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Chapter 7 Accepting Disciples

A long time pa.s.sed before Ye Xinghe was able to accept the fact.

However Ye Xinghe’s innermost feelings were disturbed, Am I really a Genius Talent? If yes, then why did no crystals glowed for the first time. Is Heaven playing a joke on me?

What if all this was a misunderstanding?

When Teacher Chu Xian announced the results of top three talents of this year to the whole hall, Ye Xinghe cannot help but start feeling excited. Teacher Chu Xian after announcing the results personally brought, An Xueyun, Liang Yu and Ye Xinghe to Vice-Headmaster Xu.

Who was Vice-Headmaster Xu? He was the third most powerful figure in Heavenly Star Academy. So long as I can become a disciple of Vice-Headmaster than who will dare to mistreat my Azure Feather family

Ye Xinghe silently swore in front of Vice-Headmaster Xu that he will work hard and definitely perform well. He under no circ.u.mstance can disappoint his father, mother and clansmen hopes.

Coming to Heavenly Star Academy had already given huge hope for his clansmen, but who could have thought that he will be accepted as a disciple for Vice-Headmaster. Ye Xinghe was very emotional at heart right now.

Seeing Ye Xinghe’s excited face, Liang Yu cannot help but feel that he have swallowed a fly. Liang Yu was feeling very uncomfortable right now, unexpectedly his talent was worse than a slave of his family. Moreover from now, he must share a position with Ye Xinghe ie they will be equal. They will have to follow the same master together in training.

Liang Yu almost exploded in anger watching Ye Xinghe.

Hmph, so what if you have six soul crystals talent, you are only a star martial arts user.  I will prove it to Vice-Headmaster Xu that a slave is still a trash no matter, if he has inspired six soul crystals to glow for him.

I am the Dark Moon Family direct descendant, how can my talent lose to a slave like Ye Xinghe.

Liang Yu darkly snorts.

An Xueyun went to Ye Xinghe and smilingly extended her pure white lily hands towards him “Congratulations, we will be studying side by side from now, Kindly look after me”

Seeing An Xueyun’s creamy white hands extended towards him made Ye Xinghe panic inside. He never had any contacts with girls and An Xueyun is exceptionally beautiful, just like a fairy from the heavens. Moreover, there was a very nice smelling fragrance coming from her.

“I……h.e.l.lo!!” Ye Xinghe cheeks red extended his right hand and slowly shook An Xueyun hands.

After shaking An Xueyun’s hands Ye Xinghe did not know what else to say, he shuffled in his place looking down. An Xueyun did not mind and smiled at Ye Xinghe while thinking, Hmm, Ye Xinghe this person seems to be good.

At this time, Liang Yu who was not standing too far sneered coldly ” Don’t know how a trash like you can inspire six soul crystals, but in future what matters will be your cultivation. A star martial art user can never have a high cultivation.”

Hearing Liang Yu words Ye Xinghe gritted his teeth. Although he hated Liang Yu, but still cannot refute his words. He did not want to bring any trouble to his family and clan, so he can only endure.

Hearing Liang Yu’s words, Ye Xinghe thought that he will definitely prove him wrong.

So what if he is a Star Martial Arts User, he will redouble his efforts and Will definitely become a Powerhouse.

I want change the fate of my family.

I will not succ.u.mb to my fate.

Ye Xinghe Firmly thought.

Every student in the hall after seeing Ye Xinghe having a result of six soul crystals when at first he obviously didn’t inspire any crystals, definitely did not want to give up without another try. Everyone closed their eyes and started trying earnestly for the second time.

However no matter how many time they attempted, their result was the same as above. They cannot help but feel disheartened.

For Ye Xinghe to become Vice-Headmaster Xu’s disciple, their heart were filled with envy.

It was said that Vice-Headmaster Xu was one of the few people within Heavenly Star Academy, who had a cultivation at 7th layer of Heavenly Realm.

