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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 23 – Another Asura G.o.dking

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin


The group of G.o.dkings seemed to have been frightened, they all flew backwards several hundred meters with lightning-fast speed. All the G.o.dkings present, including even the Eight Great Sage Emperors, had maintained distance from Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, you, you…"

Zhou Huo pointed at Qin Yu angrily. Zhou Ran had died. From today on, their Thunder Punishment City only had him, Zhou Huo, the Sage Emperor, as the sole G.o.dking.

Before this, Zhou Wulian and Zhou Tong were also killed by Qin Yu. How could Zhou Huo possibly not harbor hatred against Qin Yu?

The hatred that he had for Qin Yu had already penetrated through his soul!

"What is it? Northwest Sage Emperor, you have something to say to me again?" Qin Yu looked at Zhou Huo with a light smile. However, he was holding the Divine Spear Waning Snow with one hand as if he was able to act at any moment.

Zhou Huo pointed at Qin Yu. His mouth moved a couple times. However, he was unable to say anything.

At this moment, of the thirty plus G.o.dkings present, they each possessed their own thinking in their hearts. Those G.o.dkings with ordinary strength were all relatively fearful of Qin Yu. Under Spatial Freezing, Qin Yu was still able to teleport. However, the other G.o.dkings were unable to teleport at all.

With only this, Qin Yu had seized the absolute initiative.

In the eyes of all the G.o.dkings present, other than the Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan, there was no G.o.dking present who could take Qin Yu head on. These G.o.dkings did not know of the Blood Sea Queen's true might. After all, when she was at the Exalted Celestial Mountain, before she was able to use Time Stop, she had been trapped by Yi Feng.

Qin Yu swept his gaze through the G.o.dkings. He displayed a slight smile on his face.

"Everything is going exactly as I imagined it to be. My sudden killing of Zhou Ran gave these G.o.dkings a feeling of their lives not being in their control. That has already caused these G.o.dkings to fear me from the bottom of their hearts. They no longer have the tyranny that they displayed at the beginning."

"What's the most problematic now is the Asura G.o.dking and the Blood Sea Queen. They are both capable of using Time Stop. Once they use Time Stop, I will become unable to move… Furthermore, the attack power of the Eight Great Sage Emperors joining hands is also extremely frightening."

Qin Yu also felt pressure.

If the Asura G.o.dking, the Blood Sea Queen and the Eight Great Sage Emperors were to join hands, then he could only escape with teleportations.

"Qin Yu!"

The Blood Sea Queen's voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind. Qin Yu looked over at the Blood Sea Queen. The two of them exchanged glances for a slight moment. The Blood Sea Queen had a confident smile on her face.

"Qin Yu, you ought to know very well at this moment that if the Eight Great Sage Emperors were to join hands, you'd become unable to withstand them at all. Furthermore, there is the Asura G.o.dking. On top of that, there's also me… Qin Yu, you are, without a doubt, going to lose." The Blood Sea Queen's Divine Awareness Voice Transmission sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

Qin Yu's gaze shifted from the Blood Sea Queen's body and turned to the Eight Great Sage Emperors for a moment. However, his focus was on the Asura G.o.dking and the Blood Sea Queen. At the same time, he said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission to the Blood Sea Queen.

"Blood Sea Queen, you ought to know very well of my strength. What you said was correct, it is impossible for me to take on you all by myself. This is especially true since there's you and the Asura G.o.dking too. However, you ought to understand that even if I cannot win against you all, I can still escape. Under Spatial Freezing, none of you are capable of teleportation. Only I can teleport! With this, I am standing in the invincible position. Blood Sea Queen, what do you think?"

The Blood Sea Queen was stunned. She then began to clench her teeth. Her gaze had also grew gloomy and cold. She cursed in her heart. "This Qin Yu, how is he capable of teleportation under Spatial Freezing? Among everyone, only he is capable of teleportation. Before the battle even began, he was already in a state of being undefeatable."

Seeing the Blood Sea Queen's expression, Qin Yu smiled.

"Qin Yu, have Jiang Lan hand over the Back Earth Seal. I truly do not wish to fight against you. I wish that you don't force me to do that." The Asura G.o.dking's voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

Qin Yu looked over at the Asura G.o.dking. At this moment, the Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan was firmly looking at Qin Yu with his bright eyes.

Suddenly, a large shout was heard…

"Qin Yu, before all these G.o.dkings, you actually killed Zhou Ran so nonchalantly. You have truly not placed us in your eyes. Did you perhaps thought that you would be able to resist all these G.o.dkings by yourself?" Jiang Fan's eyes were flickering with light. His entire person was filled with an oppressive aura. "Qin Yu, have Jiang Lan hand over the Back Earth Seal. If you do so, we will spare your lives. Otherwise…"

Seemly as if they are on the same wavelength, the Eight Great Sage Emperors immediately took their positions and formed a great profound formation array.

