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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 37 – Flowing Spring Galaxy

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The controller of the Great Wilderness Xiu Ku and the Peng Devil Island's Island Master Lan Tie's hearts were both filled with agony and pain.

"Are you two willing to become Spiritual Beasts?"

The two great leaders of the Great Wilderness and the Peng Devil Island were now going to be forced to become Spiritual Beasts that were controlled by others. Was one's life more important or one's liberty more important? Of course, becoming a Spiritual Beast does not necessarily mean that one's liberty would be lost. However, one's ego would be lost!

"Are you done thinking? The two of you can also choose death." Qin Yu lifted his tea cup and drank a small sip from it.

Against his enemies, Qin Yu has never been compa.s.sionate or lenient toward them. That was because Qin Yu knew that if he were to be compa.s.sionate and lenient, then these people would not be thankful but instead would be harboring their hatred within their heart. With all these years of battles, Qin Yu already knew when he ought to be fierce!

"I, I am willing!" Said Lan Tie as he clenched his teeth. Only, the muscles on Lan Tie's face were trembling slightly. One could imagine the anger he was holding back.

Xiu Ku took a glance at Lan Tie beside him. He then looked to Qin Yu. "If I am to become a Spiritual Beast, I am only willing to become your Spiritual Beast."

"I don't need one." Qin Yu stood up. "The number of Spiritual Beasts I possess far exceeds your imagination. Much less you, even if a Demon Emperor wanted to become my Spiritual Beast, I would still not care about it." Qin Yu had an indifferent expression on his face.

Xiu Ku and Lan Tie were dumbstruck.

To not even care about Demon Emperors? What was the strength of this man in front of them? How could there be such an expert in the Mortal Realm?!

"Xiu Ku, I do not have the time to waste on you." Qin Yu's brows slightly creased.

Qin Zheng glanced at his third brother. He nodded in his heart. In this world, one must be benevolent toward certain people. However, against some people, there was no need for benevolence. Only through knowing this would one be able to live even better.

"I agree!" Those words were forced out from Xiu Ku's teeth.

Qin Yu and Qin Zheng glanced at each other. They both had smiles on their faces.

Qin Yu asked his Spiritual Beasts in his Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and discovered that a level eight Demon King called Jun Xiao was proficient at refining artifacts. He was also extremely proficient in refining Spiritual Beast Rings. Thus, Qin Yu ordered this level eight Demon King to refine the Spiritual Beast Rings.

"Second brother, order two people to confine these two people first." Qin Yu said to Qin Zheng.

Qin Zheng looked to Qin Yu. "Little Yu, if they tried to flee, then…."

"Rest a.s.sured, their powers have been completely sealed by me. Even in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there are also not many people who are capable of breaking my seal." Said Qin Yu with a smile. However, his words were filled with confidence.

Qin Zheng nodded and then casually ordered two gold clothed Emissaries.

"Utmost Supreme Second Elder." Said the two gold clothed Emissaries respectfully.

Qin Zheng nodded. He then looked to Qin Yu. "He is my third brother. That is, the Utmost Supreme Third Elder."

The two gold clothed Emissaries had already been told by their close friends, that the Utmost Supreme Third Elder had appeared. Yet at this moment, hearing those words from Qin Zheng himself, the two of them were capering madly with joy. They both looked to Qin Yu. After all, the two of them have grown up listening to the stories of Qin Yu. Seeing their idol in their hearts, the two of them grew very excited.

"Second brother, are these both descendants of our Qin clan?" Qin Yu asked.

Qin Zheng smiled and nodded. "These are both the descents of our Qin clan with pretty good abilities. However, the path of cultivation is indeed hard. Of the eighty thousand descendants of our Qin clan, the number of descendants that have managed to attain success in cultivation is still truly too few. For some of our branch families, only one person was able to cultivate in an entire generation."

At this moment, the two gold clothed Emissaries were chatting with each other via Voice Transmission.

"Fourth Bro, is he the Utmost Supreme Third Elder?"

"That's right. The Utmost Supreme Second Elder had said it personally. Never had I expected that the Utmost Supreme Third Elder would look this young. His appearance also resembles the Utmost Supreme Second Elder greatly. As expected from blood brothers."

"When we return and tell First Bro and them that we have personally seen the Utmost Supreme Third Elder, they will definitely be extremely envious of us."

Suddenly, Qin Zheng's voice sounded. "Where is your etiquette when you see the Utmost Supreme Third Elder?"

