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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 6 – Son, 'Qin Si'

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: TranslationNations and Kulops

"Big Brother Huang Yu." Zi Xia immediately stood up. In her eyes was a trace of reluctance to part.

"You're leaving?" That Hong Yun frowned as she looked to Hou Fei.

Hou Fei nodded helplessly. "It's true. I really do have an important matter to take care of. Zi Xia, Hong Yun, please rest a.s.sured. I would come back to find you two a bit later."

"Truly?" Zi Xia displayed a pleasantly surprised expression. Hong Yun was also pleasantly surprised. Merely, in an instant her expression returned back to being ice-cold.

"Who says we want you to find us?" Hong Yun said coldly.

"Ah, Big Brother Huang Yu, we would have to return in about three months time. This time, we do not know when we would be able to come back out again." Zi Xian hurriedly said.

"Your Lordship, here are your dishes."

At this moment, the maids of the restaurant began to bring forth one dish after another. Merely, Hou Fei and the other two were in no need to eat.

"Return? Zi Xia, you've always said that you two were from some palace. Exactly what palace is it? Where is the palace? Tell me so that I can go and find you two in the future." Hou Fei promptly asked.

Zi Xia and Hong Yu glanced at each other and then turned to Hou Fei. They both shook their head.

"The Palace Master had ordered that we cannot tell others about information pertaining to our palace." Zi Xia said helplessly.

Even Zi Xia who was the easiest to talk with refused to tell him. Thus, Hou Fei knew that it was impossible for him to receive an answer from Zi Xia. He thought in his heart. "Mn, it would seem that I would have to ask big brother to help me find where Zi Xia and Hong Yun lives at."

"Zi Xia, Hong Yun, I'll be leaving first. You two enjoy your meal." Hou Fei said reluctantly.

Zi Xia and Hong Yun stood up. They saw Hou Fei out of the restaurant and then watched as he turned into a ray of light before disappearing into the horizon.

"Big Sis Hong Yun, when would we be able to come out again? Can we request the Palace Master about this? The Palace Master pampers us quite a bit." Zi Xia looked to hong Yun.

Hong Yun frowned and said. "The descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain has already caused the Palace Master to be deeply vexed. It's better for us to not trouble the Palace Master. Let's request her after the matter of the Exalted Celestial Mountain is over. It would be easier for us to succeed then."

Zi Xia also nodded lightly.

Inside a quiet courtyard of the Purple Mystic Mansion. Qin Yu was standing in the center of the courtyard and anxiously looked to the room with a closed entrance. He would even occasionally walk back and forth.

In addition to Qin Yu, his father Qin De, Feng Yuzi, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Hei Yu, Hou Fei and various other good brothers of his were also in the courtyard. Jiang Lan, Yi Feng, Zuo Qiulin and them were also calmly waiting.


Qin Yu was so anxious that he stood up once again.

"Little Yu, stay calm." Jiang Lan said to him.

Qin Yu smiled helplessly. His wife is inside, how could he possibly be able to endure it? The most important matter was… Jiang Li had been in there for a very very long time.

"Hopefully the child would be born soon." Qin Yu thought in his heart. He then resist the anxiety that he had in his heart with great difficulty and sat back down.

After some time, Qin Yu was unable to take it and stood up once more.


"Wa…" The sound of a baby crying was heard. Everyone in the courtyard, including the G.o.dkings and even Qin De and Qin Zheng who used to be monarchs, immediately stood up.

Qin Yu seemed to have been stuck by lightning. He was standing there motionless…

"I have a child now?"

Qin Yu was abruptly woken up. He stepped forward and immediately reached the entrance to the room.


Hei Yu's wife, Bai Ling, walked out from within there. On her face was an expression of joy. She promptly said. "It's a boy, it's a boy. It's a very cute boy."

Qin Yu directly pushed aside the door to the room and walked in.

There were always many maids attending to everything inside the room. At this moment, Jiang Li already had her clothes on. She was affectionately holding onto a baby with her eyes fixed upon the baby within her bosom. Her gaze was extremely kind and concerned.

