about being able to kill all those G.o.dkings, Hou Fei became extremely excited.

"Fei Fei, stop screaming and shouting." Jiang Lan berated Hou Fei.

Jiang Lan had become a bit angry. This Hou Fei had been suggesting to Qin Yu to kill the G.o.dkings the entire time. According to Hou Fei's words, it seemed that it would only be good if majority of the G.o.dkings were killed.

"Yes, Uncle Lan." Hou Fei curled his lips and then became silent.

"Jiang Lan, you should also not be soft-hearted. From my standing, I think what that Hou Fei said was very reasonable. Humph, that group of G.o.dkings, they had all come over to kill us, how could they possibly possess any hint mercy towards us? For them to be able to treat us like so, so what if we were to kill them?" Zuo Qiulin's hoa.r.s.e voice sounded. At the same time, she looked at Jiang Lan with her cold gaze.

After Zuo Qiulin said those words, Jiang Lan became silent.

If one must name a G.o.dking from the Divine Realm that could bring about fear to Jiang Lan, then it must be Zuo Qiumei's blood sister, Zuo Qiulin.

"Qin Yu, if you do not wish to kill them, then I can do it for you. Jiang Li, you also do not have to think too much about it. That Jiang Fan long ago renounced the father and daughter relationship with you. I can also help you take care of him." Zuo Qiulin started to emit killing intent.

As the G.o.dking of Death, Zuo Qiulin did not care about killing others.

Qin Yu smiled indifferently. "Enough; Senior Zuo Qiulin, you also do not have to try to persuade me anymore. I already have a method to handle them in my heart."

As he said that, Qin Yu waved his sleeve.

"Fuu!" That Spatial Prison dissipated. The twenty G.o.dkings all felt the movement of the air surrounding them. Right away, the group of G.o.dkings began to worry. Their gazes were focused onto Qin Yu and them.

They knew… Qin Yu and them had most likely already come to a conclusion as to how to deal with them.

"Big brother, you've made your decision? How many are you going to kill?" Hou Fei immediately asked.

Hearing Hou Fei's words, those G.o.dkings' complexions instantly turned pale. Afterwards, they firmly stared at Qin Yu. They wanted to know Qin Yu decision.

Qin Yu did not speak. Instead, he flew towards the twenty G.o.dkings. Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng, Jiang Li and them also flew over following Qin Yu. They flew all the way to several tens of meters away from the twenty G.o.dkings before stopping.

"Qin Yu, we Eight Great Sage Emperors are people conferred with status by the world. You cannot kill us." Zhou Xian immediately shouted. However, at this moment, Zhou Xian was not confident either.

"Conferred with status by the world?"

Qin Yu laughed. "Zhou Xian, do you still remember when we first met?"

Zhou Xian was slightly startled.

"I remember that when we first met, you destroyed a city with a wave of your hand. I still clearly remember the gaze the child eating the sugar-coated hawthorn had as he died before me. I had never forgotten that gaze of hope. However, when I asked you if you wouldn't fear the wrath of Heaven after killing this many people, you replied me with 'I understand Heaven better than you.'"

Qin Yu took a long sigh.

"What about it? What's wrong with killing some mortals? Are you telling me that I can't?" Zhou Xian's gaze was cold. He displayed a righteous and confident appearance.

"You believed that you understood the Heavens. However, in my world… I am the Heavens." The gaze Qin Yu looked to Zhou Xian with was extremely cold. "And now, I declare that you shall receive the wrath of Heaven, the punishment of Heaven!"

Zhou Xian started to laugh. He coldly looked at Qin Yu. "It is true that you possess the ability to kill me. However, how could the the wrath of Heaven nor the punishment of Heaven be something that you could decide upon? Furthermore, my Zhou clan controls the power of Thunder and Lightning, the punishment of Hea…"


A lightning strike that was pitch black like ink struck down from the sky. It ruthlessly struck onto Zhou Xian's body. Zhou Xian's body started to violently twitch and jerk. However, he still managed to raise his head up and look toward the sky in shock. "Im-impossible, how could the thunder and lightning not receive my control?"


Qin Yu had an indifferent expression. Golden, green… and various other color lightnings surprisingly mixed together and violently struck down upon Zhou Xian from the sky. Zhou Xian was directly struck into dust.

Only the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl remained floating in the air.

"Now that I've handled that Zhou Xian, it's time to deal with you all." With a light smile on his face, Qin Yu looked at the nineteen G.o.dkings present. The G.o.dkings who had seen Zhou Xian being struck dead by lightning all started to worry.

Seeing the expressions that the G.o.dkings had on their faces, Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "There were people suggesting that I kill all of you. However, I am not that heartless. Of you nineteen people, there are indeed four to five of you that can leave here without receiving any punishment. For example, Brother Luo Fan and my father-in-law Jiang Fan…"

Qin Yu's gaze was cast towards Jiang Fan.

Hearing this, Jiang Fan was startled.

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