Vice-Headmaster seeing everyone close their eyes to try a second time actually smiled gently and said: “Red soul crystals are a.s.sociated with a person’s soul-strength, generally the first test is always the final result for a person, with very-very few exceptions.”

“If a person has strong soul strength, then his talent in cultivation will also be strong. But no matter how high a talent one has, he will have to diligently work hard in cultivation to become strong. You all should always keep this in mind.”

Hearing Vice-Headmaster words, Ye Xinghe cannot help but be serious and vow that he will definitely work hard.

“Martial arts have total nine level of cultivation, in which the highest is called 9th Heavenly layer realm. Every Layer is much more difficult than the previous Layer. Some n.o.ble family sons and daughters have already stepped upon 1st Heavenly Layer realm, some even are in second Heavenly Layer realm, and the rest of you have to still cross the threshold and step upon the first Heavenly Realm. But you don’t have to worry, your instructing masters or teachers will definitely teach you patiently to cross that threshold. Training will be starting from tomorrow.” Vice-Headmaster showed a faint smile while saying it ” Today for the time being first go back and rest, Chu Xian you go with them and make arrangements for their living”

“Yes” Chu Xian respectfully replied and said ” Everybody come with me”

Chu Xian left with all the students.

Vice-Headmaster Xu, who watched Ye Xinghe, Liang Yu and An Xueyun leave , retracts his vision while smiling.

“Congratulation to vice-Headmaster Xu, for recruiting three outstanding disciples this time, one of them even have the talent of six soul crystal. In the coming war of Tower Of G.o.d, you will surely succeed over Vice-Headmaster He.” A master standing next to him smiled and complimented.

Heavenly Star Academy has two Vice-Headmasters, Vice Headmaster Xu is only one of them. Both Vice-Headmaster host the new student’s ceremony in-turn every year, this year had been Vice-Headmaster Xu’s turn. He never thought that this year he will unexpectedly come across two talents like Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun. Naturally, Liang Yu is also a good talent but compare to those two he comes far inferior.

“Ha Ha, currently he has only inspired six soul crystals, for his talent in cultivation, it’s still too early to say anything” although Vice-Headmaster Xu replied modestly but his face cannot help but reveal a satisfying smile.

After Accepting such good disciples, Vice-Headmaster Xu was very happy.

Seeing Master Xu’s proud face, a teacher next to him flashed a cold look for an instant, also the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but slightly curl down.

“Such talents under vice-headmaster Xu’s guidance will surely achieve great things” Several nearby teachers said with a smile.

Every student was led towards student dormitory by Teacher Chu Xian. Every room had five to six students. Only since n.o.ble family’s donated huge amount to the academy every year, they all had different dwellings for each and every one them. Out of all common students, Ye Xinghe was the exception who got his own personal dwelling by Teacher Chu Xian right next to An Xueyun and Liang Yu.

This made Ye Xinghe feel very uneasy.

After all common students were staying together, only he was so specially treated. This made Ye Xinghe a little lost. He knew that other n.o.ble family students can live in their own independent courtyard because their family’s have donated hundreds of silver for them every year.
“Master Chu Xian, I will stay with other students” Ye Xinghe awkwardly standing at independent courtyard doorway called out.

Chu Xian seeing the pure and simple Ye Xinghe flashed a look of appreciation. It was rare to find someone of Ye Xinghe’s talent who was also so much modest.

“You live here comfortably Ye Xinghe, without minding anything, because this is Vice-Headmaster’s instructions. You must also remember that now you are not a common student but a disciple of Vice-Headmaster Xu. Take it and in future work especially hard so that you do not loose face for Vice-Headmaster Xu” Chu Xian leaves while patting Ye Xinghe’s shoulder.

“Yes, I will definitely redouble my efforts for Master” Ye Xinghe after hearing Teacher Chu Xian’s words stood straiter and nodded earnestly.

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