Qin Yu was able to sense the radiance of a warm, caring mother being emitted by Jiang Li. It was extremely attractive.

Jiang Li noticed Qin Yu. She raised her head and looked over. She smiled so deeply that her eyes began to squint. "Brother Yu, it's a boy. He's very cute." Qin Yu immediately walked over to Jiang Li's side and carefully looked to the baby within Jiang Li's bosom.

This baby's black eyes were extremely clear and pure. He looked to Qin Yu curiously.

"Wu wu~~~" The baby emitted some unclear sounds from his mouth.

Qin Yu immediately started smiling.

Jiang Li smiled and said. "This child is very strange. He had only cried right after being born. After that, he didn't cry at all. I have carried him for thirty six thousand years, I truly wonder what will be special about this child."

"Come, say dad." Qin Yu said to the baby.

The baby stared at Qin Yu. It’s clear eyes seemed to be confused.

"Say dad, dad, dad." Qin Yu said repeatedly a couple times. Before his son even called him dad, he had already said dad multiple times.

"Dad!" A somewhat shaky voice sounded.

Qin Yu was had originally only had a trace of hope of his son calling him dad was now pleasantly surprised. He felt as if his heart was about to jump out.

"Li'er, did you hear? He called me dad, he called me dad." In excitement, Qin Yu received the child from Jiang Li. In order to allow the child to be even more comfortable, Qin Yu was even controlling the Spatial Energy to make the area before his hands even more gentle.

Jiang Li was also displayed a joyous expression across her face. "Little Si, call mom, mom, mom." Jiang Li said to the baby continuously.

The baby opened his somewhat confused eyes. He stared at Li'er and said in a somewhat guessing manner. "Mom!"

Jiang Li was immediately so happy that her face had turned red.

"Little Si, look." Qin Yu's face was filled with smiles. A red spiritual pearl appeared in his hand. It was the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl.

The baby Qin Si looked to the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl. His large black eyes were immediately fixed upon that Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl. It seemed as if he had seen an extremely attractive treasure.

Qin Yu gently caressed Qin Si's little hand. A drop of blood then appeared on Qin Yu's palm. Without causing any pain, Qin Yu had managed to take a drop of blood from his son.

This drop of blood landed on the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl and merged with it.

"Wu wu~~~"  Qin Si's little mouth made some noise. He extended his plump little hand and the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl began to fly toward him. After that, it flew into Qin Si's palm.

Qin Si immediately displayed an extremely happy smile.

Qin Si was an extremely intelligent child. After being in the womb for thirty six thousand years, Qin Si's ability to learn after being born was extremely fast. In merely three days, only through relying on the conversations of the surrounding people, he had learned how to speak.

Especially after he fused the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl with his body. Although he did not completely refine it, his body ended up undergoing a rapid transformation. Effortlessly, he began able to run and was even able to fly in the sky.

He was even able to easily use White Pure Flames. Fortunately Qin Si knew how to distinguish people and knew not to attack his own people. Otherwise, the other ordinary Qin descendents would not be able to withstand it.

"Little Si." Qin Yu was standing at the edge of the Inner Lake within the Purple Mystic Mansion as he yelled to the distance.

On the distant place if the vast lake's surface appeared a small blazing figure. With flames on the surface of his body, in merely the blink of an eye, this small figure had traveled through s.p.a.ce and arrived before Qin Yu.

Qin Si's little face was red. His two eyes were filled with excitement.


Qin Si jumped into Qin Yu's bosom. He hugged Qin Yu's neck and was extremely excited and happy. Affectionately, Qin Yu pinched the water-like soft cheek.

From birth till now, it had only been three months. However, Qin Si's intelligence was already like that of a seven or eight year old child now. As for his strength… it was frighteningly strong. He had fused with the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl. Just from that, one could imagine just how astonishing his strength was.

"Little Si, what have you been doing today? C'mon, tell your dad." Qin Yu said affectionately.

