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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 38: Man Gan’s Fury

This chapter was translated by Rylain at Nightbreeze translations. For various reasons, Rylain’s translations for Stellar Transformations are on an indefinite hiatus. Refer to his blog for more information. You can find his blog here here! Please note that some terms might be different from the past!
The Yinyue mountain range was covered in a layer of mist beneath the dazzling sun, and the most attractive feature of the entire Yinyue mountains was the Blood Devil Hall situated at its very heart. Similarly…… with Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun currently as the leader, Lady Lian Yue, Wu Hei, Fire Devil and the others were in the air above the Blood Devil Hall as a group.
Following a single order from Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun, Lady Lian Yue and the other two people promptly prepared to set off. However —

“Ah, Du Zhong Jun, you are indeed trustworthy.”

An indifferent voice resounded across the entire Yinyue mountains, and continued to echo across the Heavens. However, almost all the Xiuzhen Pract.i.tioners could feel the anger and fury contained within that voice.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s facial expression momentarily changed, and he let out a low breath, “It’s Man Gan.”

Resembling an evil G.o.d, Man Gan appeared in the middle of the air above the Yinyue mountains. The sudden surge of a dense Demon aura sowed fear into the minds of every Loose Devil. The pupils of Man Gan’s eyes emanated rays of fiercely purple lights, further shaking the courage of those Loose Devils.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s facial expression appeared quite pale.

Meanwhile, the three Loose Devil experts behind Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun did not dare to even take a deep breath. Each and every one of them was trembling. No matter how proud or arrogant they usually were, they were still like mice meeting a cat before the strongest of the four great Emissaries — Man Gan.

“Wait for my order. All of you will first Teleport, then head towards Eager Dragon Island together.”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun spoke using his Devil Awareness and Sound Transfer.

“Yes, My Lord Blood Devil,” replied Lady Lian Yue and the others using Sound Transfer.

“Brother Man Gan, I was just preparing to notify you, who would have thought that you will appear,” responded Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun promptly with a smile.

“Orh? Is that really so? However, from what I had heard and saw, that did not seem to be the case. I will give you a chance. If you have a clear conscience, then make an oath to the Heavens and Earth.” Man Gan’s cold eyes were looking at Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun was slightly dumbfounded. “This……” Lies could be told, but that oath should not be made lightly. That was especially true for Pract.i.tioners. How could Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun not know the horrifying consequences of violating oaths?

Although he was only momentarily dumbfounded, Man Gan instead already knew Du Zhong Jun’s secret intentions.

Meanwhile, rather, Man Gan was the person who spoke out, his icy laughter echoed across the Heavens and Earth, “Haha, what a marvelous Du Zhong Jun, your guts are definitely not small. I really did not think that a little Blood Devil Modao Pract.i.tioner like you would also dare to lie and fool me like such. Since you are seeking death, then do not blame me for being merciless. After robbing your piece of the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, I can all the same……”

That Man Gan had only spoken halfway through his sentence, and a huge Falchion Energy with a length of several tens of meters appeared out of thin air in the middle of the sky.

At the same time, Man Gan was already grabbing a broad cleaving falchion in one hand.


Similar to paste, the entire s.p.a.ce momentarily creeped outwards. Immediately, it completely ruptured open, and a gigantic black hole with a diameter of a hundred meters appeared in the sky above the Yinyue mountains. A horrifying suction force began to swallow the surrounding mountain forests, rocks, as well as Loose Devils wildly.


There were screams one after another, and one by one, Loose Devils were being swallowed alive by that chaotic and black ruptured hole. At the same time, large pieces of rock or even structures were also swallowed by it. That black ruptured hole seemed capable of swallowing anything.

Nothing could withstand it.

Before that spatial crack, the Loose Devils’ resistance against it were completely futile, and that led to panic!

The countless Loose Devils within the Yinyue mountain range panicked.

When an expert of Man Gan’s standard fought to kill, those Loose Devils at one side were absolutely suffering the disaster of a pool of fish. Immediately, countless Loose Devils flew away in all directions in an attempt to escape, and even a few panicked Loose Devils actually used Teleportation within such a chaotic s.p.a.ce. However, attempting to Teleport under such circ.u.mstances was tantamount to suicide. Those few Loose Devils were already frightened to the point that they had lost their common sense.