These two gold clothed Emissaries who were shocked to see their idol only now woke up to reality. The two of them hurriedly said. "We pay our respects to Utmost Supreme Third Elder."

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. "Mn, continue to put effort into your training." Immediately, these two gold clothed Emissaries were extremely moved. The legendary Utmost Supreme Third Elder had actually spoken to them.

Immediately after, Qin Yu looked to Lan Tie and Xiu Ku.

"In these couple days, the two of you better behave yourselves. Do not hope that you'll be able to escape… with my seal within your bodies, no matter where the two of you would try to escape to, I would still be able to find you… furthermore, killing the two of you is also an extremely simple matter for me." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

Xiu Ku and Lan Tie laughed bitterly in their hearts.

Having seen Qin Yu's strength, how would they possibly dare to try escaping?!

At this moment, Qin Zheng said to the two gold clothed Emissaries. "The two of you are to carefully watch over them. You must not make a mistake."

"Yes, Utmost Supreme Second Elder." The two gold clothed Emissaries complied with the order. In front of Qin Yu, the two of their voices were both in high spirits.

Afterwards the two gold clothed Emissaries detained and escorted Xiu Ku and Liu Tu down.

"Second brother, I've heard that there's a successor to my 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique? And his name is Qin s.h.i.tian?" Qin Yu suddenly said. Regarding this Qin s.h.i.tian, Qin Yu was still somewhat looking forward to meeting him.

After all, he could be considered the sole successor to his 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique.

"Haha, Little Yu, so you've already heard about it. Good. I shall order him here." Qin Zheng immediately spread out his Spiritual Awareness and sent a Spiritual Awareness Voice Transmission. Soon after, a tanned scraggly bearded man walked in.

Qin Yu carefully inspected this man called Qin s.h.i.tian.

Qin s.h.i.tian. His appearance was very firm and persistent. Qin Yu was able to tell that this Qin s.h.i.tian was a forthright and straightforward man. His bright eyes were staring at Qin Yu.

"Utmost Supreme Third Elder?" Qin s.h.i.tian was a bit uncertain.

Qin Zheng who stood to the side said. "What's with the Utmost Supreme Third Elder? Just call him master. Little Yu, what do you think?"

"Master?" Qin Yu was slightly startled. A figure had suddenly emerged in Qin Yu's mind… Liu Hanshu.

"Little Yu, what are you thinking about?" Qin Zheng noticed that Qin Yu was absent-minded, thus he asked.

"Oh, no, nothing." Qin Yu looked to Qin s.h.i.tian. Seeing the longing expression in Qin s.h.i.tian's eyes, Qin Yu said indiferently. "Good. From today hence, you shall be my second disciple."

"Second disciple?" Qin Zheng looked to Qin Yu with a confused expression.

Qin s.h.i.tian however, immediately kneeled down. He kowtowed and said. "This disciple pays his respects to master."

East Hazy Mountain. Misty Mountain Villa.

Four thousand years have pa.s.sed. However, the Misty Mountain Villa, under the maintenance by the Qin clan, was practically unchanged from four thousand years ago. Generally, only Qin Zheng would come to the Misty Mountain Villa. However now… Qin Yu was living in the Misty Mountain Villa.


Laterns was hung in the Misty Mountain Villa. Qin Yu was wearing only shorts. His chest was completely bare. He was lying on his back in the hotspring within the Misty Mountain Villa. He was lying there like how he was back during the time of his childhood.

Only Qin Yu was in the hot spring.

"This kind of sensation is truly comfortable." A peaceful smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. Qin Yu's mind and spirit which were as hard as a boulder have also now grown soft.

Under the dusky lantern lights, Qin Yu was enjoying the tranquility of the night. He was lying on his back and looking at the numerous stars in the sky. Just like the time in his childhood.  Back then, he was also lying on his back like this and seeing the stars in the sky.

He had once trained in his martial arts in this hot spring, trained in his external techniques in this hot spring.

Qin Yu closed his eyes. It was if he was still able to hear his shouting sounds from back then.

"Four thousand years have pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye. Time pa.s.sed so fast. Royal Father, big brother and them have already ascended to the Immortal Realm. Tomorrow, I shall go to the Soaring Dragon Continent and figure out where the experts from the Purple Mystic Star would ascend to. After I finish settling down my Royal Father and them, I shall concentrate on my training."

Qin Yu's thoughts started to shift toward Li'er.