Qin Si's little nose wrinkled. In a childish tone, he said. "Dad, today I entered into the bottom of the lake and caught many fish. I only let them go after having them play with me for quite some time. Dad, those fish all feared me. However, they have told me a lot of things about you, dad."

The various animals within the Inner Lake of the Purple Mystic Mansion were all directly fetched from the ocean of the Divine Realm by Qin Yu. Practically all of the demonic beasts of the Divine Realm were capable of speaking the human language and possessed intelligence.

Those demonic beasts do not dare to resist Qin Si as they knew that Qin Si was the little master of this place. Actually, even if they wanted to, they would not have the ability to cause harm to Qin Si. Not only does Qin Si possessed the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl, Qin Yu had also given him a second-rate defensive Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

"They told you stories about me? What sort of stories were they?" Qin Yu said with a smile.

Qin Si nodded his head firmly a couple times. He then said. "They said dad is a G.o.dking and is very powerful. I asked them how powerful G.o.dkings are. They said G.o.dkings are the most powerful."

Qin Yu smiled.

Those demonic beasts of the Divine Realm have not even reached the Deity level. Thus, they naturally do not know much. It could already be considered to be pretty good that they knew about G.o.dkings. To those demonic beasts, the G.o.dkings were unparalleled existences.

"Dad, are the G.o.dkings the most powerful?" Qin Si opened his eyes wide as he looked to Qin Yu. "A couple days ago I heard Second Uncle and them saying that a large amount of G.o.dkings had gone to some Exalted Celestial Mountain. It seems that they have gone to become an Exalted Celestial. Does that mean that Exalted Celestials are more powerful than G.o.dkings?"

Hearing Qin Si's words, Qin Yu immediately began to laugh.

"That's right, the Exalted Celestials are more powerful than G.o.dkings." Qin Yu nodded and said.

"Then what about you, Dad? Are you as powerful as an Exalted Celestial?" Qin Si looked to Qin Yu. His gaze was filled with antic.i.p.ation. In Qin Si's heart, his dad was the most powerful.

Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 7 – Clayweg

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: TranslationNations and Kulops

"Exalted Celestials, your dad is not as powerful as the Exalted Celestials right now. But, once you grow older, your dad would be as powerful as them." Qin Yu said.

"Oh…" Qin Si nodded his head thoughtfully. He suddenly turned to Qin Yu and said in a pleasantly surprised tone. "Dad, don't you have a way to allow me to grow up faster? Make me grow up faster. Once I'm grown, dad would be as powerful as the Exalted Celestials."

Qin Yu was startled. He cannot help himself from laughing involuntarily.

Qin Yu was able to allow Qin Si to grow up rapidly through the use of Time Acceleration. Merely, the development of the Cosmos was not something that could be speed up through the use of Time Acceleration.

"What's wrong? Dad, what are you laughing about? Is my method not good?" Qin Si looked to Qin Yu and asked confusedly.

"No, your dad is happy, he's happy." Qin Yu said with a smile. "Little Si, after a couple more days, dad will be holding a 'hundred days' ceremony for you. At that time, your Grandfather Jiang and them would all be gifting you gifts." Qin Yu stroked Qin Si's little nose.


Qin Si's eyes shined.

"Dad, in that case, you should hold more birthday ceremonies and such for me." Qin Si said craftily. "Last time you've held a one month ceremony and this time you're going to hold a hundred day ceremony. After that, how about doing a half year, nine months, one year…"

Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

Qin Yu still remember the scene of Qin Si holding onto all those gifts during the one month ceremony. It was truly too adorable. A little wimpy kid holding onto all those gifts that were even taller than him and running all around, how could it not be adorable?

"Little Si, the one month and hundred days ceremonies were the social customs of your dad's hometown. Do you understand now? After this year, you would only be able to have ordinary birthday ceremonies." Qin Yu said to Qin Si attentively.