[Rylain: ‘受池鱼之灾’ translates to ‘suffering the disaster of a pool of fish’. It originated from part of a complete phrase, ‘城门失火殃及池鱼’ which meant ‘the city gates caught fire, and water from the pool was used to extinguish the fire. Without water, the fishes in the pool then died’. Therefore, what that idiom meant was ‘caught in the crossfire’.]
“How despicable,” cursed Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun.

Earlier, Man Gan had intentionally made his move whilst still in the middle of a sentence. That had instead caught Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun unprepared.

“Leave first, all of you. When you arrive at a place where the s.p.a.ce is stable, immediately perform ‘Teleportation‘ and rush to Eager Dragon Island first. All of you do not have to bother about my safety.” Although he appeared extremely furious, his mind was instead calm. Du Zhong Jun had very calmly used Sound Transfer to order the three great Loose Devil experts.

“Yes, My Lord Blood Devil.” Lady Lian Yue and the other two people understood the situation.

Once the three of them had escaped, Du Zhong Jun would no longer be restrained by them, and there was still a chance for him to escape then.

Earlier, when Man Gan had broken open s.p.a.ce in a single attack, several hundreds of Loose Devils as well as several thousands of Xiumo Pract.i.tioners were swallowed up by that horrifying spatial crack within mere moments. Meanwhile, Lady Lian Yue, Wu Hei, and Fire Devil had also mixed into the crowd of countless Loose Devils who were aimlessly escaping for their lives in all directions.

“Man Gan, aren’t you a little too much?” shouted Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun in a cold tone.

“Too much? Haha, is this also called too much? Then, let me make you understand what is really too much!”

The purple light emitted by Man Gan’s pupils became brighter and brighter.

A horrifying whirlwind began to swirl at an extremely fast speed around Man Gan’s right hand, while continuously shrinking at the same time. Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s facial expression changed drastically when he saw that scene.

“Blood Enkindling Escape!”

The fresh blood within Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s body began to boil completely, and b.l.o.o.d.y fluids began to seep out from every part of his body. However, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s entire person transformed into a streak of b.l.o.o.d.y light and flew off at an extremely fast speed towards the east.


Having witnessed that scene, Man Gan already knew one thing — No matter what, he was absolutely unable to catch up with Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun then.

Blood Enkindling Escape was neither Teleportation nor Large Transfer, but a type of flying technique. It was only that Blood Enkindling Escape enabled the user to increase their usual moving speed by ten times.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Man Gan’s speed was faster than Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun. However, after Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun performed Blood Enkindling Escape, Man Gan was absolutely unable to catch up to him.

“My Lord.”

Both Yu Liang and Kong Cao appeared behind Man Gan. “My Lord, that Du Zhong Jun……”

When Du Zhong Jun was mentioned, Man Gan got even more furious.

That was because Man Gan was very clear what that Du Zhong Jun was thinking. Du Zhong Jun absolutely did not cared whether the Loose Devils of the Mortal Realm lived or died.

Meanwhile, having currently lost the slots to enter Ni Yang’s Realm, how could he, Man Gan, accomplish his mission? How could he obtain that treasure within Ni Yang’s Realm?

The more he thought, the angrier he got.

He was the most respected and n.o.ble Super Divine Beast within the Demon Realm, and even though his martial skills were not high, Super Divine Beasts were treated incomparably in a highly valued manner within the clan. When compared, the status of Super Divine Beasts far exceeded that of a First Tier Devil King such as Du Zhong Jun.

Du Zhong Jun actually dared to deceive him!

Man Gan’s facial expression became extremely unsightly. At the same time, the martial skill that was charging around his right fist continued to acc.u.mulate energy. The furious and crazed Man Gan seemed to have forgotten to perform that attack.

“Ya ya — Du Zhong Jun, do not let me meet you again!!!”

Man Gan tilted his head upwards and gave a furious roar, then abruptly gave the Yinyue mountains beneath him a merciless smash with his right fist.

That energy which had acc.u.mulated to its peak completely erupted instantly. With Man Gan’s fist as the focal point, the energy corrugated outwards in all directions. The entire s.p.a.ce seemed to fluctuate with ripples.

It was quiet.