Li'er's smiles and frowns.

Especially the helpless and reluctant expression on Li'er when she left with Zhou Xian. However, Qin Yu was forever unable to forget about the disregard, disdain and the words that Zhou Xian said to him.

"Brat, you are merely a mortal, Li'er is not a name that you can call. Likewise, my name, Zhou Xian, is also not a name that you can call."

"From today hence, you are not allowed to utter 'Li'er' from your mouth. Likewise, you also cannot call my name. Understand?"

Qin Yu clearly remembered the disdainful words left behind by Zhou Xian back then.

"Zhou Xian, people like him will definitely obstruct Li'er from being together with me." Qin Yu clenched his fists. His veins bulged outward. A sharp shine burst forth from his eyes.

"Pop!" "Pop!" "Pop!" …..

The s.p.a.ce in the surroundings started to violently vibrate. The hot spring that Qin Yu was lying on was also blowing up unceasingly. Splashes were flying all over the place. Qin Yu took a deep breath. He suppressed the impatience as well as the anger in his heart. Only then did the surface of the hot spring calm back down.

"Divine Realm!" Qin Yu's gaze gradually turned cold. "I have never enjoyed killing others. However, if Zhou Xian and them are going to continue to obstruct Li'er and I from being together, then they cannot blame me for turning into an Asura and start killing them."

A killing intent was born in Qin Yu's mind.

Even if his current strength was weak, Qin Yu still did not fear in the slightest. After all, the gap between the current him and Heavenly Deities was a visible gap.

"Those are things for when I ascend to the Divine Realm. For now, what I must do is to increase my strength as much as possible." Qin Yu nodded in his heart. "And before that, I shall set up the arrangements for Royal Father, big brother and them."

Under the hazy lantern lights, Qin Yu's eyes were glistering.

Soaring Dragon Continent.

The Soaring Dragon Continent was mostly separated into the side of Immortal Cultivators and the side of Devil Cultivators. Back then, the main faction of the Immortal Cultivators, the Clear Emptiness Monastery, suffered the fate of being burned with Heavenly Flames by Qin Yu. In the end, even the experts of the Clear Emptiness Monastery were killed.

[TL: Clear Emptiness Monastery → Qingxu Guan.]

This had caused the Clear Emptiness Monastery to reach their lowest point in history instantly.

Currently, the two strongest sects in the Immortal Cultivators' side was…the Purple Sun Sect and the Blue Center Sect. When the Clear Emptiness Monastery lost their divine altar and became a second-rated sect, these two great sects were instead incessantly recruiting new disciples.

[TL: Purple Sun Sect → Ziyang Men;     Blue Center Sect → Lanyang Men.]

The monastery of the Purple Sun Sect was located on verdant hills and limpid water. Practically everyday, there are people trying to join the sect and become their disciple.

Today was no exception. A group of youngsters were filled with excitement as they stepped onto the mountain path of the Purple Sun Sect. These youngsters were all from the same village. This time around, they have all come to join the Purple Sun Sect. Merely, it was still hard to tell whether or not the Purple Sun Sect would accept them.

These youngsters walked to the outside of the Purple Sun Sect's monastery's main gate.

"This is the Purple Sun Sect. Outsides are not allowed entrance." A youth stepping on a flying sword shouted at that group of youngsters. This group of youngsters immediately bowed and said. "Senior, we wish to become disciples of the Purple Sun Sect."

"Oh, wait a moment." Said that youth indifferently.

And at this moment, a white clothed man walked past this group of youngsters as if he was floating. That youth on top of the flying sword immediately shouted. "You, stop."

However, that white clothed man did not look at that youth at all. He merely took a gaze at the entire Purple Sun Sect. He gasped in admiration and said. "Purple Sun Sect, it's even more flourishing than the Clear Emptiness Monastery from back then."

After he finished saying those words, this white clothed man's foot moved. He had arrived outside of the main hall of the Purple Sun Sect.

"Teleportation?" That youth on top of the flying sword immediately did not dare to shout loudly anymore.

"It's merely been four thousand years. The current Purple Sun Sect possesses even more Loose Immortal experts than before." The white clothed man stood outside the doorway to the main hall. His gaze was instead cast toward a palace in the Purple Sun Sect. Afterwards, he disappeared again.

The two disciples guarding the outside of the main hall looked at each other. They were dumbstruck. Immediately after, the two of them rushed to inform the higher levels of the Purple Sun Sect.