Inside the Universal Palace Hall of the Purple Mystic Mansion. The familiar faces sat down on the seats one after the other. Everyone was filled with smiles. Qin Si who wore a red dudou bellyband was running around the Universal Palace Hall like a little fairy.

"Little Si, come to grandfather." Qin De extended his hand.

Qin Si took a glance at Qin De with his black eyes. However, he did not immediately come over. Instead, he stared at Qin De's two hands. Qin De smiled. He flipped his hand and took out a wooden carving toy. After he slightly moved this wooden carving toy, it turned into a flying toy.

"Wa." Qin Si turned into a red light and rushed into Qin De's bosom, immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed the wooden carving toy and started playing with it.

This wooden carving toy was something that Qin De had requested a skilled craftsman from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm to make. It was created through meticulous efforts. It was capable of turning into numerous different types of toys. Furthermore, the toys it turned into could fly, walk, make noise and so on.

"Grandfather,why haven't Grandfather Jiang, Grandma Zuo and them arrived yet?" Qin Si asked Qin De.

Qin De smiled and said. "Don't worry. Your Grandfather Jiang and them have gone to check out the Exalted Celestial Mountain. They will return very soon."

"Exalted Celestial Mountain? Grandfather Jiang and them loved going to that place, I also want to go and check it out." Qin Si said in a low voice. His round and plump eyes were fixed on Qin De. "Grandfather, bring me there, can you do that?"

Qin De stroked Qin Si's little head. "Little Si, even your grandfather has never gone there once. How could he bring you there?"

"Oh…" Qin Si immediately lowered his head dispiritedly.

At this moment, sounds of footsteps were suddenly heard. From outside the Universal Palace Hall walked in Jiang Lan, Yi Feng and Zuo Qiulin. Qin Yu also walked in alongside them.

"Haha, I've started to regret my decision to go to the Exalted Celestial Mountain a bit." Qin Yu smiled a self mocking smile and said with a laughter.

"Oh? What happened?" Inside the palace hall, Qin Feng asked directly.

Qin Yu said with a smile. "This time, when I accompanied Uncle Lan and them to the Exalted Celestial Mountain, once we arrived, the G.o.dkings at the Exalted Celestial Mountain immediately grew tensed. They seemed to all be heavily on guard. However, after Uncle Lan told some of those G.o.dkings that my son had been born, those G.o.dkings all gifted many gifts to Little Si."

"Gifts?" Qin Si's eyes shined. Like a monkey, he immediately ran over to Qin Yu, jumped onto him and hugged his neck. "Dad, where are the gifts?"

"Get down first, I'll give them to you." Qin Yu said.

Qin Si's reaction was extremely speedy. In an instant, he had jumped down from Qin Yu's body. He then moved back a couple steps and looked to Qin Yu. Qin Yu immediately waved his sleeve and a lot of peculiar gadgets appeared before him.

The majority of the gifts that Qin Si received were those that with playful and original designs. The majority of them cannot be considered as extremely precious items. They were at the very best third-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Merely, to gift such items to a child was indeed very extraordinary.

"Wa." Qin Si's eyes was immediately opened wide like a round ball. His black eyes were filled with pleasant surprises.

The banquet was extremely lively.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li looked to them son's 'adorable performance' and smiled so wide that their eyes squinted. However, after Qin Si continued to fool around for a bit longer, he ran over to Jiang Li's bosom and fell asleep.

"Little Yu, the three of us have prepared to go to the Exalted Celestial Mountain in three days time and continue to be there all the way until the first portion of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure is born." Jiang Lan said to Qin Yu.

"You're in such a rush? Isn't this still very early?" Qin Yu was a bit confused. After all, the floating slate had written 'about ten years time.' However, not a single year had even pa.s.sed by now. To go there so anxiously, were they planning to waste time there?

Jiang Lan shook his head and said. "No. Didn't you discover it this time when we gone to check out the situation? The battle in the shadows at that place was already extremely intense. We must go there earlier and better our relationship with certain people. Otherwise, if we waited till the end, even if we managed to obtain a portion of the three Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure portions, the other G.o.dkings would likely jointly attack us."