The eight Origin Spiritual Pearl's were radiating dazzling light. The different color Cosmic Origin Energies began to scatter in all directions unceasingly. They fused with one another, complementing each other. A frightening aura was being emitted from the Eight Great Sage Emperors.

Qin Yu grew alarmed.

"When the Eight Great Sage Emperors join hands, even the Asura G.o.dking would not dare to take them on. Single Aura Eight Elements, its strength is astonishingly frightening." Qin Yu still remember the Single Aura Eight Elements that the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial had used and the scene of it destroying the Fog City.

If he were to confront it head on, he would definitely not be able to withstand it. The only option for him was escaping.


Qin Yu suddenly faced upward and started laughing. All of those G.o.dkings had a sense of uncertainty in their hearts. Immediately after, Qin Yu stopped his laughter and looked at Jiang Fan and the other Sage Emperors. "Eight Great Sage Emperors. Humph, it is true that your combined Single Aura Eight Elements possesses astonishing might. However, if you want to threaten me with that, then, haha… you are dreaming."

"If you want to attack, then go ahead."

The fogs of the Foggy Marsh started to slowly gather at Qin Yu and them again. Between the endless fog, Qin Yu stood in the air. In his hand was the Divine Spear Waning Snow. On his face was an indifferent smile as he faced the Eight Great Sage Emperors.

"I shall remind you all. During that moment when you all attack, that shall be the same time when I attack! I shall see if you all will be able to kill me first or if I'll be the one to kill you all first!"

The figure of Qin Yu who held the Divine Spear Waning Snow suddenly started to change. He turned into two.

The cyan gowned Qin Yu and the black gowned Qin Yu stood alongside each other. Immediately after, the cyan gowned Qin Yu disappeared before the G.o.dkings with a teleportation. He directly arrived at a location several hundred meters behind the Sage Emperors.

The cyan gowned Qin Yu and the black gowned Qin Yu were both standing in the air. Between them were the numerous G.o.dkings.

Jiang Fan, Zhou Huo, Duanmu Yun, Shentu Yan became hesitant.

"This. Brother Jiang Fan, this Qin Yu is capable of teleportation. However, we are not. If we were to truly fight Qin Yu head on, even though the Single Aura Eight Elements is capable of pursuing the target, our losses may also be very great." Duanmu Yun said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors communicated with one another through their gazes. The Eight Great Sage Emperors who used to be extremely domineering, had started to hesitate and waver now.

When Qin Yu was in a stalemate against the Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Asura G.o.dking and the Blood Sea G.o.dking, Jiang Lan was in a newly constructed palace on the New Cosmos' Purple Mystic Star's East Hazy Mountain. He was sitting cross-legged, calmly comprehending the Back Earth Seal.

The time within this palace was increased by a hundred thousand times.

Qin Yu had originally waited a while for the G.o.dkings in his Purple Mystic Mansion. After that, he went to the clouds and drank a jug of wine. When the G.o.dkings finally arrived, it had been four to six hours later.

Four to six hours was four hundred to six hundred thousand hours to Jiang Lan who was training in the palace. It was close to twenty thousand days. In other words, it had been over several tens of years.

To Jiang Lan, calmly training for several tens of years was an immense progress.

In the Blue Sky Seal, the contents regarding Time Acceleration was the greatest. As for Time Stop, it came in second. Time Reversal was the most spa.r.s.e.

As for the Back Earth Seal, it contained the greatest content of Time Stop. Second to Time Stop was Time Acceleration. As for Time Reversal, it was still the least amount.

As for the most important All People Seal, it contained the most information regarding Time Reversal. Time Stop and Time Acceleration, on the other hand, the rest were more spa.r.s.e. However, even if one obtained the All People Seal, it would still be extremely hard for one to comprehend Time Reversal.

That was because the most important two portions regarding Time Reversal was contained within the Blue Sky Seal and Back Earth Seal. Without those two portions, it would be extremely hard for one to comprehend Time Reversal.

The information regarding Time Reversal in the Blue Sky Seal was truly too lacking. This was also the reason why the Asura G.o.dking Luo Fan had practically achieved no improvement in the Temporal Laws even after studying it for that many years. After all, he had obtained the Blue Sky Seal.

Jiang Lan, on the other hand, had obtained the Back Earth Seal!

Jiang Lan had already reached the limit of comprehension for Time Acceleration. Even toward Time Stop, Jiang Lan already managed to vaguely touch upon its borders. Merely, he had been lacking for a clear understanding of the final comprehension the entire time.