Under a single fist by Man Gan who was at the peak of his fury, all the rocks in the s.p.a.ce that the ripples had travelled through completely transformed into fine powder. Merely a single moment.

A huge hole with a radius of about fifty kilometers had appeared at the central region of the Yinyue mountains. A never before seen large hole had appeared at the center of the entire Yinyue mountain range.

The recent, successfully constructed Yinyue Palace was once again destroyed.

“My Lord, what should we do now?” Yu Liang and Kong Cao stood behind Man Gan.

Man Gan briefly considered for a moment, while icy cold rays of light flashed within his eyes. “Very good. They might have entered Ni Yang’s Realm, but the treasures within Ni Yang’s Realm definitely cannot increase their martial powers by much. Even if they were to come out, they will also not be my match. Once Du Zhong Jun comes out, I will let him die!”

Even though his mouth had said those words, Man Gan still felt very ruthless.

That was because he knew, the first thing that the other party would do when they came out would be — To immediately return to the Ascendant Realms.

He was definitely afraid that not even a single chance would be given to him.

However, he, Man Gan, did not even have the chance to enter Ni Yang’s Realm any more, not to mention obtaining that treasure within Ni Yang’s Realm. What else could he do?

“If I had known, I would have then bought those three pieces of Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones from Ao Feng, and obtain the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams from the auctions.” Man Gan was extremely regretful.

However, Man Gan’s face instead did not have any expression of admitting defeat.

After all, he was an extremely proud Super Divine Beast, and even if he had suffered a disadvantage, he would also have to grit his teeth and swallow it in.


Eager Dragon Island.

The side of the Loose Immortals and the side of the Dragon Clan had long arrived, while Lady Lian Yue, Wu Hei, and Fire Devil had also arrived there.

“Senior Hua Yan, Senior Ao Feng, Senior Fang Tian. Earlier, that Man Gan had killed a path into the Yinyue mountains, while My Lord Blood Devil attempted to restrain him. Thus, the three of us have arrived here in advance. I believe that My Lord Blood Devil will arrive here very soon,” said Lady Lian Yue respectfully.

Hua Yan, Ao Feng, and Fang Tian exchanged looks, then they all had hints of a smile on each of their faces.

None of the three great experts present were willing to make an enemy out of Man Gan.

That was because the other party was a Super Divine Beast.

Take for example Fang Tian who was also a Super Divine Beast. Although merely at the cultivated level of a Twelfth Tribulation Loose Demon, similar to a Ninth Tier Heavenly Immortal, his capabilities were absolutely not beneath Hua Yan’s.

That was of course, given that both of them had the same weapons and armor.

Meanwhile, Man Gan was also a Super Divine Beast. Moreover, he was also the Super Divine Beast which had the strongest martial capabilities, as well as being a First Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast.

Suddenly —

A blood-red coloured figure unexpectedly appeared on Eager Dragon Island. All the martial experts present involuntarily turned their heads and looked. That blood-red coloured figure was a b.l.o.o.d.y Du Zhong Jun.

“Brother Du, what happened to you?” Hua Yan presented a shocked expression.

The current Du Zhong Jun’s face was pallid like snow, his entire body soaked in fresh blood, and the surface of his skin still had traces of scorched marks. That was the consequence of performing the Blood Enkindling Escape.

“Nothing much, except that I was forced by Man Gan to perform the Blood Enkindling Escape. Even if I had a Spiritual Elixir, I estimate that it will also take me three days to recover. I would still like to request everyone to wait for another three days,” said Du Zhong Jun while facing the group of people.

Hua Yan, Ao Feng, and Fang Tian all nodded.

“Brother Du can be at ease and concentrate on recuperating. Isn’t it only three days? To me and the others, even if it is three years, that is also not much different to the time taken to snap our fingers,” said Ao Feng with a smile, while the other two people also nodded.

Du Zhong Jun clasped his hands and said, “Then I shall thank everyone.”

Having said that, Du Zhong Jun then sought a spot and directly began to calm his mind and recuperate.

Three days later.

Within a small courtyard on Eager Dragon Island, the three factions had gathered the three pieces of the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams and had obtained the map that showed the location of Ni Yang’s Realm.

“It is actually here! Ni Yang’s Realm is actually here!!!”