Yi Feng also nodded and said. "Qin Yu, you ought to remember the G.o.dking's Cage and the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, right? The G.o.dking's Cage covered the entire Exalted Celestial Mountain. It has caused all of the G.o.dkings to be required to use the Relief Sculpture Tunnel in order to leave. As for the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, its entrance was not wide at all. As long as a single person blocked the entrance, the others must defeat this person head on in order to enter. At that moment, if the Asura G.o.dking was to be the one blocking the entrance, then even if we managed to obtain a portion of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, it would likely be extremely hard for us to take it away."

Qin Yu nodded.

The Exalted Celestial Mountain was like a cage. Once entered, one could only exit through the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

As for the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, it was ten thousand meters long. Furthermore, one cannot fly or teleport in that. As long as there was a powerful enough person blocking the entrance, it would be impossible for others to leave even if they wished to.

"Thus, we planned to go and create some alliances with other G.o.dkings for the final battle." Jiang Lan said.

The Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure was separated into three portions. In other words, there were three different items. This had caused the G.o.dkings to not be killing each other just for a single portion.

"Okay then." Qin Yu nodded.

At the same time, Qin Yu had also came to a decision in his heart. After Uncle Lan and them left for the Exalted Celestial Mountain, he planned to spread his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy, extend it past the Relief Sculpture Tunnel and carefully observe the interior of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

The New Cosmos's Spatial Energy was unable to touch the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron, unable to touch the floating slate and unable to penetrate past the G.o.dking's Cage. However, it was possible for Qin Yu's New Cosmos's Spatial Energy to easily spread through the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

When the banquet was over, everyone left the Universal Palace Hall. Qin Yu and Jiang Li proceeded to walk toward their own residences together. Jiang Li was also carrying Qin Si who had fallen asleep in her bosom.

"Qin Yu."

Suddenly, a voice sounded. That voice was very familiar.

"This voice, so familiar…" Qin Yu suddenly quivered in his heart. He remembered whose voice this was. It was the voice of that silver haired silver eyed youngster who had given him the three first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

Qin Yu immediately turned around. Jiang Li also turned around.

A silver haired silver eyed youngster was smiling as he looked to Qin Yu. At the back of his head was three black horns that appeared like feathered crests.

"h.e.l.lo." The silver haired silver eyed youngster said to Qin Yu. "Last time I had given three gifts to you on behalf of my master. And now, Qin Yu, you've actually really married and had a child too."

Qin Yu recalled the scene from back then and began to sigh incessantly.

From the scene back then untill now, oh how short of a period of time it was. However, the change that he had made was truly great. He had eloped with Jiang Li and turned completely antagonistic against the Sage Emperors. Now, he had even consolidated his power and created a faction in the Divine Realm.

"Thank you, may I know who you are… I still do not know of your name yet." Qin Yu promptly said.

"You can call me… Clayweg!" The silver haired silver eyed youngster said.

"Clayweg? This name, it sounds very special." Qin Yu said with a smile.

The silver haired silver eyed youngster smiled and said. "Compared to the names of the people from the Divine Realm, my name is indeed a bit special. I have come today because my master would be personally coming over here later in order to congratulate your marriage as well as the birth of your child."

"Your master?" Qin Yu's heart began to twitch.

The strength of this silver haired silver eyed youth, Qin Yu was unable to even determine that now. Even the Asura G.o.dking had never given him such a sensation. In that case, what about this youngster's master?

"My master had important matters to take care of the entire time before. Thus, he did not managed to come over on time for your marriage. He had originally planned to rush over for your son's hundred days ceremony. However, it would appear now that he would not be able to make it for the hundred days ceremony either. Qin Yu, wait a moment, my master would be coming right away." The silver haired silver eyed youngster said with a smile. If the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was to see the ice-cold and ruthless 'Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial display such an appearance and speak in such a manner, he would definitely be shocked speechless.

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