The Back Earth Seal just so happened to contain the most content regarding Time Stop.

The current Jiang Lan was like a thirsty desert traveler who had suddenly discovered an oasis with limpid sweet water. He immediately began to research and comprehend the Time Stop without stopping.

The current Jiang Lan had become completely engulfed into the world of Temporal Laws.

While Jiang Lan was researching and comprehending, time pa.s.sed. However, he did not notice it at all.

On a certain day when he had researched and comprehended for eighty years, Jiang Lan's body started to slightly tremble. After that, he opened his eyes. It seemed as if he had a smile on his face. However, it also seemed as if he was crying.

"Time Stop, Time Stop, I am able to cause the time to stop now. However, I am unable to stop the time when A'Mei and I were together." Jiang Lan's face were covered with a boundless bleakness.

In merely eighty years, Jiang Lan had managed to uncover the layer of muslin that covered Time Stop. Once he managed to break through that layer, he managed to completely comprehend Time Stop.

To be able to comprehend Time Stop so fast, it was also related to Temporal Laws that Jiang Lan had already comprehended.


Although he had comprehended Time Stop, Jiang Lan was not at all happy.

The current Jiang Lan was recalling all the scenes of him being together with Zuo Qiumei. Occasionally, he would smile like a fool. Occasionally, he would sigh desolately… He wished deeply to stop the time from back then.

He wished to return back to the days of being together with Zuo Qiumei and allow those happy days to stop forever.


It was impossible. Zuo Qiumei's True Spirit had been shattered. Even if an Exalted Celestial were to use Time Reversal, they would still not be able to resurrect Zuo Qiumei.

Jiang Lan recalled the final moments of Zuo Qiumei's life…

Those two pearl-like resplendent drops of tears streaked across the vast sky and streaked across the s.p.a.ce. One tear entered Jiang Li's body. The other tear entered the spatial cracks. After drifting for countless years, it finally reached the body of an ordinary youngster from the Mortal Realm.

"Little Yu, that's right, Little Yu is still fighting against the G.o.dkings outside!"

Jiang Lan had suddenly woken up. He had completely woken up from his reminiscence.

"Huu." Jiang Lan suddenly stood up.

Having comprehended Time Stop, Jiang Lan did not have the ambition to continue to try to comprehend Time Reversal. Firstly, the amount of information regarding Time Reversal in the Back Earth Seal was truly lacking. Secondly…

Qin Yu was outside helping him handle the numerous G.o.dkings.

The Jiang Lan from before was only capable of handling one or two Sage Emperors. When facing the numerous G.o.dkings, Jiang Lan was unable to withstand them at all. However, the current him had now attained astonishing strength.

He possessed a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and also possessed the remarkable ability of Time Stop.

The current Jiang Lan was practically a new Asura G.o.dking. Compared to the Asura G.o.dking, his strength was not inferior at all.

"Hopefully I can make it in time!"


Jiang Lan immediately turned into a ray of light and flew out of this palace that Qin Yu had especially constructed. After that, he followed the channel and returned to the Purple Mystic Mansion. He flew out of the Purple Mystic Mansion and flew towards the location where Qin Yu was encountering the various G.o.dkings….

Regardless of whether it was the Asura G.o.dking or the Blood Sea Queen, they were uncompromising against Qin Yu. In the end, they had finally become furious. Although they feared Qin Yu, they were still confident in defeating Qin Yu should everyone join hands.

"Brother Luo Fan, the preparation is ready." Jiang Fan said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

At this moment, the Eight Great Sage Emperors had secretly forged an alliance with the Asura G.o.dking. They have determined to act together. The Eight Great Sage Emperors did not ask for the Blood Sea Queen to help them. That was because they still did not know how powerful the Blood Sea Queen was.

The Blood Sea Queen herself also did not say anything.

However, Qin Yu needed to be careful of the Blood Sea Queen.

"Haha…" Qin Yu laughed joyously. At the same time, his laughter contained a trace of madness. Qin Yu cast his glance at the various G.o.dkings. Within his eyes was a trace of blood thrist. "It's been a long time since I've fought. Come."

Qin Yu held the Divine Spear Waning Snow in his hand. He faced the numerous G.o.dkings without the slightest amount of fear.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Asura G.o.dking and the others were all extremely careful. However, right at this moment, a sonic boom caused the s.p.a.ce to fluctuate.

A figure was rapidly flying over from the Purple Mystic Mansion in the distant.

Confused, Qin Yu turned around to look. When he saw who it was that was coming, he became even more confused. "Uncle Lan?"

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