The four people who were present, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng, and Fang Tian, were all stupefied. Although they had thought there was that possibility, all of them had hoped that it was not so.

However, the final result had told them that Ni Yang’s Realm was actually at that place.

“Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was still really powerful. It might even be possible that this planet’s peculiar environment was also created by him. Now that everyone knows the location of Ni Yang’s Realm, I definitely think that all of us also know the difficulty of this coming journey. Everyone shall first have a slight break. We will then immediately set off half a day later, all right?” Ao Feng nodded while giving a faint smile.

Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun also nodded thoughtfully.

It was clear that the earlier combined map of ‘heading towards Ni Yang’s Realm’ had made all the martial experts present shocked beyond compare.

After the four people had separated from within the small courtyard, Fang Tian turned over a hand, and a Transmission Talisman appeared on his palm.

“Zong Jue, it’s me.”

Fang Tian and Zong Jue had an extremely good friendship. After all, they were both Super Divine Beasts. Moreover, they were also both initially invincible existences on the Mortal Realm.

In terms of friendship that Fang Tian had towards Zong Jue, his relationship with Zong Jue was still more intimate when compared to the Dragon Clan’s Emissary Ao Feng.

After all, no matter if it were compet.i.tions or joking with each other, the relationship between Fang Tian and Zong Jue was still very good. They had felt as if they were very similar to each other.

“Ah, Fang Tian, is there anything?” Zong Jue also began chatting with Fang Tian.

“Zong Jue, let me tell you something. My side of the Dragon Clan, the side of the Loose Devils, and the side of the Loose Immortals have already gathered and obtained the map showing the location of Ni Yang’s Realm. We are about to set off immediately. Haha…… Zong Jue, this time I am going to be one step ahead of you.” Fang Tian told that news to Zong Jue.

Heading towards Ni Yang’s Realm?

When he received that news, Zong Jue’s entire person was stupefied, and he regained awareness after a brief moment.

“How is it that fast?” Zong Jue hurriedly asked.

“Haha, you do not need to ask further regarding this matter. Moreover, my Dragon Clan still resent the few number of slots, so there is also no way I can bring you along. However, Zong Jue, you can be at ease. I am very clear of your capabilities. It is only that you are missing a good weapon. This time, when I enter Ni Yang’s Realm, bringing back a set of powerful weapon and armor for you should still be considered easy. Isn’t that good enough for a brother?” Fang Tian joked.

Zong Jue hastily ended the conversation, “You are really a good enough brother. Fang Tian, I have an important matter, and will contact you again later.”

Promptly, Zong Jue immediately gave Qin Yu a transmission message.


The three brothers, Qin Yu, Hou Fei, and Hei Yu were being carefree within Qinyu Immortal Mansion.

“Zong Jue?”

Qin Yu doubtfully scanned the contents of the Transmission Talisman using his Spiritual Awareness. Immediately, his facial expression changed. Qin Yu’s eyes lit up, and within a moment, he immediately replied with a transmission message.

“Senior Zong Jue, make haste towards Snow Fish Island and let us gather. At that moment, we will also head towards Ni Yang’s Realm together.”

Instead, Qin Yu silently began to carefully consider the meaning behind that piece of news.

“The side of the Loose Immortals, the side of the Loose Devils, Dragon Clan…… merely three sides only. What about that Man Gan? I remember Man Gan had initially said that he occupied slots from the side of the Loose Devils, but Zong Jue’s earlier message did not mention anything about Man Gan. Then……”

There was a glint in Qin Yu’s eyes, and he promptly sent a transmission message to Man Gan.

“Brother Man Gan, this is Qin Yu. Currently, the side of the Loose Immortals, the side of the Loose Devils, as well as the Dragon Clan have already joined hands and are preparing to head towards Ni Yang’s Realm. Do you know about this?”

Qin Yu was momentarily startled. After he saw Man Gan’s replied transmission message, Qin Yu smiled.

Indeed, Man Gan’s situation was just as he had expected.

“Brother Man Gan, there is no need to be agitated. Let me now tell you a very huge secret. This secret is that ‘with the exception of using the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, there is still another method to enter Ni Yang’s Realm’. As luck would have it, I know of this method.”

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