A lot of the Loose Immortals from the Purple Sun Sect were still in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Only about a third of them remained in the Purple Sun Sect. However, the current number one expert of the Purple Sun Sect… twelve tribulation Loose Immortal, Reverend Fen Yang was in the Purple Sun Sect. That was because he was about to ascend soon.

The palace that the white clothed man saw earlier was precisely the palace that Reverend Fen Yang was doing his training in.

Inside a training room of the palace, Reverend Fen Yang was sitting on the ground in a cross-legged position.

"I'm going to ask you about a thing, you merely need to answer it." A voice suddenly sounded in this room. That Reverend Fen Yang opened his eyes in astonishment. Finding it unbelievable, he looked to the man in front of him.

The room was completely closed off. There was even a barrier outside the room.

Reverend Fen Yang was unable to believe that someone would be able to come into the room without alarming him.

"The barrier is not destroyed? The door is also not open?" Upon checking, Reverend Fen Yang was even more astonished.

"Let me ask you, the Dacheng stage experts of our Purple Mystic Star, which planet would they ascend to?" Qin Yu asked directly. The Qin Yu from today wore all white, he also did not have any of the killing intent that he had before.

At this moment, Reverend Fen Yang  didn't dare to think too much. He promptly replied respectfully. "Senior, the Immortal Cultivators of our Purple Mystic Star, once they ascend, they would ascend to the Immortal Realm's Flowing Spring Galaxy's Fish Sun Star."

Qin Yu was startled.

"You said Flowing Spring Galaxy?" Qin Yu's voice grew a bit louder.

Reverend Fen Yang hurriedly replied. "That's right. This junior is certain. Furthermore, our Purple Sun Sect possessed method of communicating with the Immortal Realm. In our sect, all of our previous generations' seniors have ascended to the Flowing Spring Galaxy's Fish Sun Star."

"Flowing Spring Galaxy. That was formerly Emperor Yu's territory. It is currently administered by the Mystic Emperor. Hopefully nothing happens to my Royal Father and them." Qin Yu frowned.

Qin Yu had originally thought to carefreely enjoy some time on the Purple Mystic Star. However, after knowing where his Royal Father and them have ascended to, Qin Yu no longer have any intention to relax anymore.

"I must go back immediately."

Qin Yu glanced at Reverend Fen Yang and said indifferently. "Just act as if you never saw me and continue your training." After saying those words, Qin Yu disappeared.

"Yes, senior." Replied Reverend Fen Yang hurriedly.

Afterwards, he looked to the empty room and the sensed that the barrier was still intact. He felt that what had happened was even more like a dream.

"An existence that could ignore the barrier? Could it be that I was dreaming earlier?" Muttered Reverend Fen Yang. Beads of sweat were seeping out from his brows.

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 38 – The Reunion of Father and Son

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Hidden Dragon Continent. Flame Capital City of the Tang Dynasty Empire. In a certain guest room in the Virtue Garden. Qin Yu and Qin Zheng were the only people in the guest room.

"Second brother, I must go." Qin Yu looked to his second brother Qin Zheng and said in a serious tone.

"What happened? Why hurry back? If there's nothing going on, stay a couple more days on the Hidden Dragon Continent." Qin Zheng didn't want Qin Yu to leave so quickly. After all, he had only came back a couple days ago.

Qin Yu shook his head and said helplessly. "I can't. I've found out the location where the Dacheng stage cultivators of the Purple Mystic Star would ascend to. That location is located within an area that an enemy of mine, from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, controls."

"Little Yu, you mean?" Qin Zheng's expression changed.

Qin Yu nodded. He said solemnly. "That's right. What I fear the most is that person would go and find our Royal Father and big brother. If that was the case… then things would truly be bad."

"This…" Qin Zheng also started worrying. "Little Yu, is that enemy of yours powerful?"

"Only so-so. However, it is impossible for Royal Father and them to contend against her. I hope that she still hasn't taken note of Royal Father, big brother and them." The gaze filled with hatred from the time when Mystic Emperor fled from him appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

The death of Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor most definitely sees it as Qin Yu's fault.

Upon thinking about this, Qin Yu grew even more worried.

"Well, since this is the case, I will not obstruct you anymore. Little Yu, no matter what, you must save Royal Father and big brother." Said Qin Zheng impatiently.

"Second brother, I would do so even if you didn't mention it. They are not only your Royal Father and big brother, they're also my Royal Father and big brother." Qin Yu comforted Qin Zheng. Before he leaves, Qin Yu also has a couple things he must settle.

Qin Yu said to Qin Zheng. "Second brother, everything regarding our Qin clan in the Mortal Realm shall be in your hands. Now that you have those two twelve tribulation Loose Demons as your Spiritual Beasts, there should not be any problem. Merely, once you ascend to the Immortal , Devil and Demon Realm, those two Loose Demons would also ascend with you… thus, I will leave behind another thing with you."

Qin Zheng looked to Qin Yu.

With an intention, a figure came out from Qin Yu's body. It then fell to the ground beside him. It was the 'Sword Immortal Puppet' that Uncle Lan had given him.

The Sword Immortal Puppet, its strongest strength was only that of a level nine Golden Immortal. Only its defense was a bit stronger than that. However, to the current Qin Yu, the Sword Immortal Puppet was not of much use.

"This is the Sword Immortal Puppet. From today hence, this Sword Immortal Puppet shall become the Inherited Treasure of our Mortal Realm's Qin clan. Regardless of who it is, before they ascend to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, they must pa.s.s on this Sword Immortal Puppet to the next 'Great Elder.'" Said Qin Yu.

The Clan master of the Qin Clan changes every hundred years. It was still relatively fast. However, the position of 'Great Elder' was a position for life. Only when the previous 'Great Elder' ascends to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm would the next 'Great Elder' be chosen.

"Sword Immortal Puppet?" Confused, Qin Zheng looked to the Sword Immortal Puppet. "Little Yu, is this a human's body?"

"You can consider it as such. However, it is something that Uncle Lan created back then and gave me. Merely, to the current me, this Sword Immortal Puppet is of no use." Said Qin Yu while smiling. "This Sword Immortal Puppet requires the use of Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones to use. These are a hundred fifty Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones. As to the key information regarding how to use the Sword Immortal Puppet, you can know about all of them from this."

Qin Yu took a Mid Quality Divine Artifact level Spatial Ring. This Spatial Ring was something that Qin Yu obtained from the Ni Yang's Realm.

"There are Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones within this Spatial Ring. It also contains the information as to how to use the Sword Immortal Puppet." Qin Yu said as he entrust the Spatial Ring to Qin Zheng.

Qin Zheng immediately received the Spatial Ring. After he dripped blood on it to and formed the blood oath, Qin Zheng took out the jade slip from the Spatial Ring. With merely a sweep of his Spiritual Awareness, he had came to completely understand everything contained within it.

"This, this Sword Immortal Puppet…." After knowing about the strength of the Sword Immortal Puppet, Qin Zheng was stunned.

Oh heavens!

With the Sword Immortal Puppet, the Qin clan would be practically unequalled in the Mortal Realm.

"Second brother, make it so that only the several elders of each successive generation will know about the existence of the Sword Immortal Puppet. You must definitely not let others know. Otherwise… our Qin descendants would all become too arrogant and my intention for leaving behind this Sword Immortal Puppet would also be lost." Qin Yu continued. "This Sword Immortal Puppet must absolutely not be used unless it's a time of crisis. Although I have left behind a large amount of Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones, we must also take the future generations into consideration."

Qin Zheng nodded and said while smiling. "Rest a.s.sured, Little Yu. I, your second brother have been the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty for several tens of years in the past. I know what must be done…. this Sword Immortal Puppet, unless our Qin clan is in a time of crisis, we will absolutely not use it."

Only then did Qin Yu grow relieved.

"Mn, those two Spiritual Beasts have been arranged and I've also given you this Sword Immortal Puppet. I am now at ease." Qin Yu forced a smile. "Second brother, I'm going now."

Qin Zheng placed his hands on Qin Yu's shoulders. He stared at Qin Yu.

"Don't be like this." Qin Yu said as he squeezed out a smile. "Mn, we will be able to meet each other again in the future." After he finished saying those words, Qin Yu moved and teleported into the sky.

"Little Yu." Qin Zheng looked to Qin Yu's silhouette in the sky with reddened eyes.

Qin Yu turned around. He smiled and then disappeared from the sky.

With a Greater Teleportation, Qin Yu returned to the s.p.a.ce channel. After pa.s.sing through that black hole-like s.p.a.ce channel, Qin Yu returned back to the Bewitching G.o.d Temple in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

[ED(Robin): I can't believe he didn't let Hou Fei and Hei Yu out, the Purple Mystic Star was their home aswell

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