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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 4 – G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"Yes, master." Uncle Fu bowed and accepted the order.

Qin Yu lightly nodded. He then looked to Hou Fei and Hei Yu. "Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, your weapons. Other than the Cloud Piercing Spear and the Black Stick, do you two want more powerful weapons?"

"Big brother, you have more powerful weapons?" Hou Fei's eyes shined.

With a flip of Qin Yu's hand, a little boat appeared and started to float in the air. At the same time, a pair of transparent gloves and a very tall stone paG.o.da also appeared. Seeing this scene, Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu with a shocked expression. "Master, these are the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures that the old master had left for you!"

"Grandmist Spiritual Treasures? The legendary Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Wu Lan who stood to the side said with an unbelieving expression. "Furthermore, three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?"

"As they are left for me, they're mine now. Thus, I have the authority to distribute them as I see fit." Said Qin Yu with a smile.

Ever since he obtained these three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, Qin Yu had never planned to refine all three of them himself. If he were to refine all three of them, how would his brothers be able to move about unhindered in the Divine Realm?

Let alone, Qin Yu possessed the Jiang Lan's Realm as well as Chehou Yuan's most prided High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact Divine Spear Waning Snow. Qin Yu was not lacking in any powerful treasures.

Furthermore, if one were to compare the battle power.

"If one were to compare the battle power, then if one does not possess the strength of a G.o.dking, then even if one possessed powerful treasures, it would still be impossible to be recognized by the Eight Great Sage Emperors and become Li'er husband." Qin Yu was very certain of this.

To experts at the level of G.o.dkings, only other people that are also at the G.o.dking level or the legendary Exalted Celestial would cause them to see them face to face.

Thus, Qin Yu must focus his strength on two aspects. The first was training and the second was researching the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' and strive to reach the level of the 'Craftsman G.o.d.'

"Big brother, we cannot accept those treasures." Said Hei Yu solemnly. Hou Fei also wanted to say something but he was instead interrupted by Qin Yu.

"Do not decline so fast. Let me first introduce these three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures to you two. The first one is the Divine Craft Flying Yamen. It is a flying type Spiritual Treasure. Its speed was extremely and matchlessly fast. Once you possess it… it could be said that if you wish to flee for your life in the Divine Realm, there would not be many people that would be capable of capturing you."

Immediately, Hei Yu and Hou Fei looked to the Divine Craft Flying Yamen with blazing gazes.

The Divine Spiritual Energy of the Divine Realm was extremely violent. Furthermore, the s.p.a.ce was so stable and tenacious. Teleportation was simply an impossible to do thing in the Divine Realm. One could only teleport after reaching the G.o.dking level and achieve complete comprehensions of the Spatial Laws.

For experts of the Heavenly Deity level, all they could do was fly and not teleport.

Thus, it was evident how precious a flying type Grandmist Spiritual Treasure like the Divine Craft Flying Yamen was.

"The second Grandmist Spiritual Treasure is called the Snowthread Gloves. The Snowthread Gloves possesses the strongest attack power among the three. Once one manage to refine it, one's hands would become extremely tough and durable. One would then be able to fight against others with empty hands. Furthermore, the Snowthread Gloves also possess many additional functions. One of which was its ability to increase the attack power. There are some other special abilities… it possesses the strongest attack power among the three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu glanced at each other. They both determined that this attack type Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was too precious.

"The third Grandmist Spiritual Treasure is called the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da. The G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da could be said to be… a higher level Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas! The Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas could only be considered as a toy in the Divine Realm because it could only at the most subdue Demon Emperors. However, the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da is different. Regardless of men or demon beasts, as long as they have yet to reach the G.o.dking level then once they become unable to resist the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da and are absorbed into it, they will become the slave of the master of the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da!"

Qin Yu looked at his two brothers.

"These three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, the Snowthread Gloves and the Divine Craft Flying Yamen could be considered as second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. As for this G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da, it could only be considered as third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure… that was because it could only seal others when they are completely unable to resist the attractive force of the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da. Thus, its true usefulness was not very large. For people that are stronger than yourself, it would be extremely hard to use the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da on them." Qin Yu explained.

There was not a single thing within the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da.

It was unlike the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas that Qin Yu obtained back then where there are powerful Demon Emperors and Demon Kings right after he obtained it. That was the reason why the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas seemed powerful. Had there not been a single demon beast within it and he would have to capture them all himself, how would the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas be powerful?

As for the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da, in order to imprison people or demons into it, he must at the very least defeat or seriously injure those people or demons so that they would be unable to resist the attractive force of the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da. After all, the attractive force of the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da was not very strong.

The might of the attractive force of the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da was determined by how refined it was and the strength of its master.

"Big brother, you keep the Snowthread Gloves." Hou Fei and Hei Yu said.

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head. "The Snowthread Gloves could be considered as a second-rated Spiritual Treasure. As for the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, the Divine Spear Waning Snow that I possessed, its strength was also about that of a second-rated Spiritual Treasure. You must remember that Waning Snow is His Lordship the Craftsman G.o.d's most prided High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact."

If something does not contain Grandmist Spiritual Energy, then it is not a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

Originally, a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts would possess the strength of a third-rated Spiritual Treasure. However, Qin Yu's Waning Snow was a tier stronger than ordinary High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. However, Heavenly Divine Artifacts are only separated into three tiers. Thus, it could only be summarized as being a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

Without using Grandmist Spiritual Energy yet was able to refine and create such a powerful weapon that was comparable to a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, that was also the reason why Chehou Yuan had determined the Divine Spear Waning Snow as his most prided weapon.

"Master…" Uncle Fu grew impatient.

"Uncle Fu." Qin Yu frowned. Uncle Fu could only resist himself.

Qin Yu also knew about what Uncle Fu wanted to tell him.

This Snowthread Gloves was actually extremely compatible with the Divine Spear Waning Snow. Wearing the Snowthread Gloves and then using the Divine Spear Waning Snow to attack, one's attack strength would increase by several times. If using the two together, then their might would not be far away from a first-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

However, Qin Yu didn't want to say it or let his brothers know about it.

"Mn, in that case big brother you should take the Divine Craft Flying Yamen." Said Hei Yu.

Among the three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, the Snowthread Gloves and the Divine Craft Flying Yamen was comparatively better whereas the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da was relatively useless. After all, there was not a single thing inside the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da. If one wanted experts, one must personally go defeat and capture them.

"Divine Craft Flying Yamen? I possess the Jiang Lan's Realm, it's even easier for me to use that to flee." Said Qin Yu with a smile.

Hei Yu was startled.

Compared to the Jiang Lan's Realm, the Divine Craft Flying Yamen's ability to save one's life was indeed inferior.

"Haha, it's better that I tell you all myself. This G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da shall be mine. Fei Fei's agility and speed is inferior to Xiao Hei. Fei Fei, this Divine Craft Flying Yamen shall be yours. Xiao Hei, this remaining Snowthread Gloves shall be yours."

After Qin Yu finished saying that, he pointed to the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da. A trace of his blood dripped onto the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da.

That enormous stone paG.o.da immediately started to rapidly reduce in size. At the same time, it started to a.s.similate into Qin Yu's body.

"Remember, first drip your blood on it to become its master. Then absorb it into your body and slowly refine it. The two of you do not possess a high level soul, I reckon it'll take you two at least ten thousand years to refine those Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Do not make haste." Entrusted Qin Yu.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked at the 'Divine Craft Flying Yamen' and the 'Snowthread Gloves' not far away. Then they looked at Qin Yu. The two of them were unable to say anything for a long time.

"Well then, the two of you can casually find a place and start training. I will also go and start my training." Qin Yu slightly smiled. He then disappeared.

"Big brother…" Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked as Qin Yu left. They were still unable to say anything.

With a thought, a house appeared on the ground. Outside the house was a short and thick osmanthus flower tree. Qin Yu walked into the house and sat down in a cross-legged position. As for Uncle Fu, he was right next to Qin Yu.

"Sigh… strange." Qin Yu sighed.

He had originally wanted to get a trace of 'flour paste energy' from the Stellar s.p.a.ce for his brothers so that they would be able to refine the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures faster. However, a strange thing occurred.

Regardless of how hard Qin Yu tried to control the 'flour paste energy,' it would at the very most move about in the Stellar s.p.a.ce. It was simply unable for the flour paste energy to pa.s.s through the Black Hole Channel and come out.

"Master, is there something?" Seeing Qin Yu's expression, Uncle Fu asked,

Qin Yu woke back up. He smiled and shook his head. "Uncle Fu, for the time being you can stay outside. Wake me up after a hundred years." After Qin Yu finished saying that, Uncle Fu left the house.

Inside the house.

Qin Yu started to refine the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da.

Inside the Stellar s.p.a.ce. It was the same as before, densely packed traces of flour paste energy were gathering toward the Origin in the middle of the Stellar s.p.a.ce. That dark gold colored bead would absorb a shocking amount of flour paste energy at every moment. Merely, the change on the dark gold colored bead was extremely slim.

An enormous stone paG.o.da appeared in the Stellar s.p.a.ce. At the same time, a trace of flour paste energy had already landed and covered the peak of the paG.o.da.

The G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da was currently absorbing the flour paste energy with an extremely extremely slow speed.

Qin Yu clearly sensed that as the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da absorbed the flour paste energy, it was being refined unceasingly with a sensible level of change. This sort of refinement did not require him to spend a lot of effort. Thus caused Qin Yu to have the leisure to think about other things.

"It would seem that I had thought myself to be too infallible before. I had thought that my body would be comparable to the toughness of a High Quality Divine Artifact. However, it would appear that only a Divine Artifact that has been instilled with Divine Energy would be able to display its true might. The method in which the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm used Divine Artifacts were truly…." Qin Yu can't help himself from sighing.

If one was viewing the sky from the bottom of a well, how would one be able to tell the vastness of the sky?

His current body's toughness was merely that of a Mid Level Deity's level.

"Evidently, the Divine Realm places an immense importance to one's body. Only through possessing a tough enough body would one be able to bear enough Divine Energy. My soul, with the a.s.sistance of the Meteoric Tear, is already close to the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. The reason why I was only able to absorb that small amount of Divine Energy was because my body was not tough enough."

Qin Yu was able to sense that the dark gold colored Divine Energy within his body was slowly permeating into his muscles and bones.

His body was slowly and gradually increasing in strength.

"My body that was no longer able to level up in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm is actually being easily leveled up here. As expected of the Divine Realm." Qin Yu gasped in admiration. He then separated his mind to do two tasks. While paying attention to the refinement of the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da, he started reading the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path.'

With a flip of his hand, the first scroll of the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' appeared in his hand.

After sweeping it with his Divine Awareness, Qin Yu began researching on the 'Array Path.' The amount of information contained within each golden scroll was all astonishingly large. As time pa.s.sed, Qin Yu came to understand more and more about the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path.'

'Array Path' was primarily divided into: Killing Array, Trapping Array and Defensive Array.

These three different types of arrays were also respectively subdivided into different arrays. For example, the Killing Array could be subdivided into the illusion type which contained the attacking through using Heart's Devils. There is also the amplification type which uses energy to attack and the overlapping type which overlaps one's attack power.

As for the Trapping Array, it was also divided into numerous different types.

The nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' primarily talked about these three major types of formation arrays. What was strange was that this nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path,' only a bit more than a hundred scrolls talked about 'Killing Array.' For 'Defensive Array,' there are over two hundred scrolls. The remaining scrolls, over five hundred scrolls, all talked about the 'Trapping Array.'

The information contained within a golden scroll was much more numerous compared to the jade slips of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Qin Yu originally could not imagine why the 'Array Path' would require nine hundred golden scrolls.

However, after merely reading three scrolls, Qin Yu came to understand it completely.

Of these nine hundred scrolls, it was likely that only one percent of its contents talked about how to set up formation arrays or break through a formation array. As for the rest of its contents, they were all examples and details explanations of numerous different types of formation arrays.

It started from the simplest Five Phases Formation Array. It explained how to set up a Five Phases Formation Array, how to break apart a Five Phases Formation Array, what part of the Five Phases Formation Array was its weak point, what part of the Five Phrases Formation Array was important and so on..

Like that, the nine hundred scrolls of 'Array Path' explained examples of formation arrays one by one.

Different types of pairing methods would give birth to different types of formation array examples. It started from the most simple most basic formation array and then continue to go into harder ones. As one proceeded, the formation array examples became more and more complicated.

At the beginning, Qin Yu was reading the contents in regard to the 'Killing Array.'

In the entire hundred years, Qin Yu was able to easily understand the principle and essentials of the simple formation arrays that he started with first. However, as he continued to read deeper, when he reached those more complicated formation arrays, it would take him several months or even longer to understand a single formation array.

"That's right. I can coerce others into entering the illusion barrier like that. This I understand. However, how would eighteen overlaying attack formation arrays be able to combine into one?" Qin Yu was still pondering unceasingly. He was using his Divine Awareness to calculate all sort of circ.u.mstances with lightning speed.

The speed at which a Deity's Divine Awareness computes was hundreds of thousands of times faster than the Mortal Realm's science and technology cosmos's so called supercomputers.

"Master, it has already been a hundred years. A year has already pa.s.sed outside." Uncle Fu's voice suddenly sounded.

Qin Yu was suddenly woken up by Uncle Fu's noise.

"It's already been a hundred years?" Qin Yu had a surprised expression on his face. As he was completely emerged in the computations of the formation arrays, he did not even notice the pa.s.sage of time at all. "Eh, the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da also finished refining."

Qin Yu smiled a self-mocking smile.

Originally, he had decided to double task and pay attention to the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da while studying the 'Array Path.' However, as time pa.s.sed, Qin Yu began to feel that his Divine Awareness's calculation speed was too slow and started to wholeheartedly emerge himself into the study of the 'Array Path.' Thus, he did not pay attention to the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da at all.

By the time he woke back up, the G.o.d Sealing PaG.o.da had already been finished